No Fuck At Work


Pour toi Pascal…When I first started to work, I was helped by an older colleague. She was a lovely lady, almost twenty years older than me. She showed me the dos and don’ts of the business, listened to my problems, and was of good advice in every situation. “No fuck at work,” she used to say. “Too risky, not worthwhile. There are enough other places, so just don’t.” For a while, I had listened to her advice, particularly when I launched my independent business. Several years later, I was firmly established in the field and successful. I had disregarded this advice only twice, and learnt my lessons. The trouble that came with it wasn’t worth it. No fuck at work. I am a conference interpreter. That means I am the person who shows up smartly dressed, disappears into a booth or next to the stage, and you get my voice in your headset with the translation of the language that is spoken on stage. I like my job, have several teams in my service, and deal with my clients. I work and travel a lot, which means some other things aren’t working out quite that well. Such as my sex life. That day, I had just arrived at the site of a huge event. Everything had been prepared well, the booth was up, the technician had everything ready. It was to be an English-French event. I went into the booth. There was only one short sequence that needed translation, which is why I was going to work alone. While I was taking out my computer and connecting it, I saw I had received a text message. “Hi Sarah, feel like catching up? Love, Pete.” Ugh. No, just no. I had gone out with him several times after having matched on Tinder. He was nice and friendly, but eventually, when we had ended up at my flat and getting to business, he came in my mouth very quickly and then pulled up his pants and left. I fired back an “Out of town for now! C U” I then stared at my screen in frustration. For the last year, my love and sex life had been a true disaster, and my pussy resented it bitterly. Sometimes, hands and toys just weren’t enough. I thought back to my relation with Ron, who had been more than a regular fuck friend for a long time. Much more. He had been my master, my teacher, my guide; my first thought in the morning and my pleasure. Anyway. Right now, it looked like even getting just some regular good sex wasn’t in the cards for me. I heard a light knock on the window of the booth. I opened the door and went out; these booths are very small and not very inviting. It was one of the assistants, followed by a tall man. “Are you Ms…?” I shook her hand. “Sarah McLaughlin, nice to meet you.” “Nice to meet you. Mr. Brown asked me to introduce Mr. Simon Thomas to you. He is our main speaker today, and Mr. Brown said it would be good if you could have a word about the content of his speech with him.” I turned my eyes to the man. “Nice to meet you,” I said. He shook my hand, and held it just one second too long. I was almost blown away. A stunner! Tall, slim, strong, and with bright blue eyes that were now looking down at me. “Yes, it is indeed,” he said. * * * After the conference, I packed up my bag, went to say goodbye to the staff, and headed for the train. I got an iced-coffee and waited at the platform while checking my messages. Nothing more from Pete; good. Somebody put his hand on my shoulder. I whirled around and there he was, Simon Thomas. “I just wanted to say thank you for the translation. It was fascinating to hear you.”“Well thank you! Glad you liked it.”“I did. I was hoping, though, you would say something dirty.”Wow. That was straightforward.“I’m not sure the English speakers would have appreciated it, and I don’t usually do Escort Güngören that kind of thing when on a job.”“You should,” he said. “We Americans would appreciate it. We’re not as prudish as you guys. Where are you from, by the way? Your English doesn’t sound French, which is a nice change.”“I’m half Scottish, half French.”“And in bed, are you Scottish or French?”“I am… my own brand.” I felt slightly uncomfortable, as if had lost the code for these flirting games, but also very pleased and excited at the same time. “Where are you headed?” Simon Thomas asked.“Going to B for a connecting train, and you?”“Going to B as well. This is great!”Usually, I like to be on my own. But not this time.The train arrived and we boarded. There weren’t many people on it. We chatted lightly. He got two pints of bitter for us and I couldn’t have been more pleased with my day. He had stretched out on his bench, and his legs touched mine. The tension was there alright, but I didn’t dare take the first step. I did reply to his innuendos, though, and it didn’t take long until the talk went into a certain direction.“Are you always going like this after people you don’t know?” I asked him.“Only when the ‘people’ are cute like you and were staring as openly at my crotch as you did.”Oops. Well then… I decided to take my jacket off and looked straight at him when I did so slowly, moving my body a little more than necessary. My top was light and small. “You’re… wow,” he said. “You have a tattoo. Bad girl! Let me see.” I pulled the strap of my top down so he could see the lines of my tattoo that went from my neckline over my shoulder blade to the middle of my back. He stared at me, smiling but watching me very intensely.“Pull it further down,” he said. I hesitated for a second, looked around me and then lowered it further, so he could get a glimpse of my breast in its bra, then pulled it up quickly again. “No fuck at work,” I heard Hannah say in my mind. Fuck! I couldn’t help but looking at his pants, thinking of the size of what he was hiding in there. He followed my eyes.“Wanna see?” and he began to open his belt. “Not here.”He got up and stretched out his hand. “Then come with me,” he said. No fuck at work. And that probably included trains.“No,” I said. “We’re nearly there.”He stooped down unexpectedly and kissed me. It wasn’t a kiss; it was different. He opened me up through my mouth with his tongue. His touch was determined as he slid his hand down into my shirt. “Come on,” he said again, and I got up and followed him into the toilets. He locked the door behind us, unbuckled his belt, and pulled his pants down. He sat on the loo and I didn’t lose any time, getting on my knees to take his straight and hard cock in my mouth. And what a cock! We had less than ten minutes left and I decided to enjoy myself, sucking him in, licking his shaft, taking him deeper and faster. I squeaked with delight when he pushed his hand into my bra and began stimulating my breast, but instead of the soft caresses, he pulled and pinched my nipple hard. I raised my eyes to him. He put his hand on my head. “Suck,” he commanded, before pulling my hair and holding my head so he could fuck my mouth and lead the dance himself. He came just as the train arrived in B, filling my mouth with his cum. I tried to swallow it all, but some ended up on my face, chin, and hands. I had a connecting train to catch and very little time, so pulled myself together and grabbed my bag. He sighed. “I want to see you again.” I wanted to see him again. He scribbled his phone number on a toilet roll and I took it, heading out just in time and running İnnovia Escort for my connection. I couldn’t miss that train – and didn’t, luckily. Once I was on that train, I rubbed my face dry and then pulled out my mobile phone and the paper roll, looking at it. It wasn’t really fuck at work. He had been the guest speaker of the client, not the client himself, I argued with Hannah in my mind. And there had been this moment, when he pinched my nipples. Could he be what I thought he was, or was I imagining it all?I shot off a text to him, “I’ve got cum on my hands.”He replied almost instantly, “Not sorry. Want more? When?”Fuck. What now? I texted back. “How long are you staying before u go back to the US?”“Not going to the US for now, next stop Switzerland. Definitely need an interpreter.”Yes of course he did. He followed up with: “In B until 8th. Hôtel Perle du Lac. Come and see me. Tonight?”“Can’t”“Tomorrow?”“When?”“Any time after 6 pm”I hesitated for a long time. I didn’t know the man. “What R you into?”He might or might not confirm what I had felt. Maybe I was going crazy. But even if I had imagined it, he still was probably a good fuck. I couldn’t let that chance go by, could I?“Almost anything… Oral, anal, group, men, women – you name it.”Bugger – it didn’t say BDSM. Still, not bad news as such. “And you?” he asked.“Anything as long as it’s good.”“It will be – I want 2 fuck U so badly right now.”Nice. Time for a message in a bottle. “Actually, I like BDSM. Will you have to google that?” I stared at my screen, wondering if I had gone too far.“Girl, come and see me and I will show you what Google doesn’t. Teach you.”Oh great, another superman. But still… “I will be there.”And I leaned back and closed my eyes. There was my white rabbit.  * * * Standing before the door of room 301, I took a look at my mobile at Simon’s text. “Knock, come in. Undress next to the door. Leave everything behind. I am waiting for you.” Oh fuck. That could have been something Ron would have written. Only I had known Ron so much better, trusted him. I knocked, went in. Put my bag down and undressed, and then went straight around the corner. Simon was expecting me, waiting naked right there. He gripped me by my neck and forced me down on my knees. He then roped my long hair around his hand before making me turn my head to face him. He kissed me. Again, it wasn’t a kiss. It was a way of taking possession. “Good you came, naughty,” Simon whispered. “And a good afternoon to you too,” I replied. He laughed, but kept me down, hovering over me. “We need a safe word,” he said. I felt an intense relief. He knew the game and its rules. “Dormouse,” I said. “Okay. I want to tie you down on the bed. Can you take it?” I almost laughed out loud. Could I take it? “Go ahead,” I said, smiling at him. “I knew you were a little slut, right from when I first saw you,” Simon smiled back. I started to feel terribly happy and excited. He drew me up by my hair and then pushed me down on the bed, gave me a slap on my butt, and commanded me to turn around, which I did. His hand went fishing under the bed and came up with a rope which he tied around my wrists. I watched him and he knew how to do it the right way. This was standard bondage I knew! He finished by attaching the rope to the upper side of the bed, and then pulled a pillowcase over my head. “Got ya, little slut,” he said, sounding very satisfied. “Let’s see what’s below the surface, Miss Business.” I smiled, which he couldn’t see. “Now it’s question and answer time before I decide what I’ll do with you.”He slowly ran his finger down my throat towards Kağıthane escort bayan my breasts which made me shiver. It had been so long… “Just how much experience do you have?” he asked. “I was with a master for almost two years,” I said. “Some time ago.” “Was that the first time?” “Yes.” “He introduced you to BDSM?” “Yes.” “Was he good?” “Oh bloody hell. Yes.” His fingers were now circling my breasts, slowly at first, then faster and then suddenly closing tight and pinching my nipples, pulling them upwards. I let out a moan. “Why are you no longer with him?” “Long story.” Simon pinched and pulled harder, making me wince. “Bad answer.” “He moved away and the long distance thing didn’t work out for me.” He eased up a little. “That’s better, although it doesn’t sound like the whole truth.” He was right, it wasn’t. But it would have been too long, too painful to tell him. “When did you have sex the last time?” “Well, I gave a blowjob to somebody yesterday,” I said. In reply, he pulled one of my legs towards him and slapped my butt. “Cheeky, the little slut. When were you fucked properly the last time?” “By him, about a year ago. Laid nicely, roughly six weeks ago.” Simon’s fingers were now on my butt, slowly caressing my skin. I was so hungry, so needy that I felt my body react electrically to everything he did. “That’s a long time, and you don’t want it nice from what I see,” he said. He leaned on me, left his hand on my ass with his fingers poking my asshole. My pussy was waking up more and more, begging for attention. He was now lying on me; I knew he was turned on. “I’m going to fuck you so hard, girl. In your pussy, in your ass, in your mouth,. You have no idea all the things I want to do to you.” I moaned again. I simply couldn’t hold back. His naked and strong body on mine, the bonds on my hands, just being with him was enough to make me wet and hungry for his cock. He lay on me, adjusted his position, and then thrust into my pussy as hard and deep as he could. I hadn’t expected this, but pushed my hips against his, wanting him deeper inside me. I moaned and moved with him. Breathing fast, he grabbed and squeezed my breast before moving his hand down on my ass, pushing a finger into my brown hole, pulling it out, slapping my ass, and then pushing his finger back in. I moaned and followed all of his moves. I needed this strong body crushing me under his weight, needed his hard cock, needed this fuck. I pulled at the rope that held my wrists. The pillowcase stuck to the sweat on my face “Fuck me harder,” I begged.So he did. Harder and faster. I spread up my legs as much as I could and pulled my knees up… and felt the wave I had been longing for for so long building up. I tensed my muscles around his cock and let it come. Better to take it while you can, and moaned my desire into the soft fabric of the pillowcase as my orgasm swept though me. Simon didn’t last long after that, filling my pussy with his cum. I loved the pulsing sensation, loved feeling his cum shooting inside me, but as soon as my mind started working again, I felt worried. Please don’t tell me that was it for him, that he thinks tying somebody on the bed, pinching her nipples and fucking her is BDSM. That now we’re done. He was still lying on me, with his cock still inside me. “I’m sorry,” he finally said. “I needed this so badly, I couldn’t wait longer.” “That’s okay,” I replied. What else could I have said? He pulled the pillowcase off my face and looked at me. I almost felt like crying at this point. Another day, another deception. Now we would have a drink and maybe a smoke and I would go home and try and calm down with my dildo until I was sore and still remain frustrated… again. He smiled at me. “You were so wet, Sarah,” he said. I nodded. Hell, I knew I was. What else was he going to tell me? That Paris was in France? He looked at me. Then, suddenly, he pulled out of me and crouched on top of me.

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