Not Exactly A Fair Trade

Age Play

“Mom?” she asked, coming into the living room.”Morgan, I don’t know what you’re about to ask for, but the answer is no.””Come on, Whitney, hear your daughter out,” I said, peeking at her.She shot me a dirty look and glanced at Morgan. “What is it, Morgan?”Morgan swallowed. “Mom, this can count as my entire birthday and Christmas presents this year, so may I have $700 for a trip to Paris?””Hell no, Morgan,” she objected, shaking her head no. “I’m not made of money, and Spencer and I are saving up for our wedding in a few months. So how do you propose I just give you $700?””Mom, I’ve already saved $300, but I need a grand to pay for everything with Mirdana and Shirley.””Wait a minute; their parents are cool with letting them go across the Atlantic Ocean?””Yes, we’re adults, Mom, and I won’t even leave until a month after your wedding. We just want to have fun in Paris, that’s all. They’ve both saved money too, and are asking their parents too. I didn’t want to have to come to you, but what other option do I have?” she asked, before viewing me. “What do you think, Spencer? Have you ever been to Paris? Even if you haven’t, wouldn’t you love to go?”I just put my hands up and noticed Whitney peeking at me too.”I’m not getting in the middle of you two.””Spencer, you’re gonna be my step-mom, so you’re gonna have to give in to me a little bit,” Morgan reminded me, sitting next to me.”No, don’t guilt her to taking your side here, Morgan. It’s not fair to her or me, and I said no. Maybe going to Paris would be nice, and Spencer and I wouldn’t mind being alone after the wedding, but still, I’m not checking out that kind of money right now. I love you to death, but I can’t justify something like that. It’s too much.””Okay, I’m sorry, Spencer, my mom is right; I shouldn’t have done that, but what other options do I have here?”I couldn’t answer her, but I could see the disappointment all over her face. It wasn’t fair, but life isn’t always fair. I hugged Morgan, and she went to Whitney a minute later.”Hey, if I win the lottery, I’ll send you there first class,” Whitney made clear, hugging Morgan.”If you say so, Mom,” Morgan replied, backing away. “I’ll see you two tomorrow; I love you, Mom. I love you too, Spencer,” she told us, before disappearing into the hallway.”Don’t say a word, Spencer.””I wasn’t going to, Whitney, but it was clearly important to her. What was she supposed to do, offer up gifts for her birthday and Christmas for three years? Of course, she was only asking for $700; we both know we could pull that off if we really wanted to, hun.””It’s easier to say in your shoes, Spencer. But, crap, let’s just go to bed,” she whined, coming towards me.”So, I guess it’s not gonna happen tonight either,” I mumbled before she got to me.We both went to our bedroom and got naked. We lied down, and she just seemed to get ready to go to sleep.I rose on my side. “So, what, just because your sweet daughter made a reasonable request, you’re just shutting the door on me too?””What, did you think tonight would be the night I let it happen? I’m just not in the mood for sex at all, but I’ve made my feelings clear to you too: I don’t want it, Spencer. A strap-on just isn’t my cup of tea anymore. I don’t want a rubber dick in my pussy, whether it’s you making love to me or fucking from behind either. I just don’t, I can’t explain to you why, but I don’t. But, damn, you’re just like Morgan because I certainly know I’m going to hear about this trip she wants to go on again. She’s not gonna let it go.””Maybe that’s why you proposed; I’m just like her, but blonde instead of brunette and twenty years older.””That’s a valid theory, but I’m still not having you let that rubber cock inside me. You may let your fingers or tongue in there, but that’s it.””What if I asked you as sweetly as I could just to lend her the money?””What, you want her to go?””Yes, just as much as I want to do you from behind. Call it a step-mom’s Sefaköy escort bayan love if you want. I love her as if she was my own, and I want her to be happy. I’m pretty sure we both know that she doesn’t have magic powers to use on you, but I do.””Are you proposing something?””How about this, if you pay for her to go on her trip, I’ll never ask you to use the strap on again. If you’re truly that deadset against it, then I’ll live without.””Oh, fuck you, that’s very sweet of you. But, maybe too sweet, you’re willing to sacrifice that so she can go on her trip?”I sighed. “Yes, she’s gonna be my step-daughter, and it’ll be one trip to remember. After that, maybe she’ll get picked up by some Russian guys and sold at auction.””So, you’re suggesting the plot of Taken will take place? How is that a selling point?””She was just supportive of us and treated me like family from the get-go, so I think I owe her something.””You’re either nuts, or just that loving, or both. Fine write her a check, I guess. This was your idea so that you can give it to her. I’ll give you points, but whatever your motives are, go for it. I love you.””I love you too, and maybe you don’t think so, but you have an extra sweet and beautiful daughter.””I think so, woman, now go to sleep.”The next day, we called Morgan into the living room.”Yes?” Morgan asked, coming in there.”Your soon-to-be step-mom has something for you,” Whitney stated, pointing at me.Morgan turned to me, and I picked up the check. “This is for you.”She took it and nodded. “So, just yesterday, it was just a flat-out ‘No.’ from you, but now it’s okay, Mom?””Hey, this was her, Morgan. You better get down to her feet and kiss them.””No, it’s from both of us, Whitney. We’re both her moms, and we want her to have a good time, right?””Sure, Spencer. So, just remember this, Morgan, both of your moms love you, got it?””So, Mom, are there any strings attached to this? I’m already gonna be your maid of honor, so just out with it then.””No, we’re not asking anything of you, just have a good time, don’t let Russian guys kidnap you and auction you off. That was actually her rule.””And you’re not Liam Neason, Spencer, but I guess this is as good of a time as any. Do you want me to start calling you ‘Mom’ too?””I would love that, but I’d rather you do what you’re comfortable with, though,” I said, glancing at her. ‘I’m glad you’re not my daughter because then it’d feel weird that I think you’re smoking hot. You’re the spitting image of your mom; maybe that’s it. Same hair, even slightly the same face. I don’t know what it is, but you’re pretty.'”Are you okay, Spencer?” Morgan asked.”Yes,” I answered, viewing her.”Well, there’s probably not a better time for you two to spend some time together,” Whitney added, getting up. “I’m gonna go out and meet some friends for lunch, so maybe you two should eat together too.””Okay,” I said, getting up with her. “Don’t stay out too long,” I warned her, before kissing her. “I love you.””I love you too,” Whitney let me know, before peeking at Morgan. “You better treat Spencer here like a queen, sweetheart. She obviously loves you.””I understand, Mom.”Then Whitney to Morgan and pecked her forehead as well before she left.Then Morgan came to me. “So, this was all you, Spencer?” she asked, holding the check.”Yes, because I do love you. You’re not even my actual step-daughter yet, but you’re still the best one I could hope for.”She sighed and put her hands on her hips. “So, my mom’s not here now; what do you want in return, Spencer? I mean, she was dead set against it, but then you said something to her and convinced her otherwise. So, you must have given up something. I’m not asking you what it was, but what do you want in exchange? Obviously, you gotta something from me.””No, it’s okay; it’s enough for me to see you happy,” I made clear, rubbing her leg.”Spencer, I love you, but bullshit. You’re Yenibosna escort getting married; you got past the point of trying to make me like you. So, really, just be straight with me.”I took a deep breath. “Okay, but before I say another word, I want your assurances that you won’t speak a word of this to your mom.””Well, it must have been big then, but fine,” she said, crossing her arms.I sighed. “Will you let me make love to you, Morgan?””What the fuck are you talking about? You mean sex with a strap on?”I nodded. “Your mom won’t let me do it to her, and I think you’re the second most stunning woman in the world,” I confessed, closing the gap. “I just want to feel the intimacy, and that seems to be one of your mom’s big flaws. She can’t or won’t let me have it. So if I can’t get it from her, at least I can ask you for it. Obviously, I’m not a bitch and say I’ll take back the check if you say no, but if you want to make us even, then that’s how you can.””Well, Spencer, that’s not exactly a fair trade. I thought it’d be something more along the lines of like doing whatever the hell I could to help with the wedding and just saving up more money if I could.””Morgan,” I said, closing the gap. “I’ll give you more money if you do it.””More money?” she asked, grinning.”Yes,” I answered, before pecking her cheek.”And you just want to make love to me with a strap on, and that’s it?””Yes, but I’d also like to kiss you and get very close to you too, Morgan. I think you’re a wonderful young woman and think you’re not just pretty, but dazzling.””What, like diamonds?””Something like that, but again, you can have the $700 free and clear, but I’ll double it if you just let me make sweet love to you.””Okay, but what if we did more? Would you give me more then?”I checked her out and slathered my lips. My panties were drenched too.”I think you’re ravishing, Spencer, so maybe it’s good I’m not calling you ‘Mom.’ So, if I ate you out or let you do it to me, you’d consider it?””Yes, as long as you’re not screwing with me. You fully realize that I’d be cheating on your mom, right?””Yes, but fine, let’s do it as long as it’s just a one-time thing.”I nodded and put my hand out to hers. She took it, and I escorted her to my bedroom. I shut the door and had her sit down on the bed with me.She grabbed the end of her tank top, but I stopped her. “No, I don’t just want to get your clothes off; if we do this, we have to do it right,” I made clear, letting my hand on her cheek. “I want it to be loving and intimate.”She nodded and leaned to me. For the first time ever, I kissed her on the lips. It only lasted for a few seconds before we both let our lips drift, but it was mutually good. I had her smiling, and then she had to glance at my crack.I calmly grabbed her hand and brought it to my right tit. “They won’t bite.””And you never had kids?””No, it just never happened.”She continued to feel me up for a moment, and she brought her lips back to mine. That time, we made out and certainly let the intimacy build up immediately. We failed to part lips for over three minutes that time.During our make-out session, she calmly stole my hand and brought it to her boobs as well. So, we felt one another up and made out too, unlike a soon-to-be step-mom and daughter should. But, because either of us felt okay with it was irrelMichellent, we just knew it was happening.My underwear was getting wetter by the second, and it gave me the same thrills too. I felt Morgan jiggling a bit too, but she didn’t want to part her lips. So, I was happy with going as long as she wanted. I already made it clear that I wanted to make love to her, but even kissing her was excellent.After a few minutes, she parted her lips. “Okay, you’re sexy as hell, Spencer, and this is wrong but fine. Just don’t ever let my mom find out about this.””I won’t, I swear.”She nodded and got down on her back. I got on top of her and Escort Halkalı let my lips back on top of her. We both encased our arms around each other and pasted our lips together again. We made out slowly and let our boobs come together too, so we felt each other, even though our clothes.Way before I even got my genuine desire, I found her to be more than an elegant step-daughter, but something more indeed. Needless to say, I found us to be playing with fire, but I was still mature enough to use it responsibly.After over five minutes that time, I gently let my lips off hers. “I love you, Morgan.””I love you too, Spencer.”I calmly cleaned up and helped her up with me. Then I casually went for her top, and she put her arms up. So, I got it off her and saw her in her bra. I jiggled a bit, but yet, still found myself grabbing her shorts as well.I pulled them off her and felt the thrills intensify. She wasn’t about to let me only feast on eye candy. So, she grabbed my top as well and got it off me as well. Just like me, even though she had my breasts to check out, she went for my shorts as well.I sat down to have her pull them off me as well. As we were both just in our undergarments, we both felt one another’s jugs and eyeballed them too. I vibrated like never before, but for a good reason, though.Still, as she was off her leash, she took it upon herself to undo my bra and pull it off me. She couldn’t resist, but to feeling my melons. Judging from her rattling, she liked it. Then she leaned down to them and rubbed on her face.I failed to touch her just yet because I wanted her to be authentic without me pushing her. If I could win her over, then I’d do it with my body doing the talking. I didn’t speak either; I just let my figure do all the talking.I felt her practically massaged them with her face. I couldn’t help but soil my blanket and bedsheets. She hadn’t even officially done anything sexual, but it seemed inevitable. Even though I didn’t want to feel her head, she took my hands and placed them on her head.To add even more lighter fluid to the fire, she felt my pussy with one hand. I jerked around right away and felt even more gratification for going after what I wanted. So, she rewarded me even more by going to my right tit and licking my nipple.”Oh, you’re some young lady, Morgan,” I moaned, caressing her head.”My dad cheated on my mom and moved across the country. So now I’m helping you cheat, so you better stay with my mom until one of you dies, do you understand?””Yes,” I answered, bringing her face to mine. “I love you, Morgan,” I stated, before kissing her.”I love you too, Mom,” she said, prior to licking my nipples again.”No, don’t call me that now.”She nodded and kept eye contact with me as she licked both of my nipples ever so slowly. I kept my hands on her head and watched her closely as she made me feel good.”I can’t see you fingering me, but you’re making me feel good and making me love you more now than the last four years.””Next time, just tell me what I have to do to max out my love limit, okay?”I nodded and endured the pleasure the best I could.”So, it’s fair to say that you at least liked me a little bit in this way?”She nodded again and switched nipples. Again, I felt her tongue attacking them and doing it even worse to my twat, but yet, I wasn’t to lose it and sacrifice the thrills. So I just stayed there on my knees and let her have her way with me.Once again, I comprehended that I hadn’t even had my grand devotion for doing this come up yet. I looked at her, unlike my step-daughter, but some very hot and giving woman that just wanted to give me a super hot gift.I tried picturing her fingering me the best I could, but with her also titillating me with her tongue, it was next to impossible. I attacked her with my breath, but that wasn’t about to stop her. She went all out on me and didn’t look back.”Oh, you’re a good young woman; I don’t even know what to make of you now, but shit. I love you.””Just don’t ever cheat on my mom again, got it?””Yes.”She pushed me down to my back and went down to my snatch. Without delay, she dove in there like it was a huge bowl of candy. I couldn’t even watch her; I had to lean my head back and take the pleasure with a grain of salt.”Oh,…

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