One hot summer chapter 1


I met Robert while at Secondary School. In many respects we were opposites; he was the macho athletic type while I was a wimpy nerd. Also, being academically gifted Rob was in the top stream while I was in the lower one. As a result, our paths didn’t cross that often during the first school year. In year two this changed because I did well in the sciences and moved into the top stream for these subjects. I admit that I struggled at this higher level, but thankfully Rob came to my rescue. He also enjoyed the sciences but hadn’t been able to find a regular laboratory partner since he, like me, hadn’t come from one of snobby Primary Schools and was still looked upon as an outsider. Much to the dismay of many Rob and I clicked straight away and together, while not the top students, we were always close to the top in the science studies for the remainder of our time at Secondary School. Rob was heavily into sports which were of little or no interest to me, but we found common pastimes in ornithology and photography. Often at weekends when Rob didn’t have sports commitments, we would spend time together on these pursuits. As the months and years passed, we became best friends, sharing all our adventures, secrets, dreams and hopes.During this era, parents raised boys and girls separately and allowed no social contact between them in the absence of an adult or chaperone. The schooling was also separate. To be sure, there were plenty of moral busybodies around to enforce this separation. Furthermore, any boy showing an inquisitiveness or empathy towards girls was mercilessly harassed and bullied by his peers until they conformed to the insensitive macho status quo. This ethos meant that, despite both having sisters, neither Rob nor I had any real experience or knowledge of girls. They were like an alien species. This fact didn’t stop us sharing the lurid and disgusting tales that we’d heard about them from others at our all-boy school. Of course, the stories were just imagination and nothing like reality but, in hindsight, it is interesting that even at this early stage the tales reinforced the role of males as all-powerful and dominant and females as weak and subservient playthings.Like all friendships, Rob and I had our ups and downs. We would occasionally fall out and avoid each other for days but then eventually realize how stupid we were being and get back together. At the end of year five, we had a significant argument that was all down to me. In a moment of teen stroppiness, I’d insulted and abused Rob. He took my comments to heart, stopped talking to me and rebuffed all my pleas for forgiveness. This disagreement happened at the worst possible time; just before the start of the summer break. The holiday was likely to be our last summer together as we’d be leaving school at the end of the following academic year, so I’d been looking forward to spending quality free-time with Rob, and now he wasn’t even talking to me.Three days into the holidays and with no sign of our friendship rekindling I visited Rob at his home. He was still angry and stand-offish with me and apparently in no mood to compromise. I begged him for forgiveness. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said what I did and wish I could take it all back. I’d had a week of harassment and bullying at school and just snapped. You were in the wrong place at the wrong time.””Sorry is an easy word to say, but it’s not enough to wash away the hurt that you caused to me.”In desperation, I said, “what can I do to deal with this problem? How would you be treated if you’d been so rude to someone?”“Oh, that’s easy. As soon as my Mum got word of it, I’d get the hiding of my life.”“That’s what I thought. What if you were to thrash me? Would that sate your anger?”“Don’t make fun of me, don’t make things worse.”“I’m not. I’m serious. I want us to get over this and move on. If getting a whipping from you is what it takes, then so be it.”“You’re willing to accept punishment from me. Well, I think that would help clear the air but only if the penalty is the real deal, not a play spanking.”“I wouldn’t expect anything less.”“Okay, when will we do it?”“The sooner, the better. Now is as good a time as any.”I saw a glint in Rob’s eye as he said, “right, come with me.”I followed him through to his mother’s bedroom.“Kneel beside the bed and bend over on top of it.”As I did so, fear and regret began to kick in. What on earth had possessed me to suggest this? I’d never had a spanking before and in my desperation to appease Rob I hadn’t even thought about what he might do to me. I was scared and now anxiously hoping that Rob wouldn’t be too severe; maybe it would just be a hand-spanking?Any illusions of that disappeared as soon as Rob put the cane down on the bed and they flew entirely out of the window when he undid my belt, pulled my trousers and underpants down to my knees and flipped my shirt over my back, leaving my bum exposed. I began to quiver. I knew for sure that this punishment would be excruciating because even the hard boys fear getting caned on the bare. But I couldn’t back out now, I’d volunteered for it without thinking it through and now had to take my licks. A chill passed through my bottom as cold air wafted over it. I should have better appreciated that moment because it would be quite sometime before my ass would feel so comfortable again.“I’m supposed to say that this is going to hurt me more than you, but it won’t. You were rude and abusive to me, and now you’re going to get a lesson that you’ll not forget.”I watched Rob’s reflection in a mirror on the other side of the bed and saw him pick up the cane, draw it back and then swing it forward. Even so, I wasn’t prepared and screamed as Rob struck my bum twice in Haramidere escort bayan rapid succession; one hit angled upwards left to right and the second angled downwards. These first whacks were sore, but this was as nothing compared to the agony that then erupted in my bottom as heat and pain surged out from the now blazing cross on its surface. While the intensity was still building, Rob applied a horizontal strike to my upper bottom. This hit intersected with both initial stripes, so not only left a new agonizing streak on my bum but also amplified the pain already coursing into me from the initial ones. Rob then placed second horizontal strike across my lower bottom, followed by further hits above and below the center. The combined pain from these strikes was almost unbearable, but I was still holding it together when Rob then applied his coup de grace. The epicenter of pain in my bottom was the mid-point of the initial cross. With all the force that he could muster, Rob caned this region. Every stripe reignited, triggering wave after wave after wave of unbearable heat and pain in my already tortured rear end. This crescendo broke me. My legs went to jelly, I flopped down on the bed and burst into tears.    I lay there sobbing while Rob put the cane away. He then came over to me and quietly said, “I’m satisfied. You’ve paid your dues. Let’s call it quits and move on. Compose yourself and then head off home. I’ll see you around.”Rob left me, and I lay on the bed until the agony subsided to a tolerable level. Where was the cooling air now that my bum needed it? I struggled to get my drawers and trousers back into place because every slight touch of a stripe triggered a new wave of pain throughout the criss-cross pattern on my bottom. This sensitivity also meant that my walk home had to be slow and careful. An added difficulty was to hide my discomfort from Mum so that she didn’t ask awkward questions.Many emotions swept through me as I slept on my stomach that night. I was angry with Rob for causing me so much pain but also sad to have upset him so much that he felt that such a severe beating was justified. It was, however, a wake-up call. I now realized how insensitive I’d become. My supposed banter was insensitive and hurtful. I resolved to keep my teenage angst in check in future. Lesson learned, and I just hoped above hope that having purged his anger on my butt Rob and I could be friends again.While dozing later that night, it dawned on me that Rob hadn’t any qualms about caning me; no doubts, no holds barred and no mercy. Where had he learned this approach?  I knew that his mother was very old-school and strict. She presumably punished Rob’s indiscretions in this way, and he’d just followed her example. For me, one thrashing was bad enough but how many times had poor Rob dealt with this same agony? Despite the pain he’d inflicted on me, my appreciation for Rob and empathy with him strengthened that day.The following afternoon Rob came to see me.“Are you okay?  Do you still want to be my friend?”“My bum is still sore, but I’ll get over it. I’m just sorry to have been such a dickhead. I deserved your punishment. Of course, I want to be your friend. If you don’t mind the pun, let’s put this episode behind us.”“Cool. I was planning to go bird watching tomorrow. Do you want to join me?”“That would be good. Let’s do it.”Early next day we headed off to a large sanctuary, set up our gear in a hide and spent most of the day there. All our efforts were to little avail. We saw only the common species. It didn’t help that Rob and I were still uncomfortable with each other. We’d made our peace but hadn’t worked out how to get back our friendship back on track. Fortunately, the ice broke during the afternoon while we shared our tea and sandwiches.Rob patted me on the bum. “That was your first caning. I could see it in your eyes. You were terrified. Don’t feel ashamed. It was the same for me the first time. I was scared to find myself at the complete mercy of Mom and her favorite cane.”“How many times have you been thrashed like that?”“Too often to count. I’ve had tough love. Mom believes that regular use of the rod is needed to instill obedience and good behavior. Like most adults, she’s doesn’t remember that caning is an effective punishment only if given rarely. Once used as a routine, even for trivial things, the cane has little or no deterrent value. I now accept that a regular whipping on the bottom is just part of growing up and possibly an outlet for Mum’s frustrations. Isn’t it strange? Adults preach that violence against others is unacceptable but then readily apply it to their kids.”“Well, the thrashing you gave me was deserved. A lesson that I’m not keen to repeat. So, from now on I will try to be good.” “All right, so what do we do tomorrow? I know of a site a bit off the beaten track that’s supposed to have a wide variety of birds. Do you want to try there?”“Yea, that’ll be great. Hopefully, we’ll have more luck than we’ve had today.”Next morning Rob and I headed off to this remote site. It took more than one hour to get there, and unfortunately, things were a little better than on the day before. There were plenty of birds but nothing novel to whet our appetites. We took a few photographs, but by early afternoon we’d packed up, had our tea and sandwiches and were relaxing in the warm sunshine.While fooling around, ribbing each other and play tussling, as teens do, I found myself laying on top of Rob. As I was looking down into his blue eyes, I felt his cock begin to stir beneath me. Was Rob getting excited? Within moments, there was no doubt; he had an erection. I was further shocked to find similar awakenings Escort İkitelli in my groin. I was confused. Could this be happening? Boys shouldn’t react to each other in this way, but the signs were unmistakable.I looked down to see that Rob was smiling. My heart skipped a beat and curiosity got the better of me. Although I knew that it was a no-no, I leaned in and gently kissed Rob on the lips. He didn’t resist and quickly clasped his hands around my head, pulling me down so that our lips were now locked together. The sweet delights and sensations that we shared during that first snog were terrific; it felt so good and oh so right. We were on cloud nine and held it together seemingly forever. That first sloppy kiss was not to be the best that Rob and I would share, but it was the most important because it unlocked hidden feelings and desires in each other and set us on a wondrous path of intimacy.As Rob and I eventually eased off, I noticed that the bulge in his pants was causing him severe discomfort. I undid his belt and flies. His drawers now spring out like a tent as his cock desperately tried to get free. Rob sighed with relief when I lifted the waistband to release his willy and gasped as I clasped the shaft in my hand. I was enthralled as well. Although I’d played with myself before, nothing prepared me for the exhilaration of holding another boy’s cock. It twitched and quivered in my hand, almost begging to be used and satisfied. I didn’t disappoint and started slipping my hand slowly up and down the shaft so that the glans winked in and out from under the foreskin.Rob was trembling and sighing by now. “Oh, wow, that’s amazing. Please keep going.”Needing no encouragement, I pumped his engorged weapon harder and faster. Soon, it began to spasm and shudder in my grip and then shot its load. Rob groaned, and his body tremored as wad after wad of cum flew out. I’ll never forget the look of sheer satisfaction on Rob’s face while his entirely spent dick shriveled in my hand.While still fascinated by these events, I realized that my cock now had urgent needs. I lay back, undid my belt and fly and pushed back my underpants. Now released from its prison my dick sprang out, practically jumping with joy into my cum-soaked hand. Lubricating the shaft with Rob’s spunk further increased its excitement, and after a short period of beating the meat I climaxed and released a stream of cum. Now drained, I lay down beside Rob, we exchanged a quick kiss and fell into a blissful sleep in the warm sunshine.I awakened to find Rob looking at me and tousling my hair. “That was wonderful. Thank you for enlightening me to the joys of my cock.”  I could hardly believe what he’d said. Like all teens, Rob must’ve had regular hard-ons, but apparently, he’d never worked out the pleasures of milking them. Oh, the naivety of those days. All that potential joy wasted. At least, by my hand, my best friend had now been awakened to the delights of wanking.“That was mind-blowing. Can we do it again?”I whispered in his ear. “It is possible. Let me see if I can re-awaken the beast.”I slipped my hand inside Rob’s drawers and gently stroked his cock and balls. Almost straight away, his dick began to rise and soon I had its shaft clasped in my hand. After clearing his drawers out of the way, I slowly and steadily started to beat his meat. This time it took a little longer to get him to climax. Rob repeatedly groaned as he neared the edge and squealed with delight when his dick started to spasm wildly and fire out its load.This action had awakened my dick. On spotting the tent in my underpants, Rob leaned over. “Let me help you with that.” He slipped his hand inside my undies and pushed them out of the way. This move freed my cock, which went hard with excitement on being clasped by a foreign hand. Rob may have been a novice, but his tugging of my meat soon had the desired effect. Also, with nothing to distract my attention, I was super sensitive to every new sensation in my cock. It became harder and more engorged than ever before, and the final climax quite literally took my breath away. I gasped air for some time until I settled down and bathed in sensual satisfaction. Of one thing I was sure, from now on self-pleasure would always be a poor alternative to gratification at my best-friends hand. Rob and I then rested for a while under the sun before tidying ourselves, gathering up our equipment and heading off home. We regretted having traveled so far, but euphoria carried us home. As we reached the village, we went our separate ways but not before we shared a sweet goodbye kiss, having made sure that no-one could see us.The plan for the following day was to visit another sanctuary. We duly set off with bird watching in mind, but by the time we’d reached a remote hide the only peckers that we were remotely interested in were our own. I don’t know if there is a limit to the number times you can wank-off but, interspersed with luscious snogging sessions, we beat each other’s tools to orgasm four times during that day. Our dicks were red and sore by then, and we were exhausted, but in a very pleasing way.  We huddled together to rest. When I stirred late in the afternoon, the first thing I saw through my bleary eyes was Rob’s limp cock. I’m still unclear what triggered the idea in my head, but at that moment I wanted to know how it tasted. Throwing caution to the wind, I slipped myself downwards.By now, Rob was awake. “What are you doing?”“Shush, just investigating.”I lightly touched the foreskin with my lips and the glans with the tip of my tongue. Immediately, I found out just how resilient is the exhausted cock when faced with a chance of more action. Çapa escort The tip began pushing its way into my mouth. I tried to clasp it between my lips, but all this did was pull the foreskin back allowing the glans to flop onto my moist tongue. That switched everything into overdrive. The shaft engorged and pushed further and further into my mouth. At risk of choking, I knew that I had to take some action, so I clasped the lower shaft in my hand to stop further entry and tightened my lips around the upper half. I bobbed my head up and down so that the glans popped rapidly in and out of its cocoon and then licked and massaged it and the shaft with my tongue. These actions sent Rob’s dick into a frenzy. The shaft expanded in my mouth and started to throb and pulse.Rob was now moaning and breathing rapidly. “Oh my, you’re driving my cock wild. I can’t hold on much longer. I’m going to cum.”With that, the shaft began tremoring in my mouth, the tip went wild, and three wads of salty spunk shot out, almost choking me. That mass of cum was all the cock could muster, but it continued to tremor, throb and pump in my mouth as though trying to deliver any remaining vestiges of cum into its target. My mouth ached, and I couldn’t take any more. So, I pulled myself off the shaft but kept the tip between my lips and licked the glans until Rob’s tool decided that it had done its job and slowly became flaccid. Rob was in seventh heaven and cooing like a baby as we shared a little of his salty cum, tongue to tongue, in a final smooch of the day.“I’m sorry that I can’t do you. I’m all in.”“Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time tomorrow,” and there was. Ornithology again took second place. Hand- and blow-jobs and spells of intense kissing intermixed with periods of rest were the order of the day. Switching between hand- and blow-jobs meant that we were able to do each other more often. Six times each on that wondrous day and a bonus blow-job for me late in the evening as darkness fell. Rob had to work hard for that one. The beast didn’t take long to rise but had to be teased for a long time before it reached a climax. Not that I was complaining. Rob’s tongue triggered unbelievable sensations in my dick.Like kids in the sweet shop, we wanted more and more but as fit as we were, Rob and I  couldn’t keep up this pace. We were still physical wrecks the next morning despite a night’s rest. I was like a half-shut knife and didn’t want to go anywhere or do anything that day.As luck would have it, Rob’s Mom and sister had gone off to town for a day of shopping, so we had an empty house. We were lazing in the lounge when Rob said, “What will we do today? It mustn’t be too strenuous. I’m just about all in.”“I know what you mean. I’m the same. I want to go back to bed.”“So, do I. Tell you what. You use my bed, and I’ll flop out on the couch.”I surprised even myself when I blurted out, “No need for that, we can share. Your bed’s big enough.”“You’re kidding, right.”“No, I’m not. I want to cozy up with you.”“Well, if you’re sure, we can do that. Let me find you a pair of PJs.”“No, no, silly boy. Let’s get close and personal, au naturel.”I’d never seen Rob blush before, but his face went as red as a stop sign. Straightaway, I began stripping off. I didn’t want him to have the chance to argue. If Rob did have doubts, they didn’t stop him ogling me. His eyes were popping out of his head by the time that I was down to my birthday suit. I was only a little better. My heart was fluttering as Rob then stripped to the buff in front of me. We got into bed, and Rob pulled the duvet over us. We were hesitant at first, but I then clasped Rob in my arms, pulled us together chest to chest and snogged him. During that exciting moment, we both moved close together and settled down. I broke off the kiss and nestled my head on Rob’s shoulder. Within minutes, he was asleep, and I followed soon after. It is a measure of our exhaustion that we then slept for more than six hours. I did stir a couple of times during the day. So cozy and happy to be cuddled up with Rob, I pulled myself even closer to his fit body. I also adjusted our cocks so that we were nearly entwined.Rob was awake and stroking my face when I roused. He planted a long lingering kiss on my lips and began to run his hands over my body — what an excellent way to wake up. Slowly and sensuously, his lips and fingers went over every millimeter of my body, finding and triggering most of my sensitive and erogenous spots. Strangely, he spent a lot of time examining and massaging my bum. I didn’t mind; it felt great and certainly better than what he’d done to it before. Now aroused, I began to explore Rob’s sexy body. I found and triggered many of his sweet spots. Rob’s perineum was particularly sensitive. As soon as I started kissing that region, his dick quickly stood to attention.Rob and I continued with this serious petting, just for mutual pleasure and to satiate our immediate lusts. Of course, our cocks had to get involved in the action. As I wriggled on top of Rob, they jostled together and became excited. Soon, both dicks were stiff, engorged and eager to deliver. Rob and I were both gasping rapidly as our arousals reached their peak, and then we exhaled loudly as our now throbbing cocks climaxed together and coated each other in masses and masses of cum. So much for a day of rest. It took us some time to recover from this event, but it was a most satisfying surprise.“Well, well, our first simultaneous orgasm. I hope we’ll share many more.”“Oh yes, that would be brilliant.”We cuddled and smooched for a few more minutes before getting up, showering and redressing. Just watching Rob putting his clothes back on sent tingles through my groin. We prepared a light meal, which was just ready when Rob’s Mum and sister arrived home. We shared supper. Luckily, the main topic of conversation was about all the exciting discoveries they’d made while shopping, so there were no embarrassing questions about what Rob and I had been up to during the day.

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