Papa-san chapter 3


With the end of the school year, Christie hosted a sleepover several times a week. It seemed like every time I walked in the door, there were five or six naked girls begging “papa-san” to take his clothes off. Some of the girls I had never met before. Robin had pimples on her face and a very petite body with no curves whatsoever; flat chest, flat butt, flat stomach. She was extremely shy, painfully so. Whenever the girls came around me, she always stood behind them, hiding her nudity, and never met my eyes. Megan was a beautiful little fox. Her butt jutted out just a bit, she had wider hips than the other girls, and her little B cup breasts were full and nicely shaped. She had a really cute face, and long blond hair. I enjoyed seeing her, and her image came to mind often as I lay in bed, stroking my dick to an orgasm before going to sleep. There was no doubt she would blossom into a remarkably beautiful woman. One particular Friday, the girls were holed up in Christie’s room, talking and giggling, while I watched TV. I was nude, at the insistence of the girls. They came out of Christie’s room and walked past me on their way to the kitchen, where they filled tumblers with ice and grabbed a 2 liter bottle of Coke before going back to Christie’s room. I heard the door shut. About an hour later, the girls came back out to refresh their ice. I happen to be walking back to the living room from the bathroom, and when I rounded the corner the girls ran into me. I could smell the scent of alcohol. “You girls have been drinking,” I shouted. “You all know you aren’t supposed to be drinking.”I was furious. The legal limit in our state was twenty one, and they were all eighteen or nineteen. They all looked down at the ground, and said nothing. “Bring me the alcohol,” I demanded. They went back into Christie’s room and came back out with a half gallon bottle of rum. “Where did you get this?” Not a peep. “I want to know where this came from.” I was angry. It was bad enough that my daughter risked getting me in trouble for bringing her girlfriends into our natural lifestyle. Now underage drinking on top of that? What was she thinking. She was going to be in big trouble tomorrow. I couldn’t Çekmeköy escort have the girls drive home tonight, after drinking. Finally Robin spoke up. She was hiding behind the other girls, as usual. I turned my gaze on her and she looked down. She blushed furiously as she said, “I took it from my dad’s liquor cabinet.” “You girls get in bed, now. And no talking or staying awake. Lights off in five minutes, understood?” As the girls started to turn away, I added, “Not you, Robin. You stay here.” If it was possible for her to blush redder, she did so. Even her ears burned bright red. When the other girls left, her nude body was totally exposed to my gaze. It was painful and awkward to look at her, when it obviously caused her such embarrassment. Then I noticed that there was pee running down her leg, pooling on the tile. She was so frightened, she had lost control of her bladder. “Stay there,” I ordered, as I went to get spray cleaner and towels. I gave her a wet towel, so she could wipe off her legs and feet, then a dry towel to dry herself. Meanwhile, I cleaned up the floor with paper towels and spray cleaner. When I was finished I stood, facing her. “Robin, how did you expect your parents not to notice a missing half gallon of their liquor? “They have a big liquor cabinet, and they entertain a lot. My parents don’t drink rum and they had two bottles, so I didn’t think they’d notice.” I really felt sorry for Robin. She looked so pitiful, staring at the ground in red faced embarrassment. She must have also felt shame at having peed herself. Fortunately, her friends hadn’t noticed. “Go get your things while I call your parents.” She looked in my eyes for the first time. I could see the fear in her eyes. “Oh, no, Mr. Meyers, please don’t do that. Please, please, don’t tell my parents.” She began crying, sobbing uncontrollably, tears running down her face. I stood awkwardly, waiting for her to stop. “Robin, please stop crying. Don’t you see, I have to let your parents know? I know I’d want to know in their situation. What you did was very wrong.” She continued sobbing. “I know, Mr. Meyers. I’m awful sorry. I’ll never do it again, Gebze escort bayan only please, please, please don’t call my parents.” “You must be punished, Robin. I have to call your parents.” For the first time, I could see a spark of hope in her eyes, as an idea formed. “Yes, Mr. Meyers, you can punish me. Only don’t call my parents, okay?” “No, it’s not my place to punish you, and I can’t ground you since you aren’t my daughter.” “Please, Mr. Meyers, don’t call my parents. Please. You can punish me.” I’m not much of a disciplinarian, and the poor girl looked so pitiful I knew I couldn’t call her parents. But I was very angry. I didn’t like someone bringing alcohol into my house and serving it to underage teens. “How does your father punish you when you’ve done something bad?” “He used to give me spankings when I was younger. You could give me a spanking, Mr. Meyers. That would teach me a lesson.” I had never spanked anyone in my life, and Robin was obviously way too old for that type of punishment. Still, I had to do something, and I couldn’t bear to call her parents, she looked so scared. “Okay, come here, Robin.” I sat on my ottoman, and she came over and lay across my legs. I could feel her heart beating very rapidly against my leg. Whether it was because of fear of the spanking, or embarrassment at being so exposed, or shame, I don’t know. Maybe a mixture of all three. At any rate, her heart beat frantically and her face was still beet red. I tried to remember being eighteen, while looking down at her body. Would Robin have been attractive to me then? Probably; I was a horny little bugger back then. Anything in a skirt would probably have been attractive, no matter how under developed. I didn’t really have my heart in it, but I began slapping her butt. From the first slap, she began crying, the tears running down her face onto my legs. I wasn’t hitting her very hard, but it must have been hard enough, because her pale begin to turn fiery red. Each slap turned white momentarily against the redness, then as I raised my hand, the red would fill in that area. After about twenty blows, I stopped. She was still sobbing, the tears streaking Escort Şerifali down her face. “Shhh, shhh, shhh,” I murmured soothingly, as I rubbed her butt. “It’s okay, Robin, it’s over now. Nothing more will be said about this ever again. Shhhh, shhh.” I continued rubbing her sore bottom gently, trying to soothe her and calm her down. Gradually her crying subsided and she stilled. I stopped rubbing, and she said, “Please don’t stop, Mr. Meyers, that feels good.” I continued rubbing her sore bottom. She arched her back, offering her butt to me, and slightly spread her legs. I began rubbing a little lower and a little lower each time, and her back arched even more, her hips separating from my leg. I slipped my hand under her and cupped the mound of her pussy. I could feel the warmth. She started grinding her pussy on my hand. She moaned as I slipped a finger into her pussy. My finger easily slid in and out of her warm moistness. I slipped a second, then a third finger in her. I wouldn’t have thought it possible that this very petite girl could so easily accommodate my three fingers, but she must have been very aroused. They stretched her out, and she began bucking on my hand, moaning and groaning. My cock was hard, watching this young girl writhing at my touch. I replaced my fingers with my thumb, so I could use the knuckle of my index finger against her clit while I fucked her with my thumb. She began moaning loudly, and I was afraid the other girls would hear. As she became more and more animated, I reached under her and found a nipple. She sharply inhaled when I touched it. I rolled it over and over, then found her other nipple and played with it. My hand flew over her clit as I worked my thumb in and out of her pussy. She exploded with a violent, noisy orgasm, grunting incomprehensibly. She shook for almost a minute before beginning to relax. When she finally regained normal breathing, she looked up at me. “Thank you, Mr. Meyers. Thank you for not calling my parents, and…. well, thank you for everything.” She looked down at my crotch as she got up, and I could see her eyes widen. Her skin was flushed where she had lain against my legs. Some of my body hair was plastered to her skin by sweat. I told her to wait, and I wiped the hair off her body with a towel. As she went to bed, she thanked me again. I told her to be quiet and not wake the other girls. While I washed my hands in the kitchen, Megan came in. “What are you doing up?” “I need to talk to you, Mr.

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