Sailing Lessons Pt. 4


Judith stretched out beside me and propped her head up.”So are you,” she said, and leaned in to give me a kiss. And what a kiss it was! It started out a little tentative, but she turned up the heat in seconds. In no time at all, Judith had wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her warm body to mine.Instinctively, my left hand had found its way to her back and was caressing her smooth skin, sliding downward and cupping the firm cheek of her ass. I rolled a bit to my right side so I could run my left hand down her right thigh. As my hand roamed up and down, Judith rolled slightly and as my hand came back up it came to rest cupping her mound through the yellow fabric of her bikini. I could feel the heat through the fabric. I gave her mound a slight caress.Judith broke our passionate kiss and just looked into my eyes for a second before leaning in for another long, tangled kiss. Her right hand slid down to cover my hand, and I sensed that she was going to remove my hand from her pussy. She gently pulled my hand upwards, towards her belly, and I was a little worried that I’d gotten carried away and gone too far. She pulled my hand up until it was just above the fabric, and then pushed it gently back down, shoving it under the fabric and between her legs.She spread her legs just slightly, giving me better access, and as my middle finger found the damp little slit, Judith moaned into my mouth, her eyes shut, and her tongue dancing with mine. Judith pulled her hand out and started running it over my chest and stomach as I worked my finger into the moist folds of her nether lips. There was no mistaking this signal.Judith’s hips started to rock just slightly, as I found the stiff little nubbin at the top of her slit. My finger was getting nice and slippery, and I circled her clit several times with my finger tip before sliding it down to find the entrance to her pussy. Judith gave a little shudder when I slid my finger into her slippery opening. She hummed her approval into my mouth as we kissed, and her hand sought out the waistband of my shorts. She slid her hand into my shorts and her fingers wrapped around my rigid shaft.With my middle finger up to the second knuckle in her hot little hole, and my thumb on her clit, I started to slowly and steadily massage her pussy (to Judith’s obvious delight). If her skin was warm, her slippery vagina was positively steaming, and her hips were grinding as if they had a mind of their own. Her hand on my shaft was matching my rhythm as she clutched and stroked the length of my member. Her mouth was plastered to mine, and her tongue danced in and out.It didn’t take too long before Judith’s breathing started coming in short little breaths, and she was making these short little grunting sounds into my mouth. As she got closer and closer to going over the edge, her handling of my cock became sporadic, as if she was finding it difficult to concentrate. She was actually squeezing so hard as to almost be painful, but I wouldn’t think of stopping her. On the contrary, I forced my finger as deep as I could into her pussy, and strummed her clit roughly.I felt her whole body tense up, and she broke off the kiss so she could get enough air, as she was literally gasping for breath. She was just clenching my poor cock in a death grip as she forgot to move her hand. I jammed my finger into her roughly, sending her into a continuous spasm that wracked her slender frame, and the shuddering convulsions of her orgasm centered on her pussy as her muscles clutched at the finger buried in her.At last, she twitched to a stop and went limp.”Whew!” she gasped as she just lay in my arm. She blinked and looked up at the sky as if she was trying to clear her head.”Did you like that?” I asked.She turned and looked at me and smiled.”That was so-o-o good,” she said Akbatı escort bayan and kissed me lightly on the lips. She also remembered that she was clutching my rock hard shaft, and she started to gently move her hand, and then stopped. She pulled her hand out and sort of sat up so she could see what she was doing. She tried to push the waistband of my shorts down, and I lifted my butt so she could work my shorts down.She scooted down a bit so that she could prop her head up in her hand with her face just inches from my throbbing prick. With her right hand, she pointed it towards the sky and inspected my cock up close. I could feel the warm sunlight as well as her warm breath. She traced a trail up and down the sensitive underside with her fingers, and then gently cupped my balls in her hand, exploring how she could move them around in their sack.”Mmmm,” she said to herself as she wrapped her fingers around the shaft again and slowly began to pump up and down. She looked up at me briefly to see if I was watching what she was doing. Of course I was. She had her pretty face just inches from my cock and was inspecting the purple head that was bulging so hard that it shined in the sunlight. She leaned in and delicately licked at the tip with her pink little tongue.She apparently liked the taste, and she began to lap at it as if it were an ice cream cone. She looked back up at me with a naughty little gleam in her eye and then engulfed me deeply in her warm mouth.She began to bob her head up and down with her lips wrapped around my shaft and her tongue slathered the underside of my prick. Her head bobbed, and I watched the shiny wet shaft disappear into her mouth and reappear. The blue veins stood out in relief as I was almost painfully hard. Then, to my disbelief, she hummed a long low note as she did all that, and it was my turn to moan in ecstasy. The sensation was incredible! I had never felt anything quite that good.Her right hand continued to pump the base of my shaft in time to the ministrations of her incredible mouth. With each pump, I felt the pressure of my boiling sperm grow in my balls. I was twitching and tingling, and I could see little black dots swirling in my vision, like I might pass out any minute. The swirling sucking, the humming and the pumping were sending me rapidly towards a mind-blowing orgasm. I was breathing hard, and felt my hips start to move with spasmodic little twitches. Finally, Judith sensed my impending climax and pulled off at the last second, pumping her hand up and down vigorously as I erupted, spewing jet after jet of creamy white cum into the air.God! I don’t remember ever coming that much! I didn’t think it would ever quit. Several gobs had splattered Judith in her right eye and were drooling down her cheek. She laughed as she scooped it away with her fingers so she could see again. There was come splattered across her face, dripping off her fingers, running down my cock, and gobs of it across my chest and in the grass.I felt as if I had been turned inside out. Judith continued to chuckle as she sat up to inspect the mess. She smiled at me asked, “Did you like that?” As if she needed to ask.”That was incredible!” I said, still breathing heavy. “Where’d you learn to do that?” I asked.She just grinned and said, “I’ll never tell.” She leaned down and gave me a nice long warm kiss. Standing up, she looked down at me, and then at her come-covered hand, and said, “Maybe we should go for a little swim and get this cleaned off before it sets up.” Before I could say anything more, Judith trotted down the beach.I pulled my shorts up and we trotted down the beach and waded into the water. Judith splashed water in her face and rinsed as much off as she could. I rinsed the stuff off my chest and stomach. When Escort Aksaray I looked out at the Princess, I could see Audrey sitting up on the cabin of the boat, applying sun-tan lotion to her front and shoulders. I could see that she wasn’t wearing the top to her bikini, and she was rubbing lotion into her bare breasts. She spotted me watching and waved, causing her boobs to wobble deliciously. Judith spotted Audrey too and both of us waved back at Audrey.I wanted to say something, but I didn’t know what to say. Judith was acting as if nothing had happened, other than her conspiratorial smile whenever our eyes would meet. Judith and I leisurely swam back to the boat and climbed up the ladder on the stern. We found our towels and started to dry ourselves off. Audrey was lying on her back on the roof of the cabin, and she had put her top back on. Even so, Audrey’s breasts were compelling to look at.I looked back at Judith and wondered what was going through her head. What was going on in my head was making me dizzy. I felt like I had just cheated on Audrey, but that was crazy. I was happily married to a wonderful wife who was presently in Germany finishing up her PhD, while I was here at the lake, where I had given in to the temptations of not only Louise’s lovely young niece Audrey, but now to the leggy Judith too. I was probably in so much trouble that I didn’t even want to think about it. Actually, I wasn’t thinking about it. That was my problem. I wasn’t thinking.I caught myself staring at Judith. She had dried her hair, and she was now drying her legs. She had bent at the waist and was toweling off her ankles. Judith was incredibly limber. She was facing away from me, and I caught her looking at me from between her legs. Her long tan legs ran right up to her yellow bikini bottom, and her puffy nether lips were perfectly outlined by the wet fabric. She stood up and asked, “Should we have another bottle of wine or should we head out and do some more sailing?”We decided to go sailing some more. I got the anchor pulled up while Audrey and Judith got the sail up and we swung around and headed out of the little bay. Judith was back at the helm, and Audrey was tidying up all the lines. I was amazed that I didn’t have to do any real work at all.Judith headed us downwind at a leisurely pace, and Audrey headed for the cabin door.”Is there anything you guys want? she asked.”Do you have any more sun block?” Judith asked.”There’s some in my bag there,” Audrey said, pointing at her bag on the seat by the starboard rail.”Could you reach it for me?” Judith asked, implying that she didn’t want to leave the wheel unattended.”Sure Judith.” Audrey said, getting the bag and rummaging around in it. Audrey came up with the plastic tube of sun block and held it out to Judith.”Would you rub some on my shoulders and back?” Judith asked.I had finished putting the anchor line away and had taken a seat near the helm. I was still in a daze and leaned back to get some rays myself. Audrey squeezed some of the sun block into her hand and rubbed it into Judith’s back and shoulders.After smoothing the lotion into Judith’s shoulders and back, Audrey looked over at me and asked if I wanted some too. I smiled and said, “Sure.”I sat up so Audrey could reach my back. Audrey sat beside me and then proceeded to rub sun block across my back and shoulders slowly and sensuously. She continued, giving me a wonderfully relaxing back rub. It was wonderful. After a bit, Audrey asked if I wanted some sun block on my chest. I smiled at her and nodded, and lay back on the bench. Audrey squirted sun block in her hand and started to rub it across my chest. She traced little circles around my nipples, causing them to stand up. I glance sideways at Judith, who was studiously ignoring what Ankara escort Audrey was doing.My mind drifted back to a day earlier in the week when I was the one spreading oil on Audrey. The mere memory of that day started getting me aroused again. Audrey continued spreading sun block down across my stomach. I’m in pretty good shape, and Audrey seemed to relish rubbing her hand across my tight abs. She continued rubbing closer and closer to the waistband of my shorts, and then casually slid her fingers under the waistband just a little. That caused my cock to twitch.Audrey obviously noticed and glanced at me and smiled. Without asking, Audrey poured more sun block in her hand and started on my legs. She managed to cover my legs quickly enough, but returned to my upper thighs, and worked her way up to the legs of my shorts. Audrey poured more sun block in her hand, and after glancing back at Judith, who was still not paying attention to us, Audrey slid her hand right up the leg of my shorts and wrapped her fingers around my semi-aroused prick. She gave it a couple of quick strokes with the slippery sun block before returning to massage my thigh.I was instantly hard, and my cock was trying to make a tent in my shorts. Audrey smiled a wide smile and glanced back at Judith, and then winked at me. She simply loved turning me on. She rubbed the last of the sun block on my legs and went down to the cabin. She came back a few minutes later with still another bottle of wine.We spent another hour or so sailing and enjoying the sun and brisk breeze before heading back in. Judith drove while Audrey and I soaked up the sun and we all sipped on our wine. When we got back to the marina, we dropped the sails and motored in. Luckily, Audrey had stashed the empty wine bottles in the cooler, so they were out of sight when Aunt Edna, Uncle Albert and Fred came wondering down the pier.Both Audrey and Judith had slipped into their shorts and t-shirts before we had landed, so they were suitably modest for the relatives. Albert and Fred were both carrying tackle boxes and fishing poles.”Hi Dave!” Fred said. “There’s a box for you back at the lodge under the front desk. I assume it’s the last of the parts you needed.”I grinned at him and said, “I suppose this means that I’ll have to finish wiring up the cabins by the beach.”Fred handed his tackle box to Albert who was standing in the fishing boat tied to the other side of the pier. “It doesn’t make any difference to me, man.” He said, “I’m not much of a slave driver.””Don’t listen to him, Dave!” Albert piped up. “Look how he’s forcing us to go fishing with him!””You poor dear!” Edna said sarcastically, handing her fishing pole to Albert. “How do you put up with this punishment?”Audrey and Judith were busy rigging the spring lines for the Princess, which gave Edna the opportunity to sidle up to me and quietly ask, “Did the girls behave for you?”I smiled and nodded. “They’re no trouble at all.” I said.”I think it’s so nice of you to take the time to take them out sailing.””Oh, I enjoy sailing, and they’re good company.” I said.”It’s just that they’re at that awkward age when I’m not sure they really enjoy being up here at the lake. I think they get bored. At least I’m sure Judith does.”Judith, by this time, had finished her task and came back to retrieve her stuff from the boat. She looked at Edna and said, “Hi Gram! Are you guys going to catch us some fish for dinner tonight?”From the fishing boat, Albert interjected, “Fred and I are going to catch fish while Edna tries to scare ’em away with the new lures she bought today.”Edna gave Albert the evil eye, and said, “Pay no attention to him.” She held up the gaudiest fishing lures I had ever seen and said, “I got these new babies from Doug at the bait shop, and he said that they are guaranteed to bring in the big ones.”I glanced in Fred’s direction and caught him rolling his eyes. Judith and I just smiled.”Well, good luck!” I said.”Oh, I almost forgot,” Edna said to Judith as she climbed into the boat, “I left a load of laundry on your bed back at the cabin. I figured you’d probably want…

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