Summer at Pond Cove – Chapter 02


I don’t know how I ended up being a twenty-three year old virgin. It wasn’t that I didn’t try to lose my virginity. It was just that every try ended up in disaster. To use the old baseball analogy, somewhere between first and second base I always got tagged out… or fell… or just turned and ran for the dugout.I had several different fantasies about what my first time would be like. Some of those fantasies had me seducing a voluptuous movie star. Some had me taking one of my nice looking college classmates to an expensive dinner and then back to my bed. And some of those fantasies were really weird… I won’t talk about them. But even my weirdest fantasy was not as weird as the reality of being on a blanket with three young, beautiful, naked, submissive girls while three powerful Mistresses sat around us and watched and made lewd comments. I guess I should say I was with one submissive– and very beautiful– girl on one side of the blanket while two other submissive girls made love on the other half of the blanket. Under any other circumstances, I might have watched cheryl and puddy tat take each other to orgasm.Actually, I almost did. Cheryl was on top of puddy tat in a scissors position and was frantically rubbing her crotch against puddy tat’s. Her black body was slick with sweat. So was puddy tat’s paler body as they gyrated madly against each other. They were just starting to grunt and moan in earnest when holly reached up and turned my head so that I was looking at her.“Are you going to watch or fuck?” she asked with a grin.Holly is truly beautiful. As I looked down at her, her flaming red hair, very pale skin, and emerald green eyes perfectly framed the red lips which were forming a magnificent smile as she looked up at me.I looked down at her and said, “Uh…..”How could I tell her that I really didn’t know what to do?Oh, I knew in general. I knew that my prick went in her cunt. I knew that I should be between her legs– or perhaps behind her. I’d seen some porn videos– OK, I’d seen a lot of porn videos– but just because it’s on the internet doesn’t mean it’s what you should do. Besides, I know that a lot of what they do in those videos is so the camera can see, not for enjoyment.Holly giggled. “You really are a virgin, aren’t you?” she said with her constant smile.I nodded and she said softly. “Normally, you should spend some time stroking my skin, slowly stripping off all my clothes, and getting me all turned on, but I’m already naked and very, very wet, so we should get right to it.”Looking up at Mistress Gloria she added, “Besides, we don’t have much time.”She reached out and positioned my body between her legs. “Put your hands on the ground on either side of my breasts.” she instructed. “Then move forward so your prick just touches my labia.”I didn’t move and she added, “That’s my pussy lips.”I did as she had instructed and felt the tip of Little Bill touch her moist slit.“Now push in slowly,” she ordered.I did, but Little Bill just Güngören escort slid down toward the ground.“Let me put it in position,” she said and reached down to adjust where my prick was. “Sometimes it has to be between my outer lips or it won’t go in.”“As you get better at this,” she added, “you can reach down yourself if you have to.”I felt her hand on my prick and then I felt it slide into her slit… and keep sliding in. I had fantasized about fucking a beautiful girl– and had even had a few wet dreams– but my fantasies were never anything like this. I felt like I was inside a warm glove or tunnel. And that tunnel was thrusting up and down on my prick.My mind was brought back to what I was doing when holly grunted out loudly, “Match my movements, walter.”I did, and suddenly the sensations became even more intense. As we moved away from each other, it was like she was tightening up on me and pulling on my prick– almost like she was trying to milk me.Both of us were starting to move pretty fast and I could hear the smack of us slamming into each other as we thrust forward. After a few minutes, I could feel cum starting to boil up in my balls. I wasn’t going to be able to last much longer.“I’m… going… to… cum,” I grunted out in time with my thrusts.Holly looked up at me and grunted back, “Three… two… one… NOW!”I felt like my entire being spurted out into holly’s womb. I know I yelled a little bit as my body shuddered and became very stiff. Holly, meanwhile, screamed out really loud and pulled me down on top of herself. She wrapped her legs around my back and crossed her ankles to lock me in place. Once I collapsed against her body, she wrapped her arms tightly around my chest and squeezed even more tightly.Holly continued to shake and scream and pull herself tightly against me. It was to the point that I was almost having trouble breathing when she sighed and then slowly relaxed and lowered her arms and legs to the blanket.She looked into my eyes and murmured softly, “So, how was your first time?”In response, I just sort of grinned at her. Then I said, “I’ve never felt like that before.”She laughed a little and replied, “Neither have I, and this wasn’t my first time.”She grinned at me again and said, “Maybe we are meant for each other.”“Or maybe,” Mistress Gloria said loudly, “you were both meant for me. You are a perfect pair of submissive pain sluts.”“I’m not a pain slut,” I said defensively.“Whoa… oh,” she yelled out. “Little weird worm thinks he isn’t a pain slut.”“What’s a pain slut?” I whispered to holly.I must have whispered louder than I thought because Mistress Sam yelled out, “He doesn’t know what it is and he still thinks he isn’t one.”“A pain slut,” Mistress Tracy began, “is someone who would spurt on the ground just because they were lying across my lap getting spanked.”Mistress Sam laughed and said, “Like you did, worm.”“But I was naked,” I protested, “on a naked woman’s lap… İnnovia escort bayan and I wasn’t used to that. It wasn’t the pain that caused me to… spurt.”“We were going to call it quits for the day and eat,” Mistress Gloria said, “but I think we have time for an experiment before supper.” She slapped her hands together and said loudly, “I’ll bet he goes faster than dweeb dave back at school!”Mistresses Sam and Tracy yelled in unison, “Paddle time!”Mistress Tracy then yelled out, “Puddy tat, go get the black ropes.”“Yes, Mistress,” puddy tat replied as she scampered inside the cabin.“Over here,” Mistress Gloria said harshly.As I started to get up, I realized that I was still inside holly. “It must take you a little while to get back to being really small,” she said softly. “I like that.”I felt Little Bill– who wasn’t so little at the time– slide out of holly’s cunt. I looked down at her as I got up and saw that there was a large puddle of cum between her legs. I didn’t think all that came from me, so some of it must have been her pussy juice, or… “Maybe she’s a squirter,” I thought as I turned to follow Mistress Gloria.She was standing at the end of the porch pointing at the ground. There was a set of steps on that end and two posts about four feet across, one on each side of the steps.“Stand between the posts,” she ordered, and I did.“Facing in,” she added angrily and I quickly turned around.“Put your feet together,” she commanded, “and then reach up and grab the posts as high as you can.”I did what she said and stood there in a Y shape, not quite on my tiptoes, while Mistress Tracy wound loop after loop of soft, black rope around my wrists. “I had to leave my leather restraints at home,” she said as she started tying the other end of the rope to the poles, “but luckily I know how to tie a rope restraint that won’t cut off circulation.”After she had both arms pulled tight, Mistress Sam stepped up and shoved her foot between my legs. She then pushed my right leg out and kept pushing until my foot was up against the post. By the time Mistress Tracy had that ankle secured to the post, I had already moved my left foot over to the post… almost. I didn’t quite stretch that far.“We need to have you do some stretching exercises,” Mistress Sam said with her deep chuckle. “You body is way too stiff.”She then pushed my foot out until it touched the post. As Mistress Tracy tied that ankle to the post, I could feel things stretching in my groin. My arms were also pulled very tight and I could feel the muscles stretching in my shoulders.When Mistress Tracy was done, she stepped around in front of me and said, “And THAT is how to properly restrain someone in a tight X.” She shook her head slowly and said, “Some people insist on doing the feet first, but the right way is to do the hands first. Then, the weight of the body helps stretch you tight.”“Are you tight, worm?” Mistress Sam asked.“Yes, Mistress,” I quickly Escort Kağıthane replied. It was the truth.“Now,” Mistress Gloria said ominously, “this is how this is going to work.”She pointed to the blanket still spread on the floor of the porch and said, “Our regular little subbies are going to kneel here on the porch in front of you in the rest position.”She pointed to the wooden chairs and said, “Mistress Tracy and I will sit behind them and observe.”Stepping up right in front of me she gave me a twisted grin and said, “That leaves Mistress Sam to whap your ass with one of the paddles.”“Puddy tat!” Mistress Tracy yelled, “go get the long paddle.”As puddy tat was hurrying inside, she added, “… the wooden one.”I suddenly felt tight in my stomach as well as my muscles. I had never been spanked before… well, unless you count on Mistress Tracy’s lap. But that wasn’t really a spanking. I was so turned on she could have done anything to me.Puddy tat ran back out from the cabin carrying a long wooden paddle. The paddle, itself, was a little under two feet long and about three inches wide before tapering down to a handle that had been slightly rounded and wrapped with leather for a better grip. She knelt on the floor and held the paddle out on both hands to Mistress Sam almost as if making an offering to a goddess.Mistress Sam took the paddle from puddy tat’s open palms and slowly began smacking it against her palm. “Except for the most complete pain slut,” she said slowly, “you have to be a little turned on to begin with or this is just pain.”She stood in front of me and said, “You’ve gotten used to seeing us all naked so you have finally reverted to your concealed size.” After a laugh, she asked, “What do you call your prick, worm? I can’t just call it worm’s worm… or maybe I can.”“I call it Little Bill,” I blurted out. Then I sputtered, “But I never say that out loud.”“OK,” she laughed and then turned to holly and said, “Fluff him. Just enough to wake up Little Bill. We don’t want it turning into Big Ben until later. Got that?”“Yes, Mistress Sam,” holly replied loudly.She then crawled forward until she was kneeling directly in front of me. She reached out and stroked my stomach and I groaned softly. Then she stuck out her tongue and flicked the very tip of my penis. Little Bill must have been peeking out at least a little because I could feel it on most of my glans. She then opened her mouth and slid it down over my prick. I could feel her tongue slowly slurping against the bottom of the shaft as she suckled on me.“That’s enough!” Mistress Sam yelled and holly quickly jumped back from me and returned to her position on the blanket.“This is a scientific experiment,” Mistress Tracy said as she stood in front of me, “so we are going to us the Peter Meter scale to measure whether or not worm here is turned on by pain.”She laughed and said, “Or maybe we should call it the Little Bill Meter in worm’s case.”She reached out and lifted my prick slightly with her hand. “We will call this zero on the angle of the dangle scale.” She laughed again and added, “If it gets to ninety degrees, we will know that worm here is a certified pain slut.”As she held my prick, the peter meter moved a little off zero, and someone called out, “Things are stirring.”

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