The Commuter: Day 18 Continued


Even though tethered at the wrists, we said little to each other as we made our short walk between the cars back to the station. I hailed a cab and we took a short ride to one of my favorite restaurants for breakfast. After ordering, my attempt to introduce myself was met with you shaking your head, blurting out NO and your free hand covering my mouth quickly. “I don’t want to know your name! Our names are secrets we should keep to ourselves.”  “Why?” I asked with a puzzled look. “Because names are the first step towards ruining this magical experience.” you replied. “Okay.” I said flashing a smile, “If you don’t want to know, then I don’t want to know.” We finished a light breakfast and sat staring at each other over a cup of coffee. What in the world could a woman as gorgeous as you see in a regular old guy like me I thought. I nearly spit out my coffee when I felt your bare foot creep up the inside of my leg. A devious smile covered your face. It explained why you had begun slumping down in the booth. You wasted no time running your toes up and down my hardening shaft as you maintained a watchful gaze on my reaction. “Is this the end of our play time today, or do you have other ideas in store for me?” you purred in a low sultry tone. You wiggled your toes as they worked up and down my love muscle. I could tell this wasn’t your first attempt at a ‘Free-Toe-Lay’ . Then your other foot joined in the party and soon you were trying to jack me off using your feet. The fact I held off cumming didn’t stop you from having a small orgasm yourself. I felt a small stream of your juices splash against my pants leg. You seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed yourself, and…breakfast. You proudly displayed the cuff like a fine bracelet, showing it off to other diners as we neared the checkout counter. Earlier I had uncuffed us so we could eat, but it was now time to reconnect, so to speak. We stood close together at the counter as I paid the bill. Then I turned Yeşilköy escort towards you and told you to give me your hand. You looked me squarely in the eye and defiantly said no, placing both hands behind your back. As a slightly stunned waitress watched, I reached around you from both sides and forcefully pulled your hands to the front. You pouted mildly as I placed the cuff back on my hand. I winked at the waitress and thanked her for the excellent service and we left. I hailed another cab and rattled off an address as we jumped in. “Where are you taking me?” you asked. “My place. I have some things you might like.” I replied. “And what if I don’t want to go to your place?” you said. “Then I will have the driver pull over and drop you off.” I said, looking you in the eye. You looked out the window for a brief moment, sat back in the seat and snuggled closer to me. “It’s ok . I want to go with you.” whispered, slipping your hand between my legs as you maintained a watchful eye on my expression. “Is this hard cock for me?” you asked as you traced my hardness through my pants. “I know its all full of hot gooey sticky yummy cum because you didn’t cum for me at the table. What’s the matter baby? Don’t you want to cum for me?” you said in a pouty voice. You swung your leg across my lap and straddled me before I even knew what was happening. My cock was instantly hard at your boldness. The cabbie strained to get a better view as you lifted your skirt from between us. I am quiet certain he got more than an eyeful of your lovely ass and pussy from behind. ‘Uncuff me, I want both hands on you.” said between panting breaths, as you pushed your tits into my face. I fumbled for the key, unlocking your cuff, freeing your other hand. You immediately unzipped my pants and pulled my throbbing cock from his cotton prison. With the other hand you slipped your panties to the side and slipped me between your wet lips, Yeşilyurt escort bayan taking me fully to the balls in one hard downward thrust. You squealed as you stretched wide to take me. I slid down in the seat to give you more cock to ride. ” Ohhhh my gawwwwwd …. how is it I never get tired of fucking you?” I moaned out loud, sliding both hands under your bra. I pushed your bra over your titties and took turns biting one hard nipple, then the other. You moaned loudly at the mild pain as I played roughly with your tits. You bucked hard back and forth. The feel of your soaked pussy hair grinding against my pubic hair was highly arousing. The muskiness of your pussy permeated the air. Our moans filled the cab as the distracted driver swerved to miss hitting a line of parked cars. Both fists clenched hands full of my shirt. “Faster baby faster. Fuck my pussy faster!” you commanded as you pumped yourself feverishly on me. “Cum in my pussy baby!” you yelled as you smothered me in hot kisses. You leaned back against the front seat, muscles gripping my cock like a vice and squirted all over my shirt as I came in you. Our cum mixing and pooling in my lap like a poorly shaken martini. We sat there panting heavily, looking at each other for a moment, before busting out laughing. We didn’t realize we had been sitting in front of my place for several minutes. Quickly, we straightened up, paid the fare and bolted for the front door. “Turn around and face the door.” I said as I closed the front door behind us. I uncuffed you, tossing them to the floor. I pulled your blouse and bra over your tits, and pressed your naked upper torso against the large door window. Then holding your hips in place, I pulled my cock out and pushed it between your ass cheeks. I moved your hips to a slow grinding dancing motion as you writhed against the glass for passersby to see. Then, kneeling behind you, I yanked your panties Escort Zeytinburnu to your ankles. A faint gasp rewarded my actions. You stepped out of your panties and your heels in one motion, then spread your legs wide for me to do as I pleased with you. You arched your back, pushing your ass into my face. I nibbled at an ass cheek as my hand slid between your legs, cupping your entire pussy from behind. Smearing your juices in your pubic hair in front, then gathering more as I ran my fingers between your cheeks, lubing your starfish. I worked my hand back and forth as you flowed like a spring. I slapped both cheeks hard, and squeezed them, spreading them wide. Then shoved my tongue back and forth, from one sweet hole to the other. Your body went wild as my long tongue teased both entrances relentlessly. I tore at my clothes in a desperate attempt to undress and yet not lose my rhythm. I stood up behind you, letting the length of my cock rub the insides of your thighs. It came to rest pushed downwards, firmly between your cheeks. Wrapping my arms around you, I invited you to a dip in the pool. As we hurried towards the pool, we finished undressing, leaving a trail of garments through the house. “Cannonball!” you yelled as you leaped into the air. We hit the water with a refreshing splash. For a few minutes we played like school kids, dunking each other, splashing each other, laughing loudly. “Spread your legs. I want to swim between them.” you grinned, licking your lips. You took a deep breath and disappeared beneath the surface. I watched you go part way between my legs then felt the tug on my cock as you slipped through. We horsed around in the pool having fun. It was the first time our ‘relationship’ had taken such an innocent playful direction. Was this becoming more than just animal magnetism I wondered? You swam to the edge of the pool and lifted yourself halfway out of the pool. Bent at the waist, your legs still dangled in the water. With your upper body resting on the pool deck, you turned and asked me how your ass looked from that angle. How could I resist. My cock had already been raised to full mast at the site of your beautiful hairy pussy staring at me at eye level. I made my way towards you as you wiggled your ass teasingly. “Tell me.

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