The curiousity


Looking back it seemed so innocent to Daniel. Being a kid just breaking into adolescence and wanting to experience the nice smooth supple curves of a girl, maybe not just like the ones he saw in the magazines he hoarded, but he would settle for something close. Daniel would often seclude himself in his room late at night and thumb through his favorite magazines, mostly Playboy or Penthouse with the occasional Hustler or hard core magazine, depicting scenes that Daniel could only dream of doing, all the while having one hand hold the magazine, the other rooted firmly to his cock. On the way to his room, Daniel would have to pass by the bathroom door and on one night Daniel made a discovery that would forever alter the way he looked at sex forevermore. On this one inauspicious, Daniel realized that if he gets close enough to where the door meets the frame he can get a pretty good view of his little sister Melissa getting out of the shower. Daniel’s eyes widened as he took in the sight Göztepe escort bayan of her small breasts and slim figure down to the sparse patch of hair at the juncture of her thighs. Almost instantly Daniel could feel his cock starting to swell, his mouth watering for even a small taste of her pussy, he would settle even to suck on her breasts. After Daniel finished watching her get dressed, he moved as quietly as he could away from the door and back to his room. Once he closed and locked the door, Daniel jumped in bed and pulled his shorts and boxers down, furiously rubbing his hard cock to the image of his sisters nude body. As he came, Daniel began to formulate a plan to get more than just a peep show out of Melissa.Thinking back, the plan was simple. Every day Melissa arrived home from school at 3 o’clock and Daniel at 3:30. It wasn’t until 4 o’clock that their mother got home, so Daniel had a full half hour to himself and Melissa. Escort Caddebostan Daniel started his plan by appearing to be supportive of Melissa, helping her in school work, appearing to be interested in her social life, all the while moving closer and closer to his goal. One day his plan seemed to take off, it started as usual, Daniel and Melissa arriving home at their usual times, however, on this day, Melissa seemed to be upset.”Whats wrong Melissa?”She appeared hesitant and Daniel had her sit down next to him and put her arm around her and pulled her in close, making her feel secure and asked again, “Whats wrong Melissa?”Melissa silently started to shake as she laid out her story about how there was a boy at school that she liked, everyone thought he was cute and she had finally gotten the nerve to tell him that she liked him. He had laughed in her face and to make matters worse he had spread the story around school, embarrassing her.Daniel Bağdat Caddesi escort drew Melissa in closer and lifted her chin to wipe her tears away, as he did, he realized there was no better time for him to make his move, so he leaned down gently and kissed her lips. To make it seem believable Daniel pulled back and acted like he didn’t mean to. To his surprise Melissa began to giggle.”Well its about time, I was wondering when you were going to make your move.””What do you mean ‘Lissa” responded Daniel”well this whole time I have been watching you through the crack in your door, touching yourself, including that time you watched me get out of the shower, I heard you going back to your room and I have been wondering when you were going to do something.”A wide smile broke across Daniel’s face, “You really don’t mind fooling around with me ‘Lissa?'”Nope, not at all, is there anything you had in mind””Well, first off I would have to see you naked, and I guess we can take it from there, right?”Melissa smiled and placed her hand over the top of the bulge in Daniel’s jeans “If you want me naked, take ’em off yourself: she replied with a wicked grin.Daniel wasted no time in pulling her blouse over the top of her head and her jeans off her waist and staring lovingly at her in her bra and panties.

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