The Keyholder Pt 4


Ben pushed his face against the locker’s metal grille, desperate to get one last look at Amy as she strode away. She had such a sexy walk with her swinging hips hugged by tight white cotton trousers. He could see the slight bulge of the keys in the back pocket as her body pulled the fabric one way then the other. He watched her dark hair flow behind her, desperately hoping for one last turn of the head and one last smile. Yes, there it was.All too soon though, Amy had disappeared from sight and Ben’s mind returned to the inside of the tiny locked locker. He was desperate to see Amy again and to feel her naked body against his. He placed one shoulder against the inside of the steel door and pushed. Nothing moved. He felt for the two bolts that had shot into place as Amy’s fingers had turned the key, and he used all his strength to try and force them back. Again nothing moved. He was trapped in a locked metal box with no way out until Amy and the key returned.His cock was aching inside both the Prince Albert cock cage and the full chastity belt. The locker was too small for him to sit down, or even kneel, and so he was forced to stand as he dropped his trousers and pushed his steel crotch against his cold steel cell.Why had Amy left him in the locker when they could be making love? His penis was literally aching for her. He had to think of something other than the woman with the keys.—It was dark and the nearby traffic had long since stopped when Amy returned. Ben’s heart was racing as he watched her heels slink slowly and elegantly up to his locker.  “Amy!” he panted.Amy didn’t speak as she slowly opened her long dark woollen coat, completely naked other than for a small bunch of keys attached to a white ribbon that was tied around her slim waist.“Oh fuck…” was all Ben could mutter.He watched spellbound as Amy untied the bow and let the weight of the keys pull the ribbon through her fingers so that the keys were now hanging tantalisingly close to her clit. Amy retied the ribbon to secure them in their new erotic location. She then used her fingers to push and massage the keys against her body, moaning as she aroused herself with her own touch.“I would unlock you, but… well the keys are umm busy,” she breathed as she wrapped her coat back around her body and tightened the belt.“I understand,” Ben replied almost trancelike.Amy stepped forward and pulled at the locker door, sighing as if longing to get at what was inside. Ben’s open lips were pushed against the grille and she leaned in to reciprocate. She stepped in further and used the cold steel door to force the keys against her body.“A much more important place for the keys,” Ben panted, watching the arousal build in Amy’s eyes that were now wide and dilated and shimmering in the moonlight.“It would only take a second for them to turn the lock, but….”“I’ll settle for the look in your eyes,” he panted.Her fingertips circled the empty keyhole while her other hand ventured inside her coat to stimulate herself further. The feeling was growing far too fast and within minutes she had orgasmed, her cries echoing around the empty pool.—Ben remained transfixed on Amy’s beautiful eyes as she slowly came down from the natural high, and smiled as she returned to reality.“How was that?” he panted, still hoping to climax vicariously through the sexed up brunette.“Fuck,” she breathed.“Are the keys now free to perform other tasks,” he asked hopefully.“Such as?”“Letting me out of this box?”“No they’re busy,” she smiled, her hair blowing in the evening breeze, her hand back between her legs.“Wish I could swap places with them…” Ben moaned.“Mmm that would be nice,” she purred, “but I love the way your eyes peer out through that grille, full of hope that someday I might release you…” Amy was again wondering off into her special place.“Please Amy,” Ben pleaded, “My lips could do so much more than those keys.”Amy flicked some wayward hair from her dark made up eyes and fluttered her eyelashes. Ben watched painfully closely, crazy to know what she would do next. Slowly she unbuckled her coat and pulled at the ribbon around her waist to untie the bow, but this time she pulled it tighter before retying it around her slim, gym toned waist.They both stopped and looked at each other for a long moment.“Please let me out darling!” Ben begged.It was just what Amy needed to hear and her manicured fingers took hold of the end of the ribbon and pulled. The keys fell free and into her waiting hand.The feel of the keys triggered the desire in Amy’s body and she thrust the locker key into the lock and turned. She pulled Ben from his cell and quickly removed his full chastity belt, but left the small PA cock cage in place as she became all consumed with kissing him.With drops of rain in the air, Ben pulled on his trousers and shirt and led Amy back to her car. Bare foot and with his shirt unbuttoned, he drove them back to his apartment, the tires squealing as he swung the car into the underground car park. Amy was grinning, occasionally breaking out in excited giggles as they drove.Still laughing, they rushed into Ben’s apartment and straight into his bedroom. Amy’s long fur coat seemed to melt from her body as she glided up to his king size bed and lay down on the white sheets, her knees pulled up and her legs apart. She freed her long dark hair which flayed wildly across the white pillows.Ben pulled off his tan trousers and ripped off his open shirt, his abs and chest glinting in the mood lighting. He paced towards her, his breathing deep and a smouldering look of power in his eyes, “Now I’m in control,” he breathed as his powerful body prowled towards her.But Amy was giggling again.“What?” he breathed.She pointed at his chastity cage and his one inch long cock that dangled between his legs.“Fuck!” he cried, “It’s still on!”“Well yeah I haven’t unlocked you yet!”Ben looked down in disbelief.“I’m sorry,” Amy cried as she burst into laughter, “You looked so dominant and sexy, with…” she tried to compose herself, “… with one inch swinging down there.”“Fuck, that’s not good,” he breathedAmy sat up and kissed his tiny cock, “Oh you poor institutionalised little thing,” she giggled.“Where’s the key?” Ben panted as he felt his moment of dominance drifting away.“Property Fatih escort bayan of a girl…” Amy breathed, lying back on the bed, her hips thrusting upwards, her moans echoing around the room.Ben’s primeval instincts had removed all rationale thought and he was now trying to break out of the cage with brute force. Amy watched intently as his dominant macho persona struggled to comprehend the tiny steel protrusion that should have been a penis.His look morphed from dominance, to frustration, to embarrassment as he swelled inside his cage. He dropped to his knees at the foot of the bed and watched as Amy’s naked butt shuffled towards him. She gazed lovingly at his gorgeous expression looking up from between her open thighs.“Oh fuck , I’m so yours darling,” Ben panted, getting high on the scent of her arousal.“Good, now focus only on me…”The controlling look in her beautiful brown eyes that smouldered in the half light, and the warmth from her thighs that closed around his neck, quickly brought his mind back under her spell. Gone was any thought of his cock as he ran his lips slowly over her shaved pussy.“Good boy… now do you promise to obey me if I release your neck?The look of adoration in his eyes was all she needed to see and she slowly uncrossed and released her slim, but all controlling female legs.She knew it was cruel to take Ben so far that he no longer realised that he was in her cage, but the thought of it was turning her on like crazy. A gorgeously strong man who was ready to make love to her while still under her lock and key, this must mean that he was totally hers.Ben’s lips had already brought her to orgasm, but he was still down between her legs with his strong hands underneath her butt massaging her tight glutes. He then moved up to her modest breasts, his tongue twirling around her erect nipples.“Now we make love,” Amy buzzed.Ben flopped down on the bed, his head spinning, “I need to escape from the spell of your eyes first,” he breathed.“Oh darling,” Amy purred, delighted to be able to use the term of endearment, as she sat straddling his waist and gazing down at him. This relationship just got better and better. She jumped up and went to the drawer that she had been given to keep her clothes and selected a pair of cream satin underwear which she lovingly wrapped around Ben’s head.“You can have a just brief reprieve from my eyes,” she whispered huskily into his ear.“Not sure enclosing me inside your panties is going to break the spell…”“I know,” she breathed, “but I love the thought of what it’s doing to your mind. Now ‘darling’, you stay imprisoned in my silk cell while I try to remember where I left your key…”Sensing that her actions had trapped Ben in deep subspace, she took her handcuffs and chained his wrists to the wrought iron bedhead. She would still make love to him, but he would have to remain her prisoner throughout.—With the handcuff keys in her jacket pocket and now far out of reach, she unlocked his chastity cage and unthreaded the steel prong from his piercing. She sat astride his growing cock as his body came to life beneath her. As his cock grew so did his dominant nature and his natural urge to make love to the beautiful naked woman who was sitting on his erect cock. But Amy had him trapped, chained to the bed and blindfolded, both of which only added to his arousal as he fought against his bonds.“Hi,” Amy purred as she pulled the hem of her satin lingerie to one side to reveal one of Ben’s large aroused eyes, “I’ve given you the gift of sight.”Almost immediately she lifted her painted nails and the hem of her panties snapped back into place across his face.“Mmm, they do that on my bottom as well,” she whispered into Ben’s ear as if it was an unexplained mystery.She flicked her head forward, enclosing them both in a wall of dark hair with her lips against his, separated only by a thin layer of silk. His cock was now huge beneath her as she pulled the panties to one side, this time revealing his open and panting lips.“This time the gift of kissing?” Ben asked as he blindly searched for Amy’s lips.“Yes…”Amy was more than ready as she teasingly kissed his lips and eased Ben’s cock inside her. Already on a high, she worked her hips into her manacled prisoner, but a week of abstinence had taken his stamina and within seconds he had climaxed.“That’s not like you,” she whispered with Ben’s recovering cock still inside her.Amy used her manicured red nails to trace his features through the tight female underwear that ingulfed him, feeling his warm breath that was seeping out of her close fitting undergarment.“Darling, until you bring me to orgasm there’s no sight, no smell and no kissing for you…”“I can smell,” Ben croaked on his dry throat.“Hey, they’re clean!” Amy exclaimed, “… next time they won’t be…”“They’re only clean ‘cos you didn’t wear any pants today…” Ben smiled.“Okaaaay…” Amy replied, drawing out the word and sitting upright, a little indignantly, and puffing out her modest breasts, “I can make them dirty if you want…”With Ben hard again, his captor eased herself up and back down with his cock inside.“Yeah!” Amy cried as she thrust forward on her helpless handcuffed man.With his hands uselessly locked away in her cuffs, Ben had to use all his strength to hold his sex crazed woman. Her gym toned body was stronger than ever and her underwear was cruelly rationing his air.“Keep going… or you’re spending the night in my pants!” she cried.They climaxed together and Amy rewarded her prey by pulling her damp lingerie from his face.“I can always tell when you’ve had an orgasm,” Ben gasped between breaths, delighted to be able to gaze into Amy’s smouldering eyes again.“Because I take my pants off your head?” Amy smiled dreamily, dropping back down on to his chained up body, “…you make me sound like a real bitch!”“Bitch? No,” Ben laughed as he rattled his manacled hands.—Amy bounced off to the shower and returned with damp hair and a small white towel around her waist. Ben was now on his knees on the bed, trying to extract himself from the handcuffs looped inconveniently around the iron headboard.“These are fuckers to get out of,” he complained.“Aren’t they,” Amy smiled teasingly.“Amy… the keys?”“Oh Escort Fındıkzade no, they don’t come off until you’re back under my spell.”Amy put her hair up into a bun, picked up the chastity cage and walked over to the bed.“Already?” Ben moaned.Amy tingled at the thought of both imposing chastity on her helpless man and of bringing him back under her spell. Watching his muscular body fight against her cuffs was exciting and gave her an amazing power rush. He could never escape in a million years and right then she wanted to wait a million years to proof the point.Ben watched as Amy pulled the towel form her waist and strutted up to his head and sat down on his face with his nose pushed up between her legs. She placed the warm damp towel over her legs enclosing his head in a small and very private sauna.“Breathe me in,” Amy whispered.Ben could feel his heart rate slow as the woman who held him prisoner now held him down, her body rising freely and elegantly above him. It felt strangely liberating to breathe her scent, the handcuffs were no longer a restraint, just a beautiful show of her power.She turned around and lowered herself back down on to his face, her bottom somehow knowing how to ration the minimum air needed to survive. This time, the feel of the steel hooking through his piercing and the crushing of the cage against his cock felt wonderful.“I’ve put my toy away,” Amy purred as she rolled down beside him.“Oh fuck, those eyes,” Ben moaned again transfixed.“I love how you are nothing more than a cock,” she giggled.Amy picked up her underwear that had spent most of the evening on Ben’s face and slid them seductively up her legs, followed by her tight white cotton trousers. She then slipped into a black blouse and heels and turned towards the full length mirror to brush her hair.“Are you leaving?” Ben asked disappointedly.It had been a long day and the hurt from the seeing Ben with his ex-girlfriend was still raw in her mind. She had to stop her female jealously from punishing him further, although the thought of leaving him cuffed to the bed for eternity was causing a wonderful sensation inside her white cotton trousers.“It’s been a long day,” she said, spinning around with a ponytail now bouncing behind her.Ben sighed and then sighed again as Amy picked up the full chastity belt. She slid the steel under his body and closed and locked the belt, leaving Ben staring longingly at her cotton trouser.“Your body seems so far away when I’m in this.”Amy didn’t answer, but instead closed a pair of heavy rigid foot cuffs around his ankles.“What are they for?” he moaned.“You scared me today,” Amy replied with naked honestly, “Seeing you with that girl…”“I’m sorry.”Amy sniffed back a tear as she threaded a large high security padlock through the centre of the cuffs locking them both in one go, and only then did she unlock his handcuff.Ben sat up and wrapped his arms around Amy, “You have nothing to be worry about,” he whispered.Amy smiled with sparking damp eyes and parted glossed lips. It was hard to play the mean and bitchy keyholder when Ben was so wonderful. She pulled the padlock key from her bra and smiled coyly as she held it up.“Sorry, this is too mean… these cuffs are as cruel as hell.”“They’re cool… really go with my ankles.”Ben took the key from her trembling hand and pushed it down inside her tight trousers, his fingers touching her warm damp body, “Promise I can retrieve it with my lips tomorrow?” he breathed as they kissed.“You might regret putting that there… you know what do with naughty keys,” she smiled.They kissed some more and then Amy picked up her bag and coat and slipped out of his apartment, leaving Ben helplessly hobbled until she returned.—Amy was trembling as she hurried to the train, her leather boots clipping loudly, and her white cotton trousers feeling warm and tacky as they stretched to contain her long striding legs. Ben had slipped the only key to his ankle shackles somewhere inside her trousers and she hoped like hell that the key was still in there. If not, Ben was fucked. She slipped into an empty seat and discretely felt between her legs.She hated the late night trip back home. She had so wanted to stay with Ben, but in her mind, she had to play the distant and sadistic bitch or otherwise Ben would lose interest and return to his ex-girlfriend. That thought frightened her. There had to be another way though. Maybe she could lock him inside a safe in his apartment? That would be insanely cruel as well as hot, and maybe then she could stay the night in his bed.She left the train and walked quickly to her flat. With her head down, she passed the fuckwit who used to shout obscenities at her and smiled as she remembered the day that Ben had ‘had a chat with him’. She hadn’t heard what Ben had said, but the fuckwit hadn’t said a word to her since.Once inside her hallway, Amy unbuttoned her trousers and reached inside. ‘Yes’ she cried as she found the key, ‘Fuck Yeah,’ she moaned as her fingers continued to explore.—At the same time, Ben was shuffling painfully slowly to his shower. He was used to being locked inside a chastity belt, but the heavy rigid ankles shackles were completely new. Thick steel held his feet six inches apart, locked by a square padlock that fitted the shackles so exactly that bolt cutters would be useless. Where had Amy even found these, and more importantly, why had she locked him in them and left?Ben woke the next morning and called Amy, his lips inadvertently smiling as he listened to her voicemail message. Maybe she was in the shower, he smiled again. Maybe she was playing hard to get. He shuffled slowly to the couch and collapsed. A girl playing hard to get was frustrating enough, but when she had the key his foot cuffs it was maddening.There was a knock and Ben, who had now resorted to sliding on his butt, shuffled slowly to the door. He peered under the door to see elegant black heels before reaching up for the latch.Amy strode in wearing a white silk blouse and the skimpy black silk shorts from Paris, with the elegantly teasing flower pattern that wound around her hips and down between her legs. Her hair was down, and she was wearing high black heels that made her long toned legs tower even Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan higher above him.“Thank god you’re here,” he smiled, sliding on the floor after her, “Thought I’d have to take a day off work.”“You still will, I haven’t brought the key to your ankle cuffs.”Ben was taken aback by her tone as he looked up at Amy who was now sitting on a kitchen stool with her legs crossed.“Why do you only want me as your keyholder?” she whispered, “Why don’t you want me to stay here more often?”Amy had been awake all night thinking about how she would say this and it was a relief to finally have it out in the open.“I would love you to stay here all the time,” Ben replied, still sitting on the floor with his mouth open in shock, “I worship you.”Amy didn’t know how to reply or where to look and was pleased when Ben broke eye contact and slid forward to gently kissed her leg. She uncrossed her legs, placed her hands around the back of his head and nuzzled him into her body.Ben looked up from between her thighs, amazed at how this beautiful woman could be so insecure, “Amy, why else would I let you lock me up if I wasn’t obsessed with you? You have me in chastity and shackled in some medieval torture thing… you must realise how much trust and love that takes?”Amy was lost for words and wished that she was wearing a skirt that she could just flick over him to hide those eyes.“You’re the one who chooses to leave,” Ben continued, “and I’m too in awe of you, and too in love with your control, to suggest otherwise.”Ben tried to stand up to kiss her, but Amy held him between her legs as she tried to steady her emotions.“Quite tight,” Ben panted.Amy smiled for the first time since she arrived and squeezed him some more.“I’d love you to move in,” Ben croaked.“But will that spoil our games?” Amy asked hesitantly, “Will we lose the thrill of leaving you cruelly helpless and waiting for my return?“You are cute when you’re cruel,” Ben smiled.“Will we lose that if I live here?”Ben pushed his nose against her thigh and slowly filled his lungs with Amy’s scent, “We’ll play others games,” he replied, “breathing her scented air back out, “There are other ways for you to tease and torment.”“Are you just saying this so that I let you breathe again?” Amy smiled a little wider.“No… I love death by asphyxiation,” Ben croaked.Amy’s beautiful smile returned as she opened her legs, her warm soft thighs slowly peeling away from his reddened neck. Ben struggled to his shackled feet, took Amy’s hand and tried to lead her towards the couch, but within seconds her leg smooth long legs had left him behind.“You can barely move!” she exclaimed.“Yeah, your cuffs are quite effective,” he winced.“I knew I should have brought the key!”“But you do you have the keys to my chastity belt?” Ben asked hopefully as he shuffled forward and wrapped his arms around Amy’s waist.She bit her lip and shook her head, “Sorry, I was doing cruel.”“A keyholder with no keys?” Ben teased, gently stroking long dark hair out of her eyes and then playfully kissing her cute button nose, “Well maybe I will go and get them.”Amy laughed and then clamped her hand to face, “Right, they’re hidden in my flat and anyway you don’t even know where I live!” she giggled, “… and you can barely move!”Ben turned and shuffled towards the front door, only to trip and fall on to his front.“Found them yet?” Amy giggled, as she pulled her handcuffs from the new brown leather handbag that Ben had bought her, and sat down astride his bare back.She wrapped her slim fingers around his wrist and watched as his muscled arm willingly twisted and moved behind his back. It seemed to encapsulate their relationship, Ben’s gorgeous strength submitting to her slightly touch. His second arm was equally easy to bend and within seconds Ben’s wrists were locked together. Hours of work in the gym defeated so easily by a teasing girl with handcuffs.“I will always control you,” Amy whispered, breathing slowly as she sat on his lower back, “Just try and escape me now…”Ben could feel her lie down on his muscled back, her lips against his ear, her warm breath and wonderful perfume. The warmth of her body felt amazing, contrasting against the cool of the wooden floor.“Feeling helpless yet?” she breathed, scooting forward and sitting gently on the back of Ben’s neck, her silky shorts sinking in between his powerful shoulders and his dark hair.“This feels gorgeous, but…” Ben panted, her body frustratingly out of reach.“Don’t worry,” Amy trembled, her hips already thrusting, “you have the rest of the day to worship me.”Amy reached for her second pair of handcuffs and used them to put Ben into a full hog-cuff. She then slipped out of her shorts and lay down on the thick rug next to her prisoner, lying on her side with Ben’s head resting on her inner thigh.“Did you know that the key to those handcuffs will cost you one hour of worship?”“At least you have one key,” Ben teased.Amy didn’t reply, but pulled his face closer into her crotch and carefully positioned his mouth.“The black panties from last night,” Ben mumbled.“Just getting them dirty for you… I know that’s what you wanted.”She pulled the crotch of her black silk underwear to the side leaving Ben’s lips against her vagina. He gave her a teasing kiss and then stopped,“How long to earn the key to my belt?” he mumbled, his lips brushing against her labia.“That’s not for sale,” Amy moaned as she thrusted slowly against his lips.—Ben had kept his side of the deal, but still Amy chose not to unlock the handcuffs when she left his apartment an hour later. She was determined to maintain her aura of cruelly and her cruel restraints ensured that he hadn’t moved an inch when she returned almost two hours later.Still in high heels and short silk shorts, Amy strode back in with a large suitcase full of clothes. She knew moving in was a risk that could cost her her mystique, but she had to try everything to win her man. At least if he liked cruel bitches, he should be crazy for her now with his eyes showing pain from the tight hog-cuff position that she had inflicted.“Where shall I put my clothes?” she smiled innocently.“Anywhere… plenty of space.”Amy opened her suitcase on the couch so that her heels had to step over Ben’s vulnerable body every time she walked back and forth. When she got to her lingerie, she crouched down to show Ben, draping each item over his face.  As the brunette adorned his face with yet another pair of silk underwear, Ben was grinding his hips into the floor in a pathetic attempt to get any sexual feeling to penetrate his chastity belt.

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