The Unicorn


Introduction I sat on the balcony casually watching the city that slept below me. The early morning hours have always made me feel so calm, so peaceful. This, above all things was mine. This time where I shared the world with no one, and nothing intruded. The random car passing down the lane, or the short bursts of song that came from the earliest of birds were all the movement and noise this time of day allowed. I usually took this time to collect my thoughts and plan my day. But that morning I could do nothing but think of the night before. The cab ride back from the bar was filled with flirtatious glances and quick stolen kisses. Pet and Kasey sat in the back, while I sat up front and directed the cab driver to the house. Casually I’d glance back at the girls to find them hold ing hands and whispering to each other. After one such instance Kasey looked at me while pet whispered something especially delicious in her ear, and Kasey licked her lips. Sweet Kasey. Such a small delicate bird. Her short bob-cut red hair tickled the tops of her shoulders, her thin, almost impossibly long legs were crossed and playfully she would nudge my elbow with her foot. My pet sat next to her, devouring Kasey with her eyes. Pet wanted her. The lust and need on her face was almost too much to bear. It made me happy to see pet so entranced by something so beautiful. The build of Kasey and pet are about as opposite as you can get. Whereas Kasey is small and petite, pet is tall and voluptuous. Pet’s long blonde hair hung to the middle of her back, a perfect length for pulling I might add. Her legs were long, but fuller than Kasey’s. Pet’s breasts were a full D, whereas Kasey’s were a B cup at best. I would look back and see them kissing, or laughing, or just talking. The cab driver too was enjoying the show. A couple of times we almost veered off the road because he was more focused on the rearview mirror rather than the road. The house wasn’t too far and I didn’t worry too much. I had the whole night in front of me and proverbial symphony of lust and pain to perform. I. Lust When the cab stopped in front of the house I paid the driver and got out, the girls were already half way up the stairs when I leaned over the roof of the car and said “Pet.” Pet stopped and turned towards me, her arms around Kasey, and asked “Yes Master?” “Love, I had enough for the cab but I’m afraid I don’t have enough for a tip. Would you be so kind as to give him your panties?” I will always cherish the widening of the eyes, and the way her mouth drops open when I surprise her with a task. I love watching the turmoil on her face as struggles to obey. Kasey seemed surprised as well, but she stepped aside and watched pet as she walked back down the stairs and over to the cab driver’s window. I leaned down and gestured to the cab driver to roll his window down. With a confused look he complied and then he noticed pet walking over, staring at the ground and forcing herself to take one step after another. Pet stopped a couple of feet from his door and reached her hands under her dress and began to slowly pull her panties down as she looked from side to side, trying to find someone watching. The cab driver’s eyes grew wide as he realized what she was doing, he tried half-heartedly to stop her but she continued. When her panties were off she held them out to him and looked at her shoes, silent. The cab driver grabbed them quickly with a smile and then sped off down the road. I looked at pet and asked “How many times do you think he’s going to jerk off into your panties pet?” “I don’t know Master. I can’t bear to think about it.” “Oh my love, doesn’t the thought of some man masturbating, thinking about you, turn you on just a little bit?” A slow smile crept onto her lips as she said “Maybe a little.” “I thought so love. Now, go join our guest, she’s waiting for you.” Without a second thought, pet turned again towards Kasey and almost ran up the stairs to her. I watched her smile as she leaned in to kiss Kasey. Their lips playfully brushed against each other’s as both of them smiled. Kasey leaned back, looked at me and said “Aren’t you coming?” I had been standing in the middle of the road like a fool, staring up at these two beautiful women. Shaking my head I said “Right behind you.” I shut the door behind me as I entered the hallway. I could hear the girls in the living room giggling with each other. Kicking off my shoes, I moved towards the sounds of their laughter. The living room contained a big couch in the shape of an L with a glass coffee table in the corner of it. The expansive floor was carpeted and very nice to my bare feet. I had done fairly well for myself so I could afford a better than average apartment for a foreigner. The girls were lost in each other’s arms on one end of the couch; I poured myself a drink from the bar and sat at the opposite end. Their kisses were growing frantic and it was only a matter of time until clothes started coming off. Watching pet kiss another woman is one of the finest things I have ever Escort Şişli seen. She doesn’t just kiss a woman, she almost inhales her. Her body can never be too close and the kiss can never be deep enough. I was all smiles as I let pet have her moment. She had been so good lately, but in her haste she had forgotten one of the simplest rules of the house. I cleared my throat and waited for pet’s reaction. She didn’t seem to hear me so I said “Pet.” At once she stiffened. She had remembered. Quickly she backed away from Kasey and came over to me and throwing herself on her knees she blurted “Master I am so sorry. Please please please forgive me, I didn’t mean to, I just got so caught up….” Her voice trailed off as she realized the uselessness of her words. “I am sorry Master” she said again. “Is there anything that you require of me?” “Pet it is a simple rule. When we come home, you are to kneel at the door and ask if I need anything of you. Is that so hard?” “No Master it isn’t. Please Master, please allow me this once. We do have company.” With that she turned her head back to an astonished Kasey. I could tell Kasey enjoyed this little back and forth, but it was obviously the first time she had seen anything like this. “Pet I would love to forgive you of this. But then where would it end? I would forgive for this, and then another thing, and another thing. Before too long you would run this house and I just cannot have that. But in light of the fact that we have company I will forego the usual punishment. I have something else entirely in mind.” I looked at Kasey, and saying to pet “Go put on the school girl outfit. After you’ve done so kneel at the edge of the carpet and await further commands.” Pet looked up at me and meekly answered “Yes Master.” As pet gathered herself and walked off to the bedroom to get dressed, I summoned Kasey over to sit next to me. As she kneeled on the couch next to me, she put her arm around my shoulders and her other hand on my thigh. She started caressing my leg and slowly moved her hand up to my crotch. She said “That is really hot. I like watching you tell her what to do.” A quick thought flashed across her face and she asked me “Do I have to call you Master too?” “No, no Kasey , at least not yet. You have not given yourself to me, and even if you did, I doubt you’d understand what that really means right now. Since this is my house though; you will call me Sir. Is that understood?” With a smile she said “Yes Sir.” She leaned over and started kissing my neck and face. Her lips were so much different than pet’s. She was very passionate though. She moved her lips to mine and kissed me deeply. Her hand found my growing cock beneath my trousers and she began to stroke it in time with her moans. Gently I pushed her back. “Kasey you are a sweet little flower, and we are going to have our chance tonight. But first I do need to correct pet for her failure.” “I understand” she said, and then quickly she added a “Sir.” That smile of hers was infectious. I could see what pet saw in her. Pet returned and knelt at the edge of the carpet. The school girl outfit is my favorite of all of her outfits. The short red plaid skirt stopped just below her ass, the white shirt tied off just under her ample chest and the stockings rose up just over her knees. It’s times like that where I remind myself how lucky I am. This beautiful woman has given herself me. Entrusted me with her passion and it was a trust I did not take lightly. As pet knelt there she glanced over at us and there was look on her face I had never seen before. Was that anger I saw? I thought to myself “Oh my, pet is jealous.” What a delicious thought. I wondered who the anger was directed at. Was it at me for being touched by another woman? Or was it for Kasey for touching me and not her? I moved my hand over to Kasey’s bare legs and began absently stroking them. I leaned closer to Kasey and whispered “Kiss my neck, touch me all over, but do not go under any of my clothes or take any of mine off.” Kasey smiled that playful smile of hers and said “Yes sir.” With Kasey stroking my cock and peppering my neck with kisses, I instructed pet to turn on some music and give us a dance. Pet stood up and walked across the room to the stereo. I could just see her big firm ass peeking out from underneath the skirt. She wasn’t wearing any panties, what a good girl. Kasey stopped her kissing to watch pet as she walked by. Like two starving dogs we watched pet’s ass bounce and sway as she walked the short distance across the room. With difficulty Kasey tore her eyes away from pet and went back to kissing my neck and face, her hands found their way onto my chest and she caressed me with increasing urgency. Pet turned on the stereo and began to dance for us. I whispered for Kasey to stop kissing and to watch pet dance, that this was for her and I didn’t want her to miss a thing. Pet hates being watched. She does not like being the center attention, but it is a place she is always at whether Sultangazi escort she knows it or not. We have never walked in somewhere and every guy not immediately look at her. She never sees it, but I always do. I’ve never gotten angry or jealous. I just like to laugh to myself and again be thankful she’s mine. The embarrassment on pet’s face was clear as she began to dance. It was a slow song, and pet always had difficulty getting into the rhythm at first. It was even more difficult then, her eyes were locked on Kasey and I. It almost seemed that if she could see us, then nothing would happen between the two of us. “Oh what a wonderful game this will be,” I thought. “Pet,” I said. “While you’re dancing; strip for us. We want to see that beautiful body of yours. Isn’t that right Kasey?” Kasey looked from pet to me and said “Oh yes Sir. I want to see all of you p-. Um Sir, what do I call her? Do I call her pet too?” “Is that what you want pet? Do you want to be her pet too?” Pet breathlessly answered “Oh yes Master, I want to be her pet.” Her eyes locked onto Kasey and Kasey returned the stare in kind. “Well there you have it Kasey. You are to call her pet as well.” “Ok,” Kasey said shyly “I want to see all of you pet.” With renewed motivation pet continued dancing. Slowly she untied the front of her blouse and turned her back to us. She peeked over her shoulder and let her top drop . Slowly she bent at the waist and ran her hands up her legs as she stood once again. Then she turned to us and I heard Kasey’s breath catch. Pet’s perfect breasts were firm and yet soft. Her little nipples were hard with excitement. She began to caress them and pull them up to her mouth as she sucked on them slowly one by one, the whole time swaying her hips in time with the music. Kasey was completely entranced. Her mouth hung slightly opened and her hands were still as they cupped on her own small yet perky tits. “Do you like the show Kasey?” I asked, leaning over to whisper into Kasey’s ear. “Yes Sir, I do.” She whispered. Keeping her eyes on pet she said again “I do.” “Do you want her Kasey? Do you want to taste those big tits? Do you want to feel her tongue buried in your pussy? Licking you slowly, then faster as you cum?” Kasey nodded a yes to every question, still captivated by pet’s dancing it was all she could muster. “Then stand up.” Kasey slowly stood, never taking her eyes off pet. I then said, “Take your panties off and give them to me.” Kasey turned to look at me and gradually lifted her skirt. I looked over at pet, she had stopped dancing and was staring at Kasey. I could see the questions on her face. She wanted her and didn’t seem to like the fact that Kasey was looking at me and not her. When Kasey’s skirt was over her hips she exposed the little pink thong that she was wearing. I could barely make out the little wisps of trimmed pubic hair. She slid her panties down to her ankles and stepped out of them one leg at a time. She then bent over, picked them up off the floor, stood and handed them to me. “Sit down,” I ordered, “And play with your pussy Kasey.” Kasey sat and immediately began to massage her clit. Her fingers worked faster as she stared at my half naked pet. Pet watched from across the room. Her tongue running across her lips she began to move her hands under her skirt. “Pet, I don’t believe I told you to stop dancing.” Pet began to dance again, this time reaching behind her back to undo the clasps on her skirt. I brought Kasey’s panties up to my face and breathed in. I made sure pet could see me do it too. Pet’s eyes caught fire. Ah there it is, she’s jealous of Kasey. I saw then. I had made a mistake. I had thought teasing pet with Kasey would make pet more aroused, but it had only angered her. I had to correct this. Fast. As pet’s skirt hit the floor both Kasey and I looked at pet’s beautiful pussy. It was shaved, unlike Kasey’s, and was swollen with desire. I ordered pet on all fours and told her to crawl over to Kasey. “Kasey,” I said “Tell pet to lick your pussy.” Pet looked up at Kasey and her eyes begged for the command. Kasey moved her hand away from her pussy, she locked eyes with pet and said “Pet, lick my pussy.” That was all pet needed. Like an animal released h er face and tongue lunged forward and buried themselves in Kasey’s lap. Kasey’s eyes went wide and she began to pant. A slight “Oh God” escaped her lips and pet flicked her tongue faster over Kasey’s swollen clit. She panted a “Slow down baby.” And with visible effort pet restrained herself. I watched as pet circled her clit with her tongue, flicking it lightly then nibbled on the soft lips. She ran her tongue up and down Kasey’s pussy so slowly that even I was in agony. At one point Kasey pushed pet off a bit, stood and took her dress off over her head. Her small breasts and engorged nipples were a soft shade of pink and pet stood to take them in her mouth. Kasey let pet indulge herself and then sat down again. She gazed up at pet and said “I told you to lick Taksim escort bayan my pussy pet, lick it.” I was a bit surprised, but intrigued at how quickly Kasey was catching on. Kasey’s small jaw was set and her eyes were demanding as pet again knelt in front of her and slowly began to lick her pussy again. I moved further down the couch to give the girls some room, and Kasey responded by stretching her legs wide and shoving pet’s face deep into her mound. “Faster” she moaned “Lick me faster, make me cum.” Pet’s tongue began working frantically, and Kasey was showing the signs of her effort. Quickly Kasey ’s voice began to get hoarser, more desperate. She began to pant out “I’m going to cum, oh god I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum….” This just caused pet to lick faster and deeper. Kasey spread her legs wider and with a last “OOHHHH GOOOOOD” her whole body seemed to lock up all at once. She grabbed pet by the back of the head and forced her face roughly against her pussy as she came violently. Pet only stopped her licking when Kasey had relaxed and released her head. Pet leaned back and wiped her chin with her hand. She licked her lips and looked up at me. “Very well done my love.” I said to pet. “Kiss me, I want to taste her pussy on your lips.” Pet stood up and then straddled me on the couch. She kissed me deeply and urgently. Kasey’s pussy tasted so sweet on her lips. I kissed her back even deeper and my cock tried to burst from my pants. I eased pet back and began to suck on her tit. As I did so Kasey moved over and began sucking on pet’s other tit. Pet held our heads there and both Kasey and I licked and nibbled on her hard little nipples. I enjoyed the gasps and moans that escaped her as I pulled on her nipples with my teeth. Kasey’s hand moved between pet’s legs and began to massage her clit. Pet’s moans were coming louder now, her breath catching in her throat and her hands holding my head tighter to her chest she came. The pressure built quickly and violently , her body shuddered as she came , but her mouth was silent as her spine arched in pleasure . Pet relaxed slightly but soon h er whole body tensed then shivered as Kasey moved her fingers faster and sucked harder on her tit once again. I alternated between biting and sucking on pet’s tit. Pet grabbed Kasey’s chin and pulled her face up. They shared a passionate kiss as pet came again with Kasey’s slender fingers on her clit, and my teeth and lips on her breast . She was always one to cum quickly, a fact I have always been thankful for. I gently pushed pet onto the floor. Pet knelt there looking from me to Kasey expectantly. Two orgasms and her desire had hardly been quenched. The beast was awake in my love, and it was hungry. I ordered Kasey to kneel next to her and they immediately began to kiss again. It was difficult to keep a leash on these two, but there was time enough for that later. I stood and unzipped my pants, with pet and Kasey’s help I removed my pants and kicked them to the other side of the room. I sat down and said to both of them “Suck my cock.” Kasey leaned forward and put her sweet little mouth around me and began to slide her lips up and down it. She had some difficulty with the girth, but her struggle just made it feel that much better. Pet bent down underneath and began to lick and suck at my balls and thighs. There is no sight better than the sight of two beautiful women fighting over who gets to suck your cock. Pet nudged Kasey and Kasey backed off, and pet, with that incredible gag reflex, swallowed my cock whole. I loved the feeling of my cock buried deep in her throat as she gaged a little bit on it. I grabbed her hair and forced myself deeper inside of her mouth. Her gagging was becoming loud and constant, so I pulled her off and grabbing Kasey by her hair I forced my cock deep into her mouth. Barely half way down she was gagging but that was alright, the gagging is the best part. I released her hair and she sat back on her feet and coughed, pet immediately swallowed my dick again and began to pump furiously with her hands and mouth. Kasey then leaned forward and began to use her small tongue to lick my balls. I was going to cum, too quickly. The sight of those two on their knees, choking and licking on my cock while staring at me was incredible. Pet’s hungry blue eyes, and Kasey’s bright green eyes held mine as they sucked and licked me to orgasm. Silently I whispered “I’m going to cum.” Pet began to pump her mouth faster, and to take more of me into her throat. Kasey whispered “I want to taste it too.” With a final grunt I burst in pet’s mouth. I shot load after load down her throat and across her lips. I held her head down on my cock to cum as deep in her throat as I could. When I had finished , pet sat back and Kasey quickly began to clean my cock of the cum that had dribbled out of pet’s mouth. She sucked every last drop out of me then turned to pet and kissed her. I could see some of my cum drip down their chins as their tongues played in each other’s mouths. After collecting myself I took a sip of my drink and said to them “Why don’t you girls go to the bedroom? I’ll be there a little later on. Go enjoy yourselves.” Both pet and Kasey stopped kissing and said “OK” and then like best friends with a shared secret they giggled and half ran down the hall to the room. II.

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