The Zoo


After the trauma of finally deciding to visit a gay bar, I was totally blown away by how exhilarating the experience was. I knew I was gay but my ‘closet’ door was practically bolted shut. I had indulged in nondescript homosexual encounters while at school, but they only consisted of an occasional wank or fondle, and were very infrequent. I could have been far more proactive in those days, but I was always scared of being exposed for ‘degenerate’ behaviour.Eighteen months before I had moved to the city after finding employment. I had often passed by Manley’s, a local gay pub, but had never had the guts to enter. The night I did it was as if a veil was lifted off me, and I found myself in the company of dozens of men with my same ‘affliction.’ I did not stay very long that first evening, but when I left the bar I was literally trembling with excitement. The ice had finally been broken, but it would take a further several weeks before I eventually went home with another person.I was exceptionally fortunate when this happy occurrence finally materialised. The guy’s name was Peter and he lived with his parents in a neighbouring town. Peter was in his early thirties, and worked as a mechanic in his dad’s business. Peter was an amateur body builder and turned out to be an exceptional lover. I will always remember my first night with him in my small apartment and was very pleased that he was the first man to penetrate Avrupa yakası escort me. Over the following year or so, I did encounter him numerous times at the pub and these meetings always ended up fruitfully.There was, however, never any suggestion of a relationship with him. His parents did not know he was gay and had a very domineering influence upon his life. At the pub though, my sex life went from strength to strength as I became more comfortable with hook-ups.Early on, I made a ‘pub buddy’ named Phil. Phil was very effeminate, and preferred to be called Phyllis. Not only was Phyllis very amusing, but he also a harbinger of news. Any, and everything you wanted to know, Phyllis could tell you. It was at this point that I first saw Lex at the bar. ‘Lethal Lex,’ as Phyllis referred to him, was one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen. He was six feet tall, blond, green eyed, and very masculine.According to Phyllis; he had appeared in a few gay and straight porn videos. Lex also liked to be paid for his ‘services’ and was very popular with the older queens, frequenting the bar. In short, Lex was magnificently gift-wrapped, pure white trash. I found Lex mesmerising and could never keep my eyes off him. Unfortunately, he seemed totally oblivious to my existence.One evening, Phyllis delighted me with two copies of Lex’s porn videos, and I could hardly Ataköy escort bayan wait to get home that night. Once I had gotten into bed, I began to watch the movies. The first one was straight, and in it, Lex visits a buddy in a trailer park. Obviously, Lex gets to fuck the wife and is soon joined by her ‘husband’ in a spit roasting and DP session. The movie seemed very amateur, but there was nothing physically average about Lex. As Phyllis had forewarned, Lex was way above normal in the genital department.The second video was gay and also seemed very amateur. It consisted of the clichéd prison scene in which Lex’s cellmate gets a face and butt fucking of epic proportions. As we are all aware, the acting in these movies is mostly pathetic, but I have to say that Lex took poor acting to another level. Beautiful as he was, his performances weren’t very arousing and I could not imagine he would ever have a stellar career in the porn industry. But, I didn’t care, because to me he was just magnificent.While I was visiting the bar one Friday evening, a few months later, Lex arrived with a buddy and was soon chatting up a middle-aged queen. Later, after a brief chat with his buddy, I observed the buddy leaving. At around eleven as the bar began to empty, I watched Lex and the queen depart. A few minutes later, Lex stumbled back into the bar. He had a bloody nose and what Escort Şirinevler looked like a cut above one eye.Informing the barman that he had been attacked outside by two guys, Lex said that during the encounter the queen had run off at the speed of light. Lex then headed for the toilet to clean up. The barman placed a tube of antiseptic cream on the counter and asked me to help out by taking it to him.By the time I got to the toilets, Lex had blown his nose and washed his face. The cut above his eye wasn’t too bad, and I assisted him by applying some of the lotion to the gash. Shortly, I resumed my seat at the bar, before Lex returned and sat next to me.“Thank you,” he said, after which I shrugged a ‘no problem’ gesture. “I’m sure I have seen you here before,” he continued, before concluding, “By the way… my name’s Lex.”“I’m Mark,” I replied. “May I buy you a drink after your ordeal?” I offered.“Thanks Mark, that would be great,” he answered. After a moment he asked, “Where do you live?”“Down the road,” I replied.“Listen buddy, I’m in a bit of shit and there no way I can get back to my place tonight. Can you put me up at your pad for the night?” Lex asked frowning.I was so excited with our interaction at this point, that my body began to tremble. The object of my desire wanted to go home with me! I was literally shaking as I answered, “Sure, but I only have one bed.”“Is it big enough for both of us?” he inquired with a wink.“Yes,” I replied, almost choking with eagerness.At my apartment I again cleaned his cut, before applying a plaster. Without missing a beat, he then put toothpaste on my toothbrush, before brushing his teeth. When I brushed my teeth, I listened to the potent discharge of piss splashing behind me.

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