Today with Gary and Vern


At 1:00 PM the doorbell rang. Gary and his black friend, Vern, arrived to have their way with Tammy.I am Tim and also Tammy. I am divorced, sixty years old, five foot six inches tall, one hundred forty-five pounds with a small and skinny penis. My wife left me for bigger cocked men. She said I wasn’t man enough for her. She was right: I am a sissy who dresses up in female clothing and likes to service real men.The doorbell sounded, right on time.“Hi Gary, and you must be Vern,” my squeaky voice nervously said.“Come on in and let’s get comfortable,” I finally exclaimed.I led them to the playroom downstairs and straight to the bar.Gary said he would have a Gin and Tonic. Vern wanted a shot of Jack and also a Jack and Coke. I made the drinks and also made a Fuzzy Naval for myself.“Well Tammy I must say you not only are dressed up as a cute little sissy but you are drinking a Haramidere escort sissy drink as well,” Gary said.I was in my black girly outfit. I had a floor length black silk lounge coat, black bra, black panties, black garter belt and black support stockings. On my little feet were five inch black high heels. I was wearing a blond wig and had my make-up on as well as all my nails in bright red polish. I must say I think I looked very hot.Both Gary and Vern laughed as I took a sip and said, “You are right about that Gary, I am a girly little sissy and I enjoy sissy drinks. But I also enjoy having real men do nasty things to me.”I went up to Gary and kissed him on his mouth. He kissed back running his tongue into my mouth as he pulled me close to his hard body.I broke away and asked the guys if they would be more comfortable with less İkitelli escort bayan clothing on.Vern said, “She doesn’t waste any time does she, Gary?”I leaned up against a bar stool and watched my two hunks disrobe.Gay is a hard body standing six foot two inches, weighing in at one hundred ninety-five pounds. He is completely hairless from head to toes with a beautiful eight inch cock and big balls.Vern is also a hard body. He plays wide receiver for an indoor football team. He is six foot five inches, two hundred forty pounds, also hairless and sports a 9” and very thick cock. His big balls hang down several inches.When they finished undressing I let out a soft low whistle. “Wow, you guys look delicious.”Vern said, “Hey Gary can I have first crack at Tammy?”“She is all yours,” exclaimed Gary.Vern was forceful. He kissed me hard. He Escort Çapa ran his big hands all over my girly body. He took my robe off, pulled my panties aside to get at my creamy white ass cheeks. Running his powerful hands over my bottom caused me to swoon.Vern put me over his shoulder and carried me to the bean bag pillows that are scattered about on the floor.He placed me down so I was kneeling down. His black rock hard cock was in my face. He grabbed me behind my head and pulled me to his manhood.Like a good little sissy, I leaned in and gently kissed the tip of his mushroom headed love muscle. It jerked and hit my nose and came back to my mouth. I waited no longer. I opened my mouth and took him in. I sucked on his monster cock getting it real wet, then leaned in and took his thick meat all the way down my throat until my nose was on his hairless pubic bone and his balls were on my chin. My tongue was busy rubbing his shaft and I sucked for all I was worth.Soon I felt his cock swell. I quickly bobbed my head up and down on his giant cock all the while my little hands were rubbing his shaft.My work was soon rewarded. Vern yelled out, “Oh fuck, she made me cum so quickly.

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