Wife Hires Baby Sitter


My wife and I had been going through a long dry spell while she was pregnant to a few months after she had the baby. We would have sex occasionally during her pregnancy, but toward the end she said it was getting uncomfortable. The doctor had ordered no sex for at least six weeks after the baby was born. We tried having sex once after the six weeks was up, but again she said it was still a little painful. So the only action I was getting was watching porn late at night, and masturbating. I was desperate for any kind of contact with my wife, but she was always tired, her breast was sensitive from breast feeding, and she didn’t like any form of oral sex. There were a few times that I snuck into the shower with her and masturbated while I watched her lather up with soap. Even after having a baby she still had an amazing body. She is 5’4” and about 110 lbs. She has long blond hair that she keeps pulled back in a ponytail most of the time making her look like a young school girl. Before the baby her breast were a 34c, but now they have exploded to a 34dd. Our shower has a built in shower seat so I was able to sit down and admire my sexy young wife take a hot shower all the while I was beating Escort Başakşehir my throbbing cock. I watch her shave her legs with her pussy just inches away from my face. She would slowly do one leg at a time. After she was done she lathered some shaving gel up around her pubic area. She liked to keep a nice clean “bikini shave.” I so much wanted to suck on her luscious clit through her fine blond pubic hair right there in the shower, but I knew she would never let me. The thought of doing so was enough to put me over the edge as I let out a loud moan my hot sperm shot straight up in the air. “Enjoyed yourself?” she asked as she turned the shower to cold and stepped out of the stall. At the end of her maternity leave we sat down and talked about who would take care of the baby while we were both at work. I worked a morning shift and she worked an evening shift four days a week. There was about a three hour time span when both of us would be at work and we needed to get a sitter to watch the baby during that time. “My friend Alexis has a daughter in her senior year of high school who wants to earn a little money for college” she told me as we discussed Bayrampaşa escort the issue. “She is only 17 but very mature for her age. I think she would be the perfect person for the job.” “If you say so.” I agreed. The next day Amy invited Heidi to come and meet me. As she walked through the door my heart must have skipped a couple of beats. She was young and gorgeous with the “girl next door” look. She was very short no more than 5’0. Her breast were considerably small compared to my wife’s they were about 32aa or b cup at best. She had brown hair about shoulder length and pulled back behind her ears. Her face was round and she had a cute line of freckles across her button nose. “Hello Dr. Andrews, I’m Heidi.” She greeted me with a soft high pitch girly voice. Amy started back to work the following week and everything was going well. Heidi was doing a great job of taking care of the baby for the hours that Amy and I were both away from the house. After a couple of weeks I came home to the surprise of my life. There Heidi was with nothing on but a white button up shirt. My white button up shirt! “Oh, god Dr. Andrews.” She exclaimed “ I didn’t Beşiktaş escort bayan realize you would be home so soon.” She explained to me that she had spilled juice all over her clothes and put them in the wash. She didn’t have anything to put on so she found one of my shirts. After she left I went to check on my sleeping baby in the nursery, and then walked back in my room. There on my bed was a pair of panties that wasn’t my wife’s. They were lacey and black with red trim. I picked them up and they were moist but they didn’t smell like juice. They had the musty smell of a woman’s crotch. My cock jumped in my trousers as I took in the savoring aroma. “Did she leave this intentionally for me to find?” I wander as I began to stroke my erection. I lay down on the bed and continued to masturbate as I thought of the possibility of fucking the hell out of that sweet innocent girl. It wasn’t long until I was blowing my load all over myself. I used the panties to clean myself up and I put them in a ziplock bag. I gave them back to Heidi the next day. With a blush and a grin, she sheepishly said “Oh, I must have missed them when I gathered my clothes yesterday.” She was obviously flirting with me in a very sensual way. That afternoon I came home and this time I found Heidi wearing a black see through negligee that was open from the front. I notice that she was also wearing the same panties that she left on my bed the day before. “Dr. Andrews, I notice you enjoyed my panties.” I was breathless.

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