World of Pagoia: Naidja’s Journey


The sun was shining on Naidja’s half naked body and heated her nicely. She was wearing a short white tunic made out of sheer fabric, that barely covered her butt and supported her tits to be pushed up and squeezed out. It cut deep enough that her round tits were visible all the time. Her legs were covered in nice, thigh high, leather boots.The twenty-two-year-old girl was holding a small bag with her other clothes and belongings. Like the other girls, she was standing in a line on the deck of the ship, on which they had crossed the ocean. For more than a week, all the girls were property of the crew, happily obeying every wish of the men and please them with their tight bodies. The girls were allowed to travel like everyone else. To make the travel not so boring for the girls, men were taking care that the sluts could enjoy serving them and being touched all over their bodies all the time.During the day, Naidja was helping out the cook with preparing the food, as well as being an obedient little toy for his lust. They had fun when she was ordered to chop vegetables and the cook was just smiling down at her. He enjoyed seeing his cum flowing down her forehead, cheeks, and chin, after he shot his load all over her face. She felt so good and proud after he cummed on her face and marked her as a cute cum whore.During the night she slept with one of the sailors. Like the others girls, she was used by him as his personal mattress. Every night, she was lying naked on her back with spread legs, so he can have his way with her. The man was groaning and pounding, until he was satisfied by shooting his sperm into her tight cunt and falling asleep on her. Some mornings, she would even wake up in the morning by his motion and noises. In these moments, she started to help him with a happy smile by moaning playfully and seemingly enjoying her place under him.After fully enjoying the voyage, she was now waiting in line to get orders on where to go once they reached their final travel destination. At the front of the line was Lukyne, a black haired girl, who was very proud of her deep throating skills. She proudly presented them every evening to the crew by sucking the hugest men as long as they wanted. She was on her way to Geldeen, a bigger city in the south where she would live as waitress and whore in one of the local restaurants.The girl next to Naidja was Aligia, a young blonde. Always smiling and offering herself to men. From one of the crew members, she received a paper on which a map was drawn where to find the next auction house to sell herself off to someone and become his little cute slave girl. With a gentle spank on her butt, he sent her away.With his hand, he motioned Naidja to come closer.“Look what we have here,” he smirked and patted her head.Naidja smiled happily up to the men, knowing that she had been very good mattress to him for the past few days.“Hello, Sir Philips,” she replied obediently with a smile for him.She enjoyed that he liked her hot body, as he mostly stared at her tits while talking to her.“So you are a little priest and wanted to visit the cathedral, isn’t it little slut?”“Yes, Sir Philips. After my training back home was completed, I was sent here to serve at the cathedral.” She tried to speak normally to him so he could understand her better while he groped her tits and fondled her hard nipples. She giggled and enjoyed it, even arching her back slightly for his comfort.“Then have fun, little dumb slut,” he said while he wrote a note and squeezed it between her tits. He spanked her butt playfully to guide her off the ship. Naidja moaned excitedly and waved bye the ship and its men with one hand while she stepped into her new life.The harbor was crowded with sailors and merchants, talking and doing their work. Next to them were girls from every age, mostly twenty to thirty years old. The sluts being touched all over their tight bodies and eager to serve the men, if not already having their holes filled with hard cocks.Naidja smiled to a group of traders in discussion, as she walked by, who were enjoying the mouths of obedient girls kneeling in front of them.At one of the docks, a group of four or five girls was mindlessly watching some sailors carrying huge boxes from a ship. All of the sailors were tall and strong. Their muscles were glistening with sweat in the sun from the effort of carrying these boxes. Naidja couldn’t help herself and stopped to watch the sailors. Like the other girls standing there, she felt an urge in her belly, growing to obey them and please them. She wanted to make them shoot their hot sperm either on her little body or inside, wherever they wanted to. One of the traders walked to the group of wet sluts and started to tickle and grope them, making them giggle and move out of the way, so the sailors were able to continue their transport of the wooden boxes through the harbor to a warehouse further down the dock.Naidja was holding her belly and shivered arousal with a smile on her beautiful face. Güngören escort bayan Only then, she realized that she had becoame really hungry. She hadn’t anything to eat today so far, besides the tasty cum earlier in the morning when her throat was used by one of the sailors from the ship.After looking around for a little while, she saw the sign of a tavern. It was a painting of a girls shape lying on her back with angled and spread legs. She walked happily to the tavern, enjoying the glances on her tits by some nearby sailors. They were tall, muscular men with long dark hair and age ranging from thirty years to the mid-fifties, as Naidja could tell. It became harder for her to think after one of them slapped her butt. She moaned playfully and concentrated on swinging her hips to show off her tight body from behind as she moved away from them.The tavern was an old house in a street filled with depots and warehouses from different companies. They were built and looked purely functional, and had no real appeal to them besides storing all sort of things. The tavern almost looked the same, besides the big sign over the front door, and the windows in the upper floor had curtains behind them. Possibly they were rooms for guests to stay overnight.Once she walked in, she observed the main room. It had few tables and chairs in it and on the left side a counter with the barkeeper and owner of the tavern. He was an older, bald man with a grey beard and cleaning some beer jugs. The light from a chandelier on the ceiling was not very bright and settled a gloomy atmosphere. Naidja wasn’t surprised that there was no slut girl to greet new people walking in. It was just a harbor tavern after all.There were just three naked waitresses there to please the customers. They were just wearing a ribbon around their thigh, holding papers and a pen, so the customers could write down their orders and the girls bring them to the barkeeper. Just in case, a waitress would become too horny and forget the order.Also, the girls couldn’t read or write, because their cute little heads hadn’t enough places for that. They were mostly smart enough to obey and serve a man like a good little doll. Same goes for owning money, handling that would confuse a doll too much. Naidja was happy about that fact, never in her life she has had to worry about money. She could purely focus on fun and satisfying men. Without having to think and worry about anything else, because that was a man’s thing.As with reading and writing, there was not enough space in a girl’s head for those thoughts, especially with a tasty cock inside. Like every girl, she was proud that her tiny brain could handle the tasks she was given to by the much smarter men to make them happy.She spotted three tables with people who interested her. One was in a corner to her left with two men. Sailors or warriors or mercenaries or something, she couldn’t tell. They laughed and enjoyed their free time, and also one of the waitresses, who was sitting on the lap of one of the men. She had her legs spread and was riding his cock.In the middle, was a table with two merchants, older men in more expensive looking clothes, likely discussing some trades and opportunities while another waitress was kneeling in front of them and was using her mouth and hand to please them.On the last table she saw a sailor, maybe a captain because he was older and had big arms and a hairy chest, talking to an old man in a robe. A nude waitress was just leaving them with a paper in her hands to show it the barkeeper. Naidja walked through the room, passing sleeping men from all the alcohol they had, with a relieved smile. The robe showed that he was a member of the church and should easily be able to guide her to the cathedral she was sent to.Shortly before she arrived at the two men, she slowed down and waited obediently for the men to notice her and motion her over.“Hello, what a cute cocksleeve do we have over here?” The men in the robe smiled down to Naidja and patted his lap as an invitation to sit there. He had short, grey hair, and a long nose with a grey pointed beard. She smiled happily and sat down on his lap and stretched her neck up to his face to greet him with a kiss on his cheek, before leaning in with splayed legs and her back facing him. So the captain sailor could still watch her round tits in the gloomy light when he liked to.“Thank you, Sir, I’m Naidja and a priest and just arrived today, and I’m a bit hungry and maybe you like to feed me a bit” she giggled and replied well behaved.The captain, a still handsome man with blonde brownish hair saw the note between her firm tits and took it to read it and gently groped her a bit too, while the other man already had his fingers running up and down her soft inner thighs for his amusement. he was fondling her with his fingers right between her legs to tease her and making her wetter than she already was.“This thing is from the ship Aelora. She Escort İnnovia had travelled with them for over a week and was now on the way to your cathedral. I guess it’s the healslut you have ordered.” The captain looked to his friend and squeezed the note back between Naidja’s round tits and patted her head for being such a good girl.“Oh, what a nice surprise,” the old man in the robe licked his lips and then licked gently the ear of the little girl on his lap. “Then I can show you your place where you belong on our way to your new home.” He continued whispering while caressing her right spot, sending waves of pleasure through her cute body and made her squirm and moan more on his lap, “We will have so much fun using your body and all your holes, making you so happy and proud to obey every order.”Naidja felt so hot and aroused that she almost started to hump on his lap and felt the need to obey becoming so strong. She knew it was all true. She loved it to be treated like a cumdumpster and by his big bulge under her butt, she hoped he already liked her enough to pound her little brain out.“I’m cleric Sandoulph, and maybe you will be my mattress for the night. So I can fill your tight cunt with my cum until we both are too tired and I sleep on top of you.”Naidja nodded eager and obedient and was biting her lower lip to not moan too loud. Her body felt like burning in desire to be a whore and treated like an inferior object and be used to make his big cock shoot his cum. She enjoyed how the old cleric was exploiting her firm body with his fingers the whole time while he was talking to her about her future.Carefully the waitress walked back to the captain and the cleric, holding a tablet with two jugs of beer and bent over to put them on the table. She was bending her upper body far enough, to reveal her glistening wet cunt to everyone behind her. After that, the captain mentioned her over and she smiled happily as she came closer to his hands, which her fondling her inner thigh to show her his appreciation for serving them so good.He also took a paper and wrote down a nice meal for the good priest slut. He attached it back to the ribbon and slapped the waitress’s butt to make her move. She walked giggling and happily back to the barkeeper, so he could take the paper and tell her what she had to do next. And like every girl, she liked how nice all the men were, ordering her around and using her body for their pleasure and praising her what a useful cum filled set of holes she was.Without a warning, the cleric lifted Naidja on the table and looked down at her little body kneeling there. She looked up to him with open mouth and big begging eyes to feel him deep inside her tight body, because the old man must have been really strong lifting her up so easily without effort.“Why don’t you entertain us a bit by edging until your meal will be here, cute cumdump? And since my friend and I have something to talk about, how about I decorate your cute face with a ballgag?” He smiled and revealed a ballgag from a pocket in his robe.She nodded eager and desperate to obey him and be used for their entertainment. She kept still so he could put the ballgag tight around her head and her mouth. And then he patted her head. “Look at how cute you do look now. You are such a good slutdoll. And I will take your note so you are free to play with your tits too to please us and after you satisfied my order, I will put it back between your beautiful tits.”She was breathing heavier in excitement to obey his order and to be allowed to touch herself close to orgasm for their enjoyment. She felt so proud by his word and immediately started to spread her legs, even more, to show the men her dripping wet cunt and touching herself to mindless bliss. She circled her hips highly aroused and used her fingers to caress her spot and became needier to be filled with cock and obey.With her other hand, she squeezed and cupped her tits and played with her hard nipples. She lost herself in pleasure and increased the pace of using her own hole and had to stop multiple times as she was close to cumming. But not allowed to. She loved how good she was allowed to feel and serve them, how nice both men were to her.She didn’t understand any word from their talking, all she could think about was bringing her body close to heaven and to please the order she was given to. It was so important to her to show how close she was most of the time and how much she enjoyed being a little toy for their amusement.She squirmed hard on the wooden table and her tits moved up and down without touching them, just by her hard breathes and catches for air. Her moaning was like a nice background noise because of the ballgag and not disturbing anyone. Without it, she would be screaming loud and was so thankful that he had muffled her. So she didn’t have to restrain herself and her inner thighs were glistening from her own juice and also leaving a spot on the wooden table, as Kağıthane escort she kept going to edge for the men obediently.Her skin became softer and her whole body felt like burning in the need of obeying and being used. All her thoughts were centered on pleasing and serving in truly every way it was possible for her to do.The ballgag did contain her screaming, but not her saliva. Her big tits were covered in it as she drooled mindlessly and rubbed it over her belly and cunt too as she was still playing with her body the way she was told to do in front of their eyes. She trembled desperate in arousal and need to do everything to make them be happy and satisfied.Long after she had lost her sense for time, the cleric stood up and lifted her sensitive body again. This time he put her down to kneel between his legs. He was so tall and she felt even smaller than she already was compared to him. She felt so beneath him and inferior in every way. Naidja’s was ready to be used in every way and do anything he wanted. She had to look straight up to him, to look in his eyes, even as he was sitting on a chair.“You did a wonderful job. You can be so proud of yourself. It is nice seeing such an eager toy just obey and have no thoughts on its own.” He smiled down to her and caressed her cheek. “I will now remove the ballgag and feed you, because your meal is here and you said that you are hungry. Aren’t you a cutie doll.”She nodded eagerly and realized how hungry and exhausted the edging made her. As the ballgag was removed, she drooled more for a moment, because she was just looking up to him with open mouth and waiting for new orders to please the cleric. She was still shivering and bit heavy breathing because her heartbeat was running fast after she edged herself multiple times in a row.“Such a good whore earns to be taken care of,” he said and put two fingers in the meal, which was a puree of healthy vegetables. Then he moved his fingers over her mouth and lowered them deeper into her mouth, so she could eat it by licking and sucking it off his fingers. She stretched her neck and showed him what a good cocksucker she was and sucked eagerly on his fingers to impress him and swallowed the puree.She smiled happily at him and enjoyed how he was feeding her and she kept going to suck on his fingers like it was his cock to show him what her head was good for. She liked that he made her kneel in front of him and how he fed her, like she was just a pet and not a real human like he was. She liked that feeling and her belly glowed in heat and arousal.It took him a while to feed her the whole plate this way, but for her, it was not boring. She liked the attention and having her mouth used this way and how he took care of her.“I think we should continue tomorrow about the package. I should take this whore to the cathedral now, so she can start her duties there,” the cleric said to his companion. The captain nodded in agreement and rubbed his shoe gently against the still dripping wet cunt of the toy, to make her squirm so cute one more time. She moaned happily and enjoyed being used for fun seemingly.“You can leave, if you want to, I will get one or two more beer before I leave.” The captain leaned back and took a big part out of his jug.Naidja was waving goodbye as the cleric guided her through the tavern with his hand on her butt. Right as they were about to leave, there was a loud slap, a scream and more noise. Before Naidja’s could look over her shoulder to see what caused it, she was pushed through the door and outside on the street. The cleric squeezed her butt to get her out quickly. On the street, he smiled down at her and petted her head. To show her, what a good girl she was and she smiled admiring up to him. She didn’t cared anymore what happened inside and just wanted to make the old man happy.He didn’t want her to see what had happened in the tavern and what would happen next. He saw it for a brief moment and reacted quickly to it.One of the mercenaries from the table in the left corner had slapped the waitress he was using hard in the face. So hard, that she felt to the ground with a scream. She was holding her cheek painfully and looked confused and scared to what happened. The other men in the room instantly reacted too, like the cleric did by pushing Naidja out of the tavern.The merchant who had the mouth of his waitress on his cock began to hold her head. The waitress thought he was guiding her to please him more. In truth, he was covering her ears so she couldn’t hear anymore and distract her mind with his cock. So she wouldn’t care about her surroundings for the moment.The other merchant stood up and stand quicker in front of the mercenaries than he looked like he could be able to. His is hand sparkled a knife, pulled from a hidden pocket. The captain, who wanted to drink some beer, was standing next to the merchant with a knife in his hand too. They looked angry to the two mercenaries, who were really bad drunk.The barkeeper had ordered the last waitress to get some beer bottles from the basement. He knew it would take her some time, hopefully enough so everything would be cleared when she comes back. After that order, he jumped forward to the hurt girl and took her in his arms to calm her down and take the bad emotions away from her.

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