A Slave To My Fetish


It had been a long day and the thought of a nice cold drink before dinner was rather appealing. The unusually hot weather had brought out the crowds on Ocean Boulevard, most of them, no doubt, heading for an early evening stroll along the beach. I decided to stop in at the Grill to sit outside and watch the world go by. Well, mostly to watch the many scantily-clad young women go by or as they stopped at the light, waiting to cross over Ocean on their way to the shimmering sands below. Obviously, I wasn’t the only person in Santa Monica with the idea of a drink or two since there were no well positioned tables available for me. I took a seat at the end of the empty bar. A pretty young barmaid smiled at me as she approached, throwing a coaster down with a practiced flick of her wrist. It skidded across the bar and stopped right in front of me. Tall and slim, she wore a white button-up blouse which hung loose over her hips and a pair of tight black leggings which could well have been painted on. The rise of her small breasts barely showed under her blouse, which fell away from her youthful body as she leant over the bar. She obviously knew that leaving the third button undone would have crossed over the thin line between sexy and indecent. “Tall gin and tonic, please,” I said, returning her smile. “Bombay, Tanqueray, Hendricks?” she asked. “Gordon’s or Beefeaters will be fine, thanks,” I smiled back at her. “Besides, it’s the tonic that really matters. Schweppes, Canada Dry?” My eyes dropped down her torso as she turned away to pick out the Beefeaters from the shelf behind the bar, watching as her tight leggings stretched over her shapely bottom with no pantylines in sight. She glanced over her shoulder, saw me admiring her rear and smiled again. “Anything you’d like to nibble on this evening?” she said quietly but pointedly, looking into my eyes as I felt myself blushing. “Perhaps later,” I replied. “Is there anything you’d recommend?” “Depends what you’re in the mood for.” She bit her lower lip as she scooped ice into the glass, her gaze still locked on mine. “We have quite an extensive menu if you’d like to look it over.” “Thanks…um…Beth,” I said, looking down at the nametag perched on her tiny left breast as she placed my drink in front of me. “Shall I start a tab for you, Mr…..?” “Bond. James Bond,” I said in my best English accent. She didn’t miss a beat. “Zo, Meester Bond, ve meet at last,” she said with a straight face, before she broke down and that sexy grin took over. “Wow, you’re good, very good,” I smiled, Escort side “but I think Svetlana or Olga works better then Beth. I’m going to call you Svetlana, I think.” “You mean I have to do this awful Russian accent all evening?” she pouted as she took my credit card from me, her pink lips looking so kissable. “It sounds very sexy actually. Besides, if you want to be a Bond girl, then yes.” I winked at her as she turned to assist another patron. After my first sip of my drink, I turned my stool at an angle so I could review the scenery without craning my neck too far. A minute later, a very well-dressed woman walked in. Despite the warm weather, she wore dark stockings under a tight-fitting short black dress that showed off her delicious body. As always, my gaze fell immediately to the floor. A pair of black D’Orsay heels revealed the high curved arches of her feet. I watched as she began to walk towards the bar, the delightful sound of her heels clicking on the hardwood floor. My eyes wandered slowly up her shapely legs , over her body to her face. Our eyes met for a second before I looked away, my mind already visualizing her with that dress pooled at her feet. Images of her in sensuous expensive lingerie flitted through my brain – matching lace bra and panties, perhaps a red garter belt holding up those wispy lace topped stockings. I felt that familiar stirring in my loins as I took another sip of my drink. I casually glanced past her as she took a seat at the other end of the bar, putting her purse in front of her as the pretty barmaid gave her that welcoming smile. “Vodka martini, please, two olives,” she said, sliding her bottom back on the barstool and swiveling it towards me to give her room to cross her legs. I could see her out of the corner of my eye, watching as she lifted one leg slowly. Her dress slipped up an inch or two, her legs parting for a moment before one thigh slid over her knee and came to rest on the other. My cock grew a little harder as I caught a glimpse of soft flesh above her stocking top and a flash of white satin between her legs. I blushed slightly as I wondered if she had seen me admiring her. Well, okay, in reality, desperately trying to peek up her dress.  Taking another drink, I once again casually scanned the room as if looking for a friend. Our eyes met again, and she gave me a quick smile. I smiled back and tilted my head slightly as if to say hello. It was her turn to let her look wander up and down. Thankfully, I had worn a suit and tie instead manavgat escort of my usual casual Dockers and sports jacket, so hopefully looked more like one of her respectable peers than a dirty old man looking up women’s dresses in bars. She gestured at me, pointing to our pretty barmaid who was ringing up another customer at my end of the bar. I nodded. “Svetlana, this young lady needs you when you’re ready.” Beth turned her head and smiled at the name, then walked the few steps to the bar.. “Yes, Ma’am?” She leant closer over the bar and lowered her voice to a whisper, “Bathroom?”  “Ahh, right,” Beth’s voice dropped to a whisper as well. “Behind this bar, then take a left to the far corner.” I glanced over as the two women exchanged words. Then the woman looked over at me, caught my eye and smiled. Her look almost dared me to break our eye contact and look down as she slowly uncrossed her legs, her dress riding a little further up her silk covered thighs. I held her look, She stood up, smoothed her dress, picked up her purse and walked in my direction, stopping to lean into me and whisper. “So, I guess you only look when the girl isn’t watching you? Did you like what you saw?” I blushed as she smiled at me. As a practiced voyeur, it is very embarrassing when one gets caught. “Yes, I did. Very much.” I said brashly. “And, it’s so nice to see a beautiful woman wearing expensive white lingerie, especially under a black dress with dark stockings.” I figured this woman didn’t put up with pathetic excuses from anybody, least of all from some old guy peeking up her dress in public or staring at her feet.  “I’m glad you approve,” she responded. “So, which did you prefer, the heels or the panties?” “That obvious, huh? And I thought I was being appropriately surreptitious.” “Oh no, you weren’t really obvious, but I’ve come to recognize the signs of a man with certain…well, let’s just say weaknesses shall we.” She smiled as she spoke, resting her manicured hand on my thigh and looking down at my lap, my arousal a little more visible now. “And no, I don’t mean signs like this delightful erection, either,” she said as brushed the tip of her index finger over the outline under my trousers, smiling as it flexed under her touch. “I’ll be back soon, why don’t you think about your answer.” Her eyes twinkled as she walked to the back of the room in search of the bathroom. I looked up to see Beth standing in front of me. “It’s amazing what you hear working at a place like this”. she giggled quietly alanya escort bayan as she leant on the bar, her face close to mine. Her flowery scent filled my nostrils as our eyes met. “Would you like me to find a cozy table for two somewhere in the corner so you won’t be interrupted?” “Perhaps a cozy table for three?” I responded, raising my eyebrows questioningly. “Hmmm, if I wasn’t working all night I think I’d take you up on that offer,” she said as she bit her lower lip seductively. “She’s very attractive isn’t she. Do you think she’d agree to it?” “Good question, don’t know. But it’s nice to know that you would,” I said smiling as I looked into her eyes. “Perhaps another time?” “Perhaps, yes.” I heard that distinctive click-clack of high heels on the hardwood floor and looked up to see my new friend return. She smiled at me and deliberately put her purse down on the bar beside me. I stood up and pulled the barstool out for her and watched as she stepped on the footrest with her heel and lifted her shapely bottom onto the seat. The muscles in the arch of her foot tightened along with her calf muscles, and I felt my cock respond to the thoughts running through my mind of me dropping to my knees and lowering my tongue to her stocking-clad foot. She looked at me. “Well, I guess that answers my question,” she said quietly. Then she crossed her legs again and slipped her foot from her shoe, letting it dangle from her toes. I tore my gaze away from her pretty foot and looked her in the eyes. “I’m Jerry,” I said, holding out my hand to her. “Nice to meet you Jerry, I’m Estie,” she smiled and shook my hand. Her grip was firm and I couldn’t help but picture her manicured fingers circling my erection and stroking me slowly with that same firm grip. “A pleasure to meet you too, Estie. May I perhaps buy you dinner tonight, I understand the food here is very good.” She glanced down at her watch. “Sadly, I have to be leaving soon to be back in L.A. I only stopped in to wait for the traffic to die down.” “C’est la vie,” I smiled at her. “Perhaps another time?” Beth, who had been unobtrusively following our brief exchange, leant in against the bar. “May I get another drink for either of you? And, you’re both more than welcome to just have appetisers or dessert if you’re strapped for time.” I looked across at Estie. “I’m up for a quick nibble.” “Oh, I’m sure you are, Jerry,” she said, smiling seductively at me. I felt the toe of her shoe brush against my ankle as she glanced down at my lap. Beth giggled. Estie looked at her and winked. My cock twitched. I watched as Estie’s gaze moved down to enjoy the exposed gentle slope of Beth’s pert breasts as she leant forward, then back up to her pretty face, now with a hint of a blush in her cheeks. “Actually,” she said to both of us, “I’d love to take a raincheck.

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