“So, you’re doing another casting call today?” my wife asked as I was getting dressed.“Yep. Shouldn’t be too long.”She sighed. “Another group of busty model wannabes ready to flash their tits at you and show you how great their blowjob skills are so they can be in your next movie?”I chuckled at her question. Lynn never really minded that made porn films. It was great money, and I was doing it before I met her. I’ve always known that her main gripe is that she doesn’t see herself like most of the women that appear in my films.Lynn is a voluptuous brunette with large natural breasts and a plump ass. Sure, she has a little bit of a tummy, but to me, she is perfect. Our sex life is great. Partly because we both have high sex drives. I’ve asked if she wanted to be in one of my films, but she always declines, saying she isn’t built for porn. I usually let it go, but the offer still stands.I smiled at her and leaned in for a kiss.“Today I’m doing the casting for some male roles. If you want, you can come and hang out with me. Then we can grab some lunch,” I said.Lynn perked up. She had been to my casting calls with women, but never with any male actors. I rarely held those since I had a preferred group to call from, but I wanted to expand that group.“Okay. It would be interesting to see how it is done.” Lynn smiled.An hour later, we were in my Rus Escort İzmir office. My secretary, Jane, waved and smiled as we went in. A few of the guys were already in the lobby. Lynn and I made ourselves comfortable on one of the couches in my office. Lynn was wearing a pretty sundress that accentuated the cleavage of her large breasts. It also rode up a little when she sat on the couch, showing off her thighs.I kissed her before paging Jane to let the first man come in. I stood up to greet him as he entered the office.“Kevin?” I said.“Yep,” he smiled. He was a handsome young man.“Great to meet you,” I said, returning the grin. “This is my wife, Lynn.”We all shook hands and made some small talk.“I see you have some theater background. Have you ever done any work like this before?” I asked, looking at his portfolio.“Just a little recently. I was on a couple of cam shows.”“Okay, that sounds good. I take it you’re comfortable in front of a camera?”Kevin nodded. “Yes, I love being on camera.”We continued to chat and, of course; I asked if he minded stripping to see what he was working with. Kevin dropped his jeans, revealing a decent size dick. I’ve seen more than a few and measured most of the ones I’ve seen. I gauged Kevin’s around seven inches and average thickness once he was erect.I glanced at izmir otele gelen escort Lynn. Her eyes were locked on Kevin’s cock.I guess I should note that I am not seven inches. More like six. That’s why I’m behind the camera.I talked to Kevin some more as he pulled his jeans back up and told him we’d call him. Jane sent the next actor in.“Hi, I’m Bobby,” the young man said.“Great to meet you.”Again, we did the pleasantries and small talk. Bobby also stripped down. Much more muscular than Kevin, his bronze skin helped highlight his muscles. However, Bobby’s cock was longer than Kevin’s and a little thicker. Lynn was fixated on it. She had crossed her legs, and I saw her hands move around her waist. She was staring hard at his erect dick. A good sign.I thanked Bobby and then took a break. I looked over at Lynn.“Are you doing okay? It’s not too boring, is it?” I smiled.Lynn giggled. “Not at all.”I nodded and went back to work looking over portfolios. I knew having Lynn with me would help me to make an excellent decision. It’s just a good thing I’m not the jealous type.We saw a few more guys, all impressive and handsome. Some were more endowed than others, but all would be a director’s dream. With each guy, I could see Lynn get more excited, even reaching between her thighs once or twice. Then Buca escort bayan came the final actor.A tall, muscular black man entered the office.“Jake!” I said, recognizing a former star of one of my films. “I was afraid you wouldn’t show.”“You know I wouldn’t miss out on a casting call for you, Luc!”We greeted each other with a hug before I introduced Jake to Lynn.“Jake was one of the first actors to be in one of my films,” I said.We chatted for a bit, catching up on life. Jake being married was a surprise, but his wife was cool with him filming. Finally, we got to the audition.“Okay, okay. This is a formality, really. You know you’re in, bro,” I said. “Do you mind showing us what you’re working with?”“Of course,” Jake said. He stood up and took off his pants.Lynn gasped as a massive ten-inch cock plopped out, already erect. I knew what Jake had, and I figured Lynn would be pleasantly surprised to see it.“Babe?” I said, catching Lynn’s gaping stare. “Do you mind getting the tailor’s tape for me? I want to measure him.”Lynn stood up, her knees buckled a little and brought over the tape.“Do you mind?” I asked. “I want to record the numbers.”Lynn smirked. “Sure thing.”She bent down in front of Jake and held the tape on his pelvis and pulled it towards the tip of his dick.“Ten on the dot,” she said.“What about around?” I asked, recording the ten.Lynn gently wrapped the tape around Jake’s thick member. She looked at it.“Seven inches and three quarters around,” she said.I looked at her. She held on to the tape while holding Jake’s cock. She was looking at it, almost hypnotized by the enormous dick.“Yeah, Jake is one of the biggest I’ve ever worked with.”

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