My Wife Marcia?


They say the best feeling in life is to love and be loved. At thirty-five years old I think it’s quite safe to say I love my life. I have a beautiful wife, Marcia, and a wonderful daughter. Marcia is an accountant in the city and I’m a construction project manager. However, I guess you can say the one hiccup is that my line of work requires a lot of travel but the pay is usually worth it. It was a rainy Friday afternoon in New York when I arrived at LaGuardia. I had been away for three weeks and I was very much looking forward to seeing Marcia. The long nights of steamy phone sex after work made me crave the contact of her soft, smooth skin. I hopped into the first cab that pulled up and was home in forty minutes. My heart pounded as though I was going on a first date. Work had kept us apart for way too long and I was eager to plant a kiss on her sweet lips. As I got out of the taxi, fumbling with my keys, I couldn’t help but notice that there was a strange Ford F-150 parked in the driveway and what appeared to be about a size twelve men’s pair of boots. The scent of lamb chops filled my nostrils as entered the house and headed towards the kitchen. “Hey, Richard,” said a surprised masculine voice. “I promised Marcia that I would stop by after work and take a look at the pipes in the upstairs bathroom.” Before I knew it I found myself being lifted into the air and placed into our traditional bear hug. The culprit invading my personal space was my childhood friend Lucas. He stood about six feet four inches with quite a ripped physique. Ever since we were little, he would take great joy in testing his strength out on me. “You got a new truck?” I asked him. “Mine is at the mechanic so I borrowed this one from a pal at work,” he said with a grin. My attention quickly turned to my beautiful wife as she came down the stairs. alsancak escort Marcia was very much a gym enthusiast and it showed in her body. She was five foot seven inches with sexy, toned legs, perky B cup breasts, long flowing blond hair and a nice little round butt. The tiny little black dress she was wearing showcased this very well. “ Richie!” she exclaimed. “I was not expecting you for another two hours.”  “I am sorry I did not call,” I replied. “It’s fine,” she said as she yanked my head forward and planted one on my lips. “Let me leave you two alone,” Lucas stated as he walked swiftly towards the front door. Marcia followed behind him while I took a seat on the couch, taking my shoes off. I had a good view of them from where I sat. It was still raining but not as heavy as it was earlier. Lucas towered over my wife as he gave her an awkward goodbye hug and got into the truck. It was at this point that I got up and went upstairs, in need of a warm shower. I was about five minutes into my shower when I noticed the good work Lucas had done. The water was flowing nicely and he had even replaced the old shower head that I was procrastinating on and failed to change. “There you are,” she said in an hypnotizing tone. She playfully said to me that I had no manners and started to undress. Her little black dress slid down her body and fell to the ground. Within a minute, I had company in the shower. Marcia’s tiny hands explored my body and found their way to my throbbing eight inch cock. We kissed passionately and my hands caressed and squeezed her tight butt. I quivered as she now explored my body with her lips, sucking on my neck, licking on my abdominal muscles. This went on until she eventually worked her way down to my rock hard cock. Her eyes were filled with excitement alsancak escort bayan and pure mischief as she teased me by flicking the tip of my cock with her tongue. I grunted, with my knees buckling as she suddenly engulfed my member with her mouth. My wife was dominating the moment, hungrily sucking on my cock. We had been married for seven years at that point and I had never seen my wife in such an eager mood to suck me off. I watched as her head bobbed back and forth. Her tongue massaged me like never before. There she was, on her knees as the water cascaded off her forehead, and trickled down her pretty face. My toes twitched and curled as she continued to stroke my erection with her tongue. Feeling I was about to erupt at any moment, I yanked her off and ordered her to bend over. She gave a lustful grin, biting her bottom lip as she complied with my order. I walked up behind her, engulfing her with my six foot three inch frame. She moaned out loudly and her body trembled as I teased her by rubbing my throbbing cock at her wet entrance. The look on her face was one of great anticipation. She wailed out in ecstasy as I entered her welcoming pussy. My eyes shut as I gripped my wife from behind, slowly working my cock back and forth inside her. I responded to her body language and quickened the pace. Her tight ass was suddenly slamming into me as she gave as much as she took. Panting and gasping for air, I observed the situation I now found myself in. My wife was fucking me! We always had a steamy sex life but there was something about the way she was responding this particular afternoon. “Oh! Fuck!” she purred. She pushed her ass back at me and stared with her blue eyes. “Harder! Fuck my horny pussy until I explode on your cock,” she said in a possessed tone, gritting escort alsancak her teeth. This took me by complete surprise as I had never heard my wife speak in such a manner. She was a lioness and I was her prey. She suddenly pulled away from me and stepped out of the shower, motioning with her right index finger for me to come towards her. With an outstretched arm, she shut the lid on the toilet and told me to sit. Marcia pounced on me as soon as I sat down. She guided me back into her and she began to ride my cock, facing the wall with her butt pointing at me in all its glory. My wife had never ridden my cock in such an aggressive manner like she was then. “Oh my God! ” she moaned, bouncing her butt up and down on my cock in a circular motion. The view of my wife’s firm ass bouncing on my cock along with the sight of her pussy gripping me was becoming too much to bear. “I’m going to cum,” I grunted. “Cum for me baby, cum in my pussy,” she replied. She continued to have her way with me for about another minute, riding me like a rabbit until I erupted like a volcano deep inside her. I collapsed in exhaustion, resting my head on her back. “Shower time!” she said with a grin. We some how managed to behave, showered and found ourselves at the dinner table ten minutes later. Marcia talked about how much she and our daughter Ellie missed me while I was away. “Where is Ellie? ” I asked. “She said she wants to spend the night at Grandmother’s house because there’s more candy at that house,” Marcia replied. We both chuckled at how cute she was. The night went on and I fell asleep on the couch while watching the evening news. The sound of thunder and heavy rainfall awoke me from my slumber. I could hear Marcia’s voice from a distance, probably on the phone. She was having quite a happy conversation, judging from her loud laughter. I got up from the couch and followed her voice, up the stairs to the bedroom. “Hey honey,” she said. She was clearly startled by my sudden appearance. Marcia raised a finger in the air, mouthing that she would be back in a second and went into the bathroom. I found Marcia to be acting quite strange.

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