Princess Zahra


Zahra was a Moroccan goddess. She had curly blonde hair and smile that could make you do anything she wanted. Her breasts were not that large but her arse was the size of melons. However, her best feature was her legs and her beautifully white size six feet, which would make your jaw drop and your dick hard the second you saw them. She was my science partner. Every chance I got, I would stare at her feet and legs and I would get hard straight away, she was beautiful in every way. After we were science partners, we became good friends, but never anything more. She even caught me staring a couple times and said, “See something you like?” with a smile on her face. I am sure she knew I liked her, but she was never interested in me in that way. However, that all changed on a kumköy escort bayan beautiful summer day after a game of football. She hurt her foot whilst trying to get the ball. After the game, everyone went home. She still could not walk, I asked her, “Anything I can do to help?” She replied, “Would you mind massaging my feet?” “Sure why not, if it will make you feel better,” I replied with a smile on my face. I started by removing her shoes and the smell off her feet made me hard straight away, it took all my strength to hold back and not take a sniff. It was torture for me. I always wanted to smell and suck her toes from the first time I saw her. I removed her sock, the second I saw her feet it thought I was going to cum. “Are you kumköy escort alright, I’m sorry about the smell. You don’t have to massage my feet,” she said. “Its fine, your feet do not smell,” I replied. I started to massage her feet and the more I massaged them, the more I wanted to bury her toes in my mouth. I was on the verge of cumming and she said, “You don’t look to good, maybe we should stop.” “No. I’m fine, just a little tired after the game,” I replied. “I don’t know how you are massaging my feet, they are so sweaty and smelly,” she said. “I can’t smell anything,” I replied. “Really?” she said. What about know, she brought her feet to my nose. I just out a quite moan, she had a smile on her face so I am sure she knew. “Nope, Escort kumköy they smell fine to me,” I said. “Then you would not mind smelling them,” she replied and she trapped my nose with her feet. It was heaven; I just want to lick and suck them clean so bad. I was surprised that I had not cum yet. You could see my bonner through my pant, I thought she would had said something by know. “Okay b that enough, it’s getting late can you help me home?” She said. I let out a moan and replied, “Okay.” She let out the cutest giggle ever. She put her arm around me so she could balance and said in the cutest most sexiest accent “I love it when boys massage and smell my feet.” I thought I was going to blow. After I took her home she gave me a peck on the cheek and said, “Hope you enjoyed yourself?” and she squeeze my cock through my pants. I just let out a moan; I could not speak. She just smiled and said, “See you tomorrow. I might even let you massage my feet again.” The next day a college was boring, Zahra was not in any of my classes until the end of the day.

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