Second Honeymoon – Chapter 10


Monday night was interesting, to say the least. Christine had a “date” and was not around, so Dimitri showed up at our place unannounced and unhappy. Karl was ecstatic that Alec would arrive sometime tonight. We knew Rex would show up when he finished his local tasks. We also knew Rex would claim his property. I prayed that Alec and Ian would show up and be such a distraction for my husband so that I could get the fucking I needed. Dimitri said, “Our friend Christine is a very good employee. She screened my calls, prioritized items, arranged my furniture in line with feng shu, enrolled me in an online beekeepers’ site with password Christine

, inventoried everything delivered and started the morning paper.” “Yes,” I agreed, “and she is discreet.” To Dimitri, I asked, “Will you also be discreet when Rex gets here? I am sure you want to meet him and thank him for sharing his pussy with you. He will want it back.” “No problem.” “The problem will be Karl,” I said. “I want you to occupy Karl so Rex and I can get together. Do that for me, please.” I hoped I didn’t sound desperate. Rex arrived at dusk. He was subdued, looking worried. Before he had even put his bags down, he asked, “Karl, can you park your sedan in the driveway and drive my rental into the garage?” A strange request, I thought. While Karl moved both cars, Rex asked for a drink. “That Irish whiskey was very good. I’ll have a double.” I’d not seen him drink much before, but tonight he had two quick double shots before settling at his end of the den sofa. He motioned for me to join him. Dimitri asked, “Rex, bring us up to date.” Dimitri was playing Mr. Businessman, a good role for my soon-to-be ex-lover. Rex said, “I need Ian for my project and Alec is part of the package. Their plane should arrive soon. Ian has already trolled this city’s meeting-up sites. He says there are twice as many ‘m for m’ sites than ‘m for f’ ones. He thinks he scored a rendezvous for tonight. He’ll check in at the hotel. Restaurants aren’t Escort izmir the only business closed on Mondays, so this time he’ll freelance.” “Wait a minute!” I sat straight up. “Ian likes men as well as women?” “Either one will do, but he prefers men. Think about it. With a shlong that long, women think they’re going to like it. When he gets rambunctious, the lady gets scared, hurt, but no pleasure.” “I like yours. That big dick of yours is the best I’ve ever had.” I wasn’t lying. Dimitri was sitting there when I said it and he didn’t flinch. Rex went on, “Alec told me he has no technique. That makes him self-conscious, I suppose. In his younger, rowdier days, he tried to fuck girls without much finesse. When they rejected him, he went for the alternate targets.” I pursued this, asking, “So the trolling for girls was for show, the looking for men was for go?” Just as Karl came through from the garage, his phone beeped. He stopped and said, “Excuse me, I have to take this.” Rex went on, “Of course. Alec married him ‘sight unseen,’ as they say. She is no fool. She is old family, old money, old-school. Typically British upper-middle class. Homosexuality in that group is as rampant as it is acceptable. Boarding school behavior carried on to adulthood. As long as one keeps up appearances and comes out of the correct door in the morning, no one cares.” Rex’s frankness was typical of his personality. Karl came back, took a look at me on Rex’s lap, flopped in his spot and sighed, “Okay, you two. Can you at least make a shot at being more than fuck-buddies?” “No,” I said. “No,” Rex reiterated. Ironic, I thought, that Karl thinks we’re just in it for our sexual pleasure when we’re both searching for a way to hook Karl up with Alec while her husband finds a suitable man for the evening. Mercifully, Karl’s phone buzzed again. He got up without saying a word. In a moment, he was back, smiling. Rex shrugged his shoulders and asked, “Is the pool working?” izmir escort bayan “Sure,” I said. “Let’s take a swim, then get you bathed and ready to bed.” “Karl, yours and Alec’s bed is ready.” With that comment, I made our sleeping arrangements as plain as possible. Then I addressed Dimitri. “Please stay and keep Karl company until our guest arrives. I want you to meet Alec.” Karl wondered aloud, “What about Ian?” Rex had the answer, “Ah. You missed that part of our conversation. He will be staying at the hotel tonight. I have arranged an associate to meet them at the airport, escort Ian to the hotel and bring Alec here.” Rex fixed everything. “Clothing in the pool area is optional, right?” Rex asked. “Of course,” I said. In front of Karl and Dimitri, he ordered, “Now you may undress me.” I thought it fitting that he stood me in the same spot I’d been at Saturday night. I was disappointed that Rex didn’t know about the dog collar. I would gladly have worn it for him. He said, “Start with my shirt, then slacks, finally shoes and socks. Underwear is the last, so wait for your husband.” “Karl,” he started, “As I count up from one, remove one piece of your wife’s clothing. I don’t care what comes first. As smartly dressed as she got for me, I’m guessing seven. Right Clair?” Fuck, how did he know? Two shoes, no socks, blouse, khaki shorts, camisole, bra and panties. I’d realized that with the chilly weather, just a top would be too lightweight for lounging by the pool. Rex and I were soon naked; Dimitri and Karl fully clothed. I felt it best to hustle Rex onto the patio and into the heated pool. I don’t know how long we paddled, swam, played Nerf-ball and dived for treasure. Eventually, we tired. “Let’s go inside,” I suggested. I’d had sex just twelve hours ago, but that was different. Our nooner was like other couples might engage in: fucking after a long time away. “I’m not going to be an easy fuck this time.” I was lying and he izmir escort knew it. “Neither am I.” Rex was lying, too. I knew it. Rex started by stroking me all over. He petted me like I was a cat: lightly caressing my body in a dozen places. When I responded by word or movement, I was doomed to have that spot get much attention. Light touches, kisses and squeezes lasted until his other hand, foot even elbow found another erogenous area that needed ministrations. “Dimitri did this?” Rex pointed to the bluish and red marks and tiny bites. “Good,” he continued without pause. “You need to experience as many sensations as possible.” “You are too patient.” I told the truth: if he took so much time in foreplay, he might lose me to a relaxed sleep. In truth, I did want him but I was so mentally and physically exhausted that I could have gone without sex tonight. Rex knew. He took me again just like he had done earlier. He climbed on top of me, I spread my legs. He crouched at my opening and gently, ever so gently, put that huge prick into my waiting hole. “God, I missed this,” I said truthfully. Rex took his time but gradually thrust into me and I adjusted to accommodate him. “Take me, take me now.” He did. “Rex, keep fucking me. Fuck your cunt. It belongs to you. Never again will anybody take it.” “You mean that? You won’t fuck anybody else? Not Dimitri, not Karl?” “Nobody but you.” I said that as I held his loins with my palms. I learned (watching porno) that a woman can signal a man to go no further than she wants by stopping him with her palms. Gradually, the problems of the day receded. I focused on one thing, a huge dick sliding in and out of my pussy. I felt my insides opening to accept it. If I focused, I could ensure I relaxed my insides to enjoy the pleasure of the phallus violating me and not obstruct him.. “God, you have the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked.” Rex might be lying, but I did not care. “Then fuck it. Fuck it good. Make it want you and nobody else.”  He stayed on top of me, gripping my tits for a while, then transferring his hands to my ass. I felt the power of his body, his personality, his long, fat, stiff dick far up inside me. Then he flipped me over and fucked me from behind. I twisted my head around and looked at his beet-red face.

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