The Cuckold’s Reward – Alistair’s Story – Part XV


Alistair cleaned as Jeff and Julie lay kissing and cuddling. From time to time he would look up at them. It was difficult watching her responding to his kisses and stroking Jeff’s cock at the same time. She was preparing Jeff for another bout of sex while he cleared away the remnants of two earlier fucks. He was also preparing her for sex again. Julie soon got to the point of orgasm, and when she did, she pulled away from Jeff and lay back to let Alistair finish her off. She screamed, writhed and thrust as her climax reached its final throes. Afterwards she turned back to Jeff. “Fuck me please, Jeff,” she told him. “I need your cock now.” Alistair moved out of the way as Jeff got up. He stood by the side of the bed as Jeff took his place between Julie’s well spread thighs. He watched as Jeff rested his cock on her mound for a few moments. It took a little time for the penny to drop. Jeff was waiting for him to guide his cock into her pussy. Alistair reached down, took hold of it and guided it to her opening. One short thrust was all it took to embed it deep inside her. He stood back and watched them fuck; stood still with cock erect Karşıyaka escort bayan and dripping cum as they fucked. They were oblivious to his viewing; they didn’t even acknowledge his presence as they copulated. They spoke to each other; talking filth and depravity to one another. They kissed. They held onto one another. They touched and fondled and they thrust and writhed together. They also screamed and cried in total abandonment as they orgasmed. Alistair stood back and watched them copulate and enjoy one another in sexual union. He also stood back and watched them slowly recover. They clung to each other as their heavy breathing subsided. They touched, fondled and kissed. And they thanked one another. Hearing Julie thank Jeff for a fantastic fuck hit him hard. He also watched them uncouple. He watched as Jeff withdrew from her and lay by her side. He also watched Julie reach over and kiss him once again before rolling back over and looking up at him. She reached out with her hand and he stepped forward. “Did you enjoy watching Jeff fuck me?” she asked as she held his cock in her hand. Escort bornova He nodded as he gazed down at her. “Will you thank him please for giving me so much pleasure?” she said as she gave his cock a squeeze. Alistair looked at Jeff. He felt humiliated, but he still wanted to thank him. “Thanks for pleasuring Julie,” he told him. Jeff smiled as he rolled on his side and put his arm around her. “No need to thank me, Alistair,” he told him. “It’s an absolute pleasure to fuck her. I have always wanted to fuck your wife Alistair, you know that don’t you? I am just thankful that my wish has come true.” Alistair didn’t know what to say, but those words not only humiliated him even more, but also brought more precum spilling into Julie’s hand. Jeff spotted it and suddenly reached forward, clasped his hand over Julie’s and squeezed. He stood there speechless as their hands began to move backwards and forwards. They were masturbating him together and he just didn’t know what to say or do. “That’s it darling let it go,” Julie said. Alistair closed his eyes momentarily. He didn’t want to look. He üçyol escort didn’t want to see another man helping her to masturbate him. Suddenly Julie pulled her hand away, leaving just Jeff’s hand wrapped around his cock. “Come on, fill my hand,” she said as she held out her hand under him. “That’s it, Alistair, you fill her hand,” Jeff said as he gripped him and slowly moved his hand back and forth. “I have filled her cunt for you, so you can fill her hand.” Alistair gasped. “You know that I am going to be filling her cunt for some time to come, don’t you?” Jeff told him. “Once Abdul goes, next week Julie’s all mine. She won’t need other cocks to satisfy her.” Alistair gave out a huge groan as he felt his release. He opened his eyes and watched his spillage fill her hand. Jeff pulled away and got up off the bed and went into the bathroom. He returned a few moments later with a small hand towel. Julie cleaned her hands and then wiped Alistair down. Now all three of them were spent and fully satisfied. Suddenly Jeff held out his hand and Julie took it. Alistair watched her get off the bed and follow Jeff into the bathroom. “Come and join us,” Jeff called out to him. Curious, he followed them and then watched as Julie climbed into the centre of the bath and knelt down. Jeff moved up to the outside edge of the bath, reached out and grabbed Julie by the back of the head with one hand and then reached for his cock with the other.

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