A Family’s New Year’s Eve – Part 5


A Family New Year’s Eve – Part V Please read “A Family New Year’s Eve – Chapters I, II, III, and IV” – before you read this (if you haven’t already.) This will make more sense if you do. Laurie’s heart had just about stopped; her breathing fast and shallow as her mind tried to grasp what her new Master, her eighteen year old son, Matt, had said to her. She was aware of the wash of her cunt juice over her spread thighs as she rocked back on her heels; she felt the hardness of her nipples push out so far they ached. As her orgasm started to subside, her mind replayed the scenes Matt had just described for her… “Oh God,” she thought to herself, “please, Matt…make me do all those things for you, baby!” Matt was leaning back against the headboard of his bed, his long, muscular body comfortably naked next to his moaning mom. He was chuckling softly as he watched his mother tremble through her mini post-orgasm climax. He knew he could keep her on edge all night with just his voice, if he wanted to. “What sounds hotter to you, Mother? Dad sucking my cock?” Laurie gasped as she heard his voice. “Or maybe you can’t wait to see me slide my cock as deep into his ass as I did to yours?” The tremors started again, moving from deep in her cunt out along her legs and up her chest, her nipples hard as diamonds. Matt’s voice dropped to the low, feral tone, he had learned earlier, he could use to control his mother. “You know what I think, Mom? I think the part you like best is licking and sucking my cum from your daughter’s little pussy…am I right, Mom?” Laurie’s eyes were rolling to the back of her head as Matt’s voice burned trails of lust and desire all across her hot, flushed body. She started to moan. “Yes, baby…you’re right… she’s so beautiful, isn’t she?” Matt’s sharp tone startled her. “Look at me, Mother…I want to see your face as you tell me how much you want to eat my sister’s cunt.” Laurie tried to focus on her son’s strong, handsome face. Her mouth was so dry she could hardly speak. “Your sister is so pretty, Matt. Much cuter than I was at her age…but, I think my breasts were a little bigger. But she’ so hot, Matt…when she got that little tattoo on her back…she showed me when she got out of the shower a few days later. Oh, baby…she was standing there drying off and she pulled her towel away…so beautiful… just a few short hairs above her slit, her pussy lips so pink. And she’s so fit…her ass is perfect, Matt.” Laurie’s voice turned thick with lust as she recalled her daughter’s wet, naked body. She thought about Lisa with her dad outside Matt’s door, watching and listening to her brother fuck her mother’s ass. Her skin was on fire as she hissed her answer to her son. “Yes, lover…I want to eat her sweet little cunt…I want you to make me suck all your crème from her wet little hole. Will you do that, baby? Please?” Matt could hardly choke down the laugh of delight and amazement as he continued to successfully find Laurie’s hot spots. “Sure, Mom. I’d be delighted to make you do that.”He started to swing his legs off the bed. “But first thing, I gotta piss real bad. And I’m getting a little hungry, too.” He grabbed Laurie’s wrist. “Let’s go, slut!” He pulled her off the bed, still holding on to her, causing her to stumble after him towards his bathroom. Matt pulled her in behind him, but instead of walking straight to the toilet, he guided Laurie into the shower stall, his hands pressing her shoulders, forcing her to her knees. Laurie looked up at her son, her eyes sweeping up from his magnificent tool, now thick and long, but hanging down between his hard, muscular legs to his beautiful face, his eyes clouded with power and lust. “You know how to sit properly…do it now, Mother.” His voice once again possessed the Alpha-male quality that made Laurie’s body vibrate like a tuning fork. She couldn’t help but comply, her body shaking as she spread her knees on the tile floor and sat back on her heels. She held her hands, clasped together behind her back, making her swollen breasts thrust towards her Master/lover/son. Escort esat “You know what I’m going to do, right, Mother?” “Yes, baby.” Laurie was whimpering as electric jolts exploded through her entire body. “You know why, slut?” His eyes ground in to the beautiful face of his mother, looking up at him from her subservient position. “Yes, lover.” “Then tell me what I’m gonna do, Mommy. Tell me why…as you beg me to do it…” Matt knees were shaking as the situation unfolded before him. “Oh, baby,” Laurie was whispering breathlessly, “you’re gonna piss all over your mommy.” She could feel the pressure start to build between her thighs. She saw Matt’s hand start to stroke his shaft, drawing the hot yellow fluid closer. “Look at me while you talk to me!” Matt growled at her and she snapped her head back up. Laurie’s eyes, slits of lust, locked on to her son’s as she continued feeding both of their needs and their deepest, darkest desires. “Please, baby,” her voice coming from deep in her throat, “give it to me, Matt. Pee on your mommy, your slut…” And she gasped out loud as she felt the stream of hot, sticky urine flow over her hardened nipples, then splashing down over her ripe, full breasts. Her orgasm continued to build, making it hard for her to sit still in her slave-girl position. She felt his flow splash against her swollen mound, bringing her even closer. Matt was going out of his fucking mind as one of his all-time favorite dirty scenarios played itself out, for real, right before his eyes. His gorgeous, unbelievably hot mother was cumming as she begged him to piss all over her! He knew this was so wrong, so fucking dirty, and he had never loved anything so much in his life! He aimed his cock at her sopping cunt, then moved it slowly back up her chest, still splashing as he reached her neck. Laurie had given in completely to her situation. She willed the tremors of her approaching climax to intensify as her son continued to splash his hot piss all over her. As she felt it come higher, her cunt started to quake. “Please, Master…” she could hardly get the words out, “make me dirty…I’m yours, baby…you can do whatever you… arghh!!” With almost no thought at all, Matt lifted his cock so that his hot, yellow stream splashed over Laurie’s upturned face. He stepped closer, his cock in her face. He thought she screamed, but it was barely audible. “Suck my pissing cock, bitch. Show me that you belong to me!” And with a final step closer, Matt stuffed his still pissing cock past Laurie’s lips and into her waiting mouth. As Matt’s hot cock pushed passed her lips, filling her mouth with his urine, Laurie’s climax took her fully into another world, her body writhing as the electric sexual energy pulsed through her. Then she passed out on the shower floor. Laurie found herself coming to a minute later. She was sitting against the shower stall and her son was cleaning her with the hand-held shower attachment. Matt had a soft stream of warm water cascading over her, washing away the remains of their very nasty deed. When she blinked the water out of her eyes and wiggled her head around, Matt knew she was okay. She smiled up at her loving son. She was a little anxious that it might have been too much for him. But then, making her heart flutter, he gave her one of his brilliant smiles before he kissed her, gliding his tongue all through her mouth. Matt put the shower head back up in its cradle and then picked her up off the floor and held his mother around her waist. Warm water was flowing over both of them as they stood together, skin to skin. Matt reached around her and grabbed a bottle of shampoo. “Let me wash your hair, Mom.” Laurie didn’t say anything as he squeezed some lotion in to her hair and started to lather it up. “I want you to know, Mom,” Matt was speaking in a much-too-normal tone, “I’m not a complete shit…” Laurie looked up, concerned that her son was having misgivings. “No, Matt…no… everything’s okay, baby.” She kissed his chest, licking and sucking on his tiny dark nipples under etimesgut escort the warm spray. “I know everything’s okay, Mother.” Matt’s hands were busy working the shampoo into her hair. His voice dropped again to that now familiar timbre of power and control. “You remember screaming as you came? Right before you passed out, Mom?” Laurie shook her head, continuing her worship of his well-muscled torso. Matt took the spray and started to rinse the foam off of her head. He let one hand follow the suds as they dripped over her erect nipple. He lifted her tit from the bottom, feeling its weight, pressing his thumb over the hard tip. He couldn’t believe it was growing even longer and fatter under the rolling pressure of his thumb. “Goddamn,” he thought, “she’s got great tits!” “Remember, Mom? My hot piss splashing in your mouth? You screamed, ‘I love you, Matty…I’m all yours, baby!’ Then, slut, you took my whole dick in your mouth…while I was still pissing!” Laurie had never felt like this before. She could not stop the electric shocks from spreading along every nerve of her body. Her nipple ached from Matt’s ministrations and she could feel his thick shaft laying against the crease of her insatiable cunt. His voice was making her crazy, feeding her deepest desires of abuse and humiliation. Matt felt Laurie’s cunt start to hump against his dick. She mumbled something as she continued to lick his chest. With the full, feral timbre in his voice, he told her to repeat what she had just said. Laurie looked up at her son, his face so calm. It was hard for her to say it, but she knew she couldn’t resist that voice. She whispered, barely loud enough to hear over the falling shower stream. “My nipple, baby…you’re making me crazy…” She drew his head down so her lips were next to his ear. “I want…please, Matty…I want you to…” Her voice cracked, her cuntal walls started to spasm as she drew his head closer. “I want you to bite my nipple, baby…I want to  see you lick the blood off…please, Matty?” Without waiting a second, Matt lifted her breast to his mouth, his teeth closing down against the diamond-hard tip. Laurie started the deep moaning that Matt came to know as a prelude to her climax. He bit down as hard as he dared, not wanting to hurt her, but he knew he didn’t pierce her skin. He had no choice but to move back to the pale flesh around her darkened areola; with a quick nip, he broke her flesh, drawing just a few drops of brilliant red blood that mixed with the falling water and washed down Laurie’s body. As Matt caught the watery, pink flow, sliding his tongue across her nipple, Laurie gave in to the spasms that rolled through her. She sank slowly down to her knees again, this time taking Matt’s thickening pole into her mouth. She started to swallow the length of him into her throat when she felt his hands gently pry her away from his swelling cock. Laurie groaned as he lifted her to her feet. He rinsed himself off and then gave his mother a quick kiss. “Make sure you get all the shampoo out, Mom…I’m not sure I did. Meet you in the kitchen in a couple of minutes.” Matt exited the shower stall, leaving his somewhat frustrated mother alone to finish cleaning up. As Laurie stood under the spray, now starting to cool off, she thought about the times she had been degraded and abused in the past. She once thought that being a whore for her former lover, Lou, was as nasty as she had every gotten. She recalled how he sold her to a stranger one night at a country bar. When she returned with the money, he shouted to the group at their table that she really was a whore and they could pay him directly for her services. Her hand dropped down to her swollen pussy and she started to circle her clit with her fingers. Then she thought about the way her brother-in-law, David, made her walk nude on the shore of Lake Michigan one chilly night, giving her to a bunch of high-school boys for a bonfire blowjob. They came all over her face and hair, their stringy white crème dripping off of etlik escort bayan her big tits. And all the while, she was praying that they didn’t know her as Matt and Lisa’s mom. Then, she thought it was because she stayed on her knees too long, those nasty boys started to piss all over her. And David, her Master, let them do it for a minute or two before he pulled her up and told her to wash off in the lake. He wouldn’t let her in his car in that condition. So in front of those boys, soaked in their piss and covered with their cum, she waded into the freezing water of Lake Michigan and washed herself clean. Even that didn’t compare to the feelings that coursed through her when Matt peed on her, or when he bit her and drew blood. Laurie was fingering herself madly as she tried to recapture those feelings when the stall door opened. Matt stood there, his eyes firm as he told her he’d said he was hungry. He wanted her to fix him something to eat, now. He pulled her hand away from her pussy and threw a towel at her. “Dry off,” he told her. “Make some sandwiches and drinks. I’ll be there in a minute.” Maddeningly frustrated, Laurie couldn’t help but admire her son’s natural affinity for his new role. She dried herself tenderly; her breasts and her crotch were still a little sore from where Matt had marked her. Naked, she walked into the kitchen to prepare some food. A few minutes later, Matt walked into the kitchen. He had a big smile on his face and a pair of blue silky boxers around his bottom. Laurie looked at him, loving his smile, and asked him why he had gotten dressed. Matt didn’t answer. Instead, he just said she should probably make some more food. As Laurie moved a little nervously around the kitchen, Matt couldn’t help smiling. He had gotten on his computer after leaving the shower. Sure enough, he’d found his best friend, Shane, active on his buddy list. Matt IM’d him and asked him if he could get out of his house (it was about 3:30am). Shane said sure – why? Matt told him to get his ass over to our house as fast as he could…just walk in when he got there…don’t ring the bell. Shane said he would be over in ten minutes. Laurie cleared her throat. “Can I ask you a question, baby?” “Sure, Mom.” Matt’s voice was light and breezy – clearly he was in a great mood. “Why am I making more food? And why are you dressed?” “Remember what you told me before, Mom? About what it means to be someone’s slut?” Laurie was puzzled. “What, baby? What did I say?” Matt’s voice changed once again to that controlling timbre. “These words ring a bell, Mother? Anyplace…anytime…anyone?” And again, as soon as she heard that tone, her juices started to flow and her nipples started to harden again. “What am I?” she thought to herself. “Fucking Pavlov’s dog?” Laurie’s mouth went dry. She took a sip of her wine so she could speak…not really sure she wanted an answer to her question. “So, who’s the extra food for, baby?” Her knees were knocking together so hard she wasn’t sure if he could hear her. The ringing in her ears was so loud she didn’t know if she would be able to hear him answer. But she did. He looked at his mother, trembling like a bitch in heat. He smiled at her. “Shane” was all he said. Laurie’s knees almost buckled. “Ohmygod,” she thought to herself, “can it get any better than this?” Shane was Matt’s oldest and closest friend. He was a brilliant boy, home-schooled through high school by his parents. His mother, Laurie recalled, was a psychologist with a large local practice. She was a gorgeous blonde with a shape to die for, clearly of Scandinavian descent. His father (thoughts of dancing with him at a formal fund-raiser sent Laurie’s heart racing) was a tall, extremely handsome Mexican. He was a professor of art at a nearby college. Shane was the best of them both; he had his mother’s classic good looks and his father’s gorgeous coloring. And as the years went by, he’d developed a physique to match. Matt definitely noticed her knees give way when he said Shane’s name. This was too cool! He, the newest fucking Alpha Male around, was the hands-down winner of their years-long MILF game! And even though he hadn’t fucked Shane’s mom yet, he knew it was just a matter of time. As he stood in the kitchen, leaning against the counter and thinking about how hot Shane’s mom looked in a bikini last summer, he…

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