Becoming the Flyer Ch.5


The following morning as the girls lined up for stretching, Alex was on the field with a stunning beauty that nobody recognized.  “Good morning ladies, this is your stand-in coach, Nadine.  Coach Natasha was in an accident last night and suffered a broken jaw.  It is being wired shut today. She will need a good six weeks to recover.”  Vick and Stacey shared a ‘holy shit’ glance but stayed composed.“Hi girls.  I’m a good friend of Natasha and a New England Patriots cheerleader.  She has tasked me with developing you girls into the real deal and wanted me to express her apologies.  That being said Alex will run you through your stretches and warm-ups while I talk to our flyer Stacey and effective captain Vicky who can bring me up to speed on where we’re at with dances and stunts.”She pulled the two aside and said they needed to go for a ride.  They got in the cart and zoomed back to the coaches cabin before she finally spoke.  “What the fuck happened?  Nat only wrote me a note saying to apologize to you two and to take care of you, you would bring me up to speed and anything you need I’m to give you.”  “She said anything, huh?”  Vick leaned back against a wall, blowing her signature bubble, as she glanced at a giddy Stacey and decided to go for broke.  “Take a seat, Nadine.”Nadine sat down with a straightened back, hands clasped, attentive.  Vicky took her time before speaking.  She watched her closely, trying to get a read on her personality type, picking up on subtle hints.  She looked nervous, perhaps even a little shaky.  Vicky knew her image and wild staring eyes had this effect on a lot of people, and she couldn’t help but slip into her manipulative persona of days gone by when she found a good plaything.   “What’s your idea of anything?  What would be your limits, Nadine?”  She smiled with half her mouth, as she wandered slowly into Natasha’s bedroom, and started opening and digging thru drawers.  Stacey concentrated on keeping a straight face, as she watched this biker’s daughter spin her web.  “Well,” she cleared her throat after it cracked a little, “Nat knows me well, she knows I would do almost anything for her, so very few limits I suppose.  Was there anything specific you had in mind?”“Nothing specific just yet.  I’m just trying to get a read on what kind of a woman you are.”  She came back in the room and sat down, with Natasha’s flog in her hand.  Nadine remained silent, but her face became red and she was suddenly very fidgety.  The intense, wild looking Victoria lightly tickled her own bare leg with the flog, sitting out an uncomfortable silence.“I, Beşevler escort bayan um, I suppose, I just like to make people happy.  I’m a people pleaser.”  Her answer, her eyes on the flog, her lack of questions about it, her increased breathing rate, her nearly trembling hands, were all speaking volumes to the perceptive Vicky.  There was no doubt about it, both girls thought to themselves.  She was a sub.  Stacey moved behind Nadine and started to braid her hair.  She also wanted to gauge her reactions but felt a little sorry for her.  She knew how scary Vick was before you get to know her.  “What’s your sex life like?”  Vicky took Stacey’s lead and smiled, trying to put the newcomer at ease.  “Well that’s rather personal, but since you asked, I’m ashamed to admit it’s virtually non-existent.  My friends all say I’m too hot to be approachable.  Ironic, right?”“Well, that’s sad!  You’re so beautiful,”  Stacey said, and stepped way out on a limb as she ran her hands down into the front of her loose shirt, getting a big rush from lightly squeezing the stranger’s softball sized tits.  The woman leaned back and let out a small moan.  Clearly, she was slipping into a very receptive mood and had maybe even been hoping for something like this to happen to her.  Maybe for a very, very long time.  “That is sad,” said Vicky, as she crawled in front of her and slipped off her sneakers, and began rubbing her feet.  “You girls are so nice!  It’s no wonder Natasha wanted me to take care of you.  Yet here you are taking care of me.”  Vicky moved up to her legs, pressing her big boobs against them as she reached to pull the lever to make the chair recline.  Nadine pushed on the armrests and leaned on the back so that she was fully reclined.  Stacey reached for the bottom of her shirt and tugged upward, as Nadine immediately sat up a little, giving her access to pull it off over her head.  As Stacey’s searching fingers found the nipples of her gorgeous breasts under her sports bra, Vicky’s hands had slid all the way up her muscular thighs to under her shorts, her thumbs already making small circles on her outer lips.“Oh my god,”  Nadine whispered, as she spread her legs and pulled off her bra.  “I’ve been here for one fucking hour.”  She was visually and audibly in a state of ecstasy.  Her heart was pounding, and she was squirming like a fish out of water.  Vick was shocked at how wet she was, her thumbs were immediately drenched as she slid them under her panties and then into her.  “Welcome,”  Vicky hissed, as she wrapped Escort Çankaya her fingers around her waistbands and ripped both pairs of bottoms off, exposing her tightly groomed hint of blonde pubic hair, and literally dripping pussy.  As Stacey bent over to suck on the substitute’s nipples, she kicked off her own shorts and panties.  She pushed down on the back of the chair so she could climb onto it with her knees, and as it fell backward Nadine let out a yelp, but fairly un-phased she put her hands on the young girl’s ass and raised her lips to meet her soaked pussy.  Victoria literally laughed out loud at her little spider monkey girlfriend, as she had inadvertently kicked Nadine’s super athletic looking lower body up in the air, right into her face.  Perhaps it was intentional, she was fast learning to not put anything past her, as she watched her grab both of the woman’s knees and pull them apart into a split.“You first,” Stacey said to Vick,  with a devious but cute grin.  Vick, obliged, made a meal of the fresh meat, feeling and tasting her to almost building to climax.  As she bucked and quivered, Vick sensed an eruption forming and moved her mouth out of the wet zone as the pro cheerleader erupted wildly, letting a loud scream escape her ecstatic body.Stacey, never having seen anything like this before, rapidly started finger fucking the gushing woman, while riding her face, muffling the screams with her tight crotch.  After it seemed she had exhausted herself of all that pent-up fluid, Stacey couldn’t help but lick and lap at her for a few moments, wanting to taste what had just sprayed everywhere.  “Holy fuck girls, get up, get the fuck off me!”  They both jumped up, half scared that something was wrong.  “I’ve never experienced anything like that.  Lets hit the bedroom, Alex can handle practice today I hope.  Bring that whip, my pussy got wet the moment I saw it your hand.”  She quickly scurried to the bed and got on all fours.  Vicky immediately started whipping her tan, shapely ass lightly while Stacey climbed in front of her on her back, and pushed her mouth down onto her, telling her she was a good Coach.Every time she hit her ass with the flog, Nadine bucked forward, jamming her mouth into Stacey’s gash with a moan.  It was glorious to watch for Vicky and to feel for both Nadine and the flyer.  After about ten minutes of this, Stace spun around into a sixty-nine under the woman. Vicky began to rim her, stopping now and again to spank her or whip her tight ass.  The woman rolled over, pulling little Stacey Cebeci escort on top, and Vick now had a fresh new target for her flog.  She whipped her girl’s tiny ass, telling her to fuck the coach with her fingers while she ate her, not to be lazy.  It wasn’t long before the two locked in the yin-yang of pussy worship decided to throw Vicky on to the bed, and completely ravage the ghost skinned knockout.  Stacey tribbed their pussies together hard, while Nadine rode on her amazing looking face, and the thirty-year-old passionately made out with the high school junior.  Within a few hours, the two camp mates had completely ravished the needy beauty, leaving her like a puddle, in a pool of pussy juices, unable to do anything but get herself off for the rest of the day with the thoughts of what had just happened to her.  “Just tell the team we were working on new stuff.  Should be easy enough to pull off, Mrs. Patriots.”  The girls laughed as they walked out, once again stealing the golf cart.  They decided to blow off practice to go wash each other and nap, proud of themselves for seducing the new coach so overwhelmingly within moments of her arrival.  “We’re dangerous together,”  Vicky said to her little protégé.“That was incredibly fun and amazingly hot.  She is gorgeous!”“I agree, on all counts.”  They kissed for a while before dozing off together, tangled up and naked.Practice began as scheduled and relatively normally the following day, and as suggested Nadine had a battery of new dances, cheers, and stunts prepared to cover for her absence the previous day.  This fooled a lot of the younger girls, but some of Vicky’s close friends had an idea what she had been up to, recalling her early years with Coach Natasha and just knowing her in general.  At the first opportunity, Nadine pulled her aside.  “Do you think you could come over tonight?  That was wild yesterday, I think I need more.”“I suppose so, but Stacey and I are together, it’s a package deal.”“Well, to be honest, I was hoping to take it a step further, maybe get tied down or something.  If we can include her in a scene like that, even better.  Oh, and a safe word may be a good idea.  Let’s use, uhh, ‘pain whore,’  She blushed when she said it.“Wow, ok, point taken.  Be ready.  As ready as you can be, anyway.”Vicky could hardly wait for lunch to tell Stacey about their new homework assignment.  Stacey was gooey thinking about the chance to dominate a thirty-year-old pro cheerleader as such a young girl and knew she would take great pleasure in watching it happen.  She had already formulated half a plan for how it was going to happen.  She didn’t dislike Nadine one bit, but bubbly Barbie type girls bored her in general.  She was going to enjoy giving her what she wanted, according to her choice of safe words.  Just the fact that she felt the need to use a safe word had her turned on already.   

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