First Love – Part 3


A note: the first part of this story is taken from “First Love – Part 2.”  Denise sat up, and massaged the warm cum into her breasts. She spread some over her lips then took my hand and pulled me to her. She kissed me with her cum covered lips. Sitting back, she asked if I ever tasted myself. I told her that this was my first time.She took my hand as we stood; Denise led me to the Jacuzzi tub.”Are you open, to trying something new?” she asked as she turned on the taps to fill the tub.”Yes I am, what do you have in mind?””I hate all that hair around your cock; I want to shave you down there.””Okay Denise, I will let you.”Denise told me that she doesn’t play around, when she is with a guy, he is the only one.”If you are a player, then there is the door. Otherwise get in the tub.” ________________________________________________________________________________ Without hesitation, I join Denise in the tub which has full esat escort size wall mirrors on three sides. The jets circulate the warm water, relaxing my muscles. I kiss her neck as she presses her breasts to my chest. Kissing my way up her neck, my tongue follows along. Denise reaches over and takes the blindfold from the ledge. She covers my eyes with the blindfold, as I suck on her ear lobe.I kiss her cheek, then fully on her mouth. Our tongues exploring one another while at the same time she slides her hand over my cock. I fondle her breasts as our tongues become entwined. Denise softly moans into my mouth as I pinch her nipples. My cock grows larger as her hand slides around the shaft, then on the head.”Rich, I want you sitting on the edge of the tub.”I sit on the edge and hear the familiar sound of shaving cream being released from the canister. Denise spreads the cream around etimesgut escort bayan my cock and scrotum. My cock jerks at the first touch of the razor as Denise begins shaving me. After every other stroke of the razor, she sucks my cock head. She continues to slowly, carefully shaves my testicles.”Tilt your head back, Rich.”When I do, my head rests between a pair of breasts. The hands gently rub my chest in small circular motions, moving toward my cock. I feel Denise wiping around my cock and balls with a towel. Denise sucks a testicle into her mouth and swirls her tongue around. The hands reach my cock and stroke my shaft as Denise sucks my other swollen testicle.”Join us in the tub.”The mystery woman steps in, both of them guide me into the tub. Denise removes the blindfold as she kisses me.”Rich, this is my best friend Janice.””Hi Rich, it’s nice to meet you.””Hi Escort etlik Janice, it’s nice to meet you too.”They both sit up in the tub, the water dripping off their breasts and nipples. There in front of me are two stunning women, who then embrace each other. Denise looks at me, winks and turns to kiss Janice. They rub their breasts together as Denise sucks Janice’s tongue. They each dip a hand in the water and sigh as they finger each other’s pussy.I fondle my testicles as I stroke my hard shaft, watching them. Their kiss becomes more passionate as they thrust their fingers faster in their pussies. Denise then sucks Janice’s nipple, Janice moans loudly as she cums.Denise keeps fucking her to another orgasm as she sucks Janice’s other nipple. Janice takes Denise’s nipple between her teeth and bites down. Denise screams out as she cums. Janice keeps fucking her to another orgasm as she bites Denise’s other nipple.Janice stands and I see her mound is bare. Denise pulls her close and licks Janice’s slit from the base to her stiff clit. Denise gently bites down, twirling her tongue over her clit. Janice puts her hand on the back of Denise’s head, pulling her closer. Denise pushes her tongue into her pussy.

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