Grace Loves Her Daddy, Part 3


As usual I went to my gym late in the morning leaving Grace home alone but when I got back a couple of hours later Grace had a girl friend over at the house.  The two of them decided to spend the sunny day by the pool where I guess the heaviest decision they made was to “should we have tan lines or not?”.Having that pool installed was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  My ex thought it was a waste of money but Grace loves to lay by the pool and no doubt tempt me.   Anyway, Grace was by the pool with her girl friend Jennifer when I got home.  I walked into the kitchen to get a glass of ice tea and saw the two of them by lying face down on lounge chairs.  We have pretty good privacy with a tall solid fence and if someone is peeking, then they’re trying too hard. Both of them were topless and had nothing more than a cord of string of a thong between their ass cheeks.  I could see the friend had her Ipod in her ears while Grace had her head up supporting her chin with nothing in her ears with her gaze to the house, my guess she heard my truck pull into the driveway.While I was standing at an angle to the window Grace took her bottle of oil and poured a great deal in the palm of her hand and innocently started to cover her friends shoulders.  A moment later she began to work on her legs from her calves on upward until she was stroking her friends bum and working in the oil to keep those precious cheeks soft.My cock was involuntarily moving in my shorts and beginning to ache.  My testosterone was high after my workout as it always is and I didn’t want a blow job. I wanted to fuck.  I wanted to fuck badly and bury my cock in a very primal way into Graces ass.I heard Grace ask her friend if she wanted more ice tea as she was getting up to go into the kitchen for more.   When Grace opened the sliding glass door she saw me and my obvious low hanging cock in my shorts.  She paused at the door while closing it not quite sure what to do next.  But I did.I took her by the hand wordlessly and took her to my bedroom where I closed the door.  I told her to get down on her hands and knees and  pushed her face forward onto the ottoman by my reclining chair where her stomach lay flat on top but her weight was supported by her knees on the carpet.  Without a word she complied for me as she spread her knees wide and arched her ass to me as she knew what I craved.”Daddy, I know you’re going to fuck me and I need it bad too but my little ass is tight”She looked like a hot little Goddess with her dark tanned skin bent over with only the string of her thong covering her hole.  My right hand pressed down on the middle of her Gölbaşı escort oily back while the forefinger of my left hooked the thong fabric aside above her asshole.  I spit onto my finger and slid my finger from her cunt (which was very wet) to  her asshole.   Her ass muscles clenched  and massaged my finger as I slid it around her hole before plunging it deep up to my knuckle.”Daddy, I want to give it to you.  You’ve worked hard this week and you need to relax and I want you NOW!.”I told her to spread her ass and both of her hands reached back and took hold of her ass cheeks where she spread them wide for me, I just adore this.  I took some lube and spread it over the length and width of the mushroom head of my cock at the entrance to her ass.  I could see that she was holding her breath and expecting the initial onslaught of pain from my penetration.  I pushed and she whimpered and froze.  I didn’t care, I need to fuck and dominate her as my personal little fuck slave.My body weight eased onto her as my shaft dove deeper and deeper into her crack.   Her moans started out painfully but I could tell that my cock which was pole-axed in her ass was starting to give her pleasure.”Oh daddy what are you doing to me?””You little tease, you wanted to be fucked and now you’re going to get what you want.”Grace just melted at those words: “Then make me your bitch.”My hands took her hips where I guided her slowly back and forth along my shaft.  My little girl was a slut by the pool and now I wanted to send her back to the lounge with my cum inside her ass.Faster and harder I humped my little girl while she pushed back at me.  Then I got up off my knees with my cock still inside her and stood astride and above her little ass and began to pump her butt like I’ve never done before.   I love to pull out and see that the tight little asshole doesn’t close, that just invites me to plunge in once more in lust.  But this time I forgot and the force of my weight caused my shaft to bury to the hilt where she took the full measure.Grace shrieked and yelled but my hand remained between her shoulder blades where I had her pinned.  I continued to have my way with her as I closed my eyes and enjoyed the pleasure of her flesh.   Such a sight it is to open your eyes and see your cock being received by a little ass that is stretched like it has never been before as it pushes in to receive me then yields a bit when I pull back, I swear it felt like her ass was sucking me when I pulled back.My eyes did catch the sight of her fingertips that had squirmed their way under her body where her manicured Keçiören escort bayan fingertips stroked her pussy.  I told her that one way to make a man cum is to reach back and fondle his balls while he fucks her and her fingers found my sac and then I was hopeless.One final plunge and I lost my seed deep in her bowels where I remained for more than a few seconds, pressing down on her back with my hand and impaled to the hilt with my cock.  I wanted every drop of sperm to enter her body.In a moment I recovered and put my shorts back on and went to the kitchen to get her a glass of water.  When I walked back Grace had rolled over face down on the carpet with her legs spread with my cum visible on her cheeks and oozing from her hole.I just let her be lying on the floor as I heard the phone ring in another room.   During this time Grace walked back down to the pool where Jennifer was still plugged into her Ipod.”Hey, what took you so long in the house?”Jennifer looked at Grace with curiosity and then a knowing expectation revealed itself to her.”Grace, did you just have sex?  Wait!  Is that cum on your ass?!   It is isn’t it?””Yeah, I just got fucked by a beautiful man and not like those stupid boys at school.””What do you mean?””Jennifer I don’t know what you’re going to think because this is our secret.  Can you keep a secret, I’m not joking Jennifer?””Sure, I can keep a secret, why would I want to ruin a good thing?””I let my Daddy fuck me whenever he wants and I love it.”Grace let those words sink in to Jennifer, to see her reaction.”So that’s your father’s cum on your ass?””yes””You mean the cum of the man that I’ve been masturbating at home after I come here.””You know how hot your father is and I’m not the only one at school who wants to be fucked by him”Grace started to feel the pride of a woman who keeps a very hot man satisfied.   A knowing smile came to her face as she had something on Jennifer for once.  It was usually Jennifer who got the hot guys but this time it was Grace and Jen could barely stand it.While Grace plopped back on her stomach on the lounge, “Can I touch that cum on your ass Grace?””Yes but only after I take the first lick.”   Whereupon Grace took her forefinger and slid it between her tanned ass cheeks and withdrew her wet finger coated with the slippery white sperm load of her Daddy.”You bitch Grace, I want a taste”  where then Jen took two fingers and probed the crack of Grace’s ass too.  “He fucked you in the ass didn’t he? I bet it hurt?  I love to watch him when he gets out of the pool and his suit sucks up to his body.  His cock Escort Kızılay is so gorgeous in his shorts.”Jen took her lacquered nailed fingertips to her mouth and closed her eyes where she allowed herself the chance to taste the fresh cum of the man she shoved her fingers into her cunt for.”Grace, I want more!”  Right after saying this Jen hopped up on the back of Graces chaise and got onto her back where she spread Grace’s thighs so she could see the evidence of that man’s sticky white cum.Rather than take a finger Jen bent her head down into the musky crack of Grace’s ass and began licking the cum from her cheeks and then deeper into her tanned crevice.  Grace was stunned by this but didn’t want to stop her friend as she and Jen shared everything.”Ummmm mmmm”  muttered Jen as she licked the cum.  “You’re salty you little slut but the cum makes you taste so much better.Jen’s nose and face just pushed themselves into Graces ass.   Her right forefinger hooked the thong out of its place to reveal the asshole that was still slightly open and relaxed.  Jen fucked Grace with her tongue in rapid penetrations.  Each time taking a split second to taste the juice of the man who poured his cum only minutes before.Jen’s hands wandered over Grace’s back, stroking her with a friction that revealed true sapphic lust between teenage girls.  Her hands wandered back down to Grace’s ass and spread her cheeks wide which allowed a torrent of white warm cum to ooze from the girls asshole.”Oh his cum is so good” she muttered as she sucked the thick fluid of cum juice coming out from the girl’s hole.  Jen smushed her face like a hungry bitch at a feeding, she gasped sucked and tried to breath while lapping for cum.  God she couldn’t drink it all, there was just too much.  That was surely a man sized load that she was drinking.  Her right hand had absent mindedly reached for the peach of her pussy where she stroked her erect clit to a juicy lubricated ecstasy.  Faster her hand finger fucked her own hole while she fantasized about sucking the cock of the man’s cum she was lapping up.   What would it be like for Jen to feel the warm salty cum explode down her own throat?  Could she handle his shaft as he was bigger than most boys she already sucked?  There was only one way to find out.  But soon enough Jen was finger fucking herself to a frenzy while her own tongue fucked the puckered asshole of Grace when they came to a crashing orgasm of their own.   They shuddered and shook on the chaise, bodily fluids of all sorts: cum and cunt juice intermixed on their faces and fingers.”God Grace, you were fucked by a beast for all that cum in your ass.  A gorgeous fucker with a cock full of cum””Jen, you’re a dirty girl.  But the only way you’ll get to Daddy is thru me.””Can you handle that?””I don’t care Grace, I’ll do whatever you want”To be continued…………….(Make sure to write a comment!  What do you think should happen next????)

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