Like Father, Like Son, Part 2


Carly stared straight ahead. The sheer lace of the veil covered her face as she considered her choices. With one month until her wedding, she had to choose one.Mariah saw the struggle on Carly’s face and it was clear it wasn’t about her dress choices. “Carly, are you okay? Look, I like you and I think you make my father really happy, but if you’re having second thoughts…”“I’m sorry, I just have a lot on my mind,” Carly apologized“Thinking about Mark?” Mariah asked.“You mean Marcus,” Carly corrected her.“Um, no, I meant Mark, my brother,” Mariah said.“Why would I be thinking about Mark?” Carly asked trying to hide her discomfort in the fact that he was the very subject of her thoughts and Mariah’s uncanny ability to read them.Mariah shrugged. “I don’t know, you tell me,”Carly pulled the veil off of her head with a heavy sigh. “I love Marcus.”“So, why are you thinking about Mark? Did he make a move on you, Carly? I know my brother and he can be very inappropriate sometimes.”Carly thought Mariah was smart, but could she admit to her that she had willingly flirted with her brother while engaged to her father. That when Mark pushed her against a wall and tongue fucked her ass it was everything she wanted. Mark had only done to her everything that she wanted to happen. But, would Mariah believe that was all it was, just that one moment and nothing more? Except Carly didn’t even believe it herself. It was getting harder and harder to not think about Mark and far too tempting to slip out of her fiancé’s bed.Quickly changing the subject, Carly smiled at herself in the mirror. “I think this is the one,” she ran her hand over the Cinderella-style wedding gown.Mariah frowned, “Are you sure?”“It’s beautiful!” Carly said, “I feel like a princess.”Mariah had seen Carly eyeing another dress with longing and wondered if that was actually the one for her, “What about the Vera Wang? I thought you looked great in it. It’s more flattering to your figure and more of your style.”Carly turned in the big puffy white dress and looked at the other dress hanging next to her other rejects. The mermaid style dress was strapless and fitted through the bodice and down her hips ending in a dramatic sweeping flared hem. It was breathtaking in its simplicity yet sexy and alluring with the use of structured contouring that Escort Gölbaşı made it seemed perfectly tailored for her body. It was also too young and modern in aesthetic, Carly didn’t want to highlight the age difference between herself and Marcus while standing at the wedding altar.The two dresses came to somehow come to represent the men in her life. Should she go with the safe traditional dress and not cause a stir? It was a new look for her, one that would start her life as the wife of a billionaire always under scrutiny. Could she play the perfect wife? Or maybe she would decide to break the rules and go with something sexy and bold? This second dress was all about drama and so was Mark. Since the moment they met, she’d felt more alive with Mark. He’s sparked something inside her she had been working so hard to suppress.”So, which one is it going to be?” Mariah asked, “You have to make a decision soon, you know. The wedding is a month away.”Carly couldn’t help but think that Mariah’s question was more about father and son rather than the two dresses. Could she throw away everything she had with a man she loves just to give in to Mark? And what exactly would that be? One night of hot mind-blowing sex? Then what?Giving the Vera Wang one more look, Carly threw up her arms. “Okay, let’s try that one on again before I make up my mind.”Mariah smiled. “I knew you would make the right choice!”*****The weeks following the engagement announcement party, Mark spent time in the city working his connections on his latest business venture. When he left his father’s place he had every intention of leaving town and not looking back. He could have been relaxing on the beaches of Miami right now with a couple of full-bottomed girls taking turns blowing his cock, except he never made it out of the city. He decided to stay and see his plan through.After that night in the garage with Carly, he had enough leverage to end his father’s engagement and future happiness. Yet, he wasn’t quite satisfied. Mark thought ruining his father was all that he wanted, but he was denying the feelings slowly creeping in that told him that he wanted something more. When he was honest with himself, he realized that he wanted Carly for himself. But his fear of becoming like his father and Keçiören escort his own fear of commitment, he knew he didn’t deserve her either. Why would he get his hopes up for something that he could never have? *****Carly found herself standing at Mark’s front door. She rang the doorbell before she could talk herself out of leaving.When Mark opened the door, he greeted Carly with an expecting smile, “Well, hello.”Now, Carly wished that she had just walked away. He looked good, really good and tempting. His eyes seemed to read her better than anyone else could with a cocky smile that teased her at the same time that he judged her. She vividly recalled those lips on hers, his tongue in places that made her pussy seep wetness onto her lace panties. What was she doing here? Quickly she steadied her nerves and said what she had to say.”I want you to know that I love your father and we’ve set a date for the wedding. For some reason, your father really wants you to be there.”She held out a small ivory envelope with his name scrolled across it in fancy calligraphy script.”Want to come in?” Mark offered, ignoring the invitation that she held out toward him.”No, I don’t want to come in. Will you take this?” she said impatiently.Mark couldn’t help the laughter that escaped him, “You came all the way over here to hand me something you could have easily dropped into the mail. Are you sure you don’t want to come in?” He opened the door wider as he extended his offer again.Carly hated the smugness in his laughter. She hated that he was right. She could have dropped the wedding invitation into the mail. She didn’t have to hand deliver it herself.”I was just in the neighborhood, I didn’t want to waste a stamp,” she lied. Even that sounded like a poor excuse to herself.Mark grinned as he finally took the envelope from her and sat it on a side table, “Just admit you wanted to see me and that you can’t stop thinking of me.””Honestly, I haven’t given you one thought with work and so much I have to plan for the wedding,” Carly lied again as she followed him inside.“You may be a cheater, but don’t be a liar, especially with me. You’ve thought of me,” he smiled with confidence as he took a step closer to her, “I know you’ve at least thought about getting your ass ate Kızılay escort bayan out again. You liked that, didn’t you?”Carly saw the predatory look in his eyes as he approached her. Fighting her own inner turmoil, she took a step back, regretting that she had taken his bait and stepped into his apartment. She had nowhere safe to run, he’d already closed the door behind her. It was true that their last encounter was all she could think about. Even in her cold showers, she’d touched herself imagining it was him. Her own fingers rubbing against her slick soapy clit then roughly pumping inside herself as she imagined him doing the same without mercy until she came over and over again.“Stay away, Mark,” she warned him, but more so to herself and her betraying thoughts.“Or what?” he smirked. She grabbed a pillow from the sofa and tossed it at him, yet it didn’t thwart his pursuit of her as he closed the distance between them. She pushed him away, slapping at his chest and face. That only made him laugh as he presented himself to be battered at her hands. It dawned on her that he was unphased by her roughness and abuse of him because it aroused him.“Why are you resisting me? Do you think I’m going to hurt or harm you, Carly? We both want the same thing.”“We can’t do this! No, don’t!” she insisted before he grabbed her and kissed her forcibly.He was coarse and unforgiving as his hunger for her took over. “I like it when you get rough with me. You like it too, don’t you? You feel more alive, more like yourself than what others want you to be,” Mark said between kisses when he felt her resistance cease.“Yes,” Carly replied with a surrendered moan against his lips as her body responded to his pressing urgently against hers. This was exactly what she came here for if she was truly honest with herself.“But my father doesn’t like getting rough with you, does he?”“No, he doesn’t,” Carly said breathlessly as her heart raced in anticipation.“I can tell. You need someone like me who can take it as well as they give it,” Mark spanked her hard across her ass. When she moaned in pleasure he spanked her again. “You crave someone like me to fuck you hard, use you like a little slut until you cum and forget about everything else going on in your life.”“Yes!” Carly admission was more like a plea for exactly that. Her defenses were down, no use pretending. No, not with Mark. She knew she didn’t have to play the demure lover, that she could let the freak that she worked so hard to suppress out.“Say it, then. I want to hear you say it! Beg for it!” Mark said as he landed another hard slap across her ass.

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