My Roommate Is The Blair Witch


I stood by her door, opened it, strolled in and turned on the light. “Shit, its cold in here, I might freeze my tits off,” I muttered, covering my breasts and shivering. “There has got to be a dirty pair around here somewhere. Damn, she has jeans, shirts, pop cans and other shit all over the floor, but no panties?” I whispered, scanning the perimeter. “I can’t see any in plain sight, but would it be bitchy to go through her stuff?” Then I glanced down. “Oh, a picture of you in that small blue bikini. I love it on you, especially when you are doused. It goes right up against your hooters,” I moaned, before I picked it up and brought it up towards my face. My long black hair fell onto it and my pussy became wet as I eyeballed it for a moment. “Oh, fuck it, I have to find a pair of those panties before she gets out of the shower,” I groaned, before I leaned my head back up. I dropped the picture and ambled right to her hamper. I opened it and peeked in. “Damn it, there are no clothes in here at all.” I looked over at a few pairs of jeans again, but saw nothing. “Where are you hiding them, sexy witch?” I pondered, holding up a pair of her jeans. My teeth bit down on my lower lip as I strutted to her dresser. I opened up the top drawer. “Are you kidding me? All folded and seemingly clean. What the hell do you do with your dirty underwear, Blair?” I snapped, prior to slamming her drawer closed. My right palm came onto my forehead and my left one ventured down onto my cherry. “Damn, this woman drives me crazy. She shows off her body all the time, but hides her dirty panties? Shit, I never ever wanted something so badly before,” I cried, rubbing my pussy and sparking a tear. I just stood there for a moment with a busy hand. “Yes, Blair, eat my pussy,” I moaned, assaulting my slit. My head leaned back and I felt my lady juice drenching my hand. My right foot began tapping the floor quite rapidly and my body seemed to turn her room into a sauna in the process. “Oh, I’d give up listening to Green Day just to have her right between my legs, even for just a minute,” I muttered, sparking a couple more tears. My fingers scrubbed against my cherry for three minutes, as I just stood in the middle of her room. They went back and forth very quickly and that forced me to tremble a bit, but I kept my balance. “I’m pleasuring my twat so much, its getting raw,” I cried. My other hand transformed into a fist and hit the wall. “Fuck yes, I’m soiling her carpet,” I moaned, while smiling and showing all my teeth. I took in a deep inhale and then a deeper exhale. “Yes, that’s the stuff,” I moaned, prior to opening my eyes. “Hell yes,” I whispered, scanning her bed again. “Oh, the blue and red rayon pair with pink hearts on them. They were just barely under your blanket, you skank,” I muttered, reaching down onto her bed. I grabbed them and felt some wet juice on them, bringing back the fond memory of the best voyeur experience I ever had, which took place the previous night. My tongue slithered onto my lips and my right hand found it’s way into my dark green cotton panties. “Oh, I shouldn’t be watching her fuck some chick from right behind her door, but it is such a beautiful and sexy sight to see her face buried in this new chick’s pussy,” I moaned. “Only you know how to get me off, Blair,” the mystery woman let out, bringing her hands to Blair’s elvankent escort head. The bed was located in the back corner of the room and was possible for Blair’s new friend to look over and see me. They were both completely naked and I could see the chick’s big tits, pretty face and everything else north of her cherry. “Well, she is sexy, Blair, but I know I’d get you wet if you saw me,” I murmured, thrusting my fingers in and out of my slit. “I’d let you do anything to me too.” My other hand came onto my tit and I caressed it over my matching bra as the chick grazed Blair’s head. Her eyes stayed on Blair and as time went on, she began taking more and more breaths. “Are you gonna cum on Blair’s face?” I whispered, grinning. She began twitching a bit as her head leaned back as far as it could go. “She makes her titties shake pretty well, but she is still not worth drooling over. Blair has solid tits that no one would mistake for fake, but you just don’t have those, woman. You are quite sexy, but you brought a knife to a gun fight.” “Yes, yes, yes, Blair!” the woman yelled, prior to soaking Blair’s face with lady juice. My eyebrows rose and I leaned my head back. ‘That’s it, ten seconds? Come on, Blair is a beyond ravishing woman and you only reward her with an orgasm like that? She definitely deserves better, like me. I’d cum all over her face for at least a minute,’ I thought, sporting a disappointed face and rubbing my forehead. “Thank you, Shelia,” Blair mentioned, rising up and grabbing her blanket. She wiped off her face and gave Shelia a kiss. “That was nice of you,” Blair let her know, getting up from the bed. My eyes widened and my mouth opened up as far as it could too. ‘Holy shit, there are those nice titties and that hairy pussy. You really are drop dead gorgeous,’ I thought, eyeballing her and drooling a bit. Blair stretched out while I got an eyeful her amazing body. ‘Wow, you are beautiful, Blair. Too good for a brunette with those tits. You should hook up with your roommate that also has black hair and a matching set of boobies. We could even share panties and bras if you wanted to,’ I thought. After she was done stretching, she turned back to Shelia. “What do say we take a cleansing shower?” “Yeah, I could go for that,” Shelia replied, getting off the bed. “Shit,” I moaned, before I extracted my hand and zipped back to my room. The next night, I stood in her room, using her panties to help me masturbate while thinking of her. “Oh, I want to fuck her so badly. Shelia is okay for now, but she is yesterday’s garage compared to me. I could make Blair cum like a fire hydrant attached to the Atlantic ocean and I’d return the favor when she ate my pussy too. That’s what proper girlfriends do for each other,” I mentioned, rubbing her panties onto my cherry. My other hand made it over onto my heart and felt a fast beat. I imagined her coming right behind me and putting her hands onto my boobs. “Are you happy using my panties, voyeur?” “Yes,” I answered, keeping my head straight. In my imagination she came around on the other side and put her right hand over mine. Everything faded to black, as she leaned towards me and put her boobs against mine. “I know I’m beautiful, Gretchen, I just wish you would actually tell me. Then you could have your way with me,” she said, emek escort bayan with it echoing. I looked at her and she slanted her head down. “Maybe I have a thing for you too and I fantasize about you sticking your tongue into my cherry. I want you right between my legs until the end of time. Will you please do that for me?” “Yes, because you are pretty,” I muttered. She tilted her head back up. “Then kiss me, kiss me far better than that stupid hussy, Shelia ever could.” I leaned right to her and kissed her as my left arm wrapped around her. Her hand remained on mine, while the other came onto my boob. We made out for about five minutes and even as it was imaginary, I felt my slit gushing out lady juice and my heart bouncing around inside me. Her lips parted from mine. “Are you gonna cum into my panties, Gretchen and let me know just how much you want me?” My head leaned back all way and her hand began moving quicker, which meant mine was moving faster in real life. “Cum for me,” she said, echoing again. I began breathing even more heavily. “Shit, my hand is hurting,” I cried, before I halted movement. I opened my eyes and began nodding along with my heavy inhaling and exhaling. My feet began to knock the floor at a fast rate, while my whole body vibrated. “Oh, yes,” I moaned, prior to my body feeling to being in an igloo. My stomach clenched up and I felt the boiling hot cum flowing through me like a tidal wave. “Oh, Blair, I want you so badly,” I moaned, soaking her panties. I let out a big exhale while I kept them on my slit. A minute later, I lifted them up to my nose. “Oh, what a great combination: both of our pussies together,” I let out, before I took in a deep inhale. My head went back again and I lowered her panties to my twat again. The whole time, I grinned quite widely and kept my eyes closed. “Son of a bitch, Gretchen, quit teasing me. I know you know how to eat pussy better than this. Get that tongue in there deeper and hit my g-spot,” she said in my head. A minute later in real life, I brought the panties right to my lips as they parted. I balled them up and inserted them right into my mouth. “Oh, what a wonderful combination,” I muttered. I sucked in all the juice I could get for a full minute and kept my palms on my cheeks. I extracted them. “Fuck, they taste so good, but they can make me gag too.” Then my hands dropped down and I put one leg into the panties. I put the other in and pulled them right up. “Wow, they fit perfectly. I guess we really could share, I know Shelia’s fat ass wouldn’t fit in here.” I looked at myself into a big mirror she had. “Damn, I look good,” I uttered, examining myself. ‘Oh, I should find one of her bras,’ I thought, before I looked back towards her bed. I immediately lifted up her blanket and something fell out. “The matching dirty bra,” I whispered, before reaching for it as it landed on her bed. My shaking hand seized it and I immediately brought it up to my breasts. I put my right arm through it and then my other. I tightened it and clasped it too. “Yep, a perfect fit indeed,” I spoke, as I lifted my tits up slightly. I looked at myself in her undergarments again while I cheesed. “It almost seems like we are having sex, I am wearing her dirty bra and wet panties,” I mentioned, before I closed my eyes. I rubbed my tits with Escort eryaman one hand and my twat with the other, over the undergarments. “Gretchen, what you doing?” Blair asked, in a loud voice. I immediately felt like my heart stopped and my eyes opened. I turned around and saw her with her hair wrapped in one towel and another wrapped around her waist. “Are you wearing my dirty bra and underwear?” My lips went into my mouth and my eyes widened. ‘Stop eyeballing her boobs, I know they are sexy and dripping wet, but quit eyeballing them,’ I thought. “Do you wanna put some clothes on?” She gave me a skeptical look as she slanted head back and chuckled for a minute. “That is a weird question, considering you’ve been looking at my tits for the entire sixty seconds I’ve been in here and you are wearing my undergarments,” she suggested, strolling towards me. “We are both just adult females in our twenties that live together, I don’t see a problem with showing some skin.” She halted right in front of me and looked up a few inches into my eyes. “How do my undergarments feel? They are not tight or loose?” I just shook my head no as I jiggled even more. “You are an odd woman, Gretchen, but that is not a bad thing. Dare I ask: is there a reason that you are glaring at my knockers and wearing my undergarments?” she pondered, prior to letting her towel fall to the floor. Instantly, I felt the panties become completely drenched, which forced some lady juice to flow down my legs. “Do you want me, Gretchen, is that what this is all about?” she inquired, with our eyes locked. I hit her with streams of my bad breath, but she remained unfazed and moved even closer to me. She kissed me for about twenty seconds before her lips parted from mine. “What about Shelia?” She nodded and chuckled. She lifted her head back up. “How do you know about Shelia? I never brought her back here until last night and you were in your room sleeping.” My hands went right up to my face. “So, that was you last night,” she figured out, tugging my palms back down. “I could have sworn I heard some fast footsteps last night when we were done having fun. And fuck her, I can and will fuck whoever I want. Now I want your pretty ass, Gretchen.” “Really?” “Yes, you have a set of titties which is the main attraction of your elegant body,” she made clear, before she pushed me onto her queen sized bed. “No one gets away with trying on my undergarments without a punishment,” she made clear, leaning down on top of me. “Although, you may find it be quite pleasurable,” she warned me, before her lips met mine and her arms ventured underneath me. While we made out, she undid the bra. I also made sure to wrap my arms around her and feel her soft body all I could in the moment. ‘Holy mother fucking shit, its even smoother than I thought. She took her lips off mine. “Let’s get this off you,” she said, before I reclined up and let her snatch it. She tossed it towards her mirror and then climbed down towards my crotch. She giggled as her face became close to my stomach. She kissed it numerous times all over and I twitched a bit. “Oh, you like that?” she wondered, putting her hands into the panties. We shot each other lusty smiles and I blew a kiss her way. “So, are you shaved under there, or do you have a bush?” “You’ll just have to find out for yourself,” I laughed. So her hands moved to the side straps and she pulled that drenched pair of panties right off me. “Oh, hairy pussy,” she noticed, while holding them up above me and looking at me. “You are quite enticing too, Gretchen,” she complimented me, before she brought them to her face. She took a deep inhale with them too.

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