Princess Diaries (09): Bell Graduation


The Saturday morning, just six days before my action, I awoke to the feeling of someone sitting on the bed next to me. I waited with closed eyes to be shaken, and then used, however they wanted me, but they remained seated, disturbing me no further.“I guess one of you finally discovered I’m not locking my door,” I said without opening my eyes.“Not really,” a female voice replied. I opened and turned a bleary eye to see Nicolette, beautiful as ever, looking down at me. How could she look that put together so early in the morning?“What time is it?” I asked.“Time to train Alanna,” she said.She dragged my sleepy ass to the bathroom where we cleaned it. Enema’s feel as weird as you would expect. By now, it was a familiar feeling. After I got out of the shower, Nicolette handed my black box to me. “‘Eeny-meeny’, ‘Miny’, or ‘Moe’?” I asked, pointing at my plugs, smallest to largest.Nicolette laughed spontaneously. “Moe, definitely Moe.”“What names do you use?” I asked. Nicolette smirked, then roller her eyes. Caught. “Huey, Dewey, and Louie.”Nicolette was a stern woman, but caring and funny, too. I was coming to like her, maybe I even trusted her. Certainly I trusted her knowledge about my new career, after all the woman was a high class whore herself.She began instructing me on how to get ready as if for work. Hair, makeup, lingerie, dress, and shoe selection were all her decisions. While I put all that on, she quizzed me, interview style, about different situations.What would I wear to a bachelor party? What outfit would be best for a girlfriend experience? What kind of makeup would I put on for it? Which dress would be appropriate for a couple of lesbians who wanted a three-some. How should I know? I wondered.I made shit up. Nicolette got more and more frustrated with me until I pushed back with my own questions. What was the setting? What the fuck is a ‘girlfriend experience’?  How big a bachelor party and what did they expect? Nicolette simmered down and offered several answers to each question. She wanted me asking questions more than answering them. Each new job, at least the off sites, would present a challenge until I understood the clients and what they wanted.Ten men would be at a hotel bachelor party expecting a strip show, but the best man wanted me to ‘seduce’ the bachelor with a private lap dance in his room. Or fifteen men were attending and wanted to bang a whore before seeing their friend shackled down to one woman. Or, they just wanted a naked girl to deal cards, maybe more later.Another client wanted the girl next door kind of girlfriend, and I’d be attending a high school reunion. The lesbians wanted a quiet dinner at home, or they wanted to ‘pick me up’ at a release party for a documentary about Ebola.“Ebola? Seriously!” “Describe this outfit to me like I’m on the phone and can’t see it. Why would you pick this to wear?” she asked, ignoring my plaguing question.“I’m wearing a waspy A-line dress, narrow waisted, solid black, conservative with a hemline just above the knee and just a hint of cleavage up top. Nevertheless, the tight top makes my chest appear huge, or… huger” I said. “The lingerie matches the color and style of the dress and it’ll look good with the dress off. Duh. The sheer black nylons have a seam down the back, which looks classy and slutty, too. But I love how they leave the tops of my thighs open to the air under the dress. Sexy!”  “You missed hair, makeup, and the choker. Why the choker?”“I don’t know. It seems like something a slut would wear, like a reminder?” I said. “Also, this dress feels a bit fifties, maybe the choker updates it.”“And the shoes?”“You went with these platform sandals,” I pointed. “The thick straps around the ankles match my choker, sort of like, bookended with them. The crushed maroon velvet adds color.”I looked at Nicolette for confirmation, “Did I do it right?”“I chose the shoes and choker because the ankle straps and band around your neck remind me of slave collars.”“Gulp,” I said.“Some clients want a kolej escort submissive woman and constant reminder of that submission. Some actually want the girl in chains, or cuffs.”“Double gulp,” I said. I pulled on the choker. “So… you’re training me to be submissive?”“God no. Well, not today. And certainly not if you’re not inclined to it. Submission requires honest commitment, as well as acting. I just like the look. I dressed you for me.”“For you?”“You’re working for me today, pro-bono.”I nodded, distracted by several threads of thought and one overriding feeling.“You have questions,” she said.“Yeah, Should I be this turned on by the butt plug? Because, fuck!”“I am,” she laughed. She laughed as I realized what she meant. She wore one too. Answering my unasked questions, she added, “‘Louie’, if you must know. Kind of a requirement for today,” What did that mean? I wondered.“Ready to go?”I was. As we headed down for the car, I asked, “How much do I charge the fifteen guys wanting to bang a whore?”And can I handle fifteen as easy as I do four? I added silently.“Hmm. I started at a hundred per man per hour. The client wanted me bareback, so I tripled that. We settled on four hundred and fifty per person for the night.”“You… work?” I asked.“Occasionally I do, for something special.” “Special? Like lots of money?”“Lot’s of guys. I like it. Few girls want to do that. Or can. My mistake was forgetting about Viagra,” she said. “I expected to wear them out in an hour… they fucked me senseless.”“Did it hurt?” I asked. My little gangbangs with the security guys took less than fifteen minutes, usually. Fifteen guys for even an hour…“I was sore the next day, and several after,” she said. She rubbed her crossed her arms and shivered, obviously remembering it fondly. “Charging more would have made it better.”She drove me to Alanna’s apartment. I had to work the locks and keys, so she knew I could do it and that the new keys worked. Nicolette showed me around the apartment. It was a modern loft with furniture to match, a sleek open kitchen, a bathroom, and a bedroom containing a bed, two chairs, a night stand, and a reclined naked man.“Ah!” I screamed.“Meet Oz, my husband,” said Nicolette, “Oz, Alanna.”Oz was a tall man, fit, good looking with salt and pepper hair on top and no hair down below. I would guess he had a decade on Nicolette, so late forties. From the looks of his flaccid cock he had several inches on any cock I’d seen before.“Um, hi,” I said, trying not to blush. He waved sheepishly at me. I looked to Nicolette, “You’re married?”“Umhm. So are many of our clients? Some pay to watch you fuck their spouses. Some will join in. But Oz is here for practical reasons, namely his gift for training recruits,” explained Nicolette. “Take off your dress, we don’t want to stain it.”I reached behind for the zipper.“Stop!” she said. I jumped. “Never waste a chance to entertain or titillate.”She took a seat in a chair, crossing her arms sternly, waiting for me. Did she want me to do a striptease? I couldn’t think of how to do that, especially without music, so I did the second thing that came to mind.“Oz,” I said softly, turning my back to the man. “I can’t reach my zipper, could you help me, please?”“Submissive and needy. Good,” she whispered. Oz stood to fiddle with my zipper. A shiver ran down my back at his delicate touch. He unzipped the dress down past my sacral dimples. “Thank you, dear,” I said, looking over my shoulder. I pulled the sleeveless dress over my shoulders, exposing my back and bra strap. Remembering Nicolette’s instruction, I pushed the dress down with a slow exaggerated wiggle to get it over my hips and then bent unnecessarily in half, pushing the dress down my long legs to my ankles. I stepped aside, out of the dress and slowly picked it up. There was an empty chair on the opposite side of the bed from the one Nicolette sat  in. I put the dress on it, carefully.“Wow, is that for me?” I asked. Oz, who’d watched me stip closely, sihhiye escort bayan now sported a rock hard cock. I tried not to show fear at such a thick, long thing. I cursed under my breath. “Jesus!”“You’re looking at one big reason I married Oz,” Nicolette laughed, “Now lose the panties, Alanna.”I nearly shed them myself, but remembered Nicolette’s admonishment.“Oh, look,” I said, coyly. “I can’t get my panties off. My garters are in the way, could you be a dear, Oz?”Oz grinned as he kneeled down in front of me. His delicious touch on my thighs raised goosebumps on my flesh. He turned me around to get the back two straps unhooked. “Wait,,” commanded Nicolette, interrupting him before he could get the back clasps. “Alanna, you’re standing there with all the poise of a lamp post. Turn back around and face Oz.”I did as she asked, my panty clad pussy just inches from his smiling face.“Oz is going to twist your hips around again, but this time I want you to make the best of it. I want to you end up with your feet apart and your back arched so it pushes your ass and pristine pussy in his face.”Oz put a hand on either hip, pushing on one and pulling on the other to begin my twist just like before. I completed it, of course, but this time stepped away a bit with one foot so my legs were spread about a foot and a half apart. I arched my back, like she asked. It felt stupid and fake, so I twisted to look over my shoulder, down at Oz. Much more natural. His eyes were focused forward, looking at my ass. “Oz?” I said.He smiled up at me and unclasped me using only one hand. I didn’t need to be told what to do next. With the straps undone, my panties could come down.“Thank you, Oz,” I said. I hooked a finger on either side of my g-string and began working them down. I did it slowly and wiggled my ass, with my back still arched and ass pushing back as much as possible. I had to put my legs closer together to get my panties down below mid thigh. Instead of letting them fall down my legs, I pushed them down as I had my dress. I stepped out one leg at a time, so I ended up completely bent over with my legs two feet apart. I looked around me left leg and smiled at Oz.“Nice butt plug,” he said.“Thank you,” I said. Nicolette hadn’t intervened so I improvised. Still bent over, I reached around and pulled on the end of it just enough to feel myself clenching it. I wiggled it a bit. “Oo, it feels so good in there. If I pull it out, do you think you can find something to replace it?”“Good work, Alanna,” snorted Nicolette. She clapped slowly. “Well done. I’d love to see how you react to having Oz’s pole shoved up your narrow ass, but lets see how you manage it with the other end.”  “What do you mean?”“Swallow his cock,” she clarified. I blushed, embarrassed I didn’t get her meaning right away. But… swallow that?. My turn to kneel, a familiar position by now. I’d sucked a lot of cock over the last week, but none this size. I grasped his shaft in both hands, leaving three or four inches of the tip visible. I sucked, licked, and generally enjoyed myself on the end of his cock.“Okay, enough,” interrupted Nicolette. Nicolette stood next to me now, complete nude. I saw her dress on the chair behind her. She kneeled down beside me and took over. “Watch.”Nicolette loved having a cock to play with, acting like sucking Oz’s cock was the culmination of a life long dream. Maybe it was an act or maybe she really was a slut for his cock.Nicolette cooed and moaned over the cock. She sucked just the tip into her mouth so her lips looked puffed out while she gazed up at her husband with adoration. I could see by his smile, he loved it. Still making eye contact with him, she took him deeper and started bobbing slowly up and down on the end. She closed her eyes and exhaled deeply through her nose then pulled back so just the tip was in her mouth and reopened her eyes, looking right up at him.“I love your cock,” she said, before putting it back in her mouth. Escort sincan She went on like that for a minute or two as I watched. I couldn’t believe Oz wasn’t spewing down her throat. Abruptly she stopped and turned to me, all business like.“Think you can do that?” she asked. I shrugged. “There is more to it than attitude, give me your hand.”I did, hesitantly. She gently twisted my hand down so my thumb pointed at her face. She put her mouth around it and sucked. It wasn’t hard suction, barely any at all. But what an amazing feeling! Then she moved her tongue in and out, rubbing the pads of my thumb.“Oh,” I said. She popped my thumb out of her mouth.“Blowjobs aren’t really sucking or blowing, but something entirely different. Your tongue can do amazing work, especially with a cock in your throat. Technique matters, but it isn’t everything. Our clients pay to have their egos stroked as well as their cocks. Even if you don’t feel it, make sure your client knows you were put on this earth to have her husband’s cock in your mouth.”I nodded, awed by her.“Okay, now you try,” she said. I took over and tried to do what she did. I used half the suction I did before which allowed me to move my tongue deliberately up and down the underside of his shaft. I made a point of looking up into his eyes and smiling with my eyes if I couldn’t with my mouth.“Okay, great,” she said. “Now hold the shaft at the base with one hand pull back so he’s out of your mouth, put your tongue out and rub the underside of his cock back and forth across it. Great. Now move your tongue forward and backward, pressing up.”Oz groaned. “Cup his balls gently, scratch them with your nails, again, gently,” she said. I got another groan out of Oz. She didn’t say any more so I kept at it. Oz seemed to love just having the tip of his cock stimulated, but I was tiring. I took the tip out of my mouth and moaned from relief. I wondered if my tongue would be sore in the morning. “Great, now time to go deeper,” she said. Nicolette took her husband’s cock back, bobbing on the end at first, then licking the length, getting it wet. She put it back in her mouth and pushed down, taking more. I could see his shaft was slick with spit and slobber. She took him deeper until three quarters of his cock disappeared in her mouth. I could see her throat bulging.“Wow,” I said. Oz groaned in agreement. He groaned again as she visibly swallowed with his cock in her throat. Nicolette pulled him out of her mouth and sucked in a lungfull of air. She smiled at me, with teary eyes and a slobbery mouth. The woman was obviously happy with herself. This was no act, Nicolette loved sucking cock. “Your turn,” she said, when she’d caught her breath. “I got his shaft nice and slick.”“I don’t know,” I said. “I thought the guys in security were using my throat, but now…”“Try it, let’s see what you can do…”I did terribly, gagging and huffing in air. Tears and spit were running down my face almost from the start. But I kept at it. Nicolette didn’t force me or discourage me, either. She just kneeled next to me and watched. For his part, Oz seem to be putting up with my inept attempts. I might have gotten a bit more than half of him in my mouth, but no more.Nicolette got on the bed and lay+ down with her head over the edge. I knew what would happen next from my experiences in the gym at Sea Cliff. When she was ready, she tapped Oz’s thigh. He turned and put his cock in her mouth, then her throat. She had her hands busy between her legs.I watched him fuck her throat for a minute, before getting on the bed myself. I could see his cock moving up and down her throat making gck, gck, gah sounds.“That’s really hot,” I said. Oz winked at me. It was hot, and I wanted to be involved.I leaned over and pulled Nicolette’s hands away from her pussy. Unlike me, she kept a tiny well groomed patch of soft red fur just over her clit. I leaned further over to kiss her. Nicolette moaned, giving me all the encouragement I needed. I moved around between her legs and went down on her. No girl needs pointers on how to get another girl off. But I had some experience with Jinny, which helped. Nicolette showed her appreciation for my skill by pulling my head down harder and humping my face as her husband fucker her throat.We switched positions after she came.

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