Bella raced home, her mind contemplating her future if her parents saw the newspaper. Splashed all over it was her spreading her legs wide for any man willing to get a quick fuck. She knew she would suffer from her actions, if not from teasing from friends who witnessed it, but from her family, if they ever found out. Her heart racing wildly, Bella sprinted faster. She had to get to the paper before they did. *** She saw her fathers’ car parked in the driveway along side her brothers’. Damn it, she thought, this is it, I’m grounded forever. There goes the college education, the new car for my twenty-first birthday, my life. She shyly walked up the steps and tiptoed into the house. Not a soul insight. Silently closing the front door, she turned towards the kitchen where the mail would be. Gölbaşı escort bayan Her hands shook as she reached out to grab the newspaper. Almost there, she thought, almost there. “What do you think you’re doing?” Jake asked. Her brother, twenty-three, all male, green eyes, dark brown hair. “Hey dad, look what we have here!” He snatched her wrist and dragged her into the living room where her father stood facing the fireplace. “Bella, my darling, have a seat.” Her father, Tommy, pointed to the couch. “You have some explaining to do.” Bella gulped in a quick breath. “What are you talking about?” “Ha!” Jake laughed. “Like we wouldn’t find out what a big slut you really are.” Tears formed in her eyes, “It wasn’t like that! It wasn’t! They forced me! Escort Keçiören I was really drunk!” “Your pussy was showing, glistening wet, the look in your eyes,” Tommy went on, “Us men know the look, Bella, and you had it. A female in heat. You wanted to be fucked didn’t you! DIDN’T YOU?!” “No! No no no! I didn’t daddy! I didn’t! I promise! I was forced!” Tears fell down her cheeks. “I’m sorry! I’m sorry.” “We need to teach you a lesson, Bella, right dad?” This time Jake stood up. He had always admired his sisters build, even against the odds, living in an obese world, she managed to stay trim and tough. Her breasts were high, her ass was perfectly round, and seeing the picture first thing this morning, made his mouth water in anticipation of licking Kızılay escort up the prettily shaved pussy displayed all over. Tommy looked at his son and knew what he wanted. Bella. Maybe it was time to teach his little slut a lesson. No body fucks his daughter like that unless he fucked her like that first. “Come with me Bella.” He grabbed her arms and stalked off towards the master bedroom. “What is going on? Jake? Daddy?” Confused she struggled against her fathers hold, managed to break free only to thump against her brother. Jake threw his arms around her fitting her tight against him. He whispered in her ear “You know what we want. You. This is your punishment for harming the family name.” Until that moment Bella didn’t feel the long erection along her asscrack. For some unexplainable reason, thinking about her gorgeous brother being turned on over her made her cunt juices start flowing. Ashamed, she struggled again. Tommy grabbed her by the hair “Enough is enough. Get in there and undress yourself.” Astonished, she obeyed. She had never felt this way about her brother or father.

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