She was going to get it in His Room


He had undone her bra and pushed it and her sweater up above her breasts. He was hotly licking her left nipple. Em could smell her hot pussy, now wetly open in expectation of exciting cock, in her as yet still in place jeans and panties. She knew that he could smell it too and that he was excited by the thought that soon he would invade it. His cock was rigid in his own jeans. She could feel it pressing firmly against her thighs. It was a very hard and very big one, just the way she liked them. Em was lying on the sofa in his suite at the weekend retreat place. It was Saturday afternoon. Most of their corporate colleagues at the annual retreat were off golfing or doing other energetic things. She had excused herself, saying she had some things to do for the next day’s presentations. He had excused himself too, citing some work he really had to do on an upcoming project. They had done this by arrangement, finally made over lunch. His name was David and he worked for the same company but in a different city and in a very different job. He was a young man with a big future. Em knew that from studying the company profile. However, he also had a big immediate future. It was focused entirely on what they both wanted to do. The project involved them fucking each others’ brains out all afternoon. They’d had a chat over drinks in the bar the previous evening. He had flown directly to the resort, an equestrian and golf centre in some pretty mountains near her city. He had travelled with the company chief; he was already a high-flier. Em had driven down to the place, a three-hour drive from her home. It was the company’s annual corporate retreat, supposed to be a relaxing time but always in fact the exact opposite. Networking and presentations Tunalı escort bayan were never easy and never really fun, whatever anyone said about them. Last evening Em had been wearing a country-brown mid-weight skirt, a red shirt allowing a decorous décolleté, and a dun jacket to ward off the chill. It was very nearly what passed for winter in her part of the world. Underneath she had worn her latest purchase, a little red and black bra that had open side panels of the sort that new lovers in particular liked so much. She had teamed this with matching see-through bikini-cut briefs. They would reveal to great effect, to anyone lucky enough to see it, the explicit shadow of her currently favoured ultra-mini landing strip. Em loved to feel sexy and hot. She knew the new panties worked. She had road-tested them after an unscheduled dinner at a hotel with a friend the weekend before last. He had been instantly overcome by them and had fucked her in them. He had done this in his car when they pulled over at a riverside lookout while he was driving her home. Ambrose had been away. Her friend had come to their bed and fucked her naked too. The young man at this weekend’s corporate retreat had caught her close attention immediately. She guessed he was in his late twenties. He was standing at the bar completely at ease, casually chatting with a group of very senior executives. She heard him ask the barman for a glass of tonic water with a slice of lemon in it. She liked that. It was her own favourite ruse on such occasions because it looked just like a G&T. He was tall and well built with neat short brown hair and a face that while not handsome was far from displeasing. She undressed him with her eyes and imagined Escort ulus his washboard tummy, thick cock and powerful thighs. It was not his looks that attracted her, however. It was his sheer presence. He was comfortably in command of his own space. She thought it was unlikely he would ever misstep or utter an unwise comment while in corporate mode. Her juices had flowed immediately. Em had always been of the view that there were some men you just had to fuck. This one was unquestionably of that genre. In a while he wandered over in her direction. Em had found a spot by the log fire. Real flames in a fireplace always stirred her inner pyromaniac. She had made sure he saw her. When he did she had flashed her “I know you think I’m interesting” smile. They had shaken hands and Em had felt that electric charge she always got when someone she really fancied touched her. She saw from his eyes that he had felt it too. Nothing was outwardly obvious, though her pussy had instantly moistened and her nipples became very erect and hard. They had kept their conversation brief and properly corporate, except that Em made a point of saying she would working on something the next afternoon and would be not be on the golf course or doing any of the other things on the schedule. The young man had looked directly into her eyes and laughed. “You don’t like golf? That’s good,” he said. “Pleading work is always a good ruse. I use it myself. I might do that tomorrow. I do have a lot on at the moment.” He smiled at her again and melted her heart. Then he touched her jacket sleeve and she almost jumped out of her skin. “Let’s catch up after lunch tomorrow,” he said. “My masters require my presence now, so I must go, but yenimahalle escort there may be some rescheduling we can do tomorrow afternoon. Would that suit you?” Em’s invisible nipples turned instantly into hot rocks. She felt new, warm dampness between her legs. “Yes,” she said. “I think it would.” After lunch next day Em made her way discreetly to his room. Like hers, it was a junior suite that overlooked a lake and the sixth tee on the golf course. She had prepared for the tryst with the utmost care. She had showered and then oiled her body. She had given her already perfectly manicured landing strip a little extra attention. She had scented her pussy with essence of smoked sandalwood. It was a favoured indulgence of hers. Then she had splashed her favourite Chanel perfume around quite liberally. She was wearing a red wool wraparound skirt with a hem to hip split on the left and a natural wool polo neck sweater. Underneath she had on an extraordinarily tiny white bra and a little white lace string that simply shouted Fuck Me. Then she had put on her favourite black coral earrings, her Movado watch on her left wrist and a big gold bangle on her right. Her hair was swinging loose in her new shoulder-length cut, long enough to tease a cock when she wanted but short enough not to get in the way. She wondered as she walked in her country heels along the passageway to his room whether he might first just pull the little string aside and lick her in it. She did hope so. The thought of him doing that had kept her awake for an hour or so last night. David answered the door wearing blue chinos and a white cotton shirt through which a mat of dark chest hair was apparent. He said, “You look utterly lovely,” and kissed her lightly on the cheek. They went through to the living area of the suite. He motioned to the sofa and said, “Sit down and get comfortable. I’m having Bourbon with ice. Is that your sort of poison? Em said it was. He looked pleased and got her the drink from the wet bar. Then he sat down beside her, on her left.

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