Summer of ’76


August 1976.It was so hot that the sun was literally scorching!I couldn’t remember a summer so hot. The tar on the roads was melting and the grass was turning yellow but here in the park I was enjoying laying back and feeling the sun on my arms and legs. The park was quite busy, after all it was Sunday and no-one was going to stay indoors in this glorious weather.I was on a slight slope looking up at the clear blue sky, the big plastic sunglasses protecting my eyes. All around I could faintly hear the traffic and noises of the big city and the frequent roar of a jet plane that had taken off from Heathrow, heading off to goodness knows where. More prevalent though were the birds tweeting and pigeons cooing.Every now and then a squirrel would appear, looking for titbits that visitors and locals alike would feed them. They were quite tame and I had seen one take food from a visitors hand on many occasions. I loved London’s parks. Although I loved the hustle and bustle of the city life it was nice to come here for the relative peace and quiet and enjoy the sunshine.I enjoyed seeing and hearing the children playing and cyclists and horse riders passing by.I hitched my short denim skirt up a little so that the sun could reach as much of my legs as possible without showing too much thigh, and I had bunched the waist of my thin polyester blouse up under my breasts. The heat on my abdomen was exhilarating.I also had a wide straw hat but that was on the grass beside me with my handbag.I closed my eyes and drifted of into a half sleep. I couldn’t sleep fully as I was all too aware of getting burnt and I never felt safe in public. People always made me nervous. I don’t know why, I had never had reason to be afraid but, nevertheless, I hated crowds so although I was dozing I was also listening and, occasionally, would open an eye.I stayed there for several hours, just enjoying doing nothing for once. My husband was away, working, and I had no family nearby so this was sheer bliss.The sun moved slowly across the sky and afternoon became evening. The park was beginning to empty as people went home for their evening meals or went to one of the many restaurants and cafes that surrounded it.I decided that it was time for me too to head for home. I got to my feet, smoothed down my skirt and unraveled my blouse, being polyester it had not creased too much. I picked up my straw hat and placed it on my head and then bent down for my bag.As I didn’t live in the city itself I headed for the Escort Beşevler bus stop at the edge of the park. I didn’t have to wait long as the buses were so frequent and within a minute I was on the platform of the number 53, a bright red Routemaster that was so well known to Londoners and visitors alike.I always liked to sit on the top deck and look down on the traffic and people with a view that was unobstructed by most street furniture such as bus shelters and the like so I climbed the stairs and found a seat about half way down on the left side. I was half aware of two boys following me up the stairs chuckling to each other. They were probably trying to get a look up my skirt but they would not see anything but my stripy cotton knickers. Maybe that was enough for them.I sat by the window and watched the park disappear as the bus pulled away. My mind wandered as I thought about the pleasant day I had just enjoyed.”‘ello Darlin’!”It was the taller of the two boys. About seventeen, thickset and scruffy. I looked up.”Hello,” I replied and turned back to the window.”We saw yer in the park, me ‘n’ ‘im.” He gestured to the other boy, skinny and quiet, very shy looking.”Oh,” I said, without looking at them.”Well fit,” he continued.”Thank you,” again not looking. I was getting a bit irritated by now but he didn’t stop. Instead he sat beside me and put his hand on my leg.”Gorgeous legs.”I told him to stop but he wouldn’t move his hand. He started to slide it up my leg, under my skirt.I tried to push his hand away but he was too strong.”Playin’ ‘ard t’ get are we?” he laughed, “I like a woman wiv spirit.””Come on, Tommy,” his friend pleaded. “She doesn’t want to.””‘course she does, don’t yer darlin’?””Please,” I begged him. “Leave me alone.””Give us a kiss then.”He moved near to me, his lips puckered, breath reeking of cigarettes and alcohol.I was frightened now and stood up and tried to get past him but he also stood and trapped me in. I pushed him and raised my knee sharply towards his groin but he was ready and stepped back too quickly. Suddenly, my head seemed to explode with a bright flash. He punched me so hard I fell backwards onto the seat. I couldn’t see properly for a moment as my head was full of flashes of light.”That’s for tryin’ t’ cripple me! I’ll teach you yer slag!”He leaned forward and ripped the front of my blouse open, tearing it and pulling off some buttons.”No, please!” I begged him. “Please… don’t!””You’re goin’ Çankaya escort t’ get what you deserve yer bitch!” I felt his hands go under my skirt and start to pull at my knickers but I lifted my knees so he couldn’t get them down. As he tore them from under my bottom he fell forward onto me. I thought he was going to kiss me while he raped me so I turned my head to the side in disgust, all the time crying:”No, please! Stop it! Don’t!”He didn’t move.I slowly opened my eyes. I tried to focus, to see who was there and gradually I realised it was the conductress.”You all right love?” she asked nervously. “Has he hurt you?” I pushed him off me and stood up then put my hand to my eye. I could feel wetness from my tears but sticky also, there was a little blood.”I… I think so,” I stammered shakily.”Did he…?,” she enquired apprehensively .”Oh, no, thank goodness, no. You were just in time.”I sat on the edge of the seat shivering violently. Crouching beside me she put her arm around me and said,”There, there. You are all right now.”I lay my head against her shoulder. I couldn’t cry, I just felt so numb and so cold. I couldn’t stop trembling. Eventually I asked, “What did you do to him?””Hit him with my ticket machine,” she grinned and then, suddenly, put her had to her mouth, “Oh Blimey!” she said, “I hope I haven’t killed him!”She turned then and picked up his hand. Placing two fingers on the front of his wrist she waited a while.”Phew, a pulse,” she breathed, relieved then turned to me and said, “I’ll get the driver to go straight to the police station.”I shook my head.”No, please. I couldn’t go through all that. I just want to go home.”The would be rapist groaned and began to sit up, holding his head.”What ‘appened? Where am I?”Legs planted firmly apart and ticket machine swinging from her hand, she told him,”Get off my bus, you sick bastard or you’ll get another!”Dragging himself to his feet he looked at her, then at me, then back at her. Realising the situation he staggered to the back of the bus and down the stairs.”I don’t think you will be seeing him again,” she smiled and then, holding out her hand, “Maggie.”I took her hand and held it tightly, saying, “Thank you, Maggie. Thank you so very much. I am Anna.””Let’s get you sorted out, Anna.”I lifted my skirt and pulled up my pants. They were a little torn but otherwise intact. My blouse was another matter. I pulled it together but it was too torn and too many buttons gone to stay Cebeci escort bayan together.”I’ve got some pins in my bag I’ll go and get them.””No! Don’t leave me on my own, Please!” I begged her.”All right, sweetheart, all right. We’ll sort it out later.”I looked at her. “Was it my fault, Maggie? Do I look available, dressed like this? Am I slutty?””No, Lovey, of course not! He was just a sick pervert who thought he could do as he pleased. No wonder I hate men!”I was shocked! “Maggie! They are not all like that!””No?” she looked hard at me. “Many are though, Love. I’ve seen enough of them last a lifetime!”I looked out of the window. “I am nearly home,” I told her. “I wish my husband was home.””Well….” she began. “I finish work at the end of this run. would like me to stay with you until he comes home?””That is very sweet of you, Maggie, but he won’t be back until tomorrow.””Tell you what, I will stay until you go to bed. How’s that?””You don’t have to. I’ll be all right once I am home.””Look, Anna, you’ve had a shock. I’ll take you home and make sure you are settled, yes?”I nodded. “Yes, all right then, Maggie. Thank you.”I stayed on the bus with her until we reached the garage and then she walked with me to my home. I didn’t live far from the it and it was still very warm but I was shivering.Once inside my house I was able to relax a bit. I had never met Maggie before but I was very comfortable in her presence. Now I looked at her I could see she was very pretty. She had taken off her jacket and tie and her short, blonde hair suited her soft face. She was small, only about five feet tall and aged about thirty but she could obviously handle herself. Her crisp white uniform shirt fitted loosely and was tucked into black twill trousers. From behind she could easily have been mistaken for a boy but from where I was sitting she was pretty as a picture.Suddenly I came to my senses and realised I was staring at her.”Oh, I’m sorry!” I blushed. “I didn’t mean to stare.” I lowered my eyes in embarrassment.”It’s all right,” she replied. “Don’t worry. What were you thinking about?”I blushed even deeper, if that were possible.”Hmm?” she prompted me to speak.”Just how pretty you are.” I stared at the floor, my face burning.”Aww, thank you,” she said. “You’re not exactly a dog, yourself!” She laughed and the sound was like the tinkling of summer rain.”Now then,” she went on. “Lets have a look at your eye.”She lifted my chin and looked at the damage. “That’s going to be a real shiner. Pity, you have beautiful eyes.”I looked into her gorgeous deep blue eyes and whispered: “So have you.”I leaned forward and kissed her lips and she responded with a gentle, open kiss but then pulled back a little and said softly, “Anna, you have had a terrible shock. Stop and think for minute”.

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