The Education of Diana (ch. 03)


The night had brought rain. Diana listened to it splattering against her window. She wasn’t sleeping, even though it was after midnight. She had been reading some Emily Dickinson while listening to music. She was thinking about what would come about here in this new town. It was a village, actually. That’s what they kept telling her in the shops, when they thought she was a tourist. The store clerks all wanted to tell you about the history and culture of their “village.”  Well, it was interesting, she did have to admit that. Settled by French people in the 17th century. Lots of people here still spoke French amongst themselves. Maybe she would take French in school. If they offered it. Such a small school. Tony had told her that there were only about one hundred students in the high school. Diana was used to a school where they had at least a thousand. Now she was enjoying the sound of the precipitation. Diana would often go for walks in the rain. Hearing the drops beating against her umbrella was soothing to her. And she didn’t mind getting wet. As long as she didn’t get too cold. She did hate that. She was always the one most bundled up when outside. Tony said it got really cold here in winter because they were right on the coast. The dampness made it feel even colder than it was. Diana would just have to get used to it. Tony surfed in the summer. In winter it was possible with a wet suit, but she didn’t have one. But she was saving her money to buy one someday. Tony liked to surf in the special cove. It wasn’t crowded there, like down at the village’s public beach on the harbor. As the water trickled down her window she thought back. Diana had given Tony her cell phone number the second time they met down on the beach by the bay. Fishing boats were coming in from the sea, and the sandy beach had been crowded with summer visitors. The two girls had chatted for hours it seemed. It was funny that they could be friends so quickly. At least, Diana thought so. She hadn’t had a girl friend for a long time. elvankent escort bayan Tony was special. When they parted that time they had each put their number in the other’s phone. Tony was the only person in Diana’s phone that wasn’t family. She felt her face getting flushed as she remembered how Tony had given her a peck on her lips, right there in front of the world. But she had to admit it wasn’t bad. She liked it. Tony was the first person to ever kiss her lips. Except her mother, of course. Now she was feeling so good, lying in bed with just her camisole and panties on. As she remembered their jaunt up to the secret cove she unconsciously opened her legs slightly. She was thinking of Tony and the way she smiled. Tony wore lipstick, but that’s all. Her skin was tanned, but it was still soft. Diana had soft skin too. Tony called it creamy. Diana and Tony went to the cove last week. It wasn’t really too far away. They took two bikes from Tony’s backyard shed and rode up there. It was only five miles up the coast. Then they had to climb down a trail that was overgrown with brush. You couldn’t see it from the gravel road. Tony was carrying the basket with their stuff. Just some cold chicken and salad. Plus their beach towels. She was wearing her bikini under a man’s shirt. Diana had on her bikini and her usual long-sleeved shirt and yoga pants. She didn’t want to get sunburned. They both had on some sandals. “This looks a little dangerous. Be careful Tony.” “Don’t be silly, DiDi. Been down this trail lots of times. It’s cool girl.” Just then Diana stepped on a pebble and her foot slipped out. She squealed. The cliff had seemed terribly high. But Tony had spun around and caught her arm. “You okay?” Tony was breathing heavily now. “Don’t do that. You scared me to death. Okay, now you be careful little girl.” They were down in just another minute or so, laughing as they stepped onto the pebbled shore. There was sand covering parts of the beach. They put their Escort emek beach towels down and took off their outer wear. Diana had brought a CD player so they could have some music. But they didn’t bother using it. They were busy talking. Diana had been putting on her sunscreen. She did hate to get freckles. As she was spreading it over her legs Tony took the lotion and put some in her palm. “Are you going to put on that stuff? I thought you liked to get tan.” “No, I’m not gonna use it. I thought I’d help you. Here, I’ll get your back. Hold still silly girl. I won’t bite you.” When the lotion had begun spreading across her shoulders and back Diana had started. This was new for her. It was okay though. Tony was a friend. It was fine. It was about an hour later when Tony brought it up. The reason they came to this secret place. “I’m gonna go ahead and take off the bikini. You mind DiDi? That’s why we’re here, right?” She was sharing her infectious grin. “Of course not. I mean, you told me this was the place. I guess I will too.” She knew her face was cherry red. She slowly began untying her top. Tony had jumped up and had her bikini off in a few seconds, stepping out of the bikini bottom. She stretched her arms up above her head and her breasts drew up a little. Then she lowered her arms and they fell down, but still firm and taut. Her nipples were small and dark brown. Diana couldn’t help looking. She didn’t stand up. When she laid her top on the towel she slowly pulled her bikini bottom down, lifting up her butt, and then down her legs. She pulled her legs up and looked down demurely. Then she looked up at Tony. “Looking good, girl. This is nice. I love the sun myself. You need to get some of that lotion on your naughty parts now, DiDi. Want me to put some on for you again?” She grinned. “Alright.” Diana’s shyness was almost about to overcome her. But she held her breath, and then sighed quiveringly. “Here, this won’t take a minute. Not much to cover up. Your back just eryaman escort has this strip. There. Now let me get your tits.” She laughed. “It’s alright little girl. I’m just putting on some lotion. Hey, you have sweet nipples. You know? Puffy. That’s cute. Okay, you want to get the other place down there? Can’t let that get burned.” Diana went ahead and put the sunscreen on her pubic triangle, and then, because she was still a little tongue-tied, she put more of the lotion on the rest of her body. Tony was leaning back on her elbows with her long legs stretched out and spread apart. She had more pubic hair than Diana. But it didn’t look bad. Soon they were chatting again. Talking about music and movies and books. Just enjoying themselves. It was all going to be alright. Diana was feeling good now. So good. And Tony was holding her hand. It was warm, and damp, and it felt right. Now, as she was lying in bed with the thunder crashing outside, she smiled to herself. She slowly reached up and touched her breasts. She felt her nipples. Yes, they were puffy. Tony thought they were cute. It had always embarrassed her, but if Tony thought they were okay, then it was all okay. They were getting a little hard now. It felt good. Diana had never touched herself much. Just to wash in the shower. Her legs were still spread apart and her other hand hesitantly went to her panties. She touched herself on the outside. She could feel dampness. She pressed down at the stop of her damp lips. She jumped as a tingle went through her, and her hand squeezed her breast. She was breathing heavily now. Was this alright? That’s enough, she thought. She needed to sleep. This seemed too naughty. No one did this in any books she had ever read. She pulled the sheet up to cover herself, and turned onto her side pulling her legs up. She didn’t sleep quickly, but as she drifted into a doze she remembered the special kiss Tony gave her as they were there in their secret cove. Just the one kiss, but it lasted for hours it seemed. Tony had held her head, caressing her cheek and wavy hair. Then they put their clothes back on, gathered up their stuff, and climbed back up the cliffside. It was only about thirty minutes later when she walked up to her porch and entered the house. There was a text on her phone as she walked into her room.

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