The Education of Richard Part 04


(All characters are 18, all sizes are ridiculous. Think of it more as a literary cartoon than a work of serious fiction. If you would like to hear me read this, or other works, or read the conclusion of this before I post it here, feel free to contact me. Enjoy!)His reputation proceeded him. I knew what he’d done to our coach and our drama teacher and two students. I knew he was swinging 23 inches of cock around above a long scrotum that was stuffed almost to the bursting point with a pair canteloupe size balls. I knew he’d had tits bigger than my comparatively meager F cups. I knew he could fuck for hours and would invariably cum like a garden hose. I knew he could bring such raw and inbridled pleasure to anyone he fucked that their cries of joy and extacy would be heard throughout the school. I knew he could bring such raw and unbridled pleasure to anyone he fucked that their cries of joy and ecstacy would be heard throughout the school.I knew all of these things already, and yet nothing could prepare me for the shock of seeing him, tall, muscular, handsome, and oh my fucking god, fucking hung. The bulge of his absurd trouser snake was more akin to a pant-leg python that was trying to make an escape all the way down his leg.Somehow, my mouth was watering yet dry at the same time. I found it hard to talk.“You must be Richard,” I said.“I’m up here,” he shot back, pointing a finger towards his face. I dragged my eyes up to meet his.“Sorry.” I coughed. “Let’s not beat around the bush, Richard. You have an enormous cock. Larger than any anyone has ever seen.”“Okay,” said Richard, seeming a little cross as he sat down. “Why does that mean I have to come see you?”“Because your frequent sexual contact with our faculty is of some concern. You can’t get through high school by fucking your way to an ‘A’ in every class, Richard.”He smirked. “What, do you think my fucking only warrants a C+?”“That’s not what I’m getting at! I want to schedule a parent-teacher conference between your teachers and your mother. She needs to understand that you can’t home school a child for eleven years and then just drop him into this 12 th grade environment without some…” I rubbed my legs together “…friction.”“Will you be at the conference ma’am?” he asked.“No Richard, I’m trying to limit this to the faculty you’ve had sexual relations with.”“Oh, well in that case…” Richard stood, reached into his pants flipped his wrist up, more than a foot of soft cock flying into the air, then he slapped it down heavily on my desk.His cock was so long it went across my blotter Ankara escort and the head dangled over the edge. I stared at the monstrosity.“Okay. I’ll be there,” I tonelessly murmured, leaning down to flick my tongue against that dangling doorknob of a head, batting it all over with sloppy little licks. Keeping my head craned down I slowly crawled up on my desk, straddling his endless, soft shaft and placing worshipful little kiss-licks all along it, moving on my hands and knees. When I reached his hairless root, I gave a little gasp. Not at the fact that he was growing larger and larger between my thighs, but at the site of his humongous balls which dangled far beneath his fat prick.I spilled forward and a little to the side, trying to gracefully dismount the desk, but falling tits-first to the floor more. I sat up with a pouty expression and found myself face-to-face with that super-low-slung sperm-sack. The balls themselves were simply massive, like a pair of heavy cannonballs, and beneath that huge weapon they somehow seemed just as dangerous.My mouth started to run as I blushed deep. I hate it, but I have this penchant for talking dirty too much during any sexual encounter, like my pussy reached up through my body and just takes hold of the speech-center of my brain. I hate it, but god it makes me wet when I say things like, “Oh my God, Richard, you’ve got balls like a fucking elephant. I bet you’ve got a fucking gallon of tasty jizz-jam in those humongous fucking nuts, I bet you want me to lick ’em, and suck ’em, and put ’em between my tits to get ’em nice and full for me.” I tugged and massaged them as I continued, “I bet you love having such big fat heavy hanging chin-punchers. I bet you wanna smear ’em all over my fucking face, I bet you wanna get them coated in my makeup and I bet you want me to clean ’em after you do.”Richard’s eyes grew wide, he clearly hadn’t heard quite this level of obscene talk before and I blushed deeper, cramming my mouth full of his tasty ball-bag just to avoid any more of this nasty narration. I fought hard to cram a bulging nut into my small but dirty mouth, moaning against the monster-nad, fighting with it as I desperately tried to get it to stay. When I Finally worked it in, it still didn’t exactly fit, and I must have looked quite the slut with a big fat testical three-quarters of the way in my mouth, my frothy drool spilling out over the fat back-side of it that still stuck out.Richard didn’t seem to mind my inability, leaning forward to brace himself on the desk as Balgat escort bayan I slavishly worshiped his gob-stopping gonad, my tongue tracing shapes all over the surface of his lusty-leg slapper. I craned my neck, attacking his other one from the backside, only able to suck half a nut in this way, but doing my best to compensate with my hands, massaging my drooling mouth mess into the surface of his sack.When I finally pulled back, I watched as a tendril of drool slowly stretched between my face and his nuts, then snapped and dropped to the floor. I caught my breath and then my stupid mouth fired off again.“You like that, you big fucking stud? You enjoy watching my whoreslobber drip from your big fat nuts when I’m done sucking ’em? You like making me taste your nasty fuckin’ spooge-bombs? Making my lips ache when I try to get ’em in, my jaw pop just to fit ’em? Yeah, you know you do, look how hard that fucking cock is getting. What is that fucking thing, two feet? You like having a fucking monster cock, don’tcha? You like cramming it in mouths and cunts and shoving it between tits and ass cheeks? You like rubbing that huge fuckin’ head in faces just to watch pussies melt and mouth’s drool? Well I’m fucking drooling for it stud… stick it in my mouth…face fuck me… ravage my fuckin’ skull… come on, don’t make me beg. I will. I will beg just to suck a fuckin’ cock like that, but don’t make me do it, this is fucking embarrassing.”And it was! My face was completely red…why couldn’t I shut up? Why wouldn’t he do the gentlemanly thing and stop my mouth with a nice big fat cock?But then he did just that, shoving himself insistently into my yap, parting my lips wide to accommodate his girth. Richard would have a difficult time fitting his cock into a turtle-neck shirt let alone my much smaller mouth, but somehow I managed. My lips peeled around his prick like a second foreskin, and it was all I could do to distract myself by licking him. My tongue was amazed at the the topography of his cock, the rises and ridges, the veiny rivers and mountainous come-channel, the trace of his tendons and always always always the heat of him. With so much blood flowing into such a monstrous organ it was no wonder the thing cooked up like a kilbasa on the grill.Richard was gentle with me. He’d fuck a little in, pushing my lips in, then pull out a bit, still leaving his especially challenging head in, then push in a bit more, barely claiming more territory with each thrust. But claim it he did, and soon I taking five Escort Batıkent or six inches of him in my little gob, rolling my head on him to pleasure him, cheeks hollowing as I sucked and bobbed, eyes closed in the pure bliss of a cocksucker at work.“You should have my mom teach you to do this. She can take a lot!” Richard said, casually, like being an incestuous fuckbuddy with your mother is completely normal. My eyes went wide and I pulled back in an impressive burst of precum, squinting as it all pelted my face.“You’ve gotten head from your mom?”“Sure. Says she can’t help it on account of my size.”“Oh boy… this is going to be quite a parent teacher conference then.” But I wasn’t as horrified as I should be somehow. I can’t explain it, but the thought of joining Richard’s mom for a good screw made me even moister. Richard’s mom was HOT. Humongous tits, full lips, a tight body, much taller than my super-petite frame. It’s hard to feel one’s bisexual side when kneeling before a prick bigger than a baseball bat, but somehow I was managing.I grinned up at him wickedly and let my voice needle him a little.“Hey Richard? You like it when your momma sucks your cock? Does it make you feel like a big fucking man to watch that pussy-pounder vanish between those sexy lips of hers? Does she jack you with those big fat titties of hers? Did you get to fuck the cunt you came out of yet? If you did, I bet any future brothers of yours will get cold from the fucking draft. Hell, I think you made my mouth just a little bigger now… did you enjoy that? Did you like making your Guidance Counselor gargle a little of your precum there?”“You sure ask a lot of questions, ma’am,” Richard said, grabbing me by the hips and spinning me, holding me completely upside-down in front of his balrog of a fuckbeast, shoving his head crudely between my thighs to start tongue-slapping my helpless little clitty as his cockhead slipped and slapped around between my tits.I’d like to say I was a more active participant in what happened next, but the fact of the matter, is that Richard skillfully used me as he pleasured me, his hungry mouth sucking at my little button and each of my pussy-lips in turn, his arms moving at the same time to effortlessly jack himself off between my still bra-clad breasts, his precum still seeping out to coat my white blouse in a nasty, nipple-revealing wetness. You can bet my mouth wouldn’t shut up about that.“Oh oh! OH fuck I didn’t know I could enjoy my tits this much! Do it Richard, baby, jack your big fat fuckstick off between my big fat titties, come on, make ’em bounce more! Jiggle my juggs, stud! Punish my pontoons! I want your big fucking cock to make me into a dong-dew drenched dicksucking doll.” Richard actually snickered at this last alliteration.“HEY! Did I say you could stop chewing my clit, boy!?” Richard smirked mischievously.

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