A Fun Trip To Denver


Sean and Kayla were on their way to Denver for a friend’s wedding. They had pulled out of home early and was now about halfway across Kansas. Kayla had been a little cross with Sean for the first few hours. He had rousted her out of bed early that morning, but she was now stretched out in the passenger seat of Sean’s convertible, napping.Sean couldn’t keep from looking over at her every once in a while. When they had left home, she was in a sweatshirt and a baggy pair of sweat pants. As the sun came up and it got hotter, she lost the sweat pants, and the sweatshirt soon followed. Now she was stretched out in a pair of loose nylon running shorts and a skin-tight tank top.  The top was tight enough that it was obvious that she wasn’t wearing a bra.While glancing over at her, he was also noticing that every time he passed a truck, the driver had his face plastered against the window, taking her in as well. He rightly guessed that the truckers were warning the next guy up ahead to watch out for the little Mustang with the blonde in the passenger seat. The thought of them trying to get a good look at her kind of excited him. The longer it went, the more excited he got thinking of these guys ogling her. He even slowed esat escort down to give them a better look.As they went along, Sean couldn’t help but start getting a bit horny to himself. After all, every time Kayla stretched in her seat, it seemed to pull her tank top tighter. Her nipples, not small by any means, seemed to be growing under that tank top as well.What Sean hadn’t noticed was Kayla’s slight glances at him while pretending to be asleep. She knew he was enjoying showing her off to the truckers. Every time she shifted, she made sure to catch the material of her tank top and tug it tighter. Now she was silently debating how to turn the heat up on him and the truckers they were passing.As they passed, a few trucks blew their air horns. She could just imagine Sean cringing that it would wake her and put an end to his little fun. Instead of waking her, since she was already faking sleep, it gave her an idea of how to really stoke Sean’s embers.She started lightly moaning like she was having a dream in her sleep. As she did, she let one hand slip down until it was lying in her lap right over the crotch of her running shorts. Sean noticed this right away. As Sean stole glances etimesgut escort bayan at her, she curled her fingers slightly and dragged them across her nylon covered crotch. As she did, she moaned a little louder; after all, it did feel good.When she moaned louder, Sean glanced up to her face, but she was ready for him. She had turned her head towards the door so that he couldn’t see her face clearly. She moaned again and flexed her fingers harder against her crotch. She just about gave away her little game when a trucker they were passing laid down on his airhorn in approval. It startled the hell out of her, but she held it together and stayed motionless.She felt the car speed up as Sean hit the gas to get away from that truck driver. She couldn’t help but chuckle internally at Sean, getting away from him. She was pretty sure his only reason was he didn’t want the crazy bastard to wake her up. That would spoil all of the fun. After a bit, she felt the car slow and chanced a glance at Sean. He was studying the road intently.After Sean slowed the car down, Kayla decided to up her game. With her face still turned away from him, she moaned louder as she slid her hand under Escort etlik the loose leg of her shorts. The way she was twisted in the seat, it allowed her to slip her hand inside her shorts with ease. With her nylon running shorts, she didn’t wear panties; they had their own light panty liner, but it was so thin she could feel her pussy like it was bare.In the reflection of a shiny piece of door trim, she caught Sean glancing over at her again. When she saw this, she slid her hand further along her pussy inside of her shorts. She could easily feel the wetness soaking that thin liner already. She pressed down harder with a couple of fingers, stimulating herself even more. To keep Sean’s interest focused on her actions and not her sleeping, she let a protracted moan slip.Not being able to watch what was coming up was a bit of a pain. There had seemed to be a lull in trucks, but every so often, they’d pass one. Luckily none had gone airhorn crazy again. There had been a few lighter horn beeps or a quick blast on the airhorn showing the trucker’s appreciation of what she was doing. It made it a whole lot easier for Kayla to continue teasing her pussy and pretend to be asleep.She had gone from slipping her hand along her pussy to outright fingering herself. She had pushed the little panty liner to the side and had slipped first one finger and then a second into her now drenched pussy. She would steal a glance as often as she could at Sean and saw he had one hand on his cock, rubbing it through his shorts.

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