A Get-Away Weekend – Part 3


Here we were standing leaning against a large tree in the middle of nowhere, kissing like a couple of school kids on their first date. Within a minute we were both breathing hard and losing our sense of where we were and what we were doing. You were wearing a long sleeved pullover that I had pulled out of your jeans in short order. In nothing flat my hands were under the top and caressing both of your breasts and running my thumbs over your nipples. When you moaned with pleasure I pulled the top up and sucked your right nipple into my mouth, lashing it with my tongue and moaning myself with the pure pleasure of tasting your magnificent breasts. My mouth was moving from one breast to the other, my mouth from one nipple to the other, scraping my teeth over your very hard nipples and each time making you cry out. You pulled my head back and said, “Don’t you think we are being a little loud,” in an almost breathless voice. “Who’s going to hear?” I asked. “You make a good point,” you said. Then taking my face in your hands you asked, “What do you plan to do to me?” “My plan is to make love to you,” I said. “I plan to get you completely naked and enjoy your body and hope that you enjoy mine.” “Are you planning on enjoying me right here?” you asked. Having the feeling that maybe this was a trick question I said, “Where would you like for me to enjoy you?” “I don’t want you to think I’m kinky,” you said softly. “My love,” I said, “I know that you are kinky and so am I, so don’t even bother with that. If there is something you want to do I want to hear about it. We are all alone in the middle of BFE. We can scream our bloody heads off and only the local sheep will hear.” You pulled me to you again and kissed me hard once more, giving me a long and exciting kiss that had me ready to go right here and right now. Finally you said, “I would like to go back to our bedroom if you don’t mind.” “How could I possibly mind?” I asked. “It is a beautiful bedroom with a great bed and the chances of you being naked on it are very good. How bad can that be?” “Well,” you said softly while running your hands through my hair. “There is a reason that I want to go back there.” “And that is?” I asked. “There is something there that I want to use,” you said with a shy smile. My senses were working overtime now so I took you by the arm and led you back to the house. We picked up our glasses, refilled them in the kitchen and headed for the bedroom. Once we were there and set our glasses down you pulled me into another embrace and we kissed for several minutes. When you finally pulled away from my mouth you said, “What I wanted to use up here is right there,” and you pointed. I turned and looked and for a second didn’t see what you were pointing at and then focused on the tube of lube. It took my brain a bit to get into gear and then I turned to you and said, “Is that what you want?” “Yes baby,” you said very softly. “You’ve made love to every part of me in the past two days and now that’s what I want. That’s where I want to feel you. Is that OK?” I put my hands on the side of your face and said, “Are you kidding? I would do you anytime, any place. And what you want is incredibly sexy.” I pulled you to me and kissed you feverishly. Once again we were in a frenzy in only seconds and you began to pull at my clothes. I stopped you saying, “Stop now and let me do this.” You stood still looking into my eyes and watched as I slowly removed everything you were wearing until you were standing in front of me completely naked. To your surprise I did not put my hand between your legs or fondle your breasts. I held you by the shoulders and admired your naked beauty. Then I said, “Stand right here and don’t move.” Then stepping behind you I turned down the sheets so that most of the bed was open. Then I got back in front of you and said, “I want you to lie down and the bed from side to side. I want you to lie down on your tummy so that I can see your fantastic ass. And when you are there I’m going to open your legs so that I can see you and then I’ll undress.” I could see a glistening in your eyes that I knew came from excitement and anticipation. You turned around to face the bed and as I touched your arms you scooted forward on the sheets and lay on your tummy, with your face very near the edge of the bed on the opposite side. When you were laying flat I put my hands on your ankles and said, “Now open for me, baby.” As I held your ankles, together we spread your legs out so that I could see your shinny, wet pussy and your rosebud that was soon going to be mine. I stood back and with my eyes on your body began to undress, slowly removing my clothes and thinking of what would soon happen. Just as I stood up completely naked you asked, “Are you hard, baby?” “Am I hard?” I repeated. “Am I hard? I am like stone from looking at you and desiring you.” Then with no idea of what I was doing I walked around the bed until I was standing directly by your head and said, “Turn over on your back, darlin’. Turn over for me.” Without discussion you rolled over on your back. I took your shoulders and said, “Now slide back until your head is off of the bed.” Again you followed my instruction and let your head drop off of the side. As you looked back and saw me I moved so that my cock was directly over your nose. “Open your mouth for me,” I commanded. “I want you to feel how hard I am.” You opened your mouth and I put the head of my rock hard cock into your mouth. I pushed my hips forward forcing it deeper into your throat. As I started to move slowly in and out of your mouth my balls were sliding over your eyes and nose and I said, “Is it hard baby? It is hard enough? Is this what you want?” You took my cock out of your mouth but then dropped your head back and licked the underside of my balls, which sent currents of electricity through me. “You know what I want,” you said Göztepe escort bayan in a husky voice, “Now give it to me,” and rolled back on your tummy. I walked back around the bed and started to reach for your ankles, but before I could you spread your legs for me so that I could see everything. I picked up the tube of lube and crawled onto the bed with one my knees between your knees and the other on your left side. I pushed a fairly large amount of lube onto my right hand and then moved over to my left side. Just before I touched the lube to you I said, “Feel this, baby,” and then slowly pressed the hand and the lube to your rosebud. “Does that feel good?” I asked. I slowly rubbed my hand around you, making light circles without applying any pressure. “You have such a sweet ass,” I whispered and I can’t wait to get inside it,” I whispered. I added a little more lube and then began to push one finger into your rosebud and whispered, “Do you like that, baby?” Once I had the finger completely inside you I began to slowly move it in and out and said softly, “I want my cock inside you darlin’. In just a second I’m going to have my cock in there and then I am going to fuck your beautiful ass until I explode. Is that what you want?” For the first time in quite a while you responded to me, “Yes, baby. That’s what I want. Please don’t tease me. I want you inside me.” “Say it again,” I said as I continued to slide my finger in and out, “Tell me again that you want me inside you right here.” Now louder you said, “Yes Baby, please. Don’t tease me. I want all of you deep in me right now.” I rolled over between your legs and added a little more lube to my extremely hard cock and positioned myself over you. I pressed the head to your opening and pressed hard enough to put the head completely in. Then before I could say or do anything you pressed you ass hard back against me, pushing my cock deep inside you. You made a loud groan and said, “Yes, Baby. That’s what I want. Now give me more.” I positioned myself behind you and began a slow, rhythmic motion in and out of your ass. It was such a good feeling. You were so hot and tight and the cheeks of your ass were so cool against my skin. When I pushed in, your ass cheeks were so soft and inviting. Then I felt you pushing back against me, pushing your ass hard against me to force me to move faster. I heard you say, “Come on lover. Give me what I want. This feels so damned good. Please, baby.” So I rose on my hands so that I could be in a better position and began to thrust into you. The lube made me slide smoothly and your tightness and heat were incredible. Now I was thrusting away, in and out, in and out, and listening to the noises you were making. Listening to the sounds of my skin slapping against yours. Listening to my own breathing. You were lifting you ass up against me on my down strokes to drive me deeper and deeper inside you. I could feel my orgasm rising and bent close to your ear and whispered, “Baby, I love you. You are so sexy that I just don’t ever want to stop making love to you.” You responded, although your voice was weak, “I love you too, baby.” “Do you want me to cum inside you?” I asked. “Do you want me to fill you up with my hot cum?” “Yes, Baby,” you responded in a much stronger voice. “That’s what I want you to do. Please, Baby. That’s what I want.” And now your ass was flying into me. You wanted me to cum hard and soon and there was no doubt in my mind that both would happen. “I’m cuming, baby,” I said in a not too soft whisper as I slammed into you over and over. I made one final thrust deep into you and then emptied myself, shooting hot jets of cum into you over and over again. While I felt drained I simply could not bring myself to pull out. I didn’t want to lay my heavy body on yours, but I didn’t want lose the feeling of your soft, sweet cheeks as they felt against me. “You feel so good to me, my love,” whispered. “I don’t want to move, but I must.” “Come here and kiss me,” you said softly. And I rolled over by your side with my face near yours. You put your arm around my neck and pulled me to your mouth and gave me a wonderful, slow kiss that made me tingle all over. “I love the way you make love to me,” you said very softly. “Every part of me wants you. I mean it, baby. Every single part of me.” We kissed again, long and deeply. There was nothing frantic now, but the passion was deep and hot. You looked into my eyes and I felt like you were searching my soul and said quietly, “I will want you again before the night is over. And I will want you in the morning. I will want you every minute we are here and while we are driving home. I promise to deny you nothing and will only want to make you as unbelievably happy as you have made me every day we have been together. Baby, I know that you have doubted me from time to time, but I want you to know that I love you very deeply and I want to make you happy by being the woman you want me to be.” I kissed you for a long minute and then said, “You will make me happy by being the woman that you want to be. I could not love you more. I could not be more proud of you, but I don’t want to ever think that you were doing something other than what you wanted to do or felt that you needed to do for me. You want to make me happy? Love me, that’s all I ask of you.” You hugged me very tightly for a while and then moved away so that we could look into each other’s eyes. “Baby,” you said, “I do not want to move from this spot ever again. However, if I don’t pee very quickly there is going to be a larger than normal wet spot in this bed.” You quickly rolled out of bed and walked into our bathroom. As I watched you go and thought to myself, “Just love me, sweetheart. That’s all I ever want from you.” Sunday morning we were up earlier than on Saturday and downstairs for another Escort Caddebostan big breakfast with our friends. Once again the time at the table was extended with long discussions, stories about children and work. We went through several pots of coffee and the gab session didn’t end until Joe announced that he needed to drive into town and insisted that I ride along to keep him company. Laurie insisted that you girls needed a break from us and our political and work discussions and informed us that we didn’t need to hurry back. I grabbed my phone, kissed you and said, “I’m as close as the phone, darlin’. If you need me I’ll be here.” You gave me a tender kiss and a soft smile and told me, “Get out of here. I can be without you for a couple of hours.” Then you put your mouth near my ear and whispered, “But don’t miss nap time. I’ll certainly need you then.” I patted your backside and said, “I wouldn’t miss that for the world.” Joe took a list of things that Laurie wanted from town and we piled into his truck and headed down the road. Less than five minutes after leaving the house Joe asked, “So, did you two enjoy yourselves while we were out last night?” “We certainly did,” I told him. “We went out back with adult beverages and watched the sunset. It was very romantic. Your home is a wonderful place and we are enjoying our time here.” “Did you two have sex in the grass while the sun set?” he asked. “We did have sex,” I answered with a smile, “But she wanted to go inside and put that big bed in our room to use. I, of course, did not complain and complied with all of her wishes.” “Damn,” he said as he hit his hand against the steering wheel. “I knew I should have installed a video camera in that guest bedroom. We could have had some great porn videos to watch after you were gone.” Laughing I said, “Well that is too bad, my old friend, because I can assure you that it would have been worth watching.” Then to my surprise my cell phone rang and looking at it I saw that it was you calling. “Hi baby,” I said as I answered. “Is everything OK?” “Yes,” you answered. “Everything is fine, but Laurie wants to talk to Joe and as I understand it he refuses to have a cell phone. She tells me that he doesn’t mind using someone else’s phone, but doesn’t want one of his own. So, if you would please, hand your phone to him and let him speak with Laurie.” “OK darlin’,” I said and handed the phone to Joe telling him that his spouse had additional instructions for him. He took the phone and appeared to be listening intently and occasionally saying things like, “yes,” “I agree,” “Of course,” and then “OK hon, we’ll see you in a bit” then handed the phone back to me saying, “I don’t know how to turn it off.” Taking the phone and disconnecting I said, “I can see that there might be advantages to having no cell phone. You normally can’t get more instructions once you are out the door.” “Exactly,” he told me. “I did get new instructions and was told that we have to be back no later than 1:00 and that we should not stop anywhere for lunch or hang out in any topless bars. That woman can take all of the fun out of life.” We drove into town and within less that two hours had completed all assigned tasks plus an unscheduled stop at a local coffee shop for a break and small talk. In a short while we were back underway and headed back to the house, arriving home shortly before 1:00 … as instructed. As we came into the house and unloaded the things that we had picked up in town you pulled me aside and said, “We are going on a picnic.” “A what?” I asked. You smiled at me sweetly and touched the side of my face. “We,” you said softly, “Are going on a picnic. And when I say we I mean you and me and only you and me. Laurie has decided that it would be fun for us to take off alone and go down by the pond where you and Joe were fishing yesterday and have a picnic.” “You are kidding,” I said. “No baby, I’m not,” you told me seriously. “Unless you don’t want to go with me.” “Don’t be silly,” I said, still surprised at the announcement. “Of course, I would love for us to go on a picnic alone. And they are both good with the idea?” You kissed me softly and said, “It was Laurie’s idea and when I called your cell phone she told Joe what she had planned and he agreed. It sounds like fun to me if you are agreeable.” “Well I think it’s great, darlin’,” I said. “Where are we going and how do we get there?” You answered, “Laurie says that we’ll take the ATV you guys used yesterday and Joe will tell you where we should go. I hope you are excited, baby, because I am.” Reaching out and taking your face in my hands I said, “I’m always excited to spend time alone with you, my love.” I kissed you softly and then asked, “When do we leave?” “I think we are supposed to go right now. Is that OK with you?” you asked. “Sure,” I responded. “Are you ready to go?” “I think so,” you said, “Unless you want me to change clothes.” For the first time since I had walked in the door I stood back to pay any attention to what you were wearing. Without a doubt I flushed when I stood back and saw that you were wearing a soft skirt that hit just above your knees and a light short sleeved sweater. As my eyes roamed over you body taking it all in it also became very clear that you were not wearing a bra because you nipples became very erect, showing through the sweater. “You are exceptionally beautiful, my love,” I said. “Maybe much too beautiful to be going anywhere with me.” You kissed my cheek and took me by the hand saying, “Come on now. Laurie made some really good things for us to take to eat and drink and I want to get going.” Fifteen minutes later we were seated in the ATV and Joe was giving me instructions. “Take the path we took yesterday down to the meadow, then down by the pond where we were and about 400 yards past there. You will find Bağdat Caddesi escort a nice shady spot with plenty of grass. You can spread out your blanket and enjoy yourselves. We’ll be here, so you just take your time and have fun. I started the engine and pulled slowly away. I could see Joe and Laurie talking and only found out some time later that she had asked him why he had sent us to that particular spot in the meadow. He had responded to her “because in that spot we can watch them with the telescope.” She had laughed and they both took off for the upstairs bedroom where they kept their telescope. As we were driving down to the meadow I turned and commented about how much I liked what you were wearing saying, “I don’t think I’ve seen you in that before and it is great. But, why would you decide to wear it on a picnic?” You reached over and put a hand on the inside of my leg and said, “Laurie said it would be a good idea. She said that she knew that you liked to see me in jeans and she knew that I was comfortable in jeans, but she thought that it was always a good idea to let your man she how feminine you can be. She told me that you men love to see us naked, but you also like to think about undressing us or just running your hand up under our skirts. And she said that because you are such a romantic character I should nurture that in you and remember to let your imagination run wild more often.” You paused a bit and then said, “Is she right?” “Oh yeah,” I said with a laugh. “She is very right. I love everything about you, darlin’, but when you are the most feminine, I am the most spellbound. I love you in skirts and the idea of running my hand up you leg to find your treasures.” “And I like it when you do,” you said with a soft smile. “Are you wearing panties?” I asked. “Yes I am,” you told me. “I decided that it was proper if I was wearing a skirt. And also, I have to admit that I like for you to take them off of me.” You leaned over, kissed me lightly on my cheek and then whispered in my ear, “And you will do that soon for me, won’t you baby?” I didn’t answer you, but turned and kissed you and made my answer quite clear. Five minutes later we had reached the spot that Joe described and I parked the little motorized wagon in the shade, jumped out and said, “So what is packed in here that we need to take out?” You came around beside me, pointed into the wagon bed and started telling me all that was packed away for us. You pointed to the rear and said, “First we have a large picnic blanket that Laurie said she and Joe have used many times for picnics. She said it was quite comfortable and if we happened to get any bare skin on it, it wouldn’t chafe or scratch. Then we have a basket of food that has sandwiches and fruit. Over there in that box is two bottles of wine, white for me and red for you. And over there is a small CD player in case we want some music.” “Wow,” I said in surprise, “It sounds like you’ve thought of everything other than lube and toys.” You put your hands around my middle and turned me toward you, kissed me lightly on the lips and then said very softly, “Those items are in my purse,” then put your lips to mine and kissed me like you hadn’t seen me in weeks. As I was about to run my hands under your sweater you pulled abruptly away from me saying, “Maybe you should put the blanket down before we go any farther.” I laughed, patted your backside and set about putting all of the picnic supplies onto the soft meadow grass, arranging everything thing as you instructed. As I set the food basket down I looked up to see that you were reaching across the little truck and your skirt was hiked up in the back giving me a view of the inside of your legs not quite as high as your panties. With three quick steps I was behind you and pulled you back against me with my arms around your middle. “How long to you expect me to behave before I get an appetizer?” I said as I nuzzled my lips down on your neck below your ear. Standing up straight, but leaning back against me you said, “I suppose it depends on what the appetizer is.” Quickly I slipped my hands under you sweater and took one luscious breast in each hand. “This is the appetizer I want,” I said and spun you around so that you were facing me. I kissed you, running my tongue along the outside of your lower lip and said, “I want these in my mouth. I want to nibble on those sweet nipples and suck on them until you squeal.” You moved away from me just a bit, lifted up your sweater and said, “Then your appetizer is served. Please take what you want.” I kissed your lips once more and then dropped my mouth to your right breast, running my tongue around your nipple until I heard you make the sound that I know so well, the little sound that lets me know that you like what I am doing and are waiting for more. I held your left breast firmly in my right hand, running my thumb over the nipple while sucking on your right nipple and then raking my teeth on it. Maybe it was because we were outside in a wide open space, but your response was louder than I had ever heard from you. There was a loud groan and then you said, none too softly, “Oh yes, baby. Oh that feels so good.” I was a little startled by your reaction, but was only encouraged to give you more and twist your tail just a bit more. My mouth moved to the other breast and I copied my actions from the right one. But now I was able to run my fingers over your right breast that was wet and erect. Your reaction this time was stronger and louder as you put your arms around my neck, pulling me into you and nearly shouted, “Oh god yes, baby. Oh god that feels so good.” You pulled my head up and off of your breast and kissed me hungrily … something in between frenzy and panic. You gasped as I once again took both breasts in my hands and began to stroke your nipples. You pulled your head back away from me and demanded, “Take your shirt off. I want to feel your chest again mine.” And with that began to unbutton my shirt and frantically pulled at my shirt to get it out of my pants and off of me. I pulled your sweater off over your head leaving us both bare chested and dove back to take one of those beautiful breasts in my mouth.

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