A night to remember


Intro: The story below is, of course, a fantasy. The nice part is that the story was driven with ideas from a real, live, woman in my office. I wrote this story for her – we couldn’t have “a real thing” because of our partners at the time, but instead we had Lisa and Layla! It’s the first story I wrote, years ago, and I don’t think this is my best, but it’s a start here at Lush, so feel free to critique it as you like! —————————————— ‘Do you like caramel ice cream?’ Lisa shouted to Layla from the kitchen. Layla felt light headed from the evenings events. As she lay strewn on the sofa she could smell intense satsuma aroma oil. The candles surrounding her flickered as their flames bowed to each other it appeared they were whispering among themselves. The sofa was draped with the most beautiful sarong, made of silk, it was so enticing Layla felt compelled to wrap herself in it. Caught in the moment she realised she hadn’t replied to Lisa, but just as she was about to Lisa was there beside her carrying a tub of ice cream with a spoon protruding from it. ‘You didn’t answer so I hope you like it’. Lisa said Anadolu Yakası Escort placing the tub on the small table next to the sofa and placing herself next to her friend. Still under the spell of candles, alcohol and burning oils Layla looked at Lisa as she asked, ‘Do you usually have all these candles burning?’ ‘Sometimes, depends what I’m doing’. As Lisa answered it became obvious to Layla that she somehow had missed the signs that must have come from her friend earlier in the evening, as she looked back at Lisa she was greeted by a deep gaze. This was unexpected and in momentary surprise, Layla did not break this gaze for what seemed like minutes, but was probably that of seconds. Layla had conjured images of kissing Lisa so many times in her head that she convinced it was a confined only to her own thoughts, but here, right now Lisa’s face was telling a whole different story. Layla almost jumped as Lisa’s fingertips tiptoed onto her knee and lightly crossed her right thigh, immediately there were goose bumps up her legs and arms. Realising she was holding her breath Layla let out Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan an excited sigh…. prompting Lisa to cross the boundary of friendship into the unknown for both girls.   Before Layla could respond or protest Lisa’s other hand was on her left cheek directing her lips to her own. They were soft and warm and with each caress Layla wanted more. Their tongues met with intensity and almost as soon as they had, Lisa was moving down Layla’s neck using her other hand to feel the curves of her friends’ body wanting to explore every inch. Layla tried to kiss back but Lisa was unbuttoning her shirt causing Layla to be paralysed with pleasure. Lisa’s mouth was now over Layla’s breasts her tongue working furiously to please. Layla had that high feeling that you get when you know you’ve had just the right amount of alcohol to let go of your inhibitions, and without needing words her hands massaged Lisa shoulders before dancing her fingertips through her hair as Lisa moved her wet lips down further and further before peeling Layla’s clothes from her. Now Lisa was on her knees Escort Anadolu Yakası grabbing for the tub of ice cream which was now loosely melted she spooned a generous helping onto Layla’s stomach and upper thighs. ‘Oh my god that’s cold, but so nice’ ‘I want to put it inside you and lick you till you can’t stand it anymore’   Layla’s head spun, whether with the alcohol or the drunkenness of desire she couldn’t tell or care. She watched as Lisa licked a mouthful of ice cream and her body shuddered as her friend’s mouth, cold with the ice cream, came to her breast.   The friends in their late twenties had known each other for a while, having met a year previously through their now ex-boyfriends. Lisa had a Mediterranean look to her; long dark hair flowed down her back and dark almond-shaped eyes sparkled on her smooth oval face. She had a knowing look about her, something that blonde, petite Layla had always been slightly jealous of. For Layla’s part, she never knew that Lisa had watched her so many times, looking at her round face, small mouth with rosebud lips and cheerful blue-green eyes. Right now, Layla was feeling vulnerable, and yet submissive. Her left leg lay across the sofa, her right foot was on the floor, her legs apart. Not once in their two years together had Pete ever made her skin break out in goosebumps, but now here she was, naked except for a white cotton thong, feeling something stir deep inside her in response to a woman’s touch.

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