A Tow In The Snow


This fictional story was written by Alex Foremen and shall not be copied or re-produced. When I was in my early twenties I drove a tow truck. For the most part it was a great gig, but some days were better than others. One cold snowy day I responded to a call from a guy who slid off the road and got his car stuck in the snow. This was common, just hook-it-up and pull-it-out. But this 40ish guy told me he was sick of driving and wanted me to tow it to his home. Turns out he lived about 20 miles away in a secluded area with a long driveway that was not plowed. I read his mind, as my truck had a snowplow. While hooking his car I slipped in the snow and got pretty wet, but within a few minutes his car was hooked and we were off. Although the heat in the truck was on full blast I still had a pretty good chill from getting wet. Driving to his place we didn’t talk much except to exchange names. His name is Jeff, mine is Alex. Really, not talking much was fine by me as my attention was on the slick roads. While driving I couldn’t help but notice Jeff liked to rub his crotch, and he didn’t seem to have any underwear on because his cock was showing a pretty big bulge in his pants. Semi-hard? Anyway, it looked big. I’m not a cock guy but I couldn’t help being turned on because I hadn’t cum in two weeks. About half way to his place, Jeff asked, “Alex, could we stop at a rest stop so I can take a leak? There’s one a few minutes from here down the interstate.” “No problem, Jeff.” I thought maybe that’s why he was so fidgety with his dick. It was also an opportunity for me to go as the cold weather and wet clothes makes one have to piss. We stopped and both went in the men’s room. We were the only people in there. There were Escort izmir about a half a dozen urinals on the wall without dividers; you know, the old kind that are right next to each other and went down to the floor. To me there was something horny about that style. Short story long, I walked up to a urinal first, took out my 7” uncut cock and went to work relieving myself. Jeff picked the urinal right next to me, pulled out his cock and started pissing. While pissing, I couldn’t resist to see if I was right. I was. Jeff did have a big cock, and he was not wearing underwear. Jeff must have caught me checking out his meat and said, “Alex you really have beautiful long blonde hair.” “Thanks!” Wow, I found that odd. Plus I caught him checking out my cock, and when he was done pissing he kept a hold of his cock and slowly gave it quite a few extra shakes, more like pumps than shakes, to the point where he was semi-hard. I was horny, too and did the same but neither of us seemed ready to take it any farther. For a minute I thought we were going to jack-off together, or more, having caught the heat of the moment in each other’s eyes. Stepping away from the urinal, Jeff tucked his cock back into his thin material pants. His bulge was huge and a wet spot appeared on his pants. I assumed it was pre-cum. His facial expressions indicated he was fucking horny to the max! So was I. It was probably a good thing that nobody walked in on us. Moving forward, we finally made it to his place. His long driveway was covered with snow. Upon seeing just how deep the snow was, Jeff said, “Would you drop the plow back to the garage? I’ll take care of you.” “Jeff, no problem.” A few extra bucks always come izmir escort in handy. Plus, it wouldn’t take me long to get his car unhooked and the driveway plowed. Once done, I went in his house to take care of the bill. He gave me a very generous tip. By now, we had both loosened up with each other and Jeff asked me, “Do you want a cocktail? And how about I toss your wet clothes in the dryer?” “That would be great, thanks. I’m done for the day, and a good stiff drink or two would be super.” He seemed happy I took him up on his offer and went to fetch me a robe. When he returned he made us each a cocktail. Once our cocktails were ready he said, “Alex, go ahead and take those wet clothes off.” I did and put on his robe. It was a short silky one, the kind I like, quite comfortable and sexy, not one of those big bulky terrycloth ones. Jeff opened a bi-fold door and tossed my wet stuff in the dryer. “Alex, do you like hot tubs?” “Yes!” Although I was no longer as chilled, that sounded great. He handed me my drink and said, “I’ll be right back.” I took a couple sips of my drink; it had a kick to it, and I finished it quick. Looking around I found that his hot tub was located in a big all-weather room off the back of the kitchen. The view was great as his property was secluded. Quite erotic! Jeff was back in a few minutes also wearing a robe, but his was untied, with nothing else on. I couldn’t help but notice the beauty of his huge semi-erect cock hanging out, swinging back and forth as he walked. Seeing that sent a good bit of blood into my cock. Now real horny, while Jeff was not facing me making another drink, I untied my robe, gave my cock quite a few lust pumps, and let my semi-hard izmir escort bayan meat hang loose for his viewing pleasure.Finished making my drin, Jeff then turned around to hand it to me. He saw that I had untied my robe and the look on his face indicated he liked what he saw. He actually licked his lips, plus there was an instant rise of his cock. About a minute later our robes hit the floor and we got in the tub naked and horny as hell. I love hot tubs, especially how the bubbles felt on my ass and cock. It appeared he did, too. Once in the tub we talked about a whole bunch of stuff, like if I had a girlfriend, if he was ever married, the normal stuff. I shared with him that I dated a few different chicks but I was not ready to settle down. Turns out Jeff just got divorced after ten years of marriage. He explained to me how he caught his ex-wife cheating with her girlfriend in this hot tub, kissing and fingering each other, sucking on each other’s tits, the normal girl on girl sex stuff. Hearing about them having sex turned me on, so I asked Jeff, “Did it turn you on?” “Hell yes, I jacked-off watching them.” Jeff told me he offered to let them be lovers and stay married, but she informed him she was a lesbian now and wanted a divorce. He explained that since they had no kids together he was awarded the house. After a good bit of chatting in the tub, we finished our drinks. Jeff asked, “How about another cocktail, Alex?” “Sure.” Getting out of the water, I noticed Jeff’s cock was hard, as was mine. I think we stroked ourselves pretty much the whole time we were talking. With my eyes glued to his cock, I said, “Looks like the bubbles have the same effect on you.” He smiled and said, “Yes, the bubbles, no sex, and seeing your uncut-cock hanging out of the robe.” As soon as Jeff walked away I pumped my cock into a full-blown hard-on. A few minutes later Jeff was back with more drinks. I expected his cock to be semi-erect, but instead his cock was hard as a rock and oozing with pre-cum.

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