All Tamara’s Panties


Jimmy Swann liked to believe he was the consummate businessman; suave, sophisticated and with an eye for the ladies. He saw himself as an international dealer in supply and demand but In reality, he was barely one step above the small-time drug dealing bottom feeders. He tried not to draw too much attention to himself and thought that as long as he kept his nose clean and paid off the cops who mattered, he would be allowed to work his patch without too much harassment. He did, however, enjoy the trappings that went with being a known face about town.Friday night and Jimmy moved through the club as the beat pounded through the speakers. Jimmy loved that feeling in his chest as the sound waves reverberated in his rib cage. The club was full. It had just gone half eleven, the pubs were emptying and the queue to get in stretched around the block.Not that a thing like a queue ever bothered Jimmy Swann. He’d walked along the queue, checking out if there were any girls worth giving a helping hand to get inside before nodding a hello to the security guys on door duty. He loved that feeling of being a ‘Somebody’ as the bouncers parted before him and he walked past the plebs queuing to get in.Once inside, the various dealers would nod in recognition as he passed them. He saw them hunched against the walls, trying to be surreptitious as they dealt the tablets, powders and pills that made the club go round. Jimmy didn’t deal in the clubs. He left that to his minions. Jimmy made sure his hands were clean in case there was a raid.“Alright, Jimmy, how’s it going, man?”Jimmy rolled his eyes as Disco Dave stumbled past. Dave was a liability, known to take as much of the merchandise for personal use as he sold on. There were rumours he let girls pay for their drugs by getting them to piss on him. Jimmy just shook his head as he watched Dave career into a wall, unsteady on his feet already as he went to walk past.“Hey, Jimmy,” Dave slurred. “Is it true you pissed on Billy the Shark?”“Fuck off, Dave,” Jimmy retorted. “You’re the one who’d know all about that.”He Escort Side moved on, shaking his head but he got a shiver like someone had stepped on his grave. The thought that Billy the Shark suspected Jimmy had double-crossed him unnerved him. Jimmy wasn’t sure if Billy suspected him or not for a consignment of drugs going missing two months back. Jimmy had been slowly mixing parts of the stolen drugs haul with his own supplies to his dealers and he was convinced he’d got away with it.Jimmy headed for the spiral staircase leading up to the VIP balcony. He watched two guys get a crick in the neck attempting to stare up the skirts of the group of girls being escorted up the stairs.He shook his head in amusement. If they were smart, they’d grab the table just behind them. Jimmy had worked with the contractors who had refurbished the club during the last revamp and knew that the mirrored wall he was currently looking at had a section that was angled just right to afford the perfect upskirt view to those sitting at the table.“It’s all about the angles, Jimmy,” the glazier had told him as he sniggered at the thought of creating a private peep show in the club.Jimmy looked up and caught the eye of a brunette in a tight red dress as she headed up the stairs. He smiled and raised his glass to her and she giggled and put her hand over her mouth. She turned and whispered something to her friend. The friend looked down and raised an eyebrow before the curve of the staircase took her out of sight.Jimmy was grateful that the era of hot pants and leg warmers as club attire had gone. He loved to look at a girl in a clingy, tight, short dress though he often marvelled at how they could stay upright on the heels they wore, let alone dance.“Carlos, my man,” Jimmy exclaimed when he reached the foot of the stairs. His hand was outstretched to give some skin to the tall Jamaican standing by the stairs to ensure only the worthy ventured upstairs. Carlos grinned and shook his head slowly.“Jimmy Swann. I hope you’re not back manavgat escort looking to cause more aggravation.” The final word was drawn out as he grinned, chewing a toothpick between his teeth.Jimmy dropped his arms and took on a shocked expression. “Carlos? Moi? As if I would?”Carlos jerked his head to signal for him to go on up.Jimmy entered the VIP area and ran his eyes over the available eye candy. The brunette in the skimpy red dress was ordering a drink at the bar and Jimmy got a perfect view of her arse as she leant over the bar. He ran his eyes over her. A bit of a ‘butterface,’ he decided on closer viewing, but what a figure.The blonde friend saw him approach and shuffled to one side to let Jimmy squeeze in. He slid a £50 note along the bartop and indicated he would pay for the ladies drinks. The girl in the red dress turned. She smiled and raised her glass.“Why thank you. I’m Tamara, by the way.” Jimmy smiled back. “Hi Tamara, I’m Jimmy.” He let his eyes drop to admire her breasts which the dress was struggling manfully to restrain before gazing back into her deep brown eyes.She grinned, having noticed him staring and brushed a strand of her long dark hair behind her ear. She took a step closer and pressed her knee against his leg.“Why don’t you tell me all about yourself, Mr Generous Jimmy.”Her tongue flickered out of her mouth and licked the bright red lipstick plastered on her lips. Jimmy glanced around. Tamara’s blonde friend was sitting on a sofa with a guy on either side of her, revelling in the attention.“I think Lola can take care of herself,” Tamara giggled.“I guess she can,” Jimmy agreed as his fingers snaked their way around her hip to pull her closer to him.Tamara’s figure was just what Jimmy liked, big boobs and a fat ass. She was tall too, and Jimmy found himself having to look up into her eyes. “Why don’t we sit down on the sofa?” Jimmy suggested and Tamara tottered over on her heels and slid along the white leather sofa to let Jimmy sit beside her.Over the next hour, Jimmy alanya escort bayan and Tamara discussed music, travel and Jimmy’s specialist subject, drugs. She was such good company and seemed so knowledgeable compared to most of the slappers who prowled the VIP area looking for a sugar daddy. He gazed into Tamara’s eyes and plucked up the courage. He leant in, his fingers tilting up her chin and kissed her softly on the lips. She responded by clamping her lips to his and pushing her tongue into his mouth. She was a hot aggressive kisser and soon they were playing tonsil tennis as they snogged on the sofa.Jimmy’s fingers dropped to Tamara’s thigh and slid along the bare flesh as he pushed his fingertips under the hem of the red dress. Just as he was sliding his fingers closer to Tamara’s panties, she broke the kiss and they came up for air. “Do you want to come back to my place?” Tamara offered, blushing at the intensity of their makeout session.Jimmy wiped the back of his hand over his mouth, removing the traces of saliva and Tamara’s lipstick before nodding, drawing oxygen into his lungs as he panted, “Damn right I do.”They stood up and headed out of the club.“Taxi!”Tamara’s screeching shout made a couple eating chips outside the kebab shop flinch but it served its purpose as a silver minicab pulled up. Tamara and Jimmy dived in and continued their makeout session while Tamara broke the kiss every so often to give the driver directions.The cab stopped outside a block of flats and Tamara and Jimmy staggered out. Jimmy handed a tenner to the driver and told him to keep the change. The amorous couple were in no mood to wait. They fell into the lift and kissed again as the doors closed. Tamara’s hands roamed over Jimmy’s shirt, sliding inside the jacket. She squeezed his muscles and made appreciative cooing noises while Jimmy kissed and nibbled her neck.Once inside her flat, Tamara directed Jimmy to make himself comfortable in the living room while she went to get a couple of drinks. Jimmy looked around the room. It was a chaotic mishmash of styles with posters for theatre plays, bands and photographs blu-tacked or sellotaped to the walls.He had just taken his jacket off and sat down on the sofa when Tamara came back with a whiskey for him and a glass of wine for herself. She handed it to him and went to put on some music.

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