All the Way (Part 1)

Big Tits

I’d only been married a little over a year when my wife came home early and found me jacking off using a pair of her panties and to be sure, this wasn’t the first time. There I was lying in bed with her wispy little nylon panties wrapped around my dick and cumming like nobody’s business. I was so wrapped up in my own pleasure that I hadn’t even noticed her standing in the doorway watching me. “Are you having fun?” Her voice scared the shit out of me and my erection faded much faster than normal. My first instinct was to attempt to hide, or at least cover my nudity even though she’d seen me naked a million times. “Don’t try to hide. You’re so busted.” “I’m sorry Kathy. It won’t happen again!” I told her, pleading with her not to be angry. “Don’t make it worse by lying, Richard. You know as well as I that it will happen again. Now get out of bed and come into the den so we can discuss this and our future. Oh, don’t bother getting dressed, come on in there naked and with a clean pair of panties.” “But… but…” I stammered, so embarrassed I could barely even think. “Just shut up and do it!” I climbed out of bed, put the soiled panties in the hamper and took a clean pair from her drawer before following her to the den. “Is this what you do on your days off? Do you run around the house naked and jack off in my panties all the time? I know it’s not the first time so don’t even try to tell me it is. In fact, you sometimes wear my panties and jack off into them. I know this because I find cum stains inside them and they are several pair that are stretched out too big for me.” Hanging my head in shame, I replied, “You’re correct. It’s just that they feel so sexy.” “And?” “And I just can’t help myself.” “So you just grab a pair and wear them around for a while before you soil them with your sperm,” she said. “Pretty much, yea,” I answered quietly. Since I’d been caught in the act again there was no point in denying what I did on a very regular basis. “You admit that you like to wear panties to bolster you masturbation games,” she said bluntly. “Yes.” “Now that we have that settled I want to tell you that I also know you’ve been wearing my nylons. I know this because you’ve stretched them out so badly that I can’t wear them without them sagging and looking ugly. Now you can tell me that you like to wear them also.” I was caught again and I knew there was no point denying any of what she was saying. “Yes, I like to wear your stockings.” “I’m going out to get dinner and then I need to think this over. I’ve also got to buy some new panties and stockings to make up for those you’ve ruined. When I get home I want you to be wearing a pair of panties and a pair of stockings. If you need to ‘borrow’ a garter belt, you can use the black one since I think that’s the one you prefer. I want you waiting for me right there on the couch, and you better have an erection. Do you understand me?” “Yes,” I answered quietly. Kathy smiled sweetly, kissed my cheek and said, “I do love you, baby.” “I love you too, Kathy,” I answered and watched her swish out the door. After she was gone I hurried to do her bidding. I put on a pair of panties and then chose a pair of stockings that I’d worn a couple of times. There was no sense stretching another pair. The feel of the smooth material sliding up my legs was more than enough to get my cock hard again, add to that the garter belt I put on and I was rock solid. After setting the table I sat on the couch, waiting for her return, and thought about what she might be thinking about. I’m sure divorce had crossed her mind but she seemed to have calmed down a whole lot. I looked at my legs and wished she’d ordered me to shave them. I’d done it a couple of times while in high school and really loved the way it made me feel, having legs so smooth and silky and then topping that by putting on a pair of stockings. Even though I wasn’t sure about how much time I had before Kathy returned, I had to take a look at myself in the mirror. What I saw gave me a hard on almost immediately. If my hair was styled in a feminine way and with the proper application of makeup, a bra and some boobs, I might make a decent looking woman. But that was something I needed to keep to myself because Kathy might leave me if she found out about that fetish. When she finally got home I was sitting on the couch with a very hard cock, just like she’d told me to be. Kathy walked into the house carrying two bags. She looked at me and smiled wickedly, “Very good. Be a good girl and go get the sacks out of the car for me.” I jumped up and dashed for the door before realizing I was only wearing panties Beşevler escort and stockings, and had an erection to boot. I stopped and looked at her and realized she wanted me to go outside dressed like this just to humiliate me. “Go on, go get the bags. Now!” I’d never gone outside dressed like this, even when I was a teenager, but there’s always a first time for everything. I was outside trying to get everything in one trip and it dawned on me that she’d referred to me as a girl earlier and my cock grew hard again. It wound up taking three trips to get everything into the house. Kathy had taken the opportunity to change clothes. She was sitting at the table in her robe, black stockings and four inch black heels. I immediately knew something was up because when she dressed like this she was extremely horny, and of course my cock sprang to attention. “Isn’t that so cute. You’re little clitty is getting hard,” she laughed. The size of my dick had been a standing joke with us for a while. I wasn’t very large. In fact I was actually quite small in that department. But no matter what, unless I was drunk, I always got her off at least once before I put it inside her. I had a feeling that if we did anything tonight I’d better make sure she was extremely well satisfied. After eating the Italian she’d brought home, she told me to clean the table and then come to the bedroom. I was pretty sure we were going to be occupied much more intimately while we were in the bedroom and my dick wasn’t wasting any time getting prepared. I was in no way prepared for what Kathy was about to do. “I didn’t think you’d ever get here. Wait, just stand there and let me look at you.” After a few minutes of her walking around me, patting my butt as well as feeling my hard dick, she stopped and smiled. “You know what? I really do like seeing you in panties and stockings a lot more than I thought I would. Okay, here’s the deal, and I really think you’ll like this. You’re to wear panties all the time and stockings when appropriate, which will be most of the time. I also want you to shave your legs everyday so your stubble won’t put runs in your hose. No more of those ugly cotton things for you. Got it so far?” “Yes,” I answered, hoping my voice wouldn’t give me away. I couldn’t believe my wife was actually instructing me to wear panties and hose. “Raise your arms.” I did as she said. “You’ll also shave your pits daily. Understand me?” “Yes. Shave my legs and pits every day.” “Good. Well, what are you waiting for? Go run a bubble bath and shave everything including your face.” This was something that was really turning me on and my hard cock was testament to that. “Wait a minute. Before you do that, I want you to jack off for me. When you cum, do it in your hand and not the panties.” Since I was already super horny, I didn’t have to be told twice. My hand dipped into my panties, an act I was relatively familiar with, and I started stroking while she watched. It wasn’t long before I felt that familiar sensation signaling that I was about to blow my load. My entire body began to convulse and then my hand began filling with hot, sticky, white cum. I watched as my sperm continued pouring from me, almost overflowing my cupped hand. “Let me see,” Kathy said when I was finished. “That’s very good. Now I want you to lick it all up and swallow every drop.” “Huh, what?” “Now!” I did as she said, fearing what the consequences might be if I disobeyed. As quickly as I could I slurped the cum out of my hand and swallowed it before licking all the traces from my hand. The taste was sort of bittersweet and salty, but not all that bad. The consistency, however, was an entirely different story. I couldn’t decide if I was swallowing oysters or snot or whatever. But when I thought back on the entire cum swallowing thing I thought that I just might be doing some more of it. After inspecting my hand Kathy told me to go bathe and shave and she just might have a surprise for me. I hurried to the bathroom and ran a bubble bath, as per her instructions. I really hated getting undressed but since I was supposed to wear these same type garments daily, I didn’t hesitate. Climbing into the tub, I let the water run for a while longer before bathing and finally shaving. I was still in the process of shaving, raising one leg out of the water to do as I’d seen Kathy do on numerous occasions, when she abruptly walked in. It was more than a little embarrassing to be caught shaving my legs even though that’s what I was instructed to do. “When you get dried off, wear this,” she said and showed Çankaya escort bayan me a wispy electric blue baby doll nightie with black lace trim and matching panties. “Oh, there’s also a pair of black stay up stocking you can wear as well.” “Cool,” I exclaimed with maybe a little too much enthusiasm and then continued with my task at hand. I hurried as best I could, shaving my legs, face and arm pits before climbing out, drying off and getting dressed. Starting with the stockings I slowly rolled them up my legs, truly loving the feel of the sheer material as it slid over my freshly shaved skin. After I had the stockings in place I stepped into the tiny panties and pulled them up. Finally, I slipped the baby doll over my head and let it fall down so that it fit me nicely. I went from the bathroom to the bedroom and found Kathy sitting in bed with her legs spread so that her pussy was wide open and clearly quite wet. “You’ve tasted man cum, now come here and taste some of mine,” she smiled and ran her fingers up and down her wet pussy. Climbing onto the bed I lay between her legs and began kissing all around her, breathing in her heady aroma. In just a few minutes I was driving my tongue as deeply into her as I could and then pulling back to give her clit a very nice workout. Then I really surprised her and moved to her asshole for a while, going so far as to drive my tongue inside her. Back and forth I went, giving her as much pleasure as I possibly could. I worked my way through two of her earth shaking orgasms and would have made it three but she pushed me away. “Don’t move, I’ll be right back. Now don’t you dare peek or there will be hell to pay!” I lay on the bed, using my hands to shield my eyes, keeping me from peeking. I wasn’t in any position to argue with her. “Just relax, baby, let me give your pussy a big kiss,” Kathy said when she returned and then pulled my panties down. I’d never referred to my asshole as a pussy before, but then I’d never been referred to as a girl either. Her lips fell to my ass and she kissed all around before actually making contact with my puckered little hole. The feeling of her lips and tongue back there felt wonderful and before very long I was lifting my ass up to her, wanting more and more. Then she moved and I felt her finger prodding against my asshole, slowly forcing its way inside. “Oooh, Kathy! Ooohh that feels so good!” I moaned as she drove deeper into my virginal asshole. Kathy fucked me with her finger for several minutes before I felt a second finger joining the first, stretching me open a little further. “Oh, baby, fuck my ass!” I felt a sharp, stinging blow on an ass cheek and jumped. “This is your pussy!” “Yes, ma’am! Please fuck my pussy,” I grunted, pushing back against her fingers. “We’ll need some lubricant,” she said and reached for a tube I’d never seen before. Kathy poured some in her hand and spread it all over and into my asshole, or pussy as she wanted me to call it. No matter what she wanted to call my asshole, the feeling of her fingers gliding easily into and out of me was incredible. She withdrew from me and I felt her weight shifting on the bed as she changed position. Then it felt like she was trying to shove a telephone pole up my ass, maybe her entire hand at the very least. I relaxed as best as I could and finally felt her slip into me, which, after the initial pain, really felt damn good. Slowly but steadily she started moving in and out of my pussy, and I loved it. Then I felt her hands, both of them, holding my hips and still moving in and out of me and I panicked somewhat until the pleasure I was getting outweighed any common sense I had. I tried to look back and see how she could possibly be doing this but my long hair was blinding me. Pulling me up to my knees Kathy really began driving into my pussy. Somehow or other my dear wife was fucking me. Even more incredible than that, I liked it. “Fuck me, Kathy! Ooohh, fuck me good,” I moaned. “You like my cock in your pussy?” “Yes! Oh yes! Fuck me!” I yelped. “Don’t stop! Ooohh, baby, fuck me harder!” “Good thing, sweetie, because I’m not gonna stop until I cum at least two times.” She was true to her word and kept on fucking me for a long time. I felt her body shudder and then she fucked me hard and fast. I could feel an orgasm of my own building but when I looked between my legs I was astonished to see my cock was nowhere near being hard. In the meantime Kathy caught her breath and kept on fucking me. “You really do like getting your pussy fucked,” she laughed wickedly. “Oh yes, yes I do!” I replied, Escort Cebeci panting as I felt myself growing closer and closer. I couldn’t think of anything except the orgasm I was about to have. Looking back between my legs I felt my orgasm overtake me and I watched as streams of sperm slipped out of my limp dick and began puddling on the bed while my body shook mightily. Then I felt Kathy begin to cum again and she really fucked me hard until she was finished and fell back, pulling out of my well fucked pussy. When she pulled out of me I fell onto the bed, moaning and gasping for breath. I’d never laid in ‘the wet spot’ before but I kind of liked it. In fact, that was probably where I belonged, right in ‘the wet spot’. After laying on the bed for several minutes Kathy got up and took off everything and slipped into a nightie. That’s when I saw that she’d been fucking me with a really big dildo which was eight to ten inches in length and about three inches around. When she returned to bed we kissed and then cuddled together for a while before falling asleep. The next morning I awoke with a great need to pee so I crawled out of bed and padded to the bathroom just as Kathy was walking down the hall toward me. She stopped and watched as I approached the toilet. “You better sit to pee,” she said with no sign of merriment. “If you stand to piss and miss the bowl with even a drop you’ll have to lick it up.” “Yes, ma’am,” I replied and sat on the toilet, aiming my dick downward to avoid any chance of missing. “How does your pussy feel this morning?” “Very well fucked,” I smiled back at her. I didn’t really want to just come right out and tell her how much I loved getting fucked in that manner, and I really had to bite my tongue to keep from telling her it would have been better with a real man’s cock pounding my little asshole, or pussy. “Good. I’m glad you liked it. You’ll be getting that a lot from now on as well as eating my pussy any time I tell you. It’ll be a very long time before your little clitty gets inside my cunt again. So you might as well accept that fact.” “I like eating you, Kathy.” “That’s even better. I want my lesbian lover to enjoy herself. Get dressed when you finish. I’ve laid out your clothes. We’ll have to go shopping to get you a fuller wardrobe. Oh, I put your panties in the drawer and threw out all those cotton things.” After dabbing my dick dry I went to the bedroom and looked in my underwear drawer, or as it’s now called, my panty drawer. Inside I found several pairs of panties, from thongs, to sheer nylon bikini panties, and everything in between. Slipping out of my nightie I turned to see what she wanted me to wear and I wasn’t very shocked to find a navy skirt, pale blue panties, a bra, and a light blue, short sleeve pullover top as well as a pair of pantyhose. I got dressed fairly quickly and then noticed a pair of heels beside the bed. I looked at them and saw they were new and not in Kathy’s size. When I slipped my nylon clad feet into them I found a perfect fit. But when I started to walk out of the bedroom I nearly fell and broke my neck. It didn’t take me very long to figure out I needed to alter my walking pattern or fall on my face. I came out of the bedroom and slowly walked to the kitchen where I could hear Kathy puttering about. As soon as my heels struck the tile floor she turned and watched me walk to the table. “You look nice this morning, dearie,” she said and smiled broadly. “Thank you, sweetheart,” I replied. “Now if I can just learn to walk in these heels without breaking anything I’ll be doing good.” “Just take it slowly and you’ll be just fine. Oh, and when you sit, I better not be able to see your panties,” she smiled and placed my breakfast before me. “I’ll try to remember to keep my knees together,” I replied and pulled my legs together just to make sure. “Don’t forget to take your vitamins,” she told me and nodded to a pile of pills. “All of these?” “There’s three new ones so we’ll have to double up on them until they get into your system.” “Oh, okay,” I replied and began taking pill after pill. “When you look for your jeans you won’t find them. I’ve already taken them to the thrift store and I better not find anymore unless I buy them for you. Well, one pair I cut off and you can wear them.” “Thanks,” I laughed without realizing she’d turned them into extremely short cut offs or that she’d chosen the pair I was going to get rid of because they were very tight. “It’s too bad I don’t have any boobs to wear. I think I’d look really cute in this outfit if I did.” “Hmm I think your right about that. Okay, I’ll go online and order you a pair. How does a C cup sound?” “That big? Wow,” I laughed. “I’ll need bigger bras if we go that big.” “That’s not a problem. Most girls go through several bras before they stop growing and so will you. I think we should start off with something a bit smaller and work up to a C cup.

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