Anniversary getaway


Cliff and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary on the 30th (which was also my birthday), on a private island my family owns. We stayed in our own house near the main mansion. We had lunch at the beach, and then headed to our cottage to rest. Since it was our anniversary, I prepared something for him as a gift. As we lay down in bed, watching boring movies, I kissed him and whispered in his ear, “Just stay there and I have something to show you.” I quickly showered and dressed Escort Küçükyalı in a school girl outfit; Cliff sat on our bed as I was getting ready for the “show”. I locked the door, closed the windows and the curtains (so that it would be a little darker in our cottage), then turned on the music and started teasing him. I was wearing a white blouse with a necktie that matched my mini skirt, stockings and 5-inch heels. Underneath was the sexy lingerie Kartal escort I bought as a surprise for him. I started dancing in front of my husband, letting him take off my clothes. Soon all that was left was the lingerie and the heels. I continued dancing sexier. I sat on his lap but never stopped dancing.He kissed me passionately as his hands played with my breasts. He kissed me down to my neck and I could feel his hard cock through his Suadiye escort bayan jeans. Cliff reached my breasts and sucked each one into his mouth. I kissed him deeply as I grinded my pussy back and forth against his cock. Our tongues mingled as the heat of our passion increases. He leaned into my ear and whispered: “Andii, you’ve made me so horny. I want to taste your wet pussy now and when you’re really wet and hot, I want to fuck you…fuck you hard and deep and shoot my cum deep inside your needy pussy.” I knew he couldn’t take it anymore. I pushed him to bed and took off all his clothes. He led me over to the bed. I laid back and opened myself to him as he positioned himself between my legs. He kissed his way up to my inner thighs and could feel the heat of my pussy.

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