April’s New Friends


Stepping out of the lecture hall, I took a deep breath and then yawned. Two hours of political science with Dr. Tom Evans was a very good way to bring on the afternoon yawns. The guy could probably make sex boring.“Hey, Ross. How goes it?” sang out a cheerful female voice beside me.I turned with a smile to see my friend April standing there.“I need caffeine,” I groaned.April chuckled. “Me, too. Was it just me or was Evans even duller than usual?”“No, it wasn’t just you,” I sighed.With a laugh, we headed for the café in the Moden Languages Building. It was a rather small place but had a nice selection of teas and we were both tea drinkers. Settling into a corner couch with our mugs, we chatted quietly about school. “Got another class after this?” she asked.“Yeah. Latin. Wellington is tough but that beats dull as dishwater.”April rested her head on the back of the couch and closed her eyes.“I have Philosophy next. What I really need is a fucking nap.”My eyes were studying my friend intently. April was a pretty brunette. Her hair was cut short in a rather cute pixie cut. She was tall, almost my height, and slim. Perhaps her most noticeable feature, though, was her breasts. They were large, almost too large for her slight frame, and very nicely shaped.I felt guilty for the amount of time that I spent looking at April’s breasts but my friend never seemed to mind. She didn’t go out of her way to show them off or anything. It was just that there wasn’t much she could wear that would not show them off to some degree. Even loose, baggy clothing seemed to succeed in draping them enticingly rather than hiding them.“I hear you. It’s been a rather long week.”April opened her eyes and looked at me. They were a deep brown and often had a twinkle in them but there also seemed to be a sadness somewhere in behind them.“What are you doing for the weekend?” she asked.“Working. Two term papers coming due.”“Are you free tonight at least?”“I can be. You want to do something?”“Clayborn is at Halliwell’s tonight. Want to join me?”Jazz was one of the common interests that had brought us together in the first place and local sax virtuoso Spike Clayborn was a favorite of both of us.“I can go for that,” I answered without hesitating, “Meet there?”“Sure.”The club was not very busy as I entered to the tune of a delicate saxophone solo. Glancing at the stage, I saw that Spike was with his trio rather than the full band. It had been a while since I had seen Spike and even longer since I had heard his trio.I was still not too sure what to make of this unexpected night out with my friend. Was it a date or just hanging out together? As I slipped into a corner booth, my mind was juggling answers to that question. I was always happy to spend time with April but part of me really wanted it to be a date. The connection between us had been strong from the start but had grown stronger, at least from my side, in recent months.My friend’s entrance caught me off guard. I was expecting April’s arrival, of course. What threw me off guard was her look. She appeared to be a completely different person from the one I had been talking to that afternoon. In fact, it was a rather different April from the one I had known for the past eight months. She definitely looked like an April out for a date, not one just hanging out with a friend. Gone was my friend’s usual attire of jeans and a blouse or slacks and a sweater. Instead, she wore a beautiful red sleeveless dress. It was short and tight, hugging April’s curves, especially those big breasts, in a most revealing way. The hemline was above mid-thigh, showing off long, beautiful legs ending in red leather pumps with spike heels. A simple gold chain hung around her neck, dangling a small pendant into the cleavage left largely bare by the dress’ plunging neckline. Red lipstick and a bit of eyeliner and blush completed my friend’s transformation from girl next door to sexy, even glamorous, date.I rose to greet April as she approached the booth with a big smile on her face. The next thing I knew, she was in my arms as we greeted each other with a hug. Her breasts pressed against me in a most enticing way.“You look gorgeous, April. So … different from your usual,” I Acıbadem Escort said, stammering a little.She smiled.“I haven’t dolled up for a long time. Thought it might be fun to do it tonight,” April answered, a flirty look on her pretty face, “And it’s for you, too. You’ve been such a wonderful friend, Ross.”We ordered drinks and some food, then began chatting softly as we enjoyed Spike’s playing. I found myself hard pressed to keep my attention on April’s face as we talked. My eyes kept wanting to stray lower; to drink in the deep cleavage and soft, pale flesh of her breasts.“Let’s dance,” April suddenly said, nodding towards the club’s small dance floor. It was already occupied by a couple other pairs.“I’m … uh … not much of a dancer,” I replied.She grinned and said, “I’ll take care of you. You’ll be fine.”April got up and offered me her hand. Smiling, I stood up and took it. We walked out on to the dance floor to a slow, soft number. April slipped her arms around me and I reciprocated, resting my hands on her waist. We moved and swayed to the music, eyes locked on each other. Slowly, April moved closer to me and was soon pressed tight against me. It was the most intimate embrace that I had shared with a girl in over a year and my cock stirred to life at the press of her body against it.The song ended and April looked up at me. Before I could say anything, her lips were brushed mine. It was a brief, light kiss but a kiss nonetheless, the first I had received from April. I was taken aback momentarily but then gave in to the moment and returned the kiss. A new song started, something livelier. April moved away from me. Under her seemingly expert tutelage, I was dancing better than I ever had before.Another song, another dance, and then we slipped back into our booth. April sat beside me on the bench seating, snuggling close as I put an arm around her shoulders to hold her. We drank, chatted, and enjoyed the music for a bit.As the trio began a final soft piece, April slipped a hand behind my head. Guiding my mouth to hers, she kissed me again. This time, the kiss was neither light nor brief. Her lips moved sensuously against mine, then I felt her tongue probing. I parted my lips to let it pass and we gently slid our tongues against each other. My awareness narrowed. The club and the rest of the audience were forgotten. There was only soft music and April’s mouth. Both song and kiss seemed to go on forever.As we shared this kiss, our hands were roaming, caressing each other through clothing. My hand touched one of April’s breasts. When she did not resist, I left it there and gently caressed her through the fine material of the dress. April undid a button on my shirt and slid her fingers in to run them through my chest hair.“I’m thinking we should take this somewhere more private,” April whispered after a few minutes of making out.“Your place or mine?”“I’m closer.”We rearranged our clothes and headed for the door. I caught a couple winks going my way as we left. Obviously, others had noticed what was happening.April’s apartment was rather nice for a student. It was a surprisingly large one bedroom and very nicely furnished. I knew that my friend was older than most undergraduates so I figured she must have worked for a while after high school. She did not have any roommates so I could see no other way that she could afford such a nice place. Not that I had much time to notice the décor that evening.We entered the apartment and almost immediately melted into each other’s arms. Our mouths came together in another long, deep kiss as we stood in the vestibule between the door and the kitchen.“Ever had someone strip for you? “ April asked.“No. You offering?”“Sit on the couch, then. I have a treat for you.”I settled on to April’s couch as she dug out a CD and put it in her stereo. Soft, sultry music filled the air as my friend hit the play button.Straightening up, April began to sway gently to the music. Her body moved in a most sensual fashion as she ran her hands up and down over her ass. She looked over her shoulder at me with a little twinkle in her eye. With a wink, she wiggled her ass at me. Then she slowly turned to face me, Acıbadem Escort Bayan her body moving to the music as she did.My friend’s eyes fixed on me and there was a wicked little grin on her pretty face. Slowly, she ran her hands up her body from thighs to breasts. Closing her eyes and tilting her head back, she swayed slowly to the music while massaging her breasts through her dress. Then April put her hands behind her head. Her eyes flickered open and regarded me lustily. Her swaying turned to slow circles of her hips, thrusting her crotch towards me as she licked her lips hungrily.By this point, I was getting aroused and my penis started to stiffen. My hand strayed to touch the growing bulge in my slacks but April shook her head. I smiled and took it away, though the urge to touch myself as I watched her was strong.Slowly, rhythmically, April walked towards me, pausing directly in front of where I sat on her couch. Her hands reached behind her back. I heard the sound of a zipper. Then, my friend slowly the slid the top of her dress down, revealing her tits barely held in place by a strapless pink bra. She kept going until the dress dropped to the floor around her feet. Her panties were pink bikini briefs that more or less matched the bra.Leaning forward over me, April rested her hands on my thighs. Her body moved to the music, causing her tits to sway seductively as she ran her hands over my thighs. Then she turned and sat on my lap, grinding her ass against the erection that was tenting my pants. I ran my hands up and down her back and sides, enjoying the feel of her smooth, warm skin.After a bit more lap dancing, April got up and moved away from me, her ass still moving with the music. She reached up her back and undid her bra, tossing the undergarment over her shoulder to me. I laughed as I caught and held it, my eyes still fixated on my friend.April slowly turned to face me, hands covering her breasts. They weren’t really big enough to fully cover her large tits, though. My friend moved towards me, hands kneading her breasts as she walked, until she stood over me. Then she slowly lowered her hands, treating me to my first unobstructed view of her naked breasts.They were as round and plump as I had thought when seeing them under her clothes. Large, reddish areolas covered the ends, surrounding big nipples that were already stiff. All I could think of at that point was how much I want those breasts in my hands and mouth.Clearly seeing the impact that the sight was having on me, April climbed on to the couch with me, her knees outside my thighs, her hands propped on the chair back on either side of my head.“Like my tits, Russ? Take them. They’re yours,” she hissed in a sultry whisper.Taking my friend at her word and too horny to resist, I ran my fingers over the smooth, rather firm mounds. I stroked her soft flesh and circled the hard nipples. Cupping them in my hands, I kneaded them gently, enjoying how they moved and felt to my hands.“They are … so beautiful,” I managed to stammer out.I moved my hands aside and leaned forwards to bring my mouth up to one. Slowly, I licked the areola and nipple before taking it between my lips and sucking it. As I suckled, I used the thumb and forefinger of my left hand to pinch and rub the nipple on the other side.“Oh, yeah. That feels so good, Ross,” she moaned softly, “Bite it, baby. I love it when you hurt my nipples.”Gently taking a nipple in my teeth, I did as April asked. A gasp and a little giggle were my reward. I switched breasts and gently bit her other nipple with similar results, then began sucking hard. My hands caressed April’s belly, then slid around her waist and under the waistband of her panties to massage her firm, shapely ass.Lifting my head from April’s breast, I looked into my friend’s eyes. She smiled, then leaned in and kissed me. Her tongue slid against mine. We dragged that kiss out for a long time, then April slipped off the couch to kneel before me on the floor. Her fingers went to work undoing my pants. I unbuttoned my shirt, watching with delight as my friend unfastened my belt, button, and finally my zipper. Getting up from the couch, I let her Escort Acıbadem pull them down and off as I slipped out of the shirt.When my pants were off, I sat back down. April ran her fingers up and down the shaft of my hard cock.“Such a beautiful cock, baby,” she cooed, “I want to suck it so badly. Do you want me to suck your cock, Ross?”I was a little taken aback. April had always been rather quiet and unassuming even when we were alone together. To have her start talking dirty was both surprising and arousing but so was everything else that had happened since April arrived at the club. Needless to say, I wasn’t about to refuse the offer.“Go ahead. Suck it. I want to see my cock in your mouth,” I answered with growing excitement. Sonja, my previous girlfriend and the only woman I’d had sex with to that point, had been very reluctant about oral and never really seemed to enjoy it.April said nothing more. Instead, she began licking my cock, running her long pink tongue from the balls to the head, then down again repeatedly. As my friend’s wet tongue moistened my cock, her fingers were fondling and massaging my balls. After a few long, slow swipes around the head with her tongue, April took me into her mouth.I watched intently as my cock slowly disappeared between April’s red lips. She wrapped them tightly around it and sucked the head, then took more in, and kept repeating that cycle until almost all of my seven inches were gone. As April sucked on my hard rod, her tongue was working inside her mouth, stroking and caressing me. I closed my eyes and savoured the incredible feeling.“Oh, fuck, baby. That is amazing. I have felt anything like this before,” I moaned out, knowing I was not likely to last much longer.April slowly slid me out of her mouth.“Where do you want to come, baby?” she said, her fingers stroking my wet shaft, “In my mouth or all over my face and tits?”She was offering me a cumshot? I had seen them in pornos but didn’t think a “real” woman would want it.“On you, baby. You’ll look so hot covered in my cum, baby,” I responded, my arousal stronger than ever.Smiling, April backed away and lay on the floor.“Then fuck my tits, baby. Fuck them until you cum on me. You know you want to.”She didn’t have to ask me twice. I got down and mounted her chest, laying my cock between her tits. April squeezed them closed around it as I began thrusting into her cleavage, her saliva acting as lube.“Oh yeah, baby,” April said softly, “Fuck my tits, baby. Slide that big fucking cock into my cleavage until you bathe me in your cream.”April’s dirty talk enhanced my arousal incredibly. I thrust harder and faster into her cleavage, feeling my climax starting to build. It didn’t take long.“Oh fuck,” I gasped as a powerful climax took hold.My cock twitched between April’s tits, spurting a large, gooey load of cum on to her chest, neck, and jaw.I finally slid free and lay down on top of April. I kissed her lovingly, then licked some of my cum off of her to slide into her mouth on my tongue.“Do you like the taste?” I whispered.“Of course.”“I’d like to taste you, April. May I?”“Oh please,” she cooed softly, “I am so hot and wet down there.”After another quick kiss, I moved slowly down my friend’s naked body. I kissed and licked a trail down her neck and shoulder, through the valley of her cleavage, and across her slim belly. I paused at her naked mound, having never seen a completely shaved pussy before. After a kiss and a lick, I moved down to her slit. Slowly, I ran my tongue up and down the wet, pink lips. I had eaten Sonja a couple times but she hadn’t seemed to enjoy receiving any more than giving. Of course, maybe I just wasn’t any good at it.April, by contrast, seemed right into it. As I licked her pussy and gently probed inside her with a finger, she pushed up to meet me.“Oh yeah, baby, slip that finger in me. Fuck me with it. It feels so good inside me. Now tongue my clit. Lick it and … oh, yeah.” She ended with a gasp as I stroked her engorged clitoris with my tongue.Under my friend’s guidance, always delivered in breathless dirty talk, I found her G-spot and massaged it with my finger while licking and sucking her clit.“Oh fuck, Ross, yes. You are so incredible! Don’t stop now. Make me come, baby,” she cried out, letting me know I was getting it right.“Fuck yeah!” she almost screamed as her pussy walls twitched around my finger and a stream of her juice came pouring out.I kept going until April seemed finished and then crawled back up over her. She smiled up at me.

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