Asian Delight


It was a spur of the moment decision that caused Dan to turn his car toward a local bar rather than continue on his ride home. After a long day at work, he felt the need for some down time with a stiff drink and the noise of a crowded bar. Walking into a local dance place, Dan surveyed the surroundings, noting the DJ booth in the far corner next to the dance floor partially filled with couples and some women moving their bodies to the beat of the music. Wanting a quieter spot, he moved along to the far side of the bar near the pool tables and video games, sitting at an open stool with a view of the dance floor. A very sexy looking blond woman with large breasts and ample cleavage spilling out of her blouse continued washing glasses as she asked Dan what he would like to drink. His response of a CC and water brought a blank stare which quickly changed to enlightenment as the bartender realized the ingredients to this order. Dan smiled; understanding that this bartender could probably mix most of the exotic designer drinks in her sleep but stumbles on the simpler ones. She recovered quickly, returning with an excellent mixture with just enough water to compliment the smooth whisky. The first sip went down nicely, his eyes closing as he savored the taste and feeling the cold condensation on his fingertips. The second sip was even better as the ice cooled liquid flowed smoothly down his throat. The sensation was heightened with the initial rush of alcohol making its way through the bloodstream to do its dirty deed on a few thousand brain cells. For the first time today, Dan felt relaxed and he sat back on the stool and watched the crowd and listened to the music. Dan first saw her on the dance floor moving to the beat of a Salsa style tune, expertly moving her body to the rhythm and moving her hips in the most erotic way. She was beautiful! She was of Asian decent with long dark hair, which shimmered in the club lighting. She wore a white blouse with the top buttons undone and tied at the waist showing some of her cleavage as she moved. Her skirt was shorter than short with a tiny slit on the side which showed her beautiful brown legs. Her dance partner was another woman who was taller and with long blond hair and also very attractive. He sat there admiring this Asian beauty as she moved her hips in perfect cadence to the song. Her blond friend leaned closer to her, speaking into her ear as she looked in Dan’s direction. The Asian girl turned her head and looked directly at Dan, holding her gaze and waiting for a response, which Dan quickly obliged as he raised his glass in a silent toast. He saw her smile slightly and turn back to her friend, loosing herself again to the beat of the music. The pretty blond bartender asking if he wanted a refill diverted Dan’s attention. When he turned his attention back to the dance floor, he saw that both women were gone and a nice looking young couple although with much less dance skill had taken their place. Disappointed, he looked around a bit more trying to find this exotic beauty but quickly realized that she was nowhere to be found. Dan sat back, disappointed at the loss of this eye candy but thoroughly enjoying the bar. Deep in thought, Dan first didn’t hear the question when the Asian beauty asked if the seat next to him was taken. He quickly recovered his senses and told her that she was welcomed to sit. She smiled upon hearing this and moved her beautiful body onto the barstool and turning her body toward him. He asked her if she would care for a drink and she smiled again, moved her mouth close to his ear and told him she would love sex on the beach. Dan smiled at the obvious pun and he told her he would like that too although he hated the chafing. Her smile brightened, which seemed almost impossible as bright as her smile already was and she touched his leg and leaned forward again to whisper that she preferred doing it in the water rather than sand for the same reason. Dan laughed and moved his body to face her and his knee touched her leg sending electric shocks up his thigh toward his groin. A little flustered, he turned to the bartender washing glasses nearby and ordered two Sex on the Beach’s. When he turned back to look at this Asian beauty, he saw her looking at the growing bulge between his legs. Her eyes moved up again to his eyes and she leaned forward touching his leg and asked if he was new to this bar since she hadn’t seen him here before. Dan told her that he decided at the last minute to stop by for a drink to check the place out and that he was pretty impressed with the place so far. He asked what her name was and she again leaned forward and whispered that her name was Ling. He told her that she was the most beautiful woman on the dance floor and could really move to Salsa. She laughed, placing her hand across her mouth as she did and looking a little embarrassed although pleased. She told Side escort him that she worked at a local import company where she managed the Chinese business. As she spoke, Dan noticed that her skirt had ridden up her thighs slightly and that her black panties were now visible to him. She noticed him looking and spread her knees apart a little further, giving him a better view of her smooth and silky thighs. His bulge grew as blood flowed to his now engorged cock straining at the material of his pants. Ling noticed the growing bulge and looked down as she moved forward to whisper that she found American men very sexy. As she leaned toward Dan, her blouse fell forward giving him a view of her beautiful breasts as he caught the sent of an exotic perfume emanating from her still heated body. Her hand stayed on his thigh, moving upward slightly as they spoke, and got to know each other. She obviously knew the effect she was having on Dan and she would look down at his crotch and back up into his eyes, grinning. After another round of Sex on the Beach, Dan asked her if she would care to join him in a hot tub soak to which her eyes lit up and her smile brightened even further. She said her friend had driven her to the club but had left to pick up a boyfriend so Dan would have to drive her home later to which he agreed. They finished their drinks and moved toward the door as Ling grabbed Dan’s hand, holding it as they left the club. Her hand was so warm and soft and her grip firm and Dan felt another twinge between his legs. They moved to his car where he opened the door for Ling who smiled, not used to a gentleman opening her door. She sat down, not pulling her skirt down as she did and revealing her beautiful thighs which seemed to go on forever. Dan quickly moved to the drivers side and sat down, taking a moment to look at Ling sitting there looking so beautiful. She looked embarrassed and giggled, covering her mouth as she did and looking back into Dan’s eyes with her deep brown eyes. She told him that she normally did not go home with a man after first meeting but that Dan was such a gentleman and he reminded her so much of an old boyfriend from China she dearly missed. She also told him that she was in a particularly frisky mood and wanted to play as she moved her hand into Dan’s lap and up to the now obvious bulge between his legs. She moved closer, spreading her legs wider as she felt the bulge with her hands, stroking the fabric between her and that turgid cock. Her other hand moved to his lap and found the zipper, moving it down quickly and putting her other hand into the hole, feeling the cock under his underwear. She found the slit in the front of his boxers and moved his cock out of it, allowing it to poke unrestrained from his pants. Dan’s mouth was open but no words could come out as she moved her body closer still and placed her warm lips on the head of his cock, gently licking the clear seminal fluid from the head. Dan gasped audibly as she moved her lips down his now pulsating cock, her tongue moving across the base of his glans and causing electric shocks to pulsate through his body. Her hand gently grasped the shaft of this rock hard phallus and milked more of the clear salty seminal fluid to her lips as she kissed the head and licked the clear fluid with her tongue. His hand moved to her thigh, stroking upward between them and feeling the heat emanating from her pussy though her sexy black panties. He felt the wetness as his fingers traced the outline of her vulva and found the little engorged clitoris. He felt her body flinch as she moaned with pleasure, not missing a stroke of his hard cock between her lips. He moved the material slightly and placed a finger just inside the lips of her vagina, moving them upward to her love button, which he gently stroked. Her legs opened wider providing him better access as he plunged another finger into her hot wet hole and feeling her hips push forward against his hand, plunging his fingers deeper into her pussy. Her hips rocked as she continued to suck his hard cock, stroking with her hand and milking more and more of the clear salty seminal fluid from the head and expertly flicking her tongue across the tip as she savored each drop. He was in heaven; her mouth bringing him to new and greater pleasures as he felt a build up of an orgasm as his body began to tense. His cock twitched in her mouth and he moaned, not sure if he should pull out of her lips before his load let go. He moaned again, moving his hands to her head and gently pulling her up which she resisted as she increased the tempo of her strokes and her sucking and licking. Dan was at the point of no return and he thrust his cock deeper into her waiting mouth, feeling the uncontrollable build up of cum about to explode from the head of his cock as she thrust her mouth deeper on his hard cock, taking it deeper manavgat escort bayan into her throat as he exploded his load deep into her throat. Not missing a beat, she continued sucking down his hot cum as she milked his pulsating cock, taking each spurt and swallowing it down only to meet the next spurt. Dan saw fireworks as he fired his load deep in Ling’s waiting throat. She continued stroking and sucking and he moaned as his cock continued pulsating after the explosion of his hot cum. He shifted his hips back as his cock became more sensitive to her mouth and she gently backed her head away, pausing for a final lick and kiss of his still bulging cock. She moved her head upwards to his waiting lips, planting a wet kiss on them and mingling his cum with his lips as her tongue found his. He moved his arm around the back of her neck to support her as he continued the sensuous kiss, nibbling her lips and running his tongue gently across the inside of her waiting mouth and causing her to moan. The kiss was long and passionate but ended far too soon as he noticed a couple walking toward a car parked close by. He gave her one last gently kiss on her lips and moved his hand to place his now semi erect cock back into his pants. She moved back to her seat, looking into his eyes and smiling her beautiful smile as she licked her lips. Ling whispered that she had wanted to do that inside of the bar but the bartender would probably object. Dan laughed and told her that he would have risked that for her beautiful mouth. She giggled a shy giggle again, moving her hand to cover her mouth and told him that she couldn’t wait for the hot tub. It took all of his mental energy to keep his mind on the drive home as Ling cuddled into his side, caressing his thighs with her finger tips and causing his cock to harden and strain against his clothing. His hand moved to her thighs, causing her to hike her left leg up on the seat and open her waiting pussy to his probing fingers. He didn’t feel the panties now and wondered when she had took them off and not caring as long as they were gone and he had free access to the heat and wetness of her pussy. Her pubic hair was as soft as silk and he gently moved his fingertips across it, causing her to moan with pleasure. Their ride was silent except for the music on the radio and the occasional moan from her lips as his fingers probed deeper and deeper into her hot, wet hole. He turned his car into the driveway and stopped in front of the house keeping his hand buried between her legs. He finally removed it and leaned toward her, gently kissing her on the lips. She responded with her lips kissing him again, with her tongue moving between his lips. Knowing that he would never make it into the house at this rate, he gave her one last butterfly kiss and told her it was time for a soak. They went to the apartment rather than the house and took off their cloths, exchanging kisses and gropes as they worked their clothing off. Her body was even more amazing than he first had realized with her ample breasts and her small framed body. Ling gave his now turgid cock one last playful stroke and moved to the rear door toward the hot tub. They walked to the deck where they found the hot tub cover already removed and the tub lights on. Ling asked if he was expecting to soak tonight and he smiled and said yes as he took her hand and guided her into the hot water. He followed, starting the water jets before sitting down, causing the water to boil with the movement of the water as he sat down next to Ling. She smiled, enjoying the sensation of the jets against her body and moved herself into Dan’s waiting arms and back to a deep, soul-searching kiss. As she moved away from Dan’s lips, she noticed a glass of white wine in his hand which he was offering her. Momentarily confused, she started to ask him where the wine came from when Debbie stepped out of the darkness of the deck and into the tub, holding two more glasses of wine. Ling looked at Dan with a wondering look when he told her he would like her to meet Debbie, his wife. She appeared a bit confused and a little anxious until Debbie sat down next to her, touched her thigh and told her it was so nice to meet her. Her smile returned and she relaxed as she understood that this was a friendly meeting. Debbie passed the other wineglass to Dan and continued chatting with Ling as her hand gently stroked Ling’s thigh. Ling spread her legs slightly and moved her hips forward giving Debbie a signal that her attentions were desired which Debbie quickly picked up on and continued her stroking. Dan moved closer to Ling and stroked her other thigh and gently nibbled her neck, moving his tongue up to her ear and gently nibbled her lobe. Ling moaned at the sensation as Debbie moved her lips to Ling’s, planting a gentle kiss on them to which she responded with a deeper Escort alanya kiss. These two beautiful ladies kissing was almost too much for Dan who sat back watching these beauties moving deeper and deeper into their kiss and caress. Ling responded to these sensations and moved her hand to Debbie’s large breasts, caressing their fullness and touching the hard nipples. Debbie moaned within her kiss and moved her hand upward into the warm wetness between Ling’s legs and plunging a finger into its depths causing Ling to moan. Debbie’s hand moved faster, plunging her finger deeper into the wetness and feeling her clit with her thumb with each stroke. Dan, now too engrossed in this show, stroked his hard cock, enjoying the sensation of the water’s motion with his hand, stroking the length of his cock. Debbie, now completely lost in Ling’s body, gently maneuvered her small frame upwards to the edge of the tub, moving Ling’s legs wide open to provide clear access to her hot box. Ling closed her eyes and dropped her head back as Debbie moved her tongue between the folds of her vulva and finding the hard pulsating clit. Ling moaned louder, moving her hands behind Debbie’s head and Debbie flicked her tongue across the engorged clit and around the folds of her vagina. Debbie plunged her tongue deep into Ling’s waiting pussy, her nose pressed hard against Ling’s mound, feeling the soft down pubic hair tickling her nose as her mouth expertly pleasured Ling’s hot wet pussy. Ling pulled Debbie’s face harder into her crotch as she ground her pubis against Debbie’s mouth at an increasing tempo. Debbie slipped her fingers into the pussy lips as her tongue continued to make love to Ling’s clitoris, moving faster and faster with her tongue and lips and bringing Ling closer and closer to orgasm. Ling, feeling her orgasm building, ground her pubis harder against Debbie’s waiting mouth, holding tight to the back of Debbie’s head as the tempo increased faster and faster to her waiting crescendo. Debbie moved another finger into Ling’s ass, continuing to fuck her pussy with her other two fingers as Ling moaned twice in quick succession, clenching her thighs around Debbie’s head and pulling tight on her hair as her orgasm exploded with an almost audible thunder. Debbie continued sucking and finger fucking as Ling’s orgasms continued and her pussy clenched and released and clenched and released in waves of pleasure against Debbie’s fingers and mouth. In a last loud gasp, ling melted back into the water, causing Debbie to release Ling’s pussy and guiding Ling down into the warm waiting seat deep in the hot tub. Ling’s eyes were still closed and Debbie embraced Ling, feeling her ample breasts pressed against Ling’s and moving her mouth to Ling’s mouth for a gentle kiss. Ling responded by grasping Debbie around the shoulders and deepening the kiss and losing herself in Debbie’s wonderful lips and tasting her own special flavor still on them. Ling finally opened her eyes when Debbie moved back to take in Ling’s beauty and Ling saw clearly for the first time her two lovers. Debbie asked Ling if she wanted more wine and Ling struggled to make the words escape her lips. She said in a gentle and serene voice that she would much rather have Dan’s hard cock in her. Debbie smiled and reached for Dan’s hand, guiding him between Ling’s legs. Dan was more than happy to oblige with his hard cock now more than ready for action. Ling, still dazed from Debbie’s tongue lashing opened her legs farther, giving Dan clear access to her waiting pussy. Dan positioned himself between her legs and moved the tip of his cock into her pussy, slowly and gently at first until Ling came alive and thrust her hips against Dan, moving her legs around his back and plunging his hot cock deep into her waiting pussy. She felt the warm water splash her face and giggled as Dan thrust again, deeper this time and harder. Ling moaned with this sensation and gazed back at Debbie who was moving her mouth to Ling’s breasts, kissing and nibbling her hard nipples. Ling continued grasping Dan’s waist with her legs and grasped Debbie’s head with her hands, pressing Debbie’s mouth against her heaving breasts. Debbie continued to lick and nibble and moved her hand down to Ling’s ass, slipping in a finger as Dan continued to plunge his member deep into Ling’s pussy. Ling felt her orgasm building and thrust her hips harder against Dan, grinding her pubis against his body and feeling his hot cock plunging again and again into her love hole. Ling pressed herself down against Debbie’s finger causing it to go deeper into her asshole, stretching her sphincter and causing waves of pleasure to move through her body. These waves washed across Ling’s body and she moved closer and closer to orgasm until she exploded against Dan’s body as he continued to stroke long and hard, faster and faster. Debbie could feel the orgasm causing Ling’s sphincter to tighten against her finger and she increased her kissing and nibbling of Ling’s nipples, harder and harder as Ling held Debbie’s head tighter and tighter against her breasts as the first of many orgasms washed across her body bringing her higher and higher into waves of pleasure.

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