Bahamas Wedding Party


Kate boarded the plane heading to The Bahamas for her cousin Mara and Brad’s wedding. She had not seen either of them since her last visit to them in Miami. She was excited to see the family and celebrate their wedding.“Hi! Is anyone sitting here?” Kate looked up from her phone to see an incredibly erotic looking woman pointing at the seat next to her. She shook her head no and went back to her phone.The woman reached up to put her bag in the overhead compartment. Kate couldn’t help but look over at the woman’s sexy legs as the skirt of her dress rode up to the very top of them.“I am Diane,” the woman introduced herself as she put out her hand to shake Kate’s.“Kate.”“Nice to meet you, Kate. Is this your first trip to The Bahamas?”“Yes, it is,” Kate replied. “I am attending my cousin’s wedding this weekend.”“Awesome! I love Bahama weddings, at one of the beautiful beaches. Let me guess at sunset?”“How did you know?”Diane laughed, “It is one of the things The Bahamas are known for.”“So I guess you are not a Bahama virgin like me.”Diane couldn’t stop laughing now. “No sweetie far from a virgin of any kind.” She winked at Kate.“I was born there. My mother moved us to the states when I was four and I come back often. Every summer when I was in school, I would spend my whole summer with my family and dread going back to life back home.”“Wow! That sounds incredible.”“It was.”The pilot came on the intercom and the girls buckled their seat belts. As the plane started to move down the runway and lifted off the ground, Diane closed her eyes and grabbed Kate’s hand. She squeezed it so hard she hurt Kate’s knuckles. Kate looked over at her, she was holding on to the other handle with her eyes shut so tight.“I have always hated the take-off,” Diane said to Kate.“Not a fan myself,” Kate said as she squeezed Diane’s hand too.Once the plane was in the air and they were level again, the girls looked at each other, giggling at how silly they just were. The flight attendant approached them and asked for their drink order. Diane ordered a margarita and looked at Kate for here to order.“Come on have one too. I am buying,” Diane showed Kate her credit card.“I will have what she is having, thanks.”They sipped their drinks and talked like old friends. They talked about work, friends, and boyfriends. They laughed and joked about bosses, and size of penises. They had the best time on the flight.They ordered another drink when the flight attendant passed by them again. Diane handed Kate the drink and they toasted to their trip.“I have to admit,” Kate started to say, “Tequila usually makes me do things I don’t normally do.”“Then drink up, I want to see what you normally don’t do,” Diane said with a wink and a coy smile.The flight went perfectly. Neither liked the landing either and squeezed each other’s hand at the end of the flight too. Diane didn’t let go once the plane landed she lingered a few moments longer, and rubbed the back of Kate’s hand. Kate got excited by Diane’s touch. Diane let her hand go, stood up to get her bag and again her short skirt rode up her legs. Kate could see her panties this time and noticed a little darker patch on them.They got off the plane; and headed to the bathroom. each took a stall next to one another. Kate stepped out first and was at the sink washing her hands when Diane opened her door. She looked at Kate in the mirror and they smiled at each other. Diane walked up next to Kate to wash up. both went for a paper towel at the same time and their hands touched again. Diane turned to Kate; she went for it and kissed her.Diane pulled Kate into her stall and locked the door behind them. They started to kiss again. Diane was in a hurry knowing they didn’t have much time in there. While Diane kissed Kate her hands unbuttoned Kate’s shirt. Her hands moved inside Kate’s bra before Kate could protest. Diane cupped both of Kate’s breasts, her palms pressed up against her nipples. She popped Kate’s breast right out. Her mouth went straight to Kate’s nipple, first the left one, she kissed it, licked it a few times and put it in her mouth and sucked it. After a few suckles, she took the tip of Kate’s nipple between her teeth and pull back on it, then let it go to pop back into place. She went to the right one.Kate could feel herself getting wet. She wanted Diane to reach down her jeans and touch her clit so bad. Diane seemed content with her chest, one in her mouth, and the other in her hand. Kate began to moan as the touches, the licks, the nibbles, and the pinches drove her Bostancı Escort crazy. Kate moved her hands into Diane’s hair and was now running her hands in Diane’s curly black hair. Kate’s clit throbbed wanting some attention.Kate slid her hand down her stomach and into the waistband of her jeans. She reached the warmth and wetness that had built up in her own panties. She began to rub her clit slow at first, but with every suck of Diane’s mouth on her hard nipple she moved faster. Kate’s moans got louder as she brought herself to an orgasm. Diane took her nipple in her teeth and pulled on it, this sent a sensation through Kate’s body straight to her clit. She started to cum. She rubbed faster, her leg began to shake, and her clit twitched. Her juices filled her hand.Diane stepped back and watched Kate as she came down from her orgasm. When Kate opened her eyes, the beautiful woman smiled at her. They heard people coming into the bathroom, so they had to stop and pull themselves together in a hurry. They heard women’s voices and doors clicked shut, then opened the door carefully to exit. They washed up again and left the bathroom.Kate and Diane exchanged numbers and promised to see each other while on the islands. Kate found her bags and shuttle to the resort where she was staying and the wedding would be held. Diane told her it was one of the nicest ones around and that she would enjoy it.While on the shuttle, Kate got a text from Mara. She and the rest of the crew were delayed due to weather and wouldn’t be in until the next day. Mara apologized for leaving her alone. Kate understood and told her she would see her the next day, and take care of anything she could at the hotel for the wedding.Kate sent another text.Family delayed, I will be all alone tonight…Come have dinner with me.Just Dinner??Maybe some drinks…Maybe finish what we started?Oh yes!.Kate met Diane in the resort’s main bar and the two women had a drink before dinner. They started to sip on their cocktails, not saying much to each other, just looking at each other and smiling.“This is driving me crazy!” Diane blurted out.“What is?”“Us, I want you so bad.”“Me too, let’s skip dinner.”“Yes!”The girls put down their drinks and headed off to the elevators. They waited patiently with a few others for the elevator to make its way to the lobby. The doors opened, they walked in along with four other couples. Four other floor buttons were pressed, three stops before them and one after. The elevator ride took forever. They stood against the back wall. Diane reached over and linked her pinky finger into Kate’s; they looked into each other’s eyes and smiled. One by one, the other couples exited.“This is us,” Kate said and rushed out of the elevator, holding Diane’s hand, almost knocking over the other couple still in the elevator.They rushed down the hall to Kate’s room. She fumbled with the key card as Diane’s hand ran up her dress, over her ass, and between her legs. Diane’s fingers found her wet, naked pussy and began to rub her clit.“No panties,” Diane moaned. “I likey!”The door opened and the ladies went inside. Kate took Diane in her arms and started to kiss her. They crashed onto the bed. The ladies began to rub their bodies together as they kissed. Diane unzipped Kate’s dress and started to push it down her arms. She rushed her hands back to the clasp of her bra and undid it quickly. Kate’s bra fell down and Diane started to kiss down her neck and her chest, and sucked on her nipple.Kate fumbled with Diane’s clothes and moaned at the sensations running up and down her body. Diane had one finger already inside her wet pussy and her mouth sucked on Kate’s breast. This drove Kate wild. Shock waves ran up and down her body. Kate finally had Diane’s dress off her.Kate scooted up the bed as she removed her clothes and threw them on the floor. Diane sat up on her knees and removed her dress too. She tossed them in the same pile as Kate’s. Kate lay upon the pillows and crossed her legs, playing shy for Diane.Diane took her hands and placed them on Kate’s ankles: she slowly uncrossed her legs. She took Kate’s left leg and brought it up to her mouth, placing little kisses on her skin. She ran her mouth and tongue down Kate’s long leg until she reached the top of her thigh.Diane bent over and started licking Kate’s clit. She licked up and down her luscious lips, flicked her tongue on the little bud. Kate moaned louder and louder with each flick, each lick. Diane went faster and faster. Bostancı Escort Bayan Kate’s body quivered, her clit throbbed. She put her hands on Diane’s head and pushed her harder into her pussy. She felt her orgasm come over her. She was ready. Diane put her mouth over Kate’s pussy and sucked as hard as she could.“Oh yesss!! Here I cum!!”Kate started to squirm on the bed. She lifted her back off the bed, grabbed the sheets with both hands, and her juices squirted into Diane’s mouth. Diane didn’t let up. She sucked and licked all of Kate’s cum off her pretty pink pussy lips. She continued until Kate had another, milder orgasm.“Please stop,” Kate begged. “It feels so good, but I may have another one if you don’t stop.”Diane looked up from between Kate’s legs at her new lover. “You are complaining about having a third orgasm?”“No, I just want you to have one too.”“Oh, don’t worry, sweetie, I will have just as many as you. I had one, just feeling you cum in my mouth. Now lay there and let me do it one more time.”Kate lay back and Diane brought her to another orgasm. Once she was done, Diane made her way up next to Kate and they kissed. Kate ran her hand down to Diane’s soaked pussy and began to finger her. She brought Diane to a cum as they kissed.Diane broke away and lay next to Kate as she came down from her orgasm. Kate caught her breath too.“Room service?” Kate asked.“Yes please, I am starving.”The girls put on robes and ordered dinner. There was a knock on the door while the girls were kissing on the edge of the bed. Kate answered the door. The server brought the cart into the room; she signed the slip and he left, but not before he noticed their clothes in a pile on the floor. His cock got hard that instant, knowing what these two beautiful women were up to.They ate dinner, drank some wine and talked for hours. Diane put the cart out in the hall and joined a naked Kate on the bed. The two lay there on the bed, naked, talking to each other and giggling. They began to kiss again, rub on each other, and finally fell asleep after getting off once more.Kate woke the next morning before Diane. Kate kissed down Diane’s body. She crawled between her legs and had her turn at Diane’s pussy. She licked and sucked over and over. Diane moaned and squirmed as she enjoyed Kate’s tongue on her clit. It did not take long before Kate’s licks brought Diane to a raging orgasm. Diane yelled out as her pussy throbbed and let a stream of cum into Kate’s mouth. Kate sucked it all in and then got up off the bed and went into the bathroom“Do you want to have breakfast?” Diane yelled to Kate from the bed.“I just did,” Kate yelled back.They just laughed and then ordered breakfast.They sat on the balcony and enjoyed their food. Kate admired the beautiful scenery and her beautiful lover. Diane pointed out different landmarks they could see, and told her of times spent there as a kid. Kate just soaked it all in as she drank her morning coffee.Diane needed to get back to her family. She got dressed and headed out. Kate took a shower and got dressed for the pool. Her family was still a few hours from getting there, so she got in a little pool time before they arrived.She sat by the pool, put on some sunscreen and sunbathed for hours. She cooled off in the pool a few times and ordered a pina colada from the swim-up bar. She lay back on the pool chair and closed her eyes. She fell asleep, dreaming of Diane and their night together.Mara and the crew from Miami arrived just as Kate was heading up to her room from the pool.“Katie!” Mara yelled out to her when she saw her. The two girls hugged. Kate greeted all the family and Brad as they walked up.“Katie, guess who came with us?” Mara said to Kate as she turned her around. “Mark!”“Hello, Kate,” Mark said to her as they hugged.Mark was Mara’s best friend since grade school and Kate’s crush since a teenager when she met him at Mara’s first wedding. They also had a vacation fling on Kate’s last visit with Mara. He was so handsome, tall, dark and well-endowed. Kate’s heart skipped a few beats when their bodies touched.“Wow, Mark,” Kate began, “It is so great to see you. I didn’t know you were coming.”“Like I would miss one of Mara’s weddings.” They all started to laugh.Mara took Kate off to the side as Brad, Mark and the rest of the crew checked in.“Mark is single. He and that awful wife of his finally signed the divorce papers a month ago. She is already engaged and has her new man in his house, driving his Escort Bostancı car that she got in the divorce. You be gentle with him.” Mara finished her gossip and smiled at her cousin.“I will be as gentle as he wants me to be,” Kate said as she looked over at Mark. He smiled at her.This wedding is going to be so much fun, Kate thought to herself.All went to their rooms to get ready for the rehearsal dinner and party. They gathered on the west side beach to see where the ceremony would be performed under a wooden frame with a canopy. The after party would be held on the little veranda area next to the beach with a bar, buffet, and deejay. They headed into the restaurant to have dinner and a few drinks.Kate and Mark sat next to each other and had a few laughs about Mara’s first wedding and their last visit. They talked about how life had been. Mark told her about his divorce and how he was adjusting to single life. The party went great. Dinner was delicious, drinks were flowing, and toasts were made.Mark asked Kate to take a moonlight walk on the beach after the party. She agreed. When the party wrapped up and everyone had gone, they headed to the beach. They kicked off their shoes and left them on the walkway before hitting the sand. Mark grabbed a towel from the pool area, just in case. He took her hand and they headed down to the edge of the water and strolled along the beach. They walked for a while and came to a secluded cove on the east side of the resort.“This reminds me of that beach we were on a few years ago,” Kate remarked.“It sure does,” Mark said as he laid out the towel.Kate began to undress, “I am going in.” She ran off into the ocean, stark naked.Mark hurried off his clothes and ran in after her. They frolicked in the warm ocean water, kissing and touching each other. They splashed around for a while.“Let’s go in,” Kate said as she pulled away from their kiss.They lay down, soaking wet, on the towel and began to make love. Mark was the most gentle lover she had ever been with. He caressed her body and kissed her all over. He eased his cock into her once she was ready. Kate’s arched her back and pushed her hips into him as his hard dick plunged deep into her. His soft kisses on her neck gave her goosebumps down her arms.Mark wrapped his arms around Kate as he pushed and pulled himself in and out of her warm pussy. Mark sat back on his heels as he picked Kate up, still inside her. Kate straddled his lap, pressed her body into his and rode his cock. Mark kissed her breast and she moved his mouth to her nipple and bobbed up and down along with her.Kate yelled out with passion as her orgasm started to build up inside of her. Mark felt her pussy walls tighten on his cock. She rode him harder. The water crashed along the shore as waves of pleasure crashed through her body. Kate’s orgasm began and Mark exploded inside of her.They crashed back onto the towel. After a few moments went by, Kate looked up at Mark as she lay next to him, wrapped in his arms. She felt so safe and protected with him. She ran her hand down his body to his limp dick. It didn’t take long before she had it in her hand, and jerked it hard again. They both came once more on the beach before falling asleep in each other’s arms.No one disturbed them and they woke to the sun peeking over the horizon. It was the most romantic thing Kate had ever experienced. Mark held her in his arms as they watched the new day begin. They kissed and then realized they’d better get dressed before they were arrested.They walked slowly back to the hotel, got their shoes and headed in. Mark walked her to her room and kissed her again before leaving her there. Kate floated into her room after that romantic night with Mark. She lay on the bed and fell back to sleep.She awoke to the ringing of the hotel room phone.“Where are you?” Mara yelled into the phone. Kate noticed the time. She was late for the wedding day breakfast.“I will be right down. Sorry, I was sleeping and didn’t set an alarm.”Kate went down to meet up with the other woman for the breakfast, as Mara kept talking about everything that was going on for that day. ‘Wedding Day Wake Up Call’, ‘Wedding Day Mimosas’. She just put ‘Wedding Day’ in front of everything she said. The guys went off to play “Wedding Day Golf,” so Mark was not around and Mara didn’t waste any time asking her about her night with Mark.“So was it as romantic as it looked?” Mara asked her cousin.“What are you talking about, looked?” Kate replied with her own question.“I could see you two from my balcony,” Mara came back. “I couldn’t sleep, so I went to watch the waves, and I could see you two, skinny dipping in the ocean. I knew it was you two once you headed back up to the hotel towel on the beach. I couldn’t help but watch. It got me so excited, I went in and called Brad and we had phone sex.”

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