Cancun with Kelly


It was February of 1998. Six of us decided to make our first trip to Cancun. We arrived toward the end of the month on a Thursday at midday. Our hotel was in the “hotel zone”. Kelly and I had an adjoining room with Bob and Lisa. Yvonne and Daniel had a room on a different floor.This all got started at our New Year’s Eve party. There were five couples there. Tequila was playing a large role in the evening’s entertainment, which somehow led to Mexico and shortly thereafter a decision that we were all going to go to Cancun. Three of the couples left soon after the “Cheers!” and kisses at midnight. Bob and Lisa stayed.Tequila was definitely working on Lisa. I could see the lust and horniness in her eyes. Her clothes were getting loose. I was sure they would fall off. And soon. She had been flirting, discreetly, with me all evening. Kelly and Bob had also been flirting but there is nothing discreet about Kelly and it was all good fun.Kelly met Lisa through work. She and Bob had been to two other of our parties over the past few months. There was clearly a spark there between both Lisa and me and Kelly and Bob.Lisa blurted out to Kelly, Bob and I, “Should I flash my boobies in Cancun?!”Kelly yelled back, “Hell yeah!”Bob chimed in, “Sure! Kelly, you should too!”Lisa looked at me and asked, “Well what do you think?” I think I hurt her feelings a tad by not chiming in immediately.“I would have to see them in order to know what Cancun would think,” was my response.Before my sentence had fully formed in the air Kelly suggested I go downstairs and open up the hot tub. I headed down to our hot tub room. Lisa was right behind me. It was her first time down there.“Wow! This is sooo cool!” was her comment as I removed the lid.We have bathroom facilities also in the large room. I explained that our house process is a quick shower before and no clothes allowed in the hot tub. The shower has a large walk-in enclosure with clear glass walls. I started the water and then stripped off my clothes.Lisa’s eyes were wide at taking in all of it. I stepped into the shower and she was out of her clothes in a flash. She joined me and immediately started to stroke my cock. I was hard just as fast. Lisa tilted her head for a kiss and we started to play tongue hockey.The hot tub is way more fun than the shower, so I turned off the shower and walked over to the hot tub, helped Lisa step in and we settled into the water. She snuggled up next to me and we resumed our make-out session for another ten or fifteen minutes. She stood and placed her legs outside of mine, kneeled on the seat, grabbed my cock and slowly eased her vagina over my throbbing rod.We were kissing again. While our mouths were wildly passionate, our fucking was slow and controlled. My God, she felt great!Lisa is about five and a half feet tall, a few inches taller than Kelly. Her boobs are a wonderfully normal B cup with average nipples and areolae. She’s a brunette with hair down to the middle of her back. I noticed in the shower that she has a water-themed “tramp stamp’ tattoo on her lower back. Her bush is trimmed so as to not be wild, but she has a full, poofy, black bush. But Lisa is more than a sum of her parts. There is something very sexy about her.Lisa had an orgasm. She was unexpectedly quiet. She put her head on my shoulder and kind of whimpered through it. When she brought her head up I attacked her nipples. I sucked them as though I thought they could feed me if only I sucked hard enough. I discovered that Lisa really likes her nipples to be sucked. She came again.She was fucking me. She was fucking me faster. She wanted to cum again. She was using my cock to get off. She needed this. She was fucking me so hard, grinding her clit into my pubic bone so hard. Bouncing up and down and grinding faster and faster. Lisa came again. She was louder this time.I thrust my cock upward as hard as I could. I lifted her pelvis out of the water. I was staring at her wet black bush as I erupted stream after stream of cum into her new-to-me vagina.I slowly brought both of our asses back down into the water.She collapsed onto my chest. “Holy fuck. Hoooly fuck.”She lifted her head and looked into my eyes. She smiled broadly, leaned in for a “thank you” kiss and said, “That was fucking amazing! We’re going to do more of this.”We just relaxed in the bubbling water. I gave her a foot massage. I discovered that Lisa has very, very attractive feet. That’s a big turn-on for me. I worked my way up her leg and slid three fingers into her cunt. I jerked her to an orgasm.We had been downstairs for probably an hour when Lisa asked: “So, what do you suppose the other two are up to?”“Well, Kelly thinks Bob is attractive.”“You have no idea how many times I think Bob has masturbated fantasizing about Kelly’s boobs.”“So, I’m going with: They are fucking each other’s brains out. And he’s sucking her tits.”“Sounds about right.”I was getting pretty warm and sat on the deck surrounding the edge of the tub. Lisa “swam” over between my legs and started sucking my cock. Once I was hard she went to the other corner, bent over at the waist, turned to look at me and said: “Are you coming in?”Lisa was just tall enough that I could fuck her from behind without having to squat a bit. It would be a while before I could cum again, so I was just fucking her at a healthy rhythm. Lisa started to stiffen up and she came again. Just then Kelly and Bob walked in, naked, looking totally fucked out.Kelly said, “Oh, we got here just in time!”Kelly’s voice was hoarse and she was coughing a bit. It was a total giveaway that she had been screaming out her orgasms. Bob, God bless him, looked as though he had just run a marathon.I looked at Bob and said, “I hope you don’t mind that I’m fucking your wife?”“Since your wife just Gölbaşı escort about fucked me to death, I think I owe you!” replied Bob.Both Kelly and Lisa piped in making the point that they are the ones who decide who’s allowed in their pussies.I kept fucking Lisa. Kelly and Bob rinsed in the shower. Bob couldn’t keep his hands off of Kelly’s 34F ginormous boobs. Soon they joined us in the hot tub. Kelly sat near where I was fucking Lisa.“Hasn’t he popped off yet?” Kelly asked Lisa.“Oh, be proud of him! He’s on his second round.”“So, what’s the word Big Boy? Are you going shoot a second time?”“Oh hell, yeah,” I said.“I bet you will. Do you like that new pussy? Did you have fun cumming the first time? Did you cum a lot? I bet you’ll get to fuck her in Cancun too. Won’t that be fun!”That was a thought that had not crossed my mind. I was just caught up in the moment of tonight. Thinking about fucking Lisa again in Cancun did it for me. I growled like a bear. I drove Lisa’s body toward the edge of the hot tub. I know I didn’t pump as much cum this time, but it felt like a bigger orgasm.Lisa shouted out, “Oh God!” as she came a fourth time.I felt like I was going to blackout. I left it all on the field as they say. My knees buckled and I fell into the tub. It kind of freaked everyone out as I was underwater and out for just a moment. I was fine. It was not an unusual result of the combination of heat, exertion, and alcohol.Kelly and Bob stayed in the tub for maybe a half an hour. Kelly announced she was going to bed. Bob got out and said that sounded like a good idea. We heard him follow Kelly upstairs.I told Lisa we had a guest room downstairs. “Mind if I share your bed?” I asked.“I was sure hoping you would say that!” I closed up the hot tub and joined Lisa in bed. We lay there making out like teenagers until time, warmth and alcohol took over and we crashed.The sun was up when I woke up. I could hear a familiar noise from upstairs. The bed was rocking. Kelly and Bob were fucking. The bed squeaked away for a long time. I could hear as they sped up. The headboard was banging into the wall. I heard Kelly’s muffled shouts. She came. A minute later the bed stopped. Bob came. My cock was as hard as a rock.I had been massaging Lisa’s ass. I rolled both of us over so she was on her back and I was on top of her. Her eyes met mine. I pulled up her legs from behind her knees. I kneeled in front of her pussy, aligned my cock and slid it straight in. She had been having good dreams. Her cunt was very wet. We fucked slowly for probably ten minutes.“I’m going to cum!” She grabbed my ass with both hands and let out a loud, “Oh God!”After she came I really started to drill her ass to the mattress. I only held out for a few more minutes and pumped my third load into her. After a quick trip to pee and dump cum, we wandered upstairs. Naked Kelly was cooking breakfast and naked Bob was behind her, reaching around, tweaking her nipples.We took showers and spent the rest of the day naked. We watched the football bowl games. For one halftime the “entertainment” was Bob and I getting blowjobs! We all ended up in bed during the Rose Bowl fucking our partners-of-the-day next to each other. The guys were on top. Kelly was face up. Lisa was face down. It was a lot of fun watching Kelly’s face as Bob made her cum. She watched me as I pulled out of Lisa and pumped my last load of the day onto Lisa’s tramp stamp.During our debrief that night in bed Kelly shared that as soon as I headed downstairs last night Bob asked her if he could see what she would flash in Cancun. Kelly peeled off her sweater and popped off her bra and Bob was on her boobs like a magnet. He clearly has a thing for her huge tits. Kelly was getting horny so she stood up and removed her jeans. Bob was nearly drooling at the sight of her shaved twat and the blooming rose tattoo she has on her pubic mound.“Can I eat you?!” he asked excitedly. Bob stripped. He took her hand and led her to our bedroom.He lay her back on the bed and ate her out. After she came he went back at it on her boobs. She grabbed his dick and pulled him into her. Kelly said his cock is both a little bit shorter and a little bit thinner than mine. He came pretty quick. Kelly needed to cum more.She shoved him down to her twat. He ate her to orgasm again. And again. And yet one more time. That was the Big One and Kelly sprayed his face with her cum. Kelly said Bob couldn’t stop talking about her shaved twat.Bob’s cock was hard again. Kelly climbed on top of him and fucked him every way but straight. She thinks Bob is good looking and has a sexy personality. For Kelly, that’s what it takes. She’s only been with a handful of guys that turn her on the way he does. She fucked the living hell out of him and he finally came a second time. That was when they headed downstairs.Kelly wasn’t expecting to spend the night with Bob, but she sure liked the idea. He played with her boobs again until they fell asleep. Kelly’s twat is always wet. She woke up in the morning to Bob’s cock inside her fucking her very slowly. That turned her on and she came immediately. Bob went into Beast mode and was banging the hell out of both our bed and Kelly. At one point her tits were shaking so hard she grabbed them to get them under control.Bob said, “No, let them go. I love watching your tits flying around.”She came several more times until Bob finally squirted. She also was excited to share that Bob shoots a big load of cum. She’s not a fan of guys who just dribble.When it was time to get serious about planning the Cancun trip, two other couples fell out quickly. Kelly and Lisa agreed we needed adjoining rooms. Yvonne is someone we go back with to when we were teenagers. Everything sexual that Keçiören escort bayan could be done by three humans we had done with Yvonne.I literally could not count how many times I have fucked her. But since she’s been with Daniel, and then they married, she quickly became a prude. Daniel, from what I could tell, was always straight-laced. Although Yvonne may no longer have the fun Kelly does, she certainly knows who Kelly and I are.As soon as we checked in we asked the concierge for help planning our first night. These were the earliest of internet days, so we didn’t have a plan or a clue of what we were getting into. We got a good suggestion for a restaurant. Then she asked what kind of fun we wanted. Kelly and Lisa answered for the group that they wanted wild fun.She told us about a Foam Party that was happening. None of us had ever heard of such a thing. But it sounded crazy. We also asked about all the college kids around. We thought we were there way before spring break time. Turns out most of them were Canadians.After repeated questions, the concierge had convinced Kelly and Lisa they should wear bathing suits for the foam party. It took a minute to get their head around walking down the street, perfectly sober, wearing bikinis, heading to a club. But they did and they were both turning heads right and left.Even once we were at the club it was pretty unclear what was going to happen as far as this foam party? We had been drinking and dancing for a couple of hours. (Yvonne and Daniel were lying low. They left after the first foam drop. Nothing more to see here, let’s move on.)Both Kelly and Lisa had been groped, felt up, pinched, squeezed, pawed, you name it, out on the dance floor. They were both enjoying it. Kelly was really impressed with Lisa. Kelly has been a wild child her whole life. From what she knew about Lisa, Kelly was a bit unsure how Kelly’s idea of public fun would fly with Lisa. Lisa was joined at the proverbial hip with her. Bonus!Then the DJ made the announcement! Foam (suds) started flowing from two giant machines. At the edges of the dance/foam area, it was about knee-high. Near the machines, it was over people’s heads. It was the wildest thing I had ever seen! Kelly and Lisa jumped, bounced and danced their way to the deep foam. It was soapy flesh to soapy flesh. What was hidden from view by the foam was full-on grabbing under the sudsy mountain avalanche.Bikini tops pushed away. Boobs grabbed. Nipples twisted. Butts grabbed and grabbed hard! Hands shoved down the front and the back of their bikinis. Fingers shoved into twats. It is important to share that both Lisa and Kelly were making it clear they were okay with what was going on. They didn’t push hands or cocks away. They would stand still, letting it happen, even inviting it to happen and letting anything happen.Kelly lost Lisa in the foam. It was over her head and she was trying to find a place to breathe. It was hard to move with fingers in her cunt and guys pulling her to them. She had a death grip on her bottoms so she wouldn’t lose them. She finally got to a place where she could get air.Her top had been unhooked but was at least hanging from her neck. Her bottoms were halfway to her knees. The music was pounding and she was still dancing as best she could. She was struggling to get her top connected. She felt hands behind her hook her top. Then they moved to her front and slid into her cups and played with her boobs and nipples.They were small hands. She turned and found a beautiful Asian Indian girl. Kelly kissed her. They shouted things about the party they couldn’t hear to each other. All Kelly figured out was that she was Canadian and very beautiful. Kelly pulled her to her and grabbed the girl’s butt as she dry (no, actually wet) humped Kelly’s thigh.The girl slid her fingers into Kelly’s twat. Kelly returned the favor. An uninvited hand was in the back of Kelly’s bottoms and a finger slid into her butthole. Kelly was caught up in the moment and had an orgasm. The girl hugged Kelly hard as Kelly got her off. She danced away.The finger stayed in Kelly’s butt. She was reeled in with her back to a guy’s chest. He pulled her top up and was playing with her tits. She could feel a big hardon against her back. He was moving her to the deepest foam again. Kelly popped herself off the finger in her butt and moved to behind the guy. She tugged his cock out of his shorts and jerked him from behind with an intensity saved for only one outcome. When he was close she moved in front of him and jacked his load all over her belly.It started to rain. Yep, rain. Okay, that was not expected. The foam disappeared quickly. Girls were quickly pulling down shirts, finding bras, adjusting bikinis. More than a few guys were zipping up. Kelly found Lisa just ten feet away. It was too loud to talk. They got in a crazy long line for the restroom. They shared both a stall and notes.Lisa said she couldn’t count how many hands were on her ass and fingers in her twat. Her ass was sore from being grabbed. So were her nipples. They were giggling excitedly about what happened. Both agreed it had been amazing and they were sopping-wet horny. They also knew that most of those hands belonged to horny teenagers and that was weird but also turned them on.Talk in the restroom was that there would be another “party” close to closing time. The girls found Bob and me and drank heavily for the next hour. They wouldn’t share details of what happened under the foam.They just smiled and said, “We’ll tell you later when we can hear ourselves think.”Bob and I had pretty much stayed on the sidelines in the knee-high “kiddie pool” zone and let the girls have their fun.It was a much, much drunker group of people both at Escort Kızılay our table and in the club when the next party started. It was a much hornier group too.Bob and I said, “What the fuck?” took off our shirts and entered the fray.We headed to the deepest foam. I was so blasted I was ass grabbing just like the kids. For every girl that pushed my hand away, three of them let me fondle their butt. After a while, it seemed normal. I was feeling up boobs, moving bras and tops out of the way, pinching nipples.I kissed a couple of girls. Had my hands down some shorts. One girl let me finger her cunt for a minute before she danced away. I danced into another girl, lifted her skirt, slid past her thong and fingered her. She reached her hand up the leg of my shorts and tugged my cock. I was commando for the night.This was fucking insanity! I was so drunk and it was so wild!Kelly felt a heavy cock slap against her hip. She grabbed it. It was pretty big, maybe eight to nine inches long. He struggled to try to get her bottoms down. Kelly was blitzed. She pulled them off for him. He lined up behind her. He must have been short to have made this work.She suddenly had a big cock inside her. I bumped right into her without knowing it. Her tits were uncovered and I grabbed them. The foam moved and I saw it was Kelly. Her face looked like she was in pain.“Are you okay?!” I screamed at her.She pulled my head down and yelled in my ear, “He’s fucking me. His cock is fucking huge. HUGE!”She put her hand on my shoulder and hung on to me while he banged her. I saw Lisa and screamed at her and waved my hand. She actually saw me and worked over toward me. We were right under the machine and the foam was over five feet deep.I pulled Lisa to me. I felt that she was naked. The guy fucking Kelly must be close to cumming. He was banging the hell out of her. She was shaking me all over the place. I was fingering Lisa’s twat. Lisa’s hand was in my shorts pulling on my cock. Another set of fingers fought me for space in her cunt. We both fit.Kelly pulled my head down to her again. “Someone else is fucking me!”“Is that okay?”“God, yes!”Lisa was shoved into my side. The other hand was really banging away at her pussy. I moved my hand to her clit and helped her cum. I swung Lisa around so she and Kelly were holding onto each other. I got behind Lisa, pulled down my shorts and shoved my cock into her. I was so fucking horned up that I came pretty quickly. I could tell Kelly had a third guy trying to mount her. Kelly grabbed me. I came around Lisa and grabbed onto Kelly.“He was trying to fuck my butt. I don’t want that,” Said Kelly. She pulled her ass away from him and shooed away his cock.Lisa latched onto my shoulder, grabbed my head and pulled me to her.“A strange guy is fucking me. He’s fucking me! Some strange guy is fucking me! Some strange… Oh fuck. Oh, God! Oh, God! OH, FUCKING GOD!”The rain began. Kelly was holding her bottoms. She had a death grip on them. Her top was gone. Lisa was naked and no bikini to be found. The guy who made her cum disappeared into the crowd. There were maybe thirty people, guys, and gals, all who had been in the deep stuff trying to find clothes of some sort.We made it to the table and found Bob. We gave the girls our shirts. Mine went to Lisa as I’m a bigger size and she had no bottoms. Kelly wore Bob’s. It was closing time and we joined the crowd moving out of the club. Kelly and Lisa were looking around, both of them wondering to themselves who’s cocks had been in them just minutes ago?Bob told us he had gone back to the table. Some drunk lady maybe thirty or so came up to him and was hitting on him. She ended up on her knees under the table blowing him. He thought it was great. She swallowed!The girls were drunk and babbled on and on both shocked and terribly turned on at being fucked. Right there on the dance floor. In soap. I had drunken knowledge of a couple of those when I was with Kelly and then Lisa. Kelly admitted she had been fucked by a couple of other guys before she was nailed by the huge cock. Lisa listened with a bit of jealousy that she was only fucked twice while Kelly had four.It was also pretty clear that Kelly and Lisa were happy as shit about the whole event. They were very turned on. As we had been working our way out of the club to the sidewalk more hands were grabbing their butts. Kelly was very drunk, which meant very, very horny.She pulled down her bottoms, walked out of them and left them on the club floor. Both Kelly and Lisa were behind Bob and me. I was dragging the group through the crowd. At six-foot-four-inches and two-hundred-and-fifty pounds, I was the designated icebreaker.Kelly and Lisa were being fingered pretty continuously all the way outside to the sidewalk. It was a group of four guys who had attached themselves to their asses. And cunts.Once outside, Kelly noticed that Lisa had also lost her flip-flops and announced that she shouldn’t be walking barefoot. I had Lisa hop up and I gave her a piggyback ride. Thank heavens I was drunk and she was light! Riding on my bare back caused my T-shirt, which she was wearing, to ride up. Her bare bottom was exposed to the world. Kelly was walking along next to Lisa. Bob’s shirt didn’t cover all of Kelly’s ass. We were walking along with two exposed cunts.Kelly reached out and rubbed Lisa’s slit.Lisa perked up, “Whoa! Who’s back there?” It was a little different being next to a busy street versus in a dark club.Kelly said, “Relax. It’s just me.”She slid a finger into her vagina. Lisa started bouncing up and down on Kelly’s finger. Bob moved back to see what was happening. At one point I had to stop walking as Lisa was bouncing so much. Kelly fucked her to orgasm. We had gathered a small crowd of gawkers on the sidewalk. Someone had a camera and I saw the flash going off every few seconds. I started walking again (as best a drunk guy with a girl clinging to his back could walk.)The college boys moved in and were taking turns grabbing Lisa’s ass and fingering her cunt. It may have been the guys from the walk out of the club.

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