Cassie, Zach and I – I


Having learned to swim when I was eight years old, I then joined my local swimming club. Soon, I was swimming competitively, splitting time between study and competition. The older I became, so my swimming progressed, all the way to national standard. While I’d not want to change how life developed for me as I grew up, time split between swimming and study, there were downsides too. I consider myself to be a sociable girl but there was no time to attend teenage parties, go out and have fun and ended with having a small circle of friends.At 5’6 tall, with long dark hair and blue eyes, with years of swimming twice a day, I was blessed with an athletic body. I was approached by boys at school, regularly, asking me to go on dates. It wasn’t that I didn’t want to go, more that my priorities lay elsewhere. I laughed when I was told, there was gossip, suggesting that I was lesbian. It was my study-partner Cassie, informing me of that, to which, following a few giggles, I replied, “would me being gay be so bad?” and that was the end of that.Cassie had a twin brother Zach and while our friendship centred around study, we got on really well. They were four days older, the three of us a few months away from our seventeenth birthdays.I’d argue, I was a normal girl, with normal urges. I enjoyed looking at my naked body in my full-length mirror, fascinated by its development. My breasts were always on the small size. Even now, having had one child, they are a C cup. I’d sit in front of the mirror, cupping my growing mounds, gasping as nipples hardened as my fingers touched them. My curiosity grew as my whole body responded to what I considered to be curious experimentation. Once in the confines of my room, I’d strip off immediately and stay naked while studying or revising for exams.Of course, curiosity developed to masturbation, an act which I adored, experimenting regularly to better the sensation. Oddly, there was no mental stimulus, there were no thoughts turning me on, no images in my head, no thoughts of sex with anyone or specific gender type. Although my orgasms were amazing, I felt something was missing and left increasingly frustrated.GCSE exams approached while continuing to prepare for the national swimming competition. It was tough, I’ll admit but I thrived on the challenge. With two exams to go, I developed a muscle strain in my left thigh while training one morning. It was nothing too serious but my coach, as a precaution, suggested two weeks away from the pool, arguing my body and mind needed time to recharge and recuperate. In no way was it a suggestion which appealed to me. What would I do with my time? I’d likely be bored, having never had so much free time before. If I’m honest, the prospect filled me full of dread. Little did I realise how those two weeks would change my life and my focus.Talking to Cassie and Zach, following our last but one exam, she beamed excitedly. We’d reached the corner where we’d go our separate ways but stood on the corner chatting.“At last  Jo. Why not sleep at our house for a few days. I know you’ve never had a sleepover; you’ll love it. It will just be, you, me and Zach, sleeping in my room. It will be so cool and so much fun. Please say yes!”I wanted, desperately, to say yes. I liked Cassie and Zach but time spent with them was essentially because of study. To suddenly have an opportunity to spend time with them, study-free, excited me so much. Typically, for me, I thought for a few seconds before replying but never had any intention of saying no.”Of course, I’d love to. Won’t you need to ok it with your parents? I mean, where would I Ankara bayan escort sleep and how long can I stay? Our last exam is Monday morning but I’ll need to ask mom if I can stay. Oh my god, thank you, I’m so excited.”Cassie looked directly into my eyes and giggled.“Well! Even though the rumours say you’re lesbian. You’d sleep in my bed with me, Zach on the floor, in the room with us. And our parents will say yes. You’re the school star, you’ll win an Olympic gold. Everyone says it, Jo!”Once again, I paused.“Oh fuck! Shit! This lesbian (I giggled) hasn’t worn anything in bed for years. Is that, ok?”“Oh, wow Jo. You’ll look so hot naked. If you sleep naked, I will too!”Zach hadn’t said a word, apart from discussing our exam as we’d walked from school to the corner. On hearing I slept naked, his eyes widened but an instant later, appeared to go very shy and turned away a little, as if attempting to hide.Looking at them, you’d instantly surmise that they were brother and sister but not necessarily twins. Both had blonde hair. Zach’s went curly if he allowed it to grow, so kept it very short. Whereas, Cassie had streaks of highlights in shoulder-length wavy hair. Their similarity continued with piercing blue eyes and smile dimples on each cheek. Cassie and I were the same height. However, where I was slim, with small breasts, her body had curves, with I’d guess, D-cup breasts. Her brother was 5’8 or 9, very slim, making him appear taller.“I’d better sleep in my own room if you two will be nude.”Cassie was rarely too serious but with a serious tone snapped.“Oh, come off it Zachie. We see the other naked all the time. But hey, you’ve fancied Miss lesbian for ages!””How could I not fancy Jo. She’s the hottest girl at school. By miles!”It was my turn to feel shy, feeling my cheeks turn bright red.“You’re right though Zachie. She is drop-dead gorgeous. I’d definitely go gay for her!”“Jo is not gay. No way Cass.”It was so funny, hearing their brother and sisterly playful jibes but as they jousted verbally, I felt as though I’d disappeared a little.“I don’t know what my sexuality might be. When I orgasm, I don’t know what’s turned me on. But I love to cum.”Cassie and Zach went quiet, looking at me and Cassie grinned mischievously.“Oh my god Zach, you’ve got a stiffy.”Before I had a chance to look, Zach had gone. I talked to Cassie for a few minutes before we agreed to talk later in the day, parting to walk to our respective homes.It was barely a five-minute walk home, my mind bursting with excitement with thoughts of staying with my friends.Entering the front door, I dropped my school bag onto the floor, bending down immediately taking off my shoes and socks. Picking up my socks, I walked down the hall, through the kitchen, into the utility room. Standing by the washing machine, beginning to remove my school clothes, I heard mom come through the kitchen and stand in the doorway.She asked how my exam had gone. Within a few seconds I was standing in just my light blue thong; trousers and shirt in the washing machine, topless because I’d not bothered to wear a bra. I was too excited to give her an answer to her question, immediately telling her about Cassie’s offer of staying there. While asking if I could stay there, my thoughts digressed to the knowledge, both Cassie and Zach were attracted to me, for the first time in my life, I felt sexy. Mom calmly agreed I could stay but that she would discuss it when I called Cassie later that evening. I didn’t consider dressing, comfortable wearing just my thong, continuing to talk to mom as we moved Escort bayan Ankara into the living room.Giving myself an hour to relax, I picked up my books to swat for my final exam, sitting in the living room. I’ll admit, my mind was not focussed on revision, instead picturing various scenarios about time with my friends, my thong becoming increasingly wet from vivid thoughts.Time seemed to flash by, mom disappearing into the kitchen to prepare and cook tea. Not long after 5 pm, mom came into the living room, tossing a t-shirt in my direction.“You’d better put that on before your dad gets home. He’ll have heart failure seeing you in just your thong and topless.” I started to giggle, almost forgetting I’d been topless since arriving home.“Do my boobs look that bad?““Oh god, no Jo. The total opposite. Your entire body is stunning. “Both mom and I laughed as she watched me pull the t-shirt over my head. She must have seen how wet my thong had become but there was no comment from her about that. The t-shirt was not very long, leaving my thong clearly visible but beyond the wetness of my thong, the smell of my arousal was unmistakably obvious.Minutes later, my books were down, dad home and we were eating tea. Mom wasted no time informing dad that they’d be losing their daughter for a few days once I’d finished my final e exam after the weekend. I did my utmost to stay calm but my body betrayed me, nipples hard as bullets beneath my top and felt like I’d orgasm at any moment.I was relieved to finish eating and retreat into the sanctuary of my room, immediately texting Cassie and telling her the positive news. Her reply was swift and over-joyed that I’d be staying there. I texted that I’d call around eight o’clock when our mothers could talk and confirm the sleepover details. Our texting continued for some time, beginning with her apologising for Zach’s erection.“I need to say sorry for Zach gettin a hardon but he’s a boy n have no control, he does it seein me too. ““LOL, I shouldn’t laff Cass. ““OMG, Jo, y not, it’s so funny. ““Cos I’d be a hypocrite laffin bout him been turned on. ““Y Jo? ““Cos I was turned on too. ““Fuk wow Jo, that’s so hot. Were u v wet? ““OMG yessssss. It’s the first time anyone has fancied me. I no like u n me really get on, like u like me but he got a stiffy. I never felt sexy before Cas. ““Jo, ur seriously hot n if u can say u were wet, I can too. I wanna b naked in bed with u. even my jeans r wet now. ““LOL, I’m only wearin a thong n top but am soaked. I’ve neva texted like this. So, u fancy me too Cas? ““U seriously dunno Jo? Course I do. “I was lost for words, both Cassie and Zach fancied me and, in a few days, I’d be sleeping in the same room as both of them and I couldn’t wait. There was a long pause, no texts sent and I couldn’t help wondering if Cassie might be masturbating. I’d no sexual experience, other than self-pleasuring myself but the texts exchanged between us, it felt so easy to be completely open and be sexual with her.Despite being in my bedroom, I hadn’t immediately undressed, which I’d usually always do. Had the sexual text exchanges with Cassie made me feel self-conscious, I couldn’t say for sure but for certain, I’d never been so turned on. I was undeniably anxious at the prospect of my mom talking to Cassie’s mother about our sleep-over, fearing they might turn us down. I sat, attempting to watch my TV but in truth, my eyes focussed more on my bedside clock, edging in apparent slow motion, towards eight o’clock.At seven fifty-five pm, I could wait no longer and picked up my phone and nervously Bayan escort Ankara called Cassie. It was only three rings but felt like she’d never answer. I was so excited but on hearing her voice, my mouth went dry and could barely talk. I managed to say hi to Cassie, telling her I was on my way downstairs to pass the phone to mom, so our mothers could talk.I’d got off my bed, on the way out of the bedroom, phone to my ear, when Cassie whispered. “I had to strip off Jo and finger myself, thinking of you naked in my bed next to me. Fuck Jo, I came so hard. ““Shushhhhhh Cas. I want this sleep-over so much. I’m crapping myself here and you go and turn me on, saying that. Bitch!” I whispered back.Seconds later, with phones handed to respective mothers, the two of them began to chat, exchanging pleasantries, not mentioning the sleep-over for an age. It felt like they were deliberately trying to torture me as I sat next to mom on the sofa, attempting to hear both sides of the conversation. Finally, our mothers began to discuss the subject of me staying with Cassie and Zach, both agreeing I could stay for a full two weeks, providing I didn’t eat too much junk food. Mom explained that the National Swimming Championships were only seven weeks away and that I was due to swim there, with the potential to make finals.“I can only see one issue. Jo has slept nude for years and has no nightwear.“My heart sank but heard Cassie say, “Jo, me and Zach already spoke. Jo will wear one of my nighties. It will be so cool.“The conversation continued for a further twenty minutes but following Cassie’s intervention, which was a lie, I relaxed completely, realising I’d be staying two weeks with Cassie and Zach.Our mothers finally said goodbye to the other and mobile phones handed back to Cassie and I. giving mom a lingering hug, to say thank you, I kissed her good night, dad too, before hurrying upstairs to my room. I’d reached the top of the stairs before Cassie and I spoke. I’d taken off my t-shirt as soon as I’d left the living room and once in the bedroom, I was naked and on my bed.Cassie and talked excitedly about the two weeks ahead. Neither of us could quite believe our mothers had suggested a full two-week stay. We assured the other that we’d only mentioned a stay of a few nights, and neither of us could believe our luck.“Will you really make finals Jo? Are you really that good? ““If I’d not been injured, I should have made three, maybe four if I swam well. But I don’t know how I’ll shape up after losing two weeks training and competitions.““Is there any chance you will win any? ““I always think I could win. Why don’t you come with me to watch and see for yourself?““Shall we Facetime call? Since our exam today, I want to see you as we talk. I fancy you so much.““Cas. I’m naked on my bed.““Perfect. You can watch me undress and we can talk as we are both naked.“I won’t lie, I wanted to do it, I was so turned on, I’d have done anything Cassie suggested or wanted but with my heart racing, I paused. There was silence, neither of us speaking, until, I replied nervously that we should do it.Sat with my back against the headboard of my bed and two pillows, I positioned another pillow between my legs, propping my phone against it. Seconds passed; no Facetime call came. My heart was sinking fast. Had Cassie had a change of mind, did she want me to call her? Every second felt like a lifetime but then, a wave of relief consumed me, Cassie was calling.Shaking with nerves, I answered the call.“Oh my god Jo, I’m between your legs and you ARE naked. Fuck! Let me see all of you and I’ll undress for you. Is that ok?“I didn’t reply, simply smiling, picking up my phone and standing it up on my bedside table. Suddenly, I felt completely calm as I stood and walked to the centre of the room, into the focus of the phone’s camera.“Your body is amazing Jo, it’s so toned. Turn around darling, let your girlfriend look at you. “

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