Chapter 16 – Life Goes On


Their reunion in the airport arrivals area was noisy, public, and included deep wet kisses shared between them all. After scandalizing the entire scene, John, Laura, and Pat made their way to the parking garage, the girls holding hands while John took care of Pat’s luggage. John hefted pat’s bag into the back of their SUV and got in to drive. He hadn’t gotten the car started before his wife and her lover started making out. “Keep the noise down you two, I’m going to have a hard enough time concentrating on the road as it is!” Their house was just over an hour’s drive from the airport, but he knew he’d be hearing the sounds of their orgasms before he got through the tunnel. Sure enough, by the time the tunnel lights started flashing by, he heard a sigh from the back seat, “Oh Patricia, I’m coming!” Good thing he had relocated his dashcam to record what was going on behind him.By the time they got home, both women had given each other two orgasms. It was a rousing start to the weekend. Before they got out, John cautioned them, “Remember, this is where we live. I’m not ashamed of anything we’re doing but there’s no need for the neighbors to know. Be discreet please.” He knew that Laura would have a very difficult time keeping her hands off Pat; to deny her holding her hand was torture.They got out, Pat telling the happily married couple to hold hands as they went inside. As Pat entered, she saw an attractive blonde at the kitchen counter. “Patricia, this is my sister, Alison. She’s looking after the little man for the weekend. Allie, this is Pat, our friend from Rochester.”Allison looked Pat up and down and smiled sweetly, sharing a handshake. “So this is who Laura is fucking. Wow, didn’t see that coming!” she thought to herself. She released her hand, “Nice to meet you Pat, welcome.”“Thank you, Allie, it’s nice to meet you too!” Just then Laura came out, carrying her son. Pat reached for him, “Oh my, isn’t he handsome! Looks very much like his father! But he has your eyes, Laura.” She took him and introduced herself as ‘Mommy’s special friend’. They chatted for a little while until the baby started fussing. Laura took him in to put him down for a nap and John excused himself to the washroom.Allison looked squarely at Pat, “So, is this what it looks like?”“That depends,” she answered. “What does it look like?”“It looks like you guys are having a three-way relationship. Not that it’s any of my business.”“Then it’s what it looks like,” Pat said frankly. “Don’t judge us if you haven’t tried it.”“Then I guess I get to judge you six ways from Sunday,” said Allison, equally as frankly. “I knew something was different with Laura. I thought she was fucking around but I never guessed it was with a woman.”“We don’t see it as fucking around, as you so crudely put it, we have an open, consensual relationship,” Pat said. “It works for us.”“My husband and I tried that,” Allison said. “He was fine with fucking other women but he couldn’t deal with the jealousy when I got to fuck other men so we stopped. Fucking hypocrite!” She lowered her voice further, “Please be discreet though, the neighbors here are really nosy and this is a small town. People could get hurt.”“Oh, we’re not staying here, we’re going to some resort in New Hampshire,” Pat’s eyes never left Allison’s.“You’ll have to tell me all about how you all met sometime,” Allie said cheerfully as Laura re-entered the room. She got up and hugged Laura, “Your friend is lovely, I think we could be great friends! I have to run and pick up a few things while John Jr has his nap, I’ll be back in a half-hour, then you guys can get to your weekend.” She moved to hug Pat, “I enjoyed meeting you, Ankara escort I hope to see you again soon.” She shifted to a whisper, “Do try to keep your clothes on while I’m gone!”It was difficult for the three of them not to get at things right away, Pat and Laura’s orgasms in the car had done nothing to ease their sexual energy. Laura and Pat packed a bag for the little man so everything would be ready when Allie got back. “You okay?” Laura asked Pat, “You seem distracted.”“I’m fine, just excited.” she lied. What was running through her mind was how she was going to give Allie her contact info without Laura knowing. She had been open with her lover about her other relationships with women and men, even describing them to her during their frequent video chat/masturbation sessions. But Allie was family, she wasn’t sure that Laura would be quite so understanding about Pat’s attraction to her. Excusing herself to the washroom, she decided to slip Allie one of her business cards with a private message on it before they left for the weekend.Allison returned right on the half-hour as promised. They chatted again before Laura said, “I think we should get going, we’re going to be late for the dinner!”“Where are you having dinner?” asked Allison, knowing she was lying.“There’s an Italian place up in Manchester, one of my friends recommended it,” Laura lied.“You’ll have to tell me about it,” she said with a sly smile. She hugged her brother, then her sister-in-law, going to Pat last. “Have fun!” she said quietly, feeling Pat slip something into her back pocket. She looked at her and raised her eyebrows, “Maybe she feels it too,” she thought to herself. She gathered up the little man and his weekend bag and went out to her car, strapping him into the car seat before driving away. It was all she could do not to check what Pat had slipped into her pocket but she resisted, the anticipation making her wet. She hoped that Pat had caught the same vibe she had.John went into the bedroom and retrieved his and Laura’s suitcase and their toy box. They left and after he locked the door, Pat reached out and took hold of the keys. “Why don’t we let Laura drive?” she whispered.“Not yet,” he said, “the neighbors.” Sure enough, Mrs. Duncan from across the street was peeking through her curtains. “We’ll make a pit stop before we get on the highway, we can switch then.”“Okay,” she mocked a frown. “Shotgun!”Not to be deterred, as John turned the car onto the expressway, her hand went straight to the lump in his crotch. “Laura, sweetie, would it be okay if we made a brief stop?”“Why, do you need something?” she asked.“I do,” said Pat. “I need you to take over driving so I can give your husband a blowjob. He’s two orgasms behind us and he needs to catch up.”“Oh, okay, not what I was expecting,” she answered. “John, darling, could you find a spot to pull over so I can drive while my sexy girlfriend gives you a blowjob?”John grinned at the ridiculousness of their wordplay, “Of course, my love. There’s a mall parking lot just up ahead, will that do?”“That will do nicely, thank you. Now, my beautiful, hot, sexy, horny girlfriend who I love more than life itself, would you kindly take your hand from my husband’s delicious cock and be just a little patient?” She saw Pat’s hand return o her lap and fold daintily into the other one. “Thank you, my lover!” They all laughed as John put on the turn signal.They quickly settled into the new seating arrangement, John undid his slacks and slid them and his shorts to below his knees. As Laura slid into traffic between two transport trucks, Pat slid her lips over John’s cock, her tongue lashing Ankara escort bayan the underside of his shaft. Laura hit the button to retract the moonroof, exposing the action to anyone who wanted to look from above. She smiled an evil smile as she pulled out to pass the truck in front of her, slowing to match its pace as she got even with the cab. A blast on its air horn told her that the driver had gotten to see her girlfriend blowing her husband in the back seat and she pulled ahead, looking for another truck. Pat edged him mercilessly, bringing him close to orgasm a half dozen times, taking her mouth off him and smiling up at him as she teased him.After a half-hour, Pat’s jaw was getting sore so she decided to finish him off. Laura has been so intent on finding truckers to show off to she failed to notice the unmarked police cruiser a few dozen yards behind her. She heard, “Oh, FUCK!” from her husband in the back seat. She checked the rear-view mirror she saw the lights, “Oh FUCK!” she said, “Cops!” She signaled to pull to the right, taking her time so Pat and John could rearrange themselves. The cop walked up just as Pat was wiping the last of John’s cum from her chin.After the usual, “What seems to be the problem, officer,” conversation, and Laura’s license, registration and insurance were checked, the cop leaned in. “I think you two were engaged in a sexual act back there,” she said. Pat and John kept their mouths shut. “But I can’t prove it. But you, ma’am, were driving erratically, probably distracted by your friends back there.” She handed Laura a ticket and stared at Pat, who opened her mouth to show her John’s cum on her tongue before swallowing it. “This ticket is for distracted driving,” she explained the amount and how to take care of it. “I can’t tell you not to fight it ma’am, but if you do, I will take great pleasure in describing to the judge exactly what I believe distracted you. That will all make the papers. It’s up to you.”“I understand,” she said, “Thank you.”“Be safe folks, and have a nice weekend,” said the officer before returning to her cruiser. “The boys and girls are not going to believe this one!” she thought.“You got the blowjob,” said Laura, “you’re paying this fucking ticket!” They all laughed.“You get in front,” said John to Pat before they got back on the road, “I’m going to take a nap.” Pat got out and moved to the front seat. Typical man,” said Laura, pulling back onto the freeway. “One little BJ and they can’t stay awake.”“That was no typical blowjob,” said John, “That was quite probably the best blowjob I’ve ever had!”“Better than the one I gave you last night?” asked Laura.“Yes,” said John plainly.“Challenge accepted!” said Laura. “Just wait till we get to the resort!”“I’m definitely going to need that nap!” he said.“She was cute,” said Pat, “I wonder if she might….”“I wonder too,” said Laura. They rode the rest of the way in silence, arriving at the resort right around dinner time.“Who’s hungry?” John asked.“I am!” said Laura, “But not for dinner! I want to work up an appetite!” She opened her toy box and extracted the double-ended dildo, “How about it Pat, want to see how this thing works?” Pat started getting undressed. “Grab your phone, John!”“I’m never going to catch up with you two at this rate!” he complained.“Awww, poor John!” teased Laura. “Don’t worry sweetheart, we’re going to suck you dry and fuck you till you beg us to stop! The only times this weekend your cock won’t be hard and inside us will be when you’re sleeping, eating, and recovering.” She bent down and kissed the tent in his slacks. “Trust me, you will not be complaining come Escort Ankara Monday morning!”“What she said,” chimed Pat. “We’ve talked about this!”“Well alright then,” he said, undoing his slacks and taking off his shirt. “I am in your capable hands!”“Once we get this thing sorted out,” Laura said, waving the dildo, “I want you in my mouth!” The girls stripped to their underwear, neither of them was wearing panties, just a bra, garter, and stockings, and got on the bed, their backsides facing each other. “Would you do the honors, darling?” she asked, passing the dildo to her husband.“Me first!” called Pat, “Slip that bad boy inside me!” John slid it along the outside of her wet pussy lips and then slid it into her, no lubrication was required. He fucked her with it for a moment then told Laura to back into Pat’s ass, placing the other tip against her lips once she was close enough. She sighed as it slid inside her.Getting the toy in both their pussies was one thing, keeping it there was another. Every time one or the other started to get excited it slipped out of their dripping pussies and flopped onto the bedspread. They giggled every time it did. “This looks much easier in the movies!” laughed Pat. “We’re going to have to work together here!” She reached down and slipped it back inside her, Laura did the same with the other end. “Slowly,” she said and their hips started moving. After a few moments, they found a rhythm and started fucking each other.Laura beckoned to her husband to lay down in front of her, his cock under her face. She opened wide and took him into her throat in one shot, his groan could likely be heard all the way back to Boston. Unfortunately for Laura, she couldn’t concentrate on throating her husband’s cock and fucking her girlfriend’s pussy with the toy so it kept slipping out of her. Pat finally gave it up as a lost cause. “This isn’t working, we’ll have to figure it out later!” She pivoted around so her face was under Laura’s hips. Picking up the toy she slid it inside her lover’s pussy as far as it would go.“Mmmmm,” Laura moaned around her husband’s cock as she pushed back onto the toy.“I love that!” groaned John, “Do that again!” Laura moaned again and his hips drove up, pushing himself against her lips. Pat’s hand began slapping against Laura’s pussy lips as she pistoned the toy into and out of her wetness. Laura’s juice ran down her face as well as her wrist and forearm as it leaked out of her.John’s hands grabbed fistfuls of his wife’s fine blonde hair, holding her onto him for a few seconds at a time, thrilling at the feel of her grasping tongue and swallowing throat. Laura wriggled free and looked up at her husband, “You want to?” she asked. “You want to fuck my mouth?” He nodded and groaned that he did. “Well, get to it!” she told him. She felt the pull on her hair as he drove her face onto him, filling her throat with his cock head. His tempo started slow but increased quickly as he used his wife’s mouth as a fuck toy.Looking down, he could see his wife’s ass in the air and Pat’s body underneath her. Laura’s body was rocking back and forth in time to his hands pulling her head down onto his cock and it looked like Pat had matched the rhythm with the dildo in her pussy. Laura was trying to moan in time but her moans were cut off each time his cock pushed into her throat.  Laura was trying to look up and maintain eye contact but his control of her head prevented her from doing so. He could see tears dripping from her face as he drove himself into her and thought briefly about stopping but changed his mind. “She asked for this,” he rationalized, but he did make a small compromise by slowing his pace and leaving his cock out of her throat for an extra second or so on each thrust so she could breathe. Each time he went to pull her mouth onto him, he tightened his grip on her hair so she would know to take a breath before having her airway cut off as he held himself in her throat.

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