Coffee 2


In desperate need of an ‘afternoon pick-me-up,’ I stopped in a strip mall’s Starbucks. While my Expresso Frappuccino with three expresso shots was being assembled, a woman stepped up behind me. With her approach, the air swirled about me like a localized whirlwind. A cloud of her presence activated my olfactory sense as I inhaled a whiff of her perfume. It was a scent I recognized. It was my favorite, Riva Gauche by VSL. With a Pavlovian response, that scent dilated the blood vessels of my cock.I turned to see a lovely Hispanic woman. Well, she wasn’t lovely. She was fucking hot. It had to be kismet that she was wearing that perfume. I had to find a way to talk with this woman.”Put her drink on my card,” I instructed the barista.”Gracias, thank you.””I know this may sound pretty lame, but you look familiar. Do I know you from somewhere?””No, I don’t think so.””How about we take a couple minutes to savor our coffees at this table? I’d really appreciate your elvankent escort bayan company. What’s the harm?””I really should be going, but I do have a few minutes.” Everything she spoke was so sexy because of her Spanish accent.As she stepped to the table, I took in her visuals. She was wearing a very short, bright blue dress. It covered her butt but barely. God oh mighty, she had a great set of boobs, which were about to pop out of that dress. Her dark, brown hair was coiffured in a short bob that hung just covering her ears, which highlighted her lovely neck. Her feet were nestled in bright yellow, paten leather four-inch heels. I wondered if she was going to a fashion or porn shoot.We began a conversation as I continued to absorb as much of her beauty as I could. Her dark brown eyes sparkled when she talked. Her fingers weren’t extra long, but they looked soft with nails coated in an iridescent bronze polish. Escort emek Her nails were long enough to leave scratches on your back but not ridiculously long.I thought we were getting along well especially when she leaned forward and one of her nipples became exposed. She politely, but unfazed, pulled up her bosom cover, hardening my cock to another level.A minute later during an animated hand gesture, her napkin fell to the floor. I bent over to retrieve it. I nearly passed out. She had her legs spread displaying a bright, yellow pair of panties that match her heels.As I handed her that napkin, she smiled, saying, “Did you see anything you liked?””Most definitely.”She leaned forward placing her elbows on the table giving me a view of her cleavage and a glimpse of her nipples. They were erect.”Can we go somewhere and continue this conversation?” I pleaded.She reached in her purse and handed me a scrap of paper, saying, “Here’s eryaman escort my number. Call me sometime.”My cock was about to rip its way out of my pants. She got to her feet and began to walk away. About fifteen feet from the table, she stopped and glanced over her left shoulder. She slowed her walk and swung her hips like she was strutting down the catwalk. I may have been reading something into nothing, but it had to be a signal.I followed her the best I could. You can’t run with a hard-on. I finally caught up to her as she rounded the corner.”Wait, I don’t even know your name.” I knew I would be kicking my butt for life if I didn’t at least know her name.”So what’s your name?”She stared intently into my eyes, “Come with me.”I followed along like a dog waiting to be fed. She opened the door to an “Off the Rack” store. Walking quickly, she grabbed a dress off a rack then headed to a fitting room. I followed.”Come in here and sit down there.” I sat on the fitting room bench awaiting orders.I was intrigued by all this and this woman in particular. She was like no woman I’d ever met.She hung up the rack dress then slowly pulled down her dress exposing her cleavage to just above her nipples. Her half-moon areolas had risen.”You have some marvelous tits.”

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