Exposed – A role reversal

Big Tits

I stood looking at myself in the full-length bathroom mirror as I slowly towelled myself dry. I was naked and feeling horny, the bathroom window, wide open, allowing the summer breeze to caress my bare skin. Just looking at myself, was turning me on. Was it normal for a guy to find his own body arousing? I wondered. I was not gay and yet my own ripped physique was turning me on. Maybe it was just the thought of someone else enjoying the view. Although only nineteen, the years of boxing since I was twelve had given me a ripped abdomen and well-toned muscles with no visible fat. My favourite feature was the distinct v-shaped ridge of muscle going from my lower abs to my lower groin. Almost like an arrow directing the way to my genitalia. I had shaved my hair down there leaving just a little around the base of my cock, which further accentuated the view. I oiled my lightly tanned skin and allowed my hand to linger slightly too long as I stroked it into my semi hard cock. I imagined exposing myself for others, Acıbadem escort enjoying the thought of someone getting turned on at the sight of me. I cast my mind back a week, to when this had actually happened. I had taken last Wednesday off work. Most people, including my housemate, were at work and the street seemed deserted. Having nothing planned and with the weather hot and sunny, I decided to chill out with a book in the sun. As I was feeling horny and knew no one would be around to see me, I reached for a tight pair of white speedos; the result of an ill advised purchase. I had bought them on a whim, but when I got them home, they had been far too tight and skimpy to wear in public, although they did lead to some enjoyable masturbation sessions. I slipped them on and sure enough, the low slung trunks left nothing to the imagination; barely covering my semi hard cock. I grabbed a book, my laptop, sunglasses and the sun tan oil and headed downstairs and Kaynarca escort bayan outside. Once on the sun lounger I put on my glasses and started oiling myself up. I was feeling pretty horny being outside so close to being naked; imagining that I was putting on a bit of a show, whilst safe in the knowledge that the neighbours would all be at work. I could feel my cock throbbing deliciously against the tight confines of its silky prison. A slight warm breeze heightening the sensation of exposure as it touched so much exposed skin. I looked down my stomach at the low slung strip of fabric stretched over my thick manhood. The speedos were below my hip bone and there was so much of my groin exposed that it was apparent I was shaven; I looked positively indecent. I slightly moved my hips feeling my cock slide against its silky prison. A movement suddenly caught my eye from next door’s upstairs window. I kept my head still and with my eyes hidden behind the dark Escort Aydınlı glasses peered in that direction. I was sure I could see movement, but the window was hard to see into from below. I grabbed my laptop and logged into the software for my wireless security cameras. I selected the view from the hidden one mounted on a tall tree at the back of the garden. It was pointing along the rear fence; covering the approach from the rear gate. Whilst I had originally fitted it for honest reasons, it would be a lie to say other purposes had never crossed my mind. I took control of it and rotated the camera until it was pointing straight into next door’s upstairs window and zoomed in. Sure enough, the lady from next door was standing two feet back from her window, looking down at me. Her short skirt was rucked up at the front where her arm disappeared under it. It was making slow movements where she was clearly stroking herself, her other hand was caressing her breasts through a thin tee shirt and tweaking obviously erect nipples. My neighbour was a well groomed lady in her forties who clearly kept herself in great shape. As I watched the screen, she started undoing the buttons up the front of the skirt until it dropped to the floor. Revealing tiny cotton panties and slim bare legs accentuated by high heels.

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