Girl on a Train


So, as I settled back into my plush seat and closed my eyes, taking in the warmth of the morning sun pouring in through the windows, I was feeling a little smug I have to say. A business trip to Cornwall on a summer’s day was just what the doctor ordered. I was fully suited and booted, looking sharp, and content with the world. It was still early and the train was filling up, but I had my seat, and the chatter and hustle and bustle were passing me by.  A few hours to doze in the sunshine, or bury my head in a good read, instead of the usual crawl through a traffic jam, seemed like a very welcome luxury. I leaned forward to raise my paper cup to my lips, and breathed in the fresh aroma of coffee. I shuffled in my bag to search out the novel which was currently gripping me. And, my oh my, just when I thought the morning couldn’t possibly get any better, my radar bleeped; a flash of long dark blonde hair past the train window; a pretty face and smile, searching out a carriage with some space. She disappeared, then reappeared at the carriage door and climbed on. Thank you God! Christ, she was gorgeous! Maybe nineteen or Acıbadem escort bayan twenty, dressed for summer. Not too tarty, but minimal, in pastel pink Vans and dark shades, a wrap around black skirt, the hem of which was half way up her wonderful thighs with a split at the side, and a loose white cotton blouse, unbuttoned perhaps one button too far. Her shoulders and arms were bare and her skin was golden and shining. She was clutching a book in one hand and her phone in the other. A heavy bag was slung over her shoulder. She began to make her way up the aisle towards where I was sitting. My heart beat fast, and my cock twitched. I looked at her face as she searched for a place to sit. I looked at the two empty seats opposite me. Please God, I thought, let her sit there. I couldn’t be that lucky. Or… could I? She looked at the empty seats, glanced at me, and stepped in front of the seats, slinging the bag from her shoulder onto the floor of the carriage. Thank you God! She settled into her seat as the train doors slid shut, and the train gently pulled away from the station. Escort Kaynarca I was trying not to stare. Honest! But she was a honey. I glanced as she smoothed what there was of her skirt over her tightly clamped thighs, and glanced again as she raised her shades and rested them up in her hair. I tried to read my book, aimlessly staring at the page, then peeping over the top at her. She caught me and grinned as she looked out of the train window and brushed back her shining hair. Ohhh God! My cock was hard now. I was sure she would see how it was jutting up, tenting the front of my suit trousers. What a smile she had; a naughty, wicked smile. She knew exactly the game she was playing. A young honey teasing this forty something businessman. Just forty something … by a year or two. My cock was pulsing hard, my heart pounding, the animal in me wishing I could just have her there and then, in front of everyone, shoved over the train seat with her blouse ripped open and my hands cupping her breasts, my hips thrusting hard against her upturned arse cheeks until I pumped her Aydınlı escort of full of sticky hot cum. God! If she could read my mind, like that girl in True Blood, then I’d be getting a slap right now (or perhaps another one of those naughty smiles!) She looked at me briefly as she leant forward to her bag. No smile this time, but my heart almost ceased to beat. Her light flowing blouse hung forward as she searched with both hands in her bag, giving glimpses of her wonderful naked breasts, small and firm, with perfect pink nipples, erect and hard as if they had been pinched and played with. She was looking into her bag, so I stared, flushed with excitement. I groaned inwardly as my cock felt so sensitive it might explode wads of hot cum into my tight boxers if I just moved too much. I breathed hard, trying to relax and keep myself calm. But she wasn’t letting this go. As she rummaged and swirled in her bag her tits danced, swinging a little from side to side, coming into view and hiding again, rubbing against the thin material of her blouse, just as I would love to feel those hard nipples brush lightly over my palms if I were holding her. She looked up again and grinned, her pretty face achingly low at crotch level, clearly fully aware of the effect she was having on me. “Sorry.” She smiled and she licked her lips. I waived a hand and smiled back. “No worries,” I assured her, in a rather choked and flustered voice.

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