He Belongs To Me Now, Ch 2 Pixie Dust


Things have actually progressed towards the better. Not only has her life mirrored the one in her dream, Marcus has moved in with Deana.  She stepped out of the tub, wrapped a towel around her torso, and one around her hair. She closed the door for a moment. The full length mirror attached to the back of the door and the one above the sink were foggy from the steam. She started drying her hair while she waited for the mist to dissipate. When the image of her own body was visible in the glass, Deana just stood there gazing at her sixty year old body. Although she didn’t care for the changes that age and gravity had done to her body, she still considered herself to be a sexy, full figured, woman. However, the shoulder length locks of her auburn hair no longer were thick and vibrant with color, but streaked with gray hair. As she looked downward, Deana groaned. Her breasts were no longer perky and full, they resembled deflated balloons that sagged far more than she cared to admit. Whimsically she closed one eye, then let her eyes descend a little further, and grimaced. Her stomach had lost its tight, flat appearance. She smirked, because her hips still had that vivacious curve, which attracted men to her like moths to a flame. After that, Deana refused to gaze at her backside for fear she would faint from the sight of her sagging ass. As she continued drying off herself, her mind wandered back in time, when she could move like a frisky gazelle. Sexually, she was spontaneous, bending, and moving her body in every position imaginable. However, since her car wreck a few years back, her bones and joints Ataşehir escort bayan ached when moved. They often creaked, and sounded like a rusty machine that needed oiling. Her boyfriend Marcus was very loving, and he seemed to understand. He would often try to cheer her up by joking about such things. He often responded, “Honey, our love-making is like making bread from scratch. First, you mix the ingredients, next knead it, and then wait for it to rise before you can finish. Don’t worry darling, what we cannot finish today, we can do tomorrow. Our love, my dear goes way beyond the sexual act. After all, I fell in love with the whole, beautiful person named Deana.” For Deana, sex was an important aspect of any relationship, and when she couldn’t do her part, it bothered her a lot. Many times her health bothered her so much that it hurt too much to make love, and on other occasions, she was often too exhausted to finish. To her, it felt as if like tomorrow would never come. She slipped on the robe, and walked toward the bedroom to get ready for bed. While putting on her nightgown, she didn’t hear Marcus enter the room. It was when she went to turn the covers down, that she noticed that he was leaning against the door. As usual he was ogling her, with a lusty grin on his face. No matter how old she was the sight of her half naked body always seemed to turn him on. He trembled with desire, sighed, and asked. “Hey gorgeous, how are you feeling tonight?”She blushed and answered, “Better than I did before my bath, thanks. Why do you ask?”He winked, walked Escort Ümraniye over to her, and pulled Deana into his arms. “Well I was standing there watching you bathe, and started drooling over your hot, sexy, body and thought we might play around a little.”She kissed him passionately then lowered her eyes and frowned. “Can I take a rain check on that dear?”He ran his hand down her back, and with a calm voice, replied, “Aww, hurting again huh?”She snuggled into his arms, and felt the warmth and love radiating between the two, clear to her toes. She kissed him, and responded, “Yeah, love a wee bit too much to feel sexy.”He helped into bed, kissed her passionately and confessed, “No problem, we can always have our hot, sexy rendezvous, another day.”She grinned, and touched his arm, “Honey, you’re so good to me, and for me. That is one reason, why I love you so much.”Her touch, always set his skin ablaze with sexual desire, and he murmured, “I love you darling.”After getting ready for bed, Marcus turned out the light, climbed in, and moved up beside Deana. He reached over, carefully put his arms around her aching body, spooning. He kissed her neck, and then nibbled her ear. “Honey, how’s about I rub your back for you, that way you can relax and go to sleep.”She touched his arm and answered, “Sure, your back-rubs always do wonders for me. I swear they work better than my pain pills at times.” After helping her turn over, he gently began to massage Deana’s back. He carefully kneaded each area, asking her repeatedly if he was hurting her. “No darling, in Bostancı escort fact it feels divine, keep it up.”He continued, the massage, and soon her rhythmic breathing told him she was asleep.The feathery light movement of Marcus’s strong but gentle hands, lull Deana to sleep and soon she was dreaming. The day was bright and sunny. She was walking along a sidewalk in the park. She saw kids playing, older people sitting on benches feeding the birds, and couple lying on blankets in the grass snuggling. Deana went over to a bench and sat down. While watching the people, she envied how limber they were; they were not hindered by age or damaged bodies.She noticed one couple wrapped in a lovers embrace. For a few minutes, her mind traveled back in time, when she and Marcus was having a picnic and enjoying each other on a similar warm, summer day. They seem to be oblivious to the world around them, embraced in each others body, and their lips locked in a passionate kiss. Her eyes fill with emotion and she reached inside her purse to get and hanky so she could dab at them. About that time, Deana saw a girl walking toward her. She was very petite. She was dressed in a frilly, brightly colored dress, and across one shoulder was a small purse. Her hair long, silky golden hair, and looked like spun gold. It framed an adoring face, with a button size nose, rose colored lips, and twinkling eyes. The girl sat down next to Deana, looked directly at her and spoke in a soft, reassuring tone. “Let me introduce myself. First off, I’m not a child as I appear, but a grown woman. My name is Bella. You looked troubled and I came over here to see if you were okay. Is everything alright, lady?”Deana smiled in response, and answered, “Yes dear, I was just thinking about the years gone by, and how I used to be.”The woman gave her a puzzled look, and asked, “What do you mean?”She leaned over to Bella, and continued talking.

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