I Don’t Tell You Everything


“Jim, you better start getting everything ready. The weather calls for a big storm,” Mom said from the living room.“Okay, Mom, I’ll get started when I finish my breakfast,” I replied.“What can I do to help?” My sister Sue asked.“You can get the tote with the lanterns from the basement,” I said.“I’ll run to the grocery store to stock up on a few things,” Mom said.I finished my food and went to dress. My mom, sister, and I lived in central coastal Maine in a small house on five acres. We were used to the winter storms and made sure we were prepared for the loss of power.Once I had my jeans, shirt, and boots on, I headed outside for firewood. When we lost power, the boiler went out, so we had to rely on the free-standing cast-iron fireplace in the living room for heat. We also lost the pump and had to fill containers with water to cook, clean, and flush the toilet.My dad would have helped and told us what we needed to do in the past. We lost Dad to COVID last May, three months into the pandemic. In addition to not having a funeral for Dad, Sue’s high school graduation was virtual. I had graduated the year before. There were eleven months between Sue’s and my birthdays.After filling the wood rack on the back porch, I removed my boots and coat then went downstairs to fill the water jugs. When I got to the basement, Sue gathered a few things we’d need. I took the five-gallon containers from a shelf and carried them to where I could fill them.“I hope we don’t lose power this time,” Sue said.“I hope so too, but it’s better to be safe than sorry,” I said.“Have you heard anything about your job? The store I work for said they probably won’t open until summer,” Sue said.“No, I haven’t heard anything. It seems almost everything is closed right now,” I said.My sister, Mom, and I worked in town. Sue worked in a clothing store, I worked at a hardware store, and Mom worked for a doctor’s office a few days a week. Many of the town’s businesses were based on the summer tourist trade and were closed for the season. January was slow in this part of the state.“Would you go upstairs and get the dirty clothing, please. I want to do a few loads while I can,” Sue said.“Sure. You can finish filling the jugs while I get the laundry,” I said.I grabbed a laundry basket, went upstairs, and gathered the dirty clothing from our rooms. When I emptied my sister’s hamper, I saw her underwear, picked up one of her bras, and read the label, noting she wore a thirty-two C, a size larger than the last time I checked. Sue always dressed conservatively and wore clothing that hid her body. In the summer, she wore oversized tee-shirts and baggy shorts or jeans. In the winter, she wore bulky sweaters or sweatshirts. My sister was about five-foot-seven, four inches shorter than me. I wasn’t sure how much she weighed but guessed her to be about one-hundred-twenty pounds. I’d read stories where the brother said he didn’t see his sister in a sexual way, but I did.Leaving my sister’s room, I emptied the hampers in Mom’s and my rooms, took the basket to the basement, and put it on the floor near the washing machine.When Mom got home from shopping, I went to the garage to carry the things into the house. Sue came up to help Mom put the items away while I made a few trips to get the bags. Mom made lunch, and we sat in the kitchen eating and reviewing what else we needed to do.By two in the afternoon, we were as ready as possible. I checked the LED lanterns and the radio batteries, ensuring they were fresh. Sue went to her room, returned with the clothes she wore in her arms, and went downstairs to finish the laundry.The wind picked up, and it began snowing at about four. I built a fire in the fireplace and made sure there was plenty of wood in the holder. Mom filled a couple of large pots with water, placing them on the cast-iron fireplace to warm. If we lost power, our electric stove wouldn’t work. We had a camp stove to cook and make coffee, but we used the fireplace to heat water for washing to conserve fuel.Sue, Mom, and I Ankara bayan escort sat in the living room, watching the weather reports on television and the radar showing the massive storm moving toward us from the northeast. The broadcaster showed our area map, pointing to the roads already closed.Taking turns, we showered, not knowing when we would be able to do it again. We’d lost power for several days and had to wash up using a basin in the past. I went to the basement, grabbed two water jugs, took them upstairs, and put one in the kitchen and the other in the bathroom.Mom showered first, coming into the living room wearing her flannel nightgown and a pair of socks. She took three goosedown comforters from a chest, placed two of them on the couch, and the other on her chair. If it got cold enough, we’d sleep in the living room to stay warm from the fireplace.Sue went to the bathroom to shower while I watched the weather report. It seemed the storm had stalled just north of us, dumping snow and making travel dangerous, if not impossible.“This storm may peter out before it gets here,” Mom said.“I wouldn’t count on it, Mom. You know how these storms can stall then pick up again,” I said.Sue returned a few minutes later wearing sweatpants and a hoodie. As she took her place on the couch, I noticed her breasts wobbling beneath her sweatshirt. She caught me looking and smiled.I went to the bathroom, hoping there was enough hot water to shower. After getting into the tub, I turned on the water, washed, and shampooed my hair before the water went cold. I dried myself, then put on my sweatpants and a long-sleeve thermal shirt. I tossed my clothes on a chair in my room then went to the living room.“I’m going to have a glass of wine. Would either of you like one?” Mom said.“Sure, I’ll have one, Mom,” Sue said.Nodding, I said I’d have a glass of wine too. Mom went to the kitchen, returned with three glasses of red wine, set two of them on the coffee table for Sue and me, then placed her’s next to her chair. Before sitting down, Mom went to the kitchen again, returning with a bottle of wine.Mom sat in her recliner, lowered the back, and pulled her comforter close. She reached for her wine, held the glass up, and said, “Here’s to a safe and warm night.”Sue chuckled, picked up her glass, and took a drink. I sipped my wine, feeling it warm me as I swallowed. Ever since we’d been confined to the house, Mom allowed my sister and me to have an occasional drink. Since Dad passed, I noticed Mom drank more often than I remembered. I would hear her crying in her bedroom many nights, but it became less over the past few months.“This lockdown has been trying, hasn’t it?” Mom said as she refilled her glass.“Yeah, but we’re doing okay, Mom. With the stimulus money and our unemployment, we’re getting along fine. This won’t last forever,” I said.“I know it won’t, but I still feel bad for you two. We’re doing fine financially. We still have most of your father’s life insurance money left. Fortunately, your father insisted on mortgage insurance, so the house is paid for. You’ve been cooped up in this house for almost ten months,” Mom said.“It hasn’t been too bad, Mom. When the weather was warm, Jim and I went outside and did things in the yard. We had a great garden this year,” Sue said.“I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you two haven’t fought or gotten on each other’s nerves. I know Sue was disappointed she missed her graduation and prom,” Mom said.Sue chuckled and said, “The graduation wasn’t a big deal. As far as the prom goes, no one asked me.”“I thought Matt would take you, Sue. You two went together for months,” Mom said.“Things didn’t work out with him. Matt wanted to get a room after the prom, and when I said no, he dumped me,” Sue said.“I didn’t know he wanted to get a room after the dance,” I said.Sue shrugged her shoulders, smiled, and said, “I don’t tell you everything, Jim. If I had told you about Matt, you might have done something stupid.”Mom laughed and said, “I don’t Escort bayan Ankara know why big brothers feel it’s their responsibility to protect their sisters. Uncle Bob used to scare the boys who wanted to date me when I was your age. If he hadn’t joined the service, I doubt I’d have married your father.”“I don’t feel I have to protect you, Sue, but if anyone gives you a problem, they’ll answer to me,” I said.“Thanks, I’ll let you know if I need your help, but don’t do anything if I don’t ask,” Sue said.“What did Uncle Bob do when he found out you were dating Dad?” I said.Mom sipped her wine, smiled, and said, “He wasn’t upset because he and your father were friends. Bob said he was happy for me when I told him.”“How is Uncle Bob doing? We haven’t seen him since the lockdown began,” Sue said.“He’s doing fine, Sue. He calls me once in a while. Uncle Bob is in Portland right now. He said he would visit when he could,” Mom said.A weather alert flashed on the television, saying the storm started moving again and ice was mixed with the snow. The winds had increased, blowing at twenty-five miles per hour, and gusting to forty. I got up, went to the window, parted the drapes, and looked outside. It was too dark to see anything, but I could hear the wind blowing.I returned to my place on the couch and watched television. We all had our preferred spot in the living room. Mom sat in her recliner while Sue and I shared the sofa. She sat at one end, and I slouched at the other with my legs up on a footstool.Mom put her chair down, got up, and refilled our wine glasses. When Sue mentioned getting drunk, Mom shrugged her shoulders.“We’re not going anywhere tonight. You can drink as much as you want to,” Mom said.When I looked at my sister, she grinned, took a sip of wine, and placed her glass on the table. Before returning to her chair, Mom went down the hall to the bathroom.“Mom is acting strange, isn’t she?” I said while keeping my voice low.“Not really. The past months have been hard on Mom. I know she’s drinking more, but I think she’s okay,” Sue said.I nodded and took a drink from my glass.“Have you talked to Karen lately?” Sue asked.“No, we’re not going together anymore,” I said.“Why? What happened?” Sue said.“Things didn’t work out for us, Sue. I called it quits before the lockdown,” I said.“I didn’t know,” Sue said.I chuckled and said, “I don’t tell you everything.”Sue laughed and stuck her tongue out. “So, are you going to tell me what happened?“I found out Karen was cheating on me. When I learned she was screwing another guy, I broke up with her,” I said, then I laughed. “She wouldn’t do anything with me.”“That sucks,” Sue said.Still laughing, I said, “She wouldn’t do that with me either.”Sue started to reply but stopped when Mom returned. She got up and went to the bathroom while Mom sat in her chair.“Maybe we won’t lose power tonight,” Mom said.Just as Mom finished her statement, the power flickered. I chuckled and said, “Maybe we will.”The house went dark about twenty minutes later. I turned on one of the small LED lanterns and placed it on the coffee table. Getting up, I put a couple of pieces of wood on the fire.“Looks like we’re sleeping in the living room tonight,” Mom said. She picked up her wine, finished the glass, and placed the empty next to her.Sue grabbed our comforters, handed me one, then settled at her end of the couch. Mom covered herself, snuggling under the cover.“Is everyone okay?” Mom said.“Yeah, I think so, Mom. Do you need anything?” Sue said.“No, I’m fine.” Mom chuckled. “Maybe a little toasted, but I’ll be fine.”I turned off the lantern, put my comforter over my body, and pulled it up to my neck. The fireplace lit the room with an orange glow. At the other end of the couch, my sister made herself comfortable.An hour later, I added more wood to the fire, hoping it would last the night. Glancing at Mom, I saw she was sound asleep. When I sat down and covered myself, Sue grabbed a throw pillow, put it on my legs, and stretched out with her head Bayan escort Ankara on the pillow.“Is this okay?” Sue asked in a low voice.“Sure, make yourself comfortable,” I said.Lying on her side with her back to my chest, Sue squirmed to get into a comfortable position. I glanced down and moved a few strands of her light brown hair from her face. She turned her head, looked at me, and smiled.I felt myself drifting asleep when Sue shifted, put her hand under her pillow, and rested it on my leg. She moved her hand, placing it under my comforter, so her hand was on my sweatpants. When she began running her fingers over my leg, I wondered if she was asleep or knew what she was doing.As she rubbed my leg, her hand moved closer to my crotch. When her fingers touched my genitals, I sucked in a deep breath, moved my arm from the back of the couch, placed it on her shoulder, and shook her gently.“Sue, what you’re doing is nice, but you have to move your hand,” I whispered.Sue flattened her palm against my cock and rubbed me, nodding her head. After a moment, she removed her hand from my crotch, wiggled, and pulled her knees up. I left my hand on her shoulder, wondering if what happened was an accident or not.A few hours later, I slid out from under Sue’s head, got up, and added wood to embers in the fireplace. I took the lantern and walked to the bathroom to take a leak before trying to get more sleep.When I returned, I sat on my end of the couch, pulled my comforter over me, and tried to get some sleep. Sue rolled onto her back, resting the side of her head against my stomach. I closed my eyes, relaxing in the chilly room.Mom woke me a few hours later and said she was making coffee. I got up, tended to the fire, then went into the kitchen to see if my mom needed help. Sue came in, poured coffee, and helped Mom and me make French toast and bacon.“How did you two sleep last night?” Mom asked.“I slept great, Mom. I don’t think I woke up all night,” Sue said.“It was okay. I had to get up a couple times to stoke the fireplace. I’m a little stiff from sleeping the way I did,” I said.“I don’t know why you don’t pull the couch out and make a bed,” Mom said.“Maybe I will if we have to spend the night in the living room again,” I said.When we finished breakfast, Sue said, “Jim and I will take care of the dishes if you want to clean up and get dressed.”Mom left for the bathroom while I helped my sister clean the dishes. I wanted to ask about what she did last night, but Sue seemed usual. Deciding it wasn’t planned, I relaxed and washed the frying pans.When Mom finished cleaning up, Sue went to the bathroom. I sat in the living room, turned on the radio, and searched for a weather report. When I found a local station, I sat back to listen. The report said the storm was still strong and expected to be in the area for another day or two. They listed the closed roads and businesses.We had a man who plowed our driveway, but I felt he wouldn’t be around until the county cleared the roads.Once we had cleaned up and dressed, we relaxed in the living room. Without power, we didn’t have our electronics to occupy us, so we read by the light coming in the windows.By dinnertime, all of us were bored. Mom and Sue made our evening meal, serving the stew with wine. We chatted about things, but most of the subjects repeated previous conversations.I checked the radio while Mom and Sue washed the dishes, learning there was no change in the forecast. After refilling the wood rack in the living room, I added a couple of split pieces to the fireplace then took my usual place on the couch.As she did the night before, Mom served wine while we relaxed. I wanted to say something about her drinking but refrained. With nothing else to do, having a few glasses of wine seemed okay.When Sue went to her bedroom to dress for the night, Mom insisted we pull the couch out, making a bed for my sister and me. I tried to convince her we were okay, but she wouldn’t hear it. Sue returned and started placing sheets and comforters on the bed while Mom went to change.“I tried to tell Mom we were okay with the couch, but she insisted,” I told my sister as she put two pillows on the bed.“I know. There’s no use in arguing with Mom when she makes up her mind,” Sue said.Mom returned to the…

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